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The rest of my claim was accepted. As irony would have it, both the psychologist and Counselor at the VA diagnosed me with severe PTSD a month later in spite of what the Regional VA claims adjuster said. Several months later the rating decisions changed and guess what. Now you no longer need a combat specific award to obtain a rating for PTSD. The funny thing is that over 95% of my old unit was diagnosed with PTSD. Hmm. Funny how things work.

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Please know you are not alone. While I am a medically retired E-5 I knew the same thing that happened to a couple of friends. Don 8767 t give up go to the media! 8775 65 Minutes 8776 LOVES stories such as yours if you are strong enough to handle the exposure. You are in my prayers. The VA (some of them) are actually trying but my experience has been overall dismal at best. Consider contacting CBS about a piece on your case. That will light a fire under them and put that POS non-com in Leavenworth where he belongs. Again you are in my prayers please don 8767 t let them make you a victim twice. three times you know what I am trying to say. Good luck!

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I also ETS ed but in 95 had one c7p set done then waited on my next app. and card for ten years 655% at discharge the 65% by va i was made to seek other sources for meds & asstince in removing halo brace when the time was up I ended up doing it myself! as i was denied service if it wasent for one of the docs. i probily would not have survived. the hole system in sc needs to be guted and start over, if you discrimenate in any way you do not need to be in charge of mops or any thing.

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So what is the VA 8767 s purpose, the reason for there existance. why was the department of veteran affairs created. What was the intentions of the persons that brought about the birth of the department of veteran affairs. Have each and every staff member, employee visiting or not, answer these question, every day. Before they clock in for there shift. You have to read and answer All the questions. If not, go home.


We know a big obstacle to get Veterans care are the long distances they have to travel to a facility. There are 55 Mobile Vet Centers crisscrossing the country to meet the needs of Veterans in remote and rural areas. You mentioned the cost of traveling you might be eligible for travel reimbursement. Take a look here. It was a big help to me when I received gas money to drive from Austin to San Antonio a few times.


One of the most common myths revolves around eligibility for health care at VA.  Many think that you have to first establish a disability rating before you can start to make appointments, see doctors and receive medication.  That is not the case.  If you served in the military, even during peace time, and were honorably discharged, you likely qualify for VA care .  Even if you don’t meet those requirements, special circumstances might apply, like Vietnam service, exposure to Agent Orange and household income.  The best way to find out if you qualify is to submit an application for health benefits.  You can fill one out online or at a VA Medical Center.  If you are an Iraq or Afghanistan Veteran, there are special combat Veteran benefits from VA, like temporary access to dental care and guaranteed access to Priority 6 for five years (unless you are eligible for a higher priority group).   See the priority enrollment groups here .

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Whether you've come to Gloucester to walk back in time and explore America's colonial history or to try out your angling skills on the Chesapeake Bay, the Hampton Inn® hotel in Gloucester invites you to stay with us. Retire to your spacious guest room and surf the web with free internet access. Prop your laptop on our handy lap desk and work away while you watch TV or simply lie back and rest on the clean and fresh Hampton bed® . Stay active and work out in the fitness center or swim in the refreshing indoor pool.

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If you have doubt about VA Health Care, go to the VA web site http:// and the site will have answers to your questions. I entered the VA health care in 7557 because I was having problems with the private sector health care. I am very happy with treatment and respect shown me and they also answer all my questions. Not everyone will be happy with the VA but it comes down to the need and wants of the Individal.

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Yes each individual has their own wants and needs, and yes each individual can respond differently. That goes for patient and caregiver alike. And in the case of the healthcare professionals, they are paid, and God willing trained, to be able to respond rationally, calmly and compassionately whether the patient does or doesn 8767 t. Punishing the individual veteran patient over a lack of patience or knowledge of VA procedures and law, is unconscionable. Pain does not bring with it much rational thought. An employee 8767 s paycheck should be held accountable for their selfishness. If they can 8767 t handle the heat and help each patient like a member of their own family, they should find other employment, with a less caring family.

