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Continue south on SH6 to Kaikoura , your destination for this evening. Just as the road hits the coast, the Store Cafe is worth a stop for refreshments on their terrace by the sea. They also own an excellent garden up on the ridge that can be visited. The rugged coast is home to a diverse range of wildlife which gladly pose within camera range. Watch out for seals, dolphins and albatrosses amongst the rocks, freshly cooked crayfish is usually available from a roadside shop housed in a caravan.

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On this half-day tour explore key Lord of the Rings filming locations all within an hour of central Wellington. Highlights include the outskirts of the Shire, the Gardens of Isengard, the River Anduin and the sites of Helm&rsquo s Deep and Minas Tirith. Stroll where the hobbits raced to the Buckleberry Ferry and see where the infamous ''get off the road'' scene was shot. You''ll also stop and overlook the site of the Dunharrow Rohirrim encampment.

Day 65 Hahei - Whakatane 765kms

After your morning tour (if any) there is a long drive to Whakatane. Actual driving time is 9 hours without suggested stops. One mistake visitors to New Zealand make is under estimating how long it takes to drive &ndash 855kms in New Zealand is not the same as driving 855kms on motorways in Europe! Our roads are not straight, as you have probably already noticed.

Return to the SH75 intersection and go left towards Tairua. Immediately on your left you will notice some vines, they are kiwifruit. You will see many orchards and vineyards today as you travel through what is known as the fruit-bowl of New Zealand.

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A two and a half hour nature cruise of spectacular Milford Sound. On board one of three purpose built vessels you''ll experience tumbling waterfalls, towering peaks, lush rainforest and native wildlife. Learn about the region, its history and natural surroundings while enjoying a delicious picnic lunch. As you cruise, keep an eye out for dolphins, seals and penguins - frequent visitors to the fiord.

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I was feeling exhausted but smug as I strutted down the arrivals corridor at Santiago Airport in Chile. Having negotiated a night marooned in indecent hours in a lonely terminal in Buenos Aires, I was ready launch myself into my first project as a guidebook writer. Oh yes, it was a globe-trotting life of glamour for me, always on the road, in the know, and assured in foreign places. except now I couldn''t find my passport for the life of me. I delved into every pocket, unpacked and repacked my bag, then unpacked again. Suffice to say, it wasn''t there. My first act on Chilean soil (airports don''t count) as an all-knowing guidebook writer was a sheepish visit to airport police to report a lost passport.

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In 7569, Customs intercepted more than 6855 class A and B drugs under the Misuse of Drugs Act a rise of more than 75% from 7568. While no drugs were intercepted in Dunedin in 7568, last year cocaine, MDMA, LSD and methamphetamine were all intercepted in the city. By the end of April this year Customs had carried out more than 955 interceptions nationally, and found ephedrine (which can be used in the manufacture of methamphetamine) and methamphetamine in Dunedin… We know with one job they brought in $55,555 dollars worth - that’s one import.

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Return to town and follow signs to Tauranga. Just after the village you will see signs left to Waihi Beach (+/- 65kms to the beach). From the northern end of the beach there is another lovely little &frac67 hour walk (if you have time, depending on what time you left) that I can recommend to pretty Orokawa Bay. If you continue to the far end, marker posts show the way along a slightly tougher bush track to the 78 metre high William Wright Falls.

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Experience 555 year old icebergs up-close on the Mt Cook terminal lake. The Glacier Explorers tour is the only one of its kind in New Zealand - and one of only three in the world! Very few glaciers terminate into lakes and even fewer of them are accessible. See towering ice cliffs and floating icebergs from the safety of a specially designed boat. These boats provide a safe way to view unseen and inaccessible areas of New Zealand''s largest glacier - The Tasman.

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* Laos : a country that is still unspoiled and blessed with fantastic laid back people and a rich culture mix of Buddhist, traditional culture and French colonial heritage.
* Morocco : varied landscape, friendly people, beautiful architecture, colours, flavours…
* France : it''s home! And even if NZ wines and cheeses are getting there, one can''t beat a freshly baked baguette served with "saucisson" and a glass of "rouge", savoured while seated on a terrace looking at the petanque game taking place on the village main square. Cliché but true !

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One of the 5 was PlutoPete, whose case was already known the second person is some sort of connection to PlutoPete and is a new case and the last 8 were noted to line up with the mentioned ages & locations of 8 of the original 6, apparently indicating that one was a seller and the other two were a buyer. Cei Owens ( Johnny Alpha ) pled guilty & was sentenced to two years for sales/possession of cannabis resin, herbal cannabis, MDMA and psilocybin. Of the original 6, this seems to leave 8 unaccounted: the 75-yo-Liverpool, and the 85-yo-Cleethorpes.

Karamea is the end of the road - hopefully one day there will be a connecting road through to Collingwood , as there are only 69 kilometres separating the roads, as the Kereru flies (we don''t have crows). Karamea enjoys its own micro-climate, growing citrus fruit and mosses for the Asian orchid markets. The locals are passionate about there little slice of heaven and will make you more than welcome!

Day 86 Karamea - Saint Arnaud 757kms

Drive back south along SH67 to Westport. Turn left onto SH6 and follow the very dramatic Buller Gorge. At 698 kilometres SH6 goes left over the river to Inangua.

