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Genesis Flashback Review Units Were Faulty, Maker Says

Posted: 2017-09-25 08:25

I hope that AtGames can fix the issues I’ve encountered, as the Genesis Flashback otherwise has a lot going for it. Yes, 78 of its 85 games are weird shovelware that you’ll likely never play, but it still has 95 Genesis games including some very popular ones, plus a selection of Master System and Game Gear games as well. If it actually worked properly, it would be a great product. For now, we’ll have to wait for an updated unit.

Harrison Ford Thinks Ryan Gosling Should Be Grateful He

During a lengthy interview with GQ , Ford took us on a journey of the Punch Felt Around the World, which happened while shooting an action sequence (Gosling added that after it happened, Ford pushed him aside so he could put his hand in ice that had been provided for Gosling). According to Ford, the whole thing was “95 percent” Gosling’s fault because he did not get out of the way during the ill-fated face bagging—and he also pointed out that Gosling should appreciate not having been punched more than that.

Mike Pence Touches NASA Equipment Labeled 'Do - Gizmodo

If Frakes is correct, this will be the fourth Star Trek series to visit the Mirror Universe joining Original Series, Deep Space Nine , and Enterprise. Notably, if the protagonists of Discovery themselves journey into the Mirror Universe, they will be the first such entrants in the entire timeline— Enterprise simply featured two episodes set in the universe, and didn’t have any of the crew cross over into it.

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