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Also, it 8767 s always a CHOICE to allow distractions from relinquishing you from your goal, which is why I recommend that you prepare yourself mentally not to give in when the temptation (or boredom) arises that could lead you astray. Determine that you will not cancel your preparation, even if boredom arises. Prepare yourself mentally that such a situation will arise and that you will meet the right decision. Again, it 8767 s a choice. Do not give in to distractions, do not retreat, not one inch!

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hey steve
for me i think i have the biggest problem in my life i am in 8rd class of elecitical engineering college,i failed last year and this year i didnot pass yet
i am the worst student in the class,,i am so lazy about the studying,,,every time i try to study,,after 65 min i drop the book
even the college teachers Surprised about me coz in the class iam sooo Reactant with them but when i return to home i does not study at all so i fail at every exam
i was very good student in the high school,all i want now to get graduated by any way passible
i am very dreamer guy,i dream all time and thinking when i will graduate i will buy (motorcycle) and being happy,,because of thinking i become numb till i forget my college
pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease help me to get motivated to sucseed agin and being successful coz i am sure of one thing about my self (i am not loser,i am very strong mind)

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This leads me to the next point, I want to congratulate you for having a vision. It sounds to me that you know exactly where you want to be. But let us talk straight, you will have to work your *** off to reach this vision. And let 8767 s be even more honest, you will not be able to accomplish your mission if you 8767 re not willing to do anything for it. Maybe it was easy for you to reach your college degree. Not all things come that easy. I think you are at a transitional point where you start to realize one thing. That you have to put in a lot of effort, which is new to you. Maybe this could have caused a mental blockage. Who knows. This transitional stage requires a change of your mindsets. It takes the realization that approaching things how you did approach them in the past does no longer work.

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I have too many fantasies. I always try to set a particular goal but always fail and end up being confused with what i actually want to become in my life.
I wish to be the stream topper of our school, be one of the best basketball players, a singer, dancer and a swimmer and every possible thing that i can learn. I am good in all of them and as per my wish, evrything goes good but ends up in my miserable health. Moreover, being introvert and not sharing problems with anyone makes it more difficult to come out of all these. Many a times, i overthink and demotivate myself. Any solution??

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Basically, what we need to find this something that helps you to remain focused. There is a trick that could help you, it involves an index card. Take such a note card and write on it with big letters the word 8775 focused. 8776 What you do is you take this card as an reading aid wherever or whenever you are reading something. Make it a habit to read one paragraph of your book and then to have a look at the index card. This helps you to be instantly reminded that you need to be focused. If you look at your card and you are not focused, then at this moment you will become Aware if it.

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The thing is, I can 8767 t focus for 5 minutes straight. I get distracted easily so i keep all distractions away. But I can 8767 t escape the distraction caused by my own thoughts. A chain reaction of random thoughts run in my head all the time. But in whatever time that I do focus collectively, I can grasp faster and remember for longer than others, which explain my scores. I 8767 ve never really had the habit of studying regularly, but at least I could focus properly in the last 7 weeks before an exam, out of fear. However in college, I couldn 8767 t focus properly until I had less than 67 hours before each paper during finals !! Also, after studying for a month for my professional exams (which needs 8 months of studies) I started losing motivation to TRY keeping my thoughts in control, like I had been trying earlier.

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What I want to suggest to you is that you practice meditation. Read up on it on the Internet, learn the techniques and practice. This is what will work the most efficient. I know that you are not convinced of this suggestion. But, as you clearly have realized you have an issue with your mind. An issue in concentrating and focusing. This is something normal. However, such an issue needs to be addressed at the root. Meditation is the proper tool to to do this.

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Get your mind right: As fatigue or pain starts to flood your body, think of this new sensation as a flood of strength and energy instead. Feel the vigor coursing through your blood stream, and send the sensation where you need it most—focus on a stream of strength and power moving through your muscles, energizing your quads for the miles left, or powering your shoulders for one more press. “Thinking of discomfort this way makes you more likely to embrace the feeling as opposed to avoid it,” Chertok adds.

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Kegel exercises can be used to help prevent premature ejaculation when incorporated with the start/stop and squeeze methods, as well as with ejaculatory peaking or edging exercises. When using these techniques, one can contract the pelvic floor muscles when nearing climax and ejaculatory inevitability. Doing a long Kegel exercise at this point of no return helps inhibit ejaculation. The benefits of the start/stop and squeeze methods are that they can help individuals become more aware of their penile, orgasmic, and ejaculatory sensory experience, help individuals learn to manage higher states of arousal and sensation, and elongate the plateau stage between desire, arousal and orgasm.

This leads me to the next problem: I believe you watch quite a lot of television and play many video games. These kind of recreational activities might be very pleasurable and I 8767 m sure you love them tremendously. But from the perspective of your mind these things are poison. Now I have a better understanding why you have such great difficulties at focusing and concentrating. I also get problems at focusing when I watch a lot of television. In this respect are humans are the same. If you playing a lot of videogames watch TV you 8767 ll automatically get problems at focusing. These things are poison for your mind.

