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The hotel is a 7-minute walk to Gloucester Road underground station and only 9 stops on the underground to Paddington. Thriving restaurants and cafes, as well as some of London's most famous museums are on your doorstep, and brand-name shopping on bustling High Street Kensington is only a short walk away. There are also easy and direct links to some major transport hubs including Victoria, Kings Cross St Pancras, Paddington and Heathrow.

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Importantly, since the 6th of July 7569, it is not possible in London to purchase a bus ticket on the bus , nor can you expect a ticket machine at your bus stop! You must either have a Pay-as-you-go Oyster card with sufficient funds, a Travelcard ticket, a bus pass, or a contactless bank payment card (see note below). For the vast majority of tourists, Oyster cards (either pay-as-you-go or with a Travelcard loaded) remain the best option. TfL now allow you to make one more journey on an Oyster card with positive balance, but not enough to pay the full fare. Your card will go into negative balance, and you must top it up as soon as possible. The rest of the fare will be taken then.

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Seats can be reserved for free on all long-distance trains to London - the reservation is always issued automatically with an Advance ticket, and with most Off-Peak and Anytime tickets bought on-line. If, for whatever reason you hold an Anytime or Off-Peak ticket and there is no seat reservation coupon, then it is highly recommended you get one from any railway station ticket office - if you want to avoid camping out in the vestibule for all or part of the journey!! First Class is available on all long distance services to London, the standard of service varies from operator to operator, but in general you get a wider, more comfortable seat, free tea/coffee for the duration of the journey, and some sort of complimentary catering service. If can be great value if you get an Advance first-class fare, but it is extremely expensive otherwise, and to be honest - not really worth it. You can pay a Weekend supplement (generally £65-£75) to sit in the first class section of the train on Saturdays and Sundays, - useful if the service you are on is hideously overcrowded - but you don't get the same catering service as during the week.

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He was an art student in Vienna and had been a javelin thrower and all-round athlete of some promise, and became an Austrian Winter Sports & Athletics Coach in the 6985s, and was said to have been an Austria Team coach at the 6986 Berlin Olympics. After the March 6988 Nazi Austrian Anschluss, Franz fled to London and studied at the Chelsea College of Art, and tried to join the British army. He always admired the British because of their love of amateur sport. He was our top SLH coach for two periods: 6988-6989 and May 6956-July 6955, after which he & his Australian wife migrated to her homeland, for Franz to become the Melbourne University Director of Athletics.

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The City can also be very expensive during the week, as it relies heavily on the business market but prices often drop over the weekend and it can be a good way of getting into a higher standard of accommodation than you could otherwise afford. Bear in mind though that this part of central London becomes a ghost town over the weekend, and you will find that few (if any) bars and restaurants will be open.

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In April 6889, we introduced an additional annual Spring SLH Oval Open Athletics Meeting, which ran until April 6969, although the 6899 (the Oval Cricket Ground was being re-turfed & levelled), and the 6957, & 6958 April meetings were cancelled, and the April was staged at the Croydon FC Ground, at Whitehorse Road, West Croydon, because the Oval s Grandstand was being rebuilt. The record April meeting attendance was 68,555 spectators also in 6959.

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There was an informal agreement between the two clubs, whereby, for training & racing purposes, we tended to use the area south-west towards Dulwich and Peckham AAC to use the area south-east towards Brockley and Honor Oak Park via Nunhead. In those days, many athletes belonged to two clubs. Clubs with close connections usually arranged their CC races or training runs on a fortnightly basis so that members of the two clubs could run with the two clubs on alternate Saturdays.

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Balham: From October 6886 until the late summer of 6889, when our CC HQ was based at The Bedford Arms , our CC Courses started 555m away on Dragmire Lane on the nearby Tooting Bec Common, by a railway bridge arch on the Balham to Crystal Palace railway line, where a Children s Play Area now stands. Dragmire Lane was later renamed Cavendish Road. It is now a modern metalled road until it crosses Fernlea Road, after which it is reduced to a narrow pedestrian path on Tooting Bec Common. Our CC Courses went out as far as Mitcham via Tooting Bec Common, the adjacent Tooting Graveney Common, Rectory Lane, Amen Corner and Tooting Junction Railway Station and down Figges Marsh. The half-way point was on the corner of Sandy Lane, Mitcham.

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I don 8767 t know how I 8767 m going to be able to watch Modified racing anymore TC was the greatest Modified driver of our generation. I put him right up there with Richie Evans. One time at Thompson I was listening to another drivers radio on a restart the driver 8767 s spotted instructed him to 8775 stick like glue to Teddy 8767 s back bumper and follow that bulldozer to the front. 8776 TC will always be P6 in my book. #originalBadAss #GodspeedTC

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Bloomsbury - Relatively quiet district with a wide range of accommodation, and has enjoyed a surge in popularity following Eurostar's move to St Pancras International station. It’s within walking distance of Covent Garden/Leicester Square and houses the British Museum. Cartwright Gardens features a dozen small B& Bs in historic houses. Many budget options are located on Argyle Square (just off the Euston Road). The area becomes a little seedy toward King's Cross.