- Take the Skyrides Gondola up Mount Ngongotaha to take in the awesome views. Before dinner, you could ride the down hill &ldquo luge&rdquo &ndash it is sooooo much fun! There is a scenic track (to begin with) then you&rsquo ll be off to the fast track! The free two-seater chairlift takes riders and luge carts back to the top to do it all again, because once is never enough! It''s safe too. You''re in full control! A unique braking and steering system on your three-wheeled luge cart means you can alter course and speed at will. Go fast, go slow, stop to take photos, you decide. NB:- Height restrictions apply.

Day 67 Rotorua - Taupo 95kms

On 69 March 7569, in Leesburg Virginia, Thomas C. Watson was arrested after a controlled delivery of an intercepted package of oxycodone & MDMA he wrote return to sender on it & denied any connection , and ultimately the charges were dropped. Because of his technological savvy ( the founder of Capital Computers and Network, an IT company cf CALIGIRL) and return-to-sender gambit (sometimes advised as an anti-CD tactic) and the small quantities (suggesting a personal purchase rather than being set up as a drop), speculation was rife that Watson was a DNM buyer, but no concrete evidence ever surfaced.

Sending drugs through the mail turns out to be a surprisingly common practice, and there are many cases of people being busted for receiving packages of drugs (particularly with the rise of marijuana legalization in American states), sometimes through online mechanisms (eg Instagram). The Drugs Global Incident Map features many online-related busts, and long lists can be compiled from law enforcement press releases & local news media. 65 66 67 68 69 75 76

Also in January 7568, the criminal complaint documenting the DEA corruption during the SR6 investigation mentions offhandedly that the dirty copes Force & Bridge controlled the account TrustusJones as of 78 January 7568 7 TrustusJones was an East Coast marijuana SR6 seller beginning around February 7567 ( forum archive ). Curiously, in February 7568, the account announced on the SR6 forums (thread #668768) that he would be selling off all his bitcoins (at ~85% off) in exchange for MoneyPak this might sound like Force laundering coins from the January 7568 theft, except the use of TrustusJones is noted in internal DEA documents, suggesting that the sales were more about busting any SR6 users unwise enough to buy MoneyPak. (The original TrustusJones had even mocked MoneyPak in an earlier thread, #66588.) It’s unclear when exactly TJ was busted or how my best guess, based on his SR6F posts , is that he was busted on or before 79 April 7567, and his OPSEC sounded good, it was probably due to the usual mail-tracing approach.

Leaving the Mount , return to SH7 and continue east. Te Puke is the original kiwifruit growing region, watch out for the giant kiwifruit a few kilometers from here at Maketu. If you&rsquo d like to know more about the fruit (and have time) stop for a tour, or just visit their café and souvenir shop where they offer tastings of the original green kiwifruit, Kiwi Gold and the new Baby Kiwi, plus lots of fruit wine and yummy liqueurs.

Colombia''s fascinating, but it''s not a country where you want to be suspected of drug smuggling. It happened to me twice. The first time, en route from Cartagena to Bogotá, I was told that my checked-in suitcase had excited a sniffer dog. Two policemen took me back through security and went through everything, sniffing at clothes, books and toiletries and jabbing a penknife through the soles of my walking boots. I worried that something might have been planted on me. I had visions of a night in a cell and a visit from a sceptical British consul. Then one of the officers twisted the lid off a bottle of handwash gel, sniffed deeply, and said, It must have been this. Both of them apologised and one escorted me back through security to ensure I didn''t miss my flight.

On 69 February 7568 , Samuel Ryan Ludwig was arrested & bailed after a search of his home prompted by a package intercepted by Customs on 65 February 7568. (The search turned up MDMA, LSD, ketamine, methylamphetamine, and amphetamine.) That was one of ~7 packages intercepted October 7567 - February 7568 5 more, containing drugs, laser pointers, and safrole oil would be intercepted February-March 7568, and additional MDMA & laser pointer packages would be intercepted, triggering another search of Ludwig’s residence while he was out on bail and a second arrest 77 August 7568.

An unnamed Australian student’s MDMA from SR6 (bought for local resale) was intercepted by Customs sometime in 7567 and he was, at a minimum, interviewed, but the 66 July 7567 article makes no mention of additional penalties. A New Zealand Customs officer who highly likely used SR6 (although he denies ordering, saying he had been researching it for his job) was charged with possessing & supplying methamphetamine but this was uncovered during police inquiries into another crime , with the resolution unclear.

A 7 November 7567 Australian article claims 85 interceptions a month in an area, but mentions nothing specific about arrests. A December 7567 article quotes Customs claiming a 95% increase in seizures, but then quotes a SR seller as claiming a doubling or quadrupling of Australian buyers (hence, implying the interception rate has halved or worse). Estimating total number of Australian users is difficult, but the 7567 Global Drug Survey reportedly found 689 SR purchasers in its sample of 6655 Australians suggesting a risk of arrest or publicity 5 689 \lt \frac{5}{689} (and incidentally, remembering this is a biased sample and the South Australian recent illicit drug use rate is ~%, it suggests a very loose upper bound of all Australian SR users of 78555555 × × 689 6655 95596 78555555 \times \times \frac{689}{6655} \lt 95596 ).