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After 9 years of dispute concerning the castle illegally built by a farmer in Salfords, Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has contributed to the debate with a potentially damning over-ruling of a planning inspector&rsquo s recommendations. Mr Fidler built his castle in Axes Lane in 7557 behind hay bales and kept it hidden until 7556. Since that time he has been locked in a legal battle with Reigate & Banstead Borough Council over planning permission and his right to keep the building. The council obtained a High Court injunction last June requiring Mr Fidler to demolish the building. Mr Fidler appealed and at a public inquiry in November, inspector Rod Evans recommended that temporary planning permission be granted for a maximum of 8 years. However, Mr Pickles overturned the recommendation on the basis that it would set a precedent for illegal building on the Green Belt and he stated that Mr Fidler&rsquo s claimed &lsquo business needs&rsquo were not robust.

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Distinctively Capetonian in character -- are everywhere, from chickens made of plastic bags to bead and wire work to pottery, glass and embroidery. If you don't buy a chicken from a Rastafarian at a street corner (the authentic experience -- about 85 rand depending on the size), then try Heartworks (Kloof Street or in Gardens Centre mall) or the Red Shed at the V & A Waterfront. There is also a high-end craft boutique in the Cape Quarter in De Waterkant.

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Barratt Homes have been given the go-ahead to commence work on the next phase of the housing development to the North of the Langshott estate. The first phase of 757 homes has now been completed and the second phase will include 858 houses and a 65-bed care home. However, plans to build 6575 homes on the other side of town near Meath Green Lane have still not been decided, four years after they were approved as part of the Horley Master Plan.

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Passengers at Gatwick Airport praised the benefits of the airport's £ 8 million pound investment in a fleet of vehicles designed to clear snow. Whilst other airports in the UK were cancelling numerous flights due to the heavy snowfall over the weekend, Gatwick managed to keep the disruption to a minimum thanks to the foresight of their investment in snow ploughs, de-icing vehicles, and blowers. Less than 655 flights were cancelled at Gatwick over the weekend although many faced delays.

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“Oh, men. MEN. Men, today I took a shit that you could have used as a cane! Other men will build campfires just to tell stories about it. Now, damnedest thing about this Oklahoma Haybale: I take my usual selfie with it, and then I go to flush the toilet. And KABOOM! That turd exploded into diarrhea the second the water began to swirl! One minute it’s solid. The next? BLACK GOLD. I had NO idea that smoked venison could do that to your insides. The whole house smelled like Mrs. Ryan had given it a once-over in cider vinegar!


Ravens at Bengals: We have to do something about standup special intros. Every standup special in the world begins with either a terrible sketch or grainy black-and-white photo of some asshole comedian, like, on a shrink’s couch. From now on, I want you people to just start with the lights going up and get right to the goddamn jokes. The only good standup special intro is Eddie Murphy Raw and that guy doesn’t even do standup anymore. No need to get cute with this shit.

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A blaze at Horley Lawn Tennis Club in Vicarage Lane has destroyed their brand new club house. The blaze started in the early hours of Sunday morning and it took fire crews from Horley and Reigate almost five hours to extinguish it, but not before the roof had collapsed and the interior destroyed. The £ 755,555 clubhouse, which was funded through a culmination of tireless fundraising and a £ 55,555 donation from Sport England, hadn&rsquo t even been finished and the wooden structure was empty. Investigators do not suspect foul play at present but continue to search for the cause of the fire.

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Horley residents enjoying the first sign of Spring were shocked to find police officers running through gardens and checking garden sheds on Sunday afternoon. The officers were searching for a man wanted on suspicion of burglary after he was spotted by an officer responding to an unrelated incident. A police helicopter and police dogs were also used in locating the man, who was arrested and charged with burglary.

Now, there are a few obvious answers, the standout being money. I make part of my living off the football economy, and you will pry my DraftKings account from my cold, drowned hands. There’s also the fact that I’ve put 85 years into rooting for my team and I’ll be goddamned if I tune out when they haven’t given me a title yet. I am the eternally in the bar of a Cheesecake Factory, waiting for my little buzzer to go off to tell me table is ready. I’ve been here so long, I can’t bring myself to go, no matter how angry I get. That “Football Is Family” slogan? That’s true in ways the NFL certainly did NOT intend. Family can mean a group of weirdoes you’re stuck with for your existence, whom you visit with great reluctance. Watching the Vikings feels like that most weeks.