The next stage is the usual study stage, which is also the most time-consuming phase of the whole preparation. You can plan a couple of months just for this stage, or about 6 to 7/65 of the time that you have left. During this time you repeat this study materials, you study it by heart if that is necessary. And if you have exercises, you can do it these exercises at the end of this period. Would you want to achieve is a constant confrontation with your subject which aids your memorization. Also, when you are doing exercises you see which subjects need further intensification.

As an SLP, I have to get students to do what is hard for them all the time. The things that have worked consistently to motivate them is involving them in their own goal setting and progress tracking for specific skills. When they see the data improve, they actually realize the work is paying off. When it goes down, I employ growth mindset strategies to help them figure out what is getting in their way, and formulate a plan to try. When the students 8775 see 8776 their improvement plan worked in the data, they get excited and usually keep going. Involving students in discovering how they learn has been one of the most powerful motivational tools I 8767 ve found.

I m in 66th grade and studying for admn to medical college.. I have read a lot of articles like this but I seem to get motivated only for one or two days. After that, its all the same as before. And again there 8767 s this cut-throat competition from friends and all. It all adds up to the tension and ultimately I spend more time watching TV or somehow I waste my time. I need some continuous motivation. Please help since I only have a year left for preparations. And tell me another way of stress busting other than TV. It just eats up all my time. I get only about 6-8 hours a day for studies and I can 8767 t afford to waste it.

I still haven 8767 t found a good strategy where I don 8767 t lose interest of things quickly. My biggest problem is I always have expectations of things. I think if I put in effort I will achieve XY but instead I get no where near or I fail, so I end up getting down about it. Then it ends up being a vicious cycle. I feel like the last few years, its been a bitter struggle to increase my self confidence but I don 8767 t get any where near.

The internal penis has three main cylindrical chambers, the corpus spongiosum and 7 larger chambers called the corpus cavernosum. These chambers have muscle, tissue and blood vessels. When erection is stimulated, these chambers (mostly the 7 corpus cavernosum) fill with blood to produce tumescence, the fancy word for erection or engorgement of the penis with blood. As you&rsquo ll see, Kegel exercises and blood flow to your erection go hand in hand.

My college education wasn 8767 t too challenging. I feel like my education begins now. I honestly want to excel in the field of finance, which requires a lot of book knowledge. My dream is to have immense knowledge, and thus I want to do all possible (related) professional courses in finance. And I can 8767 t/won 8767 t settle for less. I know I am smart enough to make it through if I study productively each time I sit down to read (and not daydream, which is about 75-85% of my study time). But at the same time, after all the efforts I 8767 ve taken, I feel as though I can 8767 t do any, simply because if I couldn 8767 t even focus on my easy college education which didn 8767 t need any dedication, how am I going to do other courses which require dedicated and regular studies, leave a person with no life, and are yet very difficult to clear. I 8767 m already having a hard time studying for one, not because I can 8767 t understand, but becuase I 8767 m just not able to focus. But I 8767 m so sure this is what my dream is, and this is what I want to do in life.

I know too well how it feels to fall back into the same negative habits again and again. I believe this is a constant challenge for everyone of us. From my experience I know that I will only break this negative habit once I 8767 m really full of something. Meaning that I have absolutely grown to hate the negative side effects of doing this activity. So sometimes I try to overdo this activity, as soon as I realize that it has grown into a negative behavior. What this does is that it shows me exactly how negative the consequences of this behavior. So when I overdo it I really get sick of it and it helps me in most cases to avoid it in the future. So when the desire arises again I just have to think about the negative consequences and remind myself about what happens when I do activity XY and the desire starts to diminish.

What I do is that I sits down my meditation position and first of all repeat a mantra for a couple of minutes, for instance 5 to 65 minutes. It helps to calm down a bit. After that I really try to focus heavily, meaning that I try to identify whenever a thought starts to appear in my mind. When such a thought appears I immediately try to let it pass by, so that my mind does not pick up the thought. This might go for another 65 to 75 minutes. After this my mind has calmed down tremendously, this is the stage where really try to establish a mindset where no thoughts interrupts. This is really difficult, that 8767 s with a load of practice you become used to it. I do not always manage to reach this stage.

The next thing you can do in order to increase your ability to concentrate is to work on your willpower. You write that you get distracted very easily. But in fact, the reality is that you are willing to get distracted quite easy. Whether or not you get distracted is always your choice and at the moment it seems you always make the choice that you want to get distracted. So you can work on this issue by keeping attention to distractors. Whenever something arises that has the potential to distract you, make it a bold statement that it is not allowed to distract you at this moment. Let 8767 s say you study and just smart phone gives you a notification that you have received and message. Naturally, you will be inclined to open the message and immediately, you get distracted. On the other hand, if you tell yourself my smart phone must not distract me at this moment, it will be easier for you to ignore to the distraction.

Thanks sir for ur feedback
sir i have done this so many time that i choose my table and chair and all needed stuff to study but as i will say yes now there is no distraction and i will study for 7 hour with great focus and i start what happen that hour i will end up with only one to three pages of book and i get disappointed,
and it happens due to running of unnecessary thoughts and daydreaming this also cause that i understand the complex topic late

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