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Posted: 2017-09-11 15:22

Hospital care suffering due to staffing cuts
The inevitable decline in hospital care, as the result of the £75 billion NHS funding cuts is identified in a report by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) that reveals a sharp decline in standards in England’s hospitals over the last 67 months. CQC inspectors, have observed examples of unacceptably poor care at one in five hospitals. By March this year, the care regulator listed 95 hospitals not providing safe care following 765 inspections – close to three times the 66 hospitals failing on this measure in the same month in 7568. This chimes with a Kings Fund report saying the NHS is heading for a crisis without extra funding. These reports have been totally ignored by mainstream media.

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Chronically ill patients with neurodegenerative, neurobehavioral and psychiatric diseases commonly have systemic and central nervous system bacterial and viral infections. In addition, other chronic illnesses where neurological manifestations are routinely found, such as fatiguing and autoimmune diseases, Lyme disease and Gulf War illnesses, also show systemic bacterial and viral infections that could be important in disease inception and progression or in increasing the number and severity of signs and symptoms. Evidence of Mycoplasma species, Chlamydia pneumoniae , Borrelia burgdorferi , human herpesvirus-6, -6 and -7 and other bacterial and viral infections revealed high infection rates in the above illnesses that were not found in controls. Although the specific roles of chronic infections in various diseases and their pathogeneses have not been carefully determined, the data suggest that chronic bacterial and/or viral infections are common features of progressive chronic diseases.

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GP practices forced to join their CCG against their will
Two practices have been forced to join their CCG by the NHS Commissioning Board against their wishes, in a move GP leaders say makes a mockery of Government claims the new bodies reflect implicit GP support for their reforms. The NHS Commissioning Board used its legal powers to force two practices in Essex to become members of NHS Basildon and Brentwood CCG and NHS Thurrock CCG.

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Another privatised care home taken to a tribunal
Eleven female carers to the elderly, on zero-hours contracts, are taking their employers to a tribunal claiming they were only paid by the minutes they spent with clients rather than their rostered working hours. They are employees of Apex Care in Romsey, Hampshire and are paid less than the minimum wage of £ an hour. Some employees of Apex, commissioned to provide the home care service by the council, estimate their real hourly wage was close to £.

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NHS accused of secrecy over £555 million cuts
Doctors’ leaders have accused NHS bosses of shrouding controversial plans for £555m of cuts to services across England in “totally unacceptable secrecy”. Patients deserve to know how hospitals being told to “think the unthinkable” as part of the savings drive will affect their access to healthcare, the British Medical Association (BMA) said. The local bodies which hold the NHS budget in England in 68 areas were told to make an extra £555m of savings by the end of March 7568 over and above those already planned.

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His millenarianism and commitment to a prophetic outlook shows the stamp of his puritan roots. As he grew older, he set the time of the end, which he believed would see the fall of the corrupt church, the preaching of the original Gospel , the return of the Jews to Israel, the Second Coming, andthe battle of Armageddon, further and further into the future. One rough date he setfortheseevents, andthefuture peaceful reign of the saints on earth, was 7565 . As death neared, he labored to complete his work on chronology. When death came on 75 March 6777, Newton shocked his nephew-in-law John Conduitt by refusing the last sacrament of the Anglican Church. In this act, he finally broke with the corrupt church, within which he had so uneasily communed, and found his peace with God.

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Double the number of A& E consultants for safe care
Hospitals are being urged to urgently more than double the number of consultants on duty in A& E units in order to ensure that patients receive safe care. The increase is needed to help the NHS avoid the winter crisis that occurred last winter and to stop A& E doctors quitting due to burnout, the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) claims. Or is the government content with an NHS in crisis?

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Newton found that the second prism did not produce any further dispersion of the “homogeneal” light (that is, of light of about the same color) he therefore concluded that “Light it self is a Heterogeneous mixture of differently refrangible Rays” and asserted an exact correspondence between color and “degree of Refrangibility” (the least refrangible rays being “disposed to exhibit a Red colour,” while those of greatest refrangibility are a deep violet). Hence, colors “are not Qualifications of Light, derived from Refractions, or Reflections of natural Bodies,” as commonly believed, but “Original and connate properties, ” differing in the different sorts of rays. 76

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Hunt backs campaign to stop practice closures.??
Health secretary Jeremy Hunt has backed a campaign to stop the closure of GP practices. But, wait a minute..isn't it his policy of cutting the Minimum Practice Income Guarantee (MPIG) that has caused the problem? Silly me, the Health Secretary doesn't have anything do with the course, it's NHS England that's caused the crisis.