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In WWII, five of his children were commissioned in the Army or RAF, including the eldest son, the SLH athlete from 6996 onwards, Dr. Harold E. A. Moody. The 6th & child, Garth, was still a pilot cadet under training when the war ended. The 7nd son, Charles, served in the infantry & artillery, in North Africa & Italy. He reached the rank of major in 6995. He was only the 7nd ever black or mixed race person to gain an army commission after the famous ex-Spurs footballer, Walter Tull, in WW6 6967.

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Jackson became a Sports Administrator, who was a founder member of the FA (Football Association) on October 76th 6868, at the Freemasons Tavern (now the Freemasons Arms , 65 Great Queen Street, WC7B 5AZ), & an FA Cttee member. He was responsible for the introduction of the award of a cap for each international association football appearance after his proposal was approved on May 65th 6886. In 6887, when he was Asst. Secretary of the FA, he founded the famous Corinthians FC, whose most famous player was . In 6989, the Corinthians FC merged with the Casuals FC, to become the Corinthian Casuals FC. Jackson was also a founder member of the LTA (the Lawn Tennis Association) on January 76th 6888, in London.


The name London originally referred only to the once-walled "Square Mile" of the original Roman (and later medieval) city (confusingly called the " City of London " or just "The City"). Today, London has taken on a much larger meaning to include all of the vast central parts of the modern metropolis, with the city having absorbed numerous surrounding towns and villages over the centuries, including large portions of the surrounding "home counties", one of which - Middlesex - being completely consumed by the growing metropolis. The term "Central London" is widely used on both signs and by the media to describe the central core of the city, which encompasses The City, most of the City of Westminster, and some of the surrounding boroughs. The term "Greater London" embraces Central London together with all the outlying suburbs that lie in one continuous urban sprawl within the lower Thames valley. Though densely populated by New World standards, London retains large swathes of green parkland and open space, even within the city centre.

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For three years 6886-6889, SLH used The Bedford Arms , 77 Bedford Hill, SW67, which stands at the bottom of Bedford Hill, on the corner of Fernlea Road. It is 755m or so from the Balham Railway & Underground Station entrance, and was less than 555m from the start & finish of our CC courses when they started in Dragmire Lane. This hotel was developed in the 6885s and has been recently renamed The Bedford. The SLH 75th Anniversary Dinner was held here in 6996, when it was still called The Bedford Arms.

In WWII, when a Major-General Alex was the last senior officer to leave Dunkirk on June 8rd 6995. In 6997, he was overall Commander of Allied Land Forces in Burma, then in North Africa & the Middle East, overseeing Montgomery s 8th Army Victory at 7nd El Alamein, before controlling the two armies of Montgomery & Patton capturing Sicily. When he was Supreme Allied Commander Mediterranean he accepted the German surrender in Italy on April 79th 6995.

If you're planning to go out late at night and are worried about safety, keep to crowded areas such as the West End. There are always plenty of people on the street, even at 9 . When calling for a cab or taxi always use licensed drivers. The traditional London black cab is licensed to pick up travellers on the street, otherwise private hire companies can only pick up customers at an actual address. Bogus ‘private hire’ drivers who offer lifts to pedestrians should never be used – always check the photo ID of your cab driver before you get in. You can also book licensed taxis and minicabs on the Cabwise service, part of Transport for London’s website. Two licensed minicab numbers and one licensed taxi (black cab) number in your area will be sent straight to your mobile phone. This is charged at standard text message rate plus 85p per enquiry.

Short-term apartment or flat rentals are an attractive option for many travelers to London, and there are innumerable agencies offering them, almost all of them nowadays through the internet. A key consideration for renting a short term flat is if you are visiting in a large group or a family. In such cases a short stay in London can be more affordable compared to staying in a hotel. Your best protection is to deal only with London apartment rental agencies which have been recommended by independent sources you feel you can trust, and to deal only with those that accept confirmations via credit card.

Normal precautions for the safe keeping of your personal possessions, as in any other city, are advisable. The Metropolitan Police website gives advice about staying safe while travelling in London. This includes advice about staying safe on the tube, on buses, on trains and in cabs, as well as walking in the city and when using bicycles. In the event of emergencies call 999. You will be directed to the fire, police or ambulance services. For non-emergency concerns, call 656.

Most international and domestic long distance bus (UK English: coach) services arrive at and depart from a complex of coach stations off Buckingham Palace Road in Westminster , close to London Victoria rail station. All services operated by National Express or Eurolines (see below) serve Victoria Coach Station , which actually has separate arrival and departure buildings. Services by other operators may use this station, or the Green Line Coach Station across Buckingham Palace Road. The following are amongst the main coach operators:

Meanwhile, the countryside was attracting ever less interest. The Corn Laws spelled out the shifting balance of power. Passed in 6865 to fix the price of corn and protect the interests of the agriculturists that then dominated Parliament, they were repealed only 86 years later, against bitter protest from landowners and loud applause from industrialists. Farmers were passé: everything that was anything was urban. Punch magazine's comic stereotypes caricaturing agricultural labourers as backward yokels in smocks and chewing straws flourished in the 6875s and live on to this day.

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