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New Car Sales Surge In Texas With Hurricane Victims

Posted: 2017-10-13 08:46

At the time, it was politically popular to have an ample supply of cheap, older autos from north of the border. Over time, however, the measure contributed to a sharp drop in new-car sales since it distorted the used market, pushing down residual values and making it difficult for owners of locally purchased vehicles to trade up to a new car. Industry officials complained that the imported cars weren’t being inspected for their roadworthiness or the validity of their titles.

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This week is the Frankfurt Motor Show, which is the home game for the German automakers, especially the ones that are desperate to move past a certain diesel cheating scandal and show everyone their bright electric future. Don’t, however, expect a huge presence from the . automakers. Of them only Ford is going, and while Opel still uses General Motors stuff for now, it’s since been pawned off on the French. (Suckers.)

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Auto shows all over the world are under pressure as carmakers use social media and private events to introduce vehicles. But the situation is particularly dire in Europe, which appears to be retreating from the center of the global auto industry as China and the . offer greater profits and more sales. IHS predicts European car sales will peak next year before settling in around million a year.

Jeep Sale To Chinese Company May Be Going Nowhere

One thing that’s obviously changed over the last seven years are the game’s visuals, though, with this latest version sporting the leaders and icons from last year’s Civilization VI . The game area has also been streamlined a lot as well, and in keeping with these more modern times, the old grid-based random map has been replaced with a hex map. About the only thing missing to make this a complete “port” of Civ VI is the lack of districts.

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