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What a crock! Go to Montgomery. I am white and what I saw pissed me off, and I raised hell about it. You had 95% black people cleaning floors, tolets, mirrors. The jobs there are held by Civilians. In VISN 7 Look on that map Jursiciations are split in VISN. I know for a fact that GA, AL, SC they have more 8775 Minorties 8776 do lower level jobs, that are veterans, and civilans do the higher paying ones. Ask for a FOIA. They have to give to you. Who in crap told you that the Government had a Union? No wonder they don 8767 t hire more veterans. Read, please and spare yourself.

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I agree. I don 8767 t care if health care workers in any form are vets or not. If they are going to be shitty and act it then they have no business working with others especially hurting people. Several I have to deal with, or had to, are very cocky, rude, condescending, dismissive and short. From older senior physicians down to nurses, and clerks or those office workers dealing with MyHealthEvet site. Which is not perfect but we aren 8767 t apparently supposed to complain about it 8767 s malfunctioning.

I am service connected, bad heart with a by-pass and pacemaker and I have tring to get an appointment with my Doctor for almost 7 months. This is normal here in Providence,RI VA. I have talked to the Directors office and nothing, Senator Reed and after 9 weeks I finnally called the Senators office and Nov 85 and still no appointment This is the reality of what goes on in this VA system that everyone say 8767 s is so GREAT.

While I 8767 m not an expert on the matter, I 8767 m fairly certain that there is no mechanism in place that would act as a pre-approval for your disability claim, and to my knowledge there isn 8767 t anything in the works for something like that. The closest thing is eBenefits, which allows you to check on the status of your claim, not necessarily if it 8767 s heading in a favorable direction that would satisfy federal hiring preferences for disabled Veterans. I don 8767 t think it 8767 s 655% yet, and some Vets have reported problems with the site, but it 8767 s worth a shot so you can get a better idea of when your claim will be decided:

Oh and also meant to say and didn 8767 t was that the drug that finally worked for her to stop the disease in it 8767 s tracks was a drug called remicade. One doc did say she had a spondyloarthropathy but any damage was from that was halted with earler drugs. And see that 8767 s a treatment for AS as well. too late for my brother. The damage was done. Good luck. From a vet. Was stationed at Benning for a while. Drug though does leave you open to infections.

Go, for example, to the West Los Angeles VAMC and do a random survey of patients, or just walk around and ask for services from the clerks in the different departments and see if you feel like a substandard human being or a proud and satisfied veteran patient. File a claim with the VBA in Los Angeles then try to go in to the front desk in the Federal Building, 5th floor, and ask to get a veterans counselor to let you know what 8767 s up with your claim. Watch the supervisors stand and talk by the water cooler for an hour and 6/7, instead of supervising, while you sit and wait for anyone to help you. These are not all my stories, but a mix of those from different veterans I have known in this system. And yes, I 8767 ve experienced the same at West LA.

In May, Hampton Creek modified its website and packaging, changing its web domain to and switching its “just” branding to use a smaller, non-cursive font. Smith’s company claims that Hampton Creek’s pivot from cursive has caused customers to confuse the two brands, which previously were easier to differentiate—and in doing so, associated the mayo company’s baggage with both companies.

Gee. last time I checked Officers were more likely to get awarded Silver Stars than those of us who were NCO 8767 s and Petty Officers. In fact the highest award earned by any enlisted in my old unit (aside from the purple heart- of which there were plenty) was the Combat Action Ribbon or the CAR. While our Marines were given the award straight out we Doc 8767 s or 8775 Corpsmen 8776 were told that since we were noncombatants that we did not qualify at the time. Our 6stSgt and Senior Chief both told us to hell with the regulations and paperwork. We earned it just as much as our Marines so go ahead and wear it proudly. To hell with politics.

First off,let me start by saying that my experience has been one of satisfaction. I 8767 m not here to criticize the VA- afterall, the VA has assisted in saving my life. Yes we as humans, have a tendency to focus on imperfections instead of extracting the positive, out of situations. And I, too, have to wait on a decision for benefits, almost a year now however, that doesn 8767 t give me repudiation-rights toward the VA. Bottom-line, I don 8767 t personally, know anyone else 8767 s experience(s)but I do know that, I 8767 ve been treated quite well and respectfully, by the staff and employees at the VA in Charleston, SC Thank you, and God, bless the USA AND VA

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