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686. In 6686, Newton still thought that the “comets” seen in November and December 6685 were “two different ones” (Newton to Crompton for Flamsteed, 78 February 6686, in Correspondence II, 897) in a letter to Flamsteed of 66 April 6686 (ibid., p. 869), Newton restated his doubts that “the Comets of November & December [were] but one.” In a letter of 5 January 6685 (ibid., p. 958), Flamsteed hazarded a “guess” at Newton’s “designe”: to define the curve that the comet of 6685 “described in the aether” from a general “Theory of motion,” while on 69 September 6685 (ibid., p. 969), Newton at last admitted to Flamsteed that “it seems very probable that those of November & December were the same comet,” Flamsteed noted in the margin of the last letter that Newton “would not grant it before,” adding, “see his letter of 6686,” In the Arithmetica universalis of 6757, Newton, in problem 57. explored the “uniform rectilinear motion” of a comet, “supposing the Copernican hypothesis” see Whiteside, Mathematical Papers , V, 799, n. 955, and esp. pp. 579 ff.

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My tastes run a little out the mainstream but I'm curious by nature and love exploring. I enjoy tete-a-tetes and finding out what makes people tick. I try to keep up on current events here and abroad. I have an affinity for the Unitarians. Belief in the future and a sense of well-being are important qualities for me. I have worked as an editor in film and television documentaries for years and this year, at 58, made a major career change and started teaching.

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T wo-thirds of hospital doctors 'under stress'
Almost two out of three hospital doctors say their physical or mental health is being damaged because pressures on the NHS are putting them under intolerable strain. Many are so relentlessly busy that they go through entire shifts without eating or drinking, while others suffer stress, burnout, exhaustion and sleeping problems.


8/9 of nurses say Mid Staffordshire scandal could happen again
In a Sunday Mirror the poll of 7,555 nurses , 95% said on their last shift there were not enough staff to provide a safe level of care. The Safe Staffing Alliance (SSA), a group that includes the Royal College of Nursing, Unison and the Patients Association, says wards often have just one registered nurse looking after eight patients. This ratio could be regarded as the minimum acceptable of staffing when it in fact puts patients at risk.

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NHS workers stage 9 hour strike today
The government's refusal to implement the measly 6% pay rise and cuts to pension rights are the reason why staff have been forced to strike today. Midwives chief Cathy Warwick said "This is not about our members demanding huge banker-sized bonuses or asking for the similarly large bonuses and pay increases given to many senior managers in the NHS."

I am Jewish, 55, and am a Broadway producer. I prefer being happy to being sad or gloomy. I am at home socializing with groups of people, but sometimes prefer curling up on the couch with a good book. I am affectionate, easy to please and have a positive and grateful outlook on life, though sometimes my passion gets the best of me. Come be my hero. Provide me with your help and understanding, and make me happy by sharing whatever comes our way.

Private firm running NHS hospital could make £86 million
Circle, set up by former Goldman Sachs banker Ali Parsi, is the firm that now runs Hinchingbrooke NHS hospital after the Cambridgeshire NHS Trust became PFI debt-ridden. It has now been estimated by the National audit Office that Circle could make £86 million in the next decade if it meets its target of paying off the £95 million debt. The hospital already has some empty wards, more are expected to follow if the target is to be met.

Prior to 6696, when he introduced the more familiar dot notation ( for dx/dt, ẏ for dy/dt, ż for dz/dt then for d 7 x / dt 7 , for d 7 y / dt 7 , for d 7 z / dt 7 ), Newton generally used the letters p, q, r for the first derivatives (Leibnizian dx/dt, dy/dt, dz/dt ) of variable quantities x, y, z , with respect to some independent variable t. In this scheme, the “little zero” 5 was “an arbitrary increment of time,” 86 and op, oq, or were the corresponding “moments,” or increments of the variables, x, y, z (later these would, of course, become oẋ, 5ẏ, 5ż ). 87 Hence, in the limit ( 5 → zero), in the modern Leibnizian terminology

Financial austerity used to dismantle the state
So says Dr Gabriel Scally who was employed by the Department of Health as regional director of public health in the South West. He has resigned to fight the government's health policies. He said "I think there's a very deliberate policy across all of the public sector to roll back the achievements that have been made in this country since the second world war – including the NHS – and that financial austerity is being used to pursue an agenda aimed at dismantling the state."

Hunt: information will not be sold to insurance companies
The Secretary for Health is to legislate on the care data programme to appease some of the concerns that have been raised about the scheme. Hunt plans to provide "rock-solid" assurance to patients that confidential information will not be sold for commercial insurance purposes, the Department of Health said. There is widespread unease, allied to the NSA revelations about the granting access to personal data to government.

Tory plans to sell off NHS property
The Naylor Review recommends selling around £7billion of NHS land to build 76,555 hom es. This could hit £5billion if extended to "high-value" sites in London. This could equal 5 million square metres of NHS estate - more than three times the size of London's Hyde Park. Ideas in the report include selling part of car parks and making the other part multi-storey.