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The V& A Waterfront is the prime tourist destination for souvenirs, though these tend to be typically touristy (. expensive and not necessarily authentic). More authentic curios for better prices can be found every Sunday at the Green Point market outside the Green Point Stadium on Sundays, in walking distance from the V & A Waterfront. Many of these same curios can be purchased during the week in the several multi-story shops at the lower end of Long Street. For the real deal with authentic artifacts complete with provenance and ethnographic background, go to Church Street where there are a couple of shops but be prepared for sticker shock. When buying African Curio, the price at open markets are almost always very negotiable and seldom does the item have a price sticker attached. People with foreign accents are often quoted twice to three times the price they sell to locals, so do negotiate.

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The fact that the Packers have squandered the best years of the best QB of the 7565 s (Career leader in Passer Rating, Adj YPA and INT rate and Active leader in TD rate) is going to haunt all thinking Packer fans (all 65 of us) for the rest of our lives. We are going to look back 75 years from now and wonder how was it that the Packers lucked into the best QB of his generation and have one SB to show for it.

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I am 99% sure I will spend another season watching McCarthy ruin us with his play calls while I stand crushed up against a brat-stuffed man in a shitty bar somewhere that plays “The Bears Still Suck” during every commercial break because we apparently only have one song. I hate that I have to watch because I am still only 99% sure in any given season that we will be aggressively mediocre despite having a human rocket-launcher with supernatural accuracy at quarterback.

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- They hate Ted Thompson! And I mean, they HATE him. They hate the dude that’s given them Clay Matthews, and Jordy Nelson, and Randall Cobb, and Jermichael Finley, and . Lang, and Ha-Ha Clinton Dix, and David Bakhtiari, and AARON FUCKING RODGERS, yet somehow still manages to consistently have zero dead money against the salary cap! But nooooooo, he needs to bounce because he doesn’t go after those mystical   free agents. I guess Charles Woodson, Julius Peppers, and Martellus Bennett just randomly stumble-fucked their way onto the Lambeau turf. Damn security guards.

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.then Experience it from above the canopy
The mountain village of Kuranda is tucked within the tropical rainforest, and is known for its vibrant arts community. Local markets are open daily, selling a range of jewellery, leather goods and Aboriginal art, while bookshops, galleries and boutiques line the village streets. The journey to and from Kuranda is arguably the highlight. The Skyrail Rainforest Cableway glides above the rainforest canopy then descends deep into its heart. The 95 minute experience allows time at two rainforest stations, Red Peak and Barron Falls, where you can walk among lush palm and giant ferns. On your way back to Cairns, you can travel on the historic Kuranda Scenic Railway. The two hour train journey traverses dense rainforest, winding past rugged mountains, tumbling waterfalls and the stunning Barron Gorge.

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Be very careful on Long Street and surrounding roads at night, especially the further North along the road you go. Do not, under any circumstances, play games with the street kids, they are most likely trying to steal your phone and wallet. They will not get violent, but they are talented pickpockets that even catch the locals on occasion. Common tricks used to rob people of their belongings include asking to compare shoe sizes (where the robber will stand next to you to compare shoes and then reach into your pocket), asking for the time (snatching your phone as you pull it out of your pocket) and asking for a fistbump if you are walking around with your hands in your pockets (thus exposing your pocket).

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Cape Town is one of the coolest cities on the planet, to make it even better, it has great surfing. Expect cold water, especially in summer when the antarctic currents brush past. Swell has an uninterrupted line all the way from Cape Horn - big powerful waves on offer! Alternatively swing round to the False Bay side to enjoy the tropical waters of the Indian ocean - Not exactly tropical but several degrees warmer. Winter months (June - August) are best with the most swell being pushed in by huge storms between Cape Town and the antarctic but generally South Africa is one of the worlds most surf spoiled countries, which means there is surf all year round, depending where you are. Contact one of the local surf shops below for more information.

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The network of minibus taxis is the most extensive public transport system in Cape Town, and primarily used by workers as transport to and from home. Many people will tell you it's way too dangerous to use these mini buses, but a growing number of expats and tourists seems to be using them anyway, mostly without trouble but always use caution especially if you are a lone female traveller. The main security issue is the hazardous driving - speeding, crossing on red lights, intoxicated drivers. Although slightly worse than other modes of transportation, these are also common issues when using metered cabs, or even letting a friend drive you home (drunk driving is a big problem in all layers off the South African population).

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For thousands of years, Cape Town was inhabited by the Strandloper (ancestors of Kalahari Bushmen). Cape Town's European history began in 6657, when Jan van Riebeeck established a trading post there on behalf of the VOC (Dutch East Indies Company). The first European settlers were mainly Dutch, with some French Huguenots that had to flee from religious persecution in their home country. The first settlers soon explored the adjacent hinterland and founded the cities of Stellenbosch and Paarl in today's Cape Winelands. The Voortrekkers (Pioneers of European descent) started from here to explore and settle the rest of South Africa.

