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Posted: 2017-11-14 22:02

I really do not understand why Thailand is still so popular among backpackers when there is so little real interaction with regular locals (the ones that don’t work in tourism). But probably most of them are just first-time travelers or people with low expectations, because really sophisticated travelers, who are looking for a cultural experience and social interaction would not come back, I am sure about that.

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Comical,your country,Thailand is already rubbish,the Thais do a great job of screwing it up themselves. The Thais will never even come close to the level Western people are on,Thais have so many personality flaws its incredible. You showed your true Thai colours when you posted this. I hope your country goes downhill fast. Just remember it is Western money that has boosted your country to begin with. Thais just are not intelligent enough to improve themselves

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I always wish my own people back home would treat farang the way Thais do in their country. I hate it when my own people look down their own neighbors and treat kindly to the visiting foreigners. No wonder, my own country were colonized by the Spaniards, Japanese, Americans and now run by Chinese blood president because we love to be easy going with different kinds of strangers. We trust strangers easily as long as you smile, say hi or shake our hands. In effect, we lost our own identity. Our culture is mixed with foreign cultures, we speak different languages and our food has no chance to be unique like Thais 8767 because we cook what the American, Chinese and Spanish do. The only original culture left is the family bonding.

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New theory Due to the overwhelming lack of international exposure/awareness and the pervasive nationalistic indoctrination, 98% of Thais have no use for farangs whatsoever. (Commercial transactions excluded of course.) Consequently, farangs that are here for anything over the 8775 7-week millionaire 8776 period get so lonely that they just to want desperately to 8775 connect, converse or otherwise be recognized 8776 by another human being. Consequently, when one does actually lower themselves to look at you or even speak to you, the are convinced that it is absolutely 8775 True-Love! 8776

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While i agree with you and i 8767 ve experienced that myself, its been a couple of years that i met someone (not in a bar, everyone knows how that ends) and shes just the opposite of most thais, thats why ive stayed with her. Im not an imotional person so im not saying this blindly like most falangs do but she just dont expect anything from me. I know that she isnt with me for money (i would leave her if she did) and she isnt lazy (we 8767 ll everyone is in a way) she works everyday and shes been helping me while im setting up a an internet company. I keep telling her that she is so hard to find, which she doesnt see but i 8767 m always proud of her.

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The thing that gets me most, is that if a Thai resturant ticks me off with rude service, I am out of a noodle shop. I refuse to eat their negative vibes, cause Thais put it into the food like that if they have some vendetta. If they do, they are out a good customer and I have to travel another 85 minutes, to get to another noodle shop when I am hungry. This is not surprising, if they have poor service skills or have too many misunderstandings about how to treat American customers, well, then I am not returning to buy noodles. Then I must travel further, then further, to the next pho shop.

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Thank you for such a detailed comment. Trust is something that is hard to come by in Thailand I think for both men and women. Like you find it hard to trust most Thai 8767 s I do too, but equally I don 8767 t trust many farang who come here either. Trust in Thailand is something you must truly earn, while in the west it 8767 s more likely you 8767 d trust someone till they did you wrong here you don 8767 t trust someone till they 8767 ve done you right. again thanks for the comment.

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I stayed in Pattaya off and on over a decade, and to tell you the truth, and I never expected this, I enjoyed hanging out with upper middle class brits, probably for all the wrong reasons. But I enjoyed the fact that they are tightwads, and they don 8767 t kowtow to menial uneducated lower class business people. They throw it right back at them, they act like they are superior to them, and for the most part it works, the Thais begrudgingly accept it.

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There are a few who I have met who are intellectually switched on, but those are few and far between. You only need to watch the current lady . she is a hoot. I have it on good authority that many Thai academics have already been cringing at the display of such bad English of a countries leader who is 8775 attempting 8776 to talk on a 8775 world stage 8776 the assessment, was that said leader came across as having come straight from the 8775 paddy field in her yellow wellies 8776 as she appears to have the social standing of a rice picker. And this is leading Thai academics who are saying this.

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I work with, and therefore socialize with, a somewhat higher end of Thai society, and many of them express frustration at the inefficiency of Thai ways, just like your various friends, but my observations show me that they still conform to the Thai ways happily and even defend them by their actions. I 8767 m convinced that the feelings they express to Westerns like us are to let us know that they are more globally aware of the way things are done in comparison. However, I really don 8767 t think they want change.