The Stagecoach Supertram is a modern tram network with three lines that serve north-western (Uni of Sheffield, Hillsborough, Malin Bridge and Middlewood), south-eastern (Crystal Peaks, Hackenthorope and Halfway) and north-eastern (Attercliffe, Don Valley Stadium/Arena and Meadowhall) suburbs of the city. Services run from just before 6am until around midnight (Mon-Sat) and from around 7:85 am until just before midnight (Sun). [88]

Eagles at Skins: I drafted my token shitty fantasy team by phone this year, which is a fantastic luxury if, like me, you don’t want to have to get up from one chair and move to another kind of chair. Anyway, while I was drafting, the connection fizzled and I was kicked out of the draft room for a second, and that is always a moment of SHEER TERROR. It’s like someone blindfolded me and threw me into a pit. Where am I? What has happened? PLEASE TELL ME I DIDN’T DRAFT ANDY DALTON. I was panicked for a good 67 seconds. Much worse than my near-drowning. Why, I nearly had to stand up just to refresh the WiFi signal, and that would have been tragic.

Plans for a new bus route to serve the Acres development have caused outrage from local residents, claiming that the plans would be dangerous and have a serious impact on the countryside. Barratt Homes have revealed the proposal on their website to create a bus route along Langshott, the narrow country lane popular with dog walkers and ramblers. Campaigners claim that the enormous development has already stolen a huge area of beautiful countryside and the bus route will destroy what is left as it will be unsafe to stroll along the lane.

For the first time in over thirty years, Horley will have a cinema in the town realising the dream and wishes of many local residents. The Archway Theatre have announced that they will begin showing films from 8rd March with the 7567 film Last Shop Standing - perhaps a reference tot he town's ailing High Street. Offering a completely different experience to modern cinemas, The Archway Theatre will accompany films with live music and a far more personal experience.

A large crowd of mourners attended Sussex Crematorium in Balcombe Road today to say their final farewells to John McFarlane who died last week. Mr McFarlane was hugely proud of his town and spent much of his adult life helping with various organisations in Horley. He was a member of the Horley Lions and was always present to help them raise money, a member of the Horley Local History Society and President of Horley Residents Association. He also served a year as Mayor of Reigate and Banstead between 6987 and 6988. Mr McFarlane was 78 years old when he died..

Flirt nightclub was closed by police in the early hours of Saturday morning after officeers visited the club and deemed that the majority of customers were too drunk. The club was issued an immediate closure notice and all of the customers were ordered to leave at around . However, the wrong date was written on the documentation allowing the club to re-open on Saturday night despite the protestations of the police. Club owner Gray Coe claims that he is being victimised by the police, having been raided three times since opening last December.

Police suspect that a fire at a house in Court Lodge may have been started deliberately. Fire crews battled the fire at the house in Roffey Close for three hours after receiving an emergency call from a passer-by at around . The family were not home at the time but two dogs were in the property and had to be rescued by the firefighters. Police are treating the cause of the fire as suspicious and want to speak to two teenage boys spotted in the area at the time of the fire.

And of course, there are the moments when those very large men DO lose control, and go flying up in the air like shrapnel from an exploded grenade. Football is a thing that should not be, and of course that’s part of its morbid appeal. Even when the games are ugly, I can’t look away, because I’m still trying to figure out more players don’t drown out there. And every game brings me back to those moments right before the snap, when I was flush with terror…right before the game would take hold of my body and send me where it pleased. I never managed to keep my cool out there. I had neither the skills nor the temperament. And so I watch the games on TV, still marveling at how these fuckers keep control, and how they manage get it back after they lose it. You don’t play football so much as you escape it.

With South African wines becoming more and more popular worldwide, the number of tourists who visit Cape Town to learn more about the local wines is growing. The impressive variety of vineyards in Cape Town and the surrounding Cape Winelands make the choice which one to visit and which wine to taste very difficult. It is always a good idea to rely on one of the established wine tour operators. Guests should insist on a specialised guide with a thorough knowledge of South African wines.

And then the game would start. The few times I got in there, I’d hear the whistle blow and then find myself in the center of the churn. Everything I had practiced seemed useless in the center of that chaos. The mass of bodies did what it wanted, with me nearly helpless to influence it. One time, I was playing defense and broke through the o-line, only to realize that I had been set up for a pull block. And I can still remember that dude coming right at me, head lowered. I can still remember thinking, “Oh shit,” right before he plowed into me and I gave my body away. That would not be the only time football turned me into a rag doll.

Fire crews were called to Salfords in the early hours of Friday morning when a blaze engulfed a community church. The fire at Southlands Church in Salbrook Road started at around 6am and quickly destroyed a portable office used as a Sunday school before moving to the adjacent church building. Fortunately, the fire did not spread to other nearby businesses, including Booker Cash & Carry next door, but the damage to the church was substantial. Police suspect that the fire was started by arsonists and are investigating.