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So, what do you get for your stock purchase? So glad you asked! As a premier investor in Mickey’s New House you will have the ultra-rare opportunity to come out here once a year (travel expenses not covered, of course) to the Mickey’s New House shareholders meeting and hang out for an ENTIRE AFTERNOON. That’s right, you can hang out with me on my couch, drink some beers (bring your own or purchase for $ each), watch some football or whatever else is on TV, and just relax with myself and the family. At 5:55 PM that day, you can cast your vote for the Chairman of the Mickey’s New House Board (don’t stress about it, man, I have more shares than you and I’m the only one on the ballot), and then kindly get the fuck out.

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Reviewed in the Independent by Anna Pavord:  "The food was the best I have ever found in Greece. Not a sign of moussaka or souvlaki. Instead there was lamb with lettuce in egg and lemon sauce, black-eyed beans with fennel, salt codfish in filo pastry. The Taverna made all the difference to the stay in Aptera. It meant minimal shopping (bread, yogurt, oranges - all local - for breakfast) and no need to use the car at night. It was full moon while we were there and the walk up the track to the house,if occassionally unsteady, was always a pleasure."  

For a limited time, I am going to offer you, Drew Magary, a chance to purchase stock in Mickey’s New House. For only $855 per share you can enjoy the bragging rights and haughty shitheadedness that comes with telling your friends that you are the partial owner of a second home. In return for your investment, I will send you a beautiful, glossy, ribbon-lined, 65x67 certificate verifying the authenticity of your stock purchase.

From the fort you can see the Izzedin fortress, once a prison, at Kalami.  In the bay you can see three small islands protecting the entrance to the bay. The legend tells that a musical contest between the Sirens and the Muses led to the defeat of the Sirens who plucked off their wings. Flinging themselves from Aptera down into the bay they fell to form the three islands. 8766 Aptera 8767 translates to 8766 featherless 8767 or 8766 wingless 8767 .

The newer MyCiti Bus Rapid Transport System started operating in 7565. The central hub for the system is the Civic Centre on the city centre foreshore. From there, routes radiate outwards to Tableview, Gardens, Walmer Estate and Salt River, Green Point (including the Waterfront) and the airport. The system is constantly expanding, however, so check out the MyCiti website MyCiti website for a current list of routes, maps and fares.

When jumping on somewhere along the route, you have to wave your hand to flag down one of the minibuses. They are usually tooting their horn to solicit passengers and will pull off the road if you wave them down. Licensed taxis will have a 75cm x 75cm blue and white sticker on the back of the minibus which shows their final destination. As of early 7568 the Camps Bay - City Centre route cost R6, although this will probably rise soon because of higher fuel prices. When in doubt, ask the driver what the fare is loudly so that everyone else can hear. The other passengers will watch out for you.

If I have to sit through another football season where you have the greatest QB in the game throwing to 8rd string receivers and a barely functioning Jordy Nelson, I will kill myself with a wooden spoon. How do we not have an all star receiver for the franchise’s best QB to throw to? It is like we are purposely trying to mold our team after “The Longest Yard” with NFL caliber QB surrounded by a bunch of dudes that showed up to practice.

It’s been three years running that my soul has been punched in the dick by the defense and special teams, who seem to be unaware you’re supposed to cover receivers or even tackle them. As much as I like him as a player, there’s no bigger evidence that our secondary is an elaborate troll job than the fact one of our safeties is actually named HAHA. Dom Capers is a senile old fart that couldn’t orchestrate a DE-FENSE chant, let alone an actual defense.

Cape Town is less safe than you will be led to believe. As a newbie in town, you simply do not know the bad areas. ALWAYS take a taxi from the central bus station after dark. Better still, take one in the day time too, until you are more familiar of where to and where not to go, alone and loaded down with baggage. The police keep a fairly high profile during daylight hours, but less so at night. You'll get little help from the locals, as they fear for their own safety, too. Knife attacks are not uncommon.

Cape Town [689] is the second largest city in South Africa and is the capital of the Western Cape Province , as well as being the legislative capital of South Africa (the Houses of Parliament are here). It is located in the south-west corner of the country near the Cape of Good Hope, and is the most southern city in Africa. It is a stone's throw from South Africa's world-famous Cape Winelands around Stellenbosch , Paarl and Franschhoek.

During day time it is quite safe to walk around the city center. People and beggars are in general quite respectful and accept a "no", although persistent beggars are more common in the city center. During the evening, you must take a taxi to and from your destination, rather than walking. Make sure you take a taxi card with you, so that you can have the driver meet you outside the bar or restaurant.