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I’m really not sure what you’re disagreeing with. I didn 8767 t defend their 8775 mai ben rai 8776 attitude but only said it 8767 s their way of dealing with things. Just like the Thai smile is their way of dealing with uncomfortable situations, rather than show real emotion. I remember being puzzled the first time I saw someone in an injury situation and the (many) Thai onlookers were smiling. Of course, I thought 8775 WTF? 8776 but after asking people, I learned to understand and accept the Thai smile. And as to whether 8775 mai ben rai 8776 really bothers some Thais, of course it does. It would be preposterous to say that all people of any culture are the exact same. But I would defend the statement that it truly doesn 8767 t bother most of them.

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I wondered about a friend I had there who eats out al of the time even though she is in big debt. When I visit her, we only eat out. Ok, I make pretty good money in America. I 8767 m not rich, but I 8767 m doing pretty well compared to most people. I cook 99 percent of my meals at home. I bring lunch to work. Because I like to, and because I know what 8767 s being cooked/prepared, and I don 8767 t mind saving money.

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I 8767 ve been living in Thailand for over 67 years and can completely understand why people get frustrated with Thai culture and rant about their experiences here. Thai 8767 s have a distinct culture and a logic that 8767 s basically 685 degrees opposed to Western culture. But that 8767 s how you have to approach Thailand. Things like their 8775 mai bpen rai 8776 attitude, which causes them to miss or be late for places or events without concern or even apology is part of their culture, and your anger or critism is NEVER going to change that. When they do it to each other, it 8767 s not a big deal because that 8767 s the way it goes in THEIR culture not yours. I Could go on with other things in the same general direction like why their priority with 8775 sanook 8776 (fun) which equates to laziness in Western view, bothers the author and other people here, but I think you get my point about the fact that YOU have chosen to visit or live here in THEIR culture, and if you can 8767 t turn your attitude around enough to see the Thai perspective, you 8767 ll miss what 8767 s good in Thailand and have a rotten attutude toward Thais.

Since the MAJORITY of Thai people work in country (outside of any advertising jobs etc) It 8767 s hard to really say that your circumstance is unique. I 8767 ve been across all sorts of industries and yeah Thai people are lazy, Australians are worst! Say what you will but I lived in America and people work harder there than anywhere in the world. Yeah I 8767 m pretty much generalizing in the article but there are hidden truths to what I 8767 m saying.

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Hello all,I 8767 m Thai and Now I live in English is very bad (my teacher is just unemployee farang not real teacher)but I wrote on here because just to say something.
If you think negative with all Thai shouldn 8767 t come to Thailand again.
please just see my country 8767 s picture from internet because thailand have a lot of bad guys.
By the way thx a lot every comments for open my vision.

The fact is that the sex industry is dominant in Thailand. (The girls are very cute) And you are not likely to meet shining examples of virtuous citizenry in such industries. (or many of the people who come here to employ the industry) But most Thai people are decent if you give them a chance. They tend to think we are merely sex tourists unless you can convince them otherwise. Who cares about manners with (usually drunken) sex tourists?

Psychological defense behavior cannot be anymore pronounced in this country, where 8766 khon thai jai dee 8767 has almost become the national anthem, where people have to repeat things in order to convince themselves that they are true. I do believe I can empathise with Chris but I fail to understand how a person doing work in Thailand for money is doing something wrong.
8775 Living under Thai money 8776 how full of intelligence this is.

I don 8767 t see why the word 8766 farang 8767 has to be used so often in Thailand. Okay, stating that a person comes from a different country is not rude in itself, but why do Thais feel the need to make constant reference to it. What is wrong with referring to me as 8775 that guy over there 8776 or - 8775 the tall guy in the red t-shirt 8776 . I have sometimes been the only customer in a shop and still heard the staff referring to me as falang when I am standing right next to them. Isn 8767 t it obvious who they are talking about without having to comment on the colour of my skin?
I have recently moved to Bangkok from the UK which is very diverse in terms of skin colour and nationality, however in the UK we try not to refer too much to skin colour as we realise it may be offensive.
In effect, calling someone by their skin colour is saying 8775 you are different from me, and I have already made a judgement on you by the way you look 8776 .

I think a lot of these (antisocial) behavior-patterns are the result of a very poor education system which does not teach people how to think outside of the box. Everything in this system is just about Thailand and Thais, whereas real social skills, international etiquette and awareness for others are not taught to the kids at all. The result is a society in which many don’t aspire to gain knowledge from outside their tiny box what makes people come across very ignorant. Would these people ever live in a more international place, I am sure they would be surprised about how many life skills they lack.

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