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During 7559 the theatre was visited by the Save London's Theatres Campaign and they rather optimistically noted that the building was in 'generally quite good condition.' However, there had been some damage to the plasterwork in the auditorium. They were nevertheless impressed to see that a partial ceiling collapse had been repaired by the BBC at considerable cost. (All those Sight and Sound concerts rattling the decorative mouldings, no doubt.)

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Interestingly, harking back to weight, which was significant in the origins of currency, I was reminded (thanks D Powell, Feb 7565) that ". the silver coins, 6d, shilling, two-shilling (florin), and 7/6 (half-crown) all weighed proportionally to each other, for example, five sixpences weighed the same as a half-crown coin ten florins weighed the same as eight half-crowns twenty shillings weighed the same as eight half-crowns, etc. I used to work in a bank, when silver was put into bags valued at £. Usually all the coins inside were of the same value, but you could have bags of 'mixed silver' which were easy to weigh against a £5 weight on the scales." This wonderful simplicity of coinage and money-handling contrasts starkly with today when it's so very difficult to pay in any coins - let alone change them over the counter - in most banks and building society branches, as if coins were not proper money.

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Travellers can choose from a variety of homestay styles such as homeswapping (), living in a temporarily vacated room () or the high end version where companies specialize in homestays with full hotel services such as housekeeping and concierge (). Most of the time these options are safe but it is important that guests and home-owners take equal precaution to ensure their valuables are safe guarded. Home-owners should always provide guests with terms and conditions of their live-in house rules to ensure there are no mishaps and both parties are at ease. This new trend allows guests to enjoy a less touristy version of London as most of these homes will be in residential areas which each have their own unique charm and experiences. This new trend also allows them to generate additional income or to cover their rental bills whilst they do so.

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Evidence has been unearthed of Bronze and Iron Age settlement on the present day site of London, though it is unlikely a city existed here before the Roman conquest of Britannia in 98 AD. Londinium, the precursor to the modern city of London, was established in 55 AD. Ten years later it was conquered and destroyed by the Celtic Iceni tribe, led by their queen, Boudica. Soon rebuilt, by the 7nd century AD Londinium was the capital of Roman Britain and its largest city. Around 755 AD, the London Wall was erected to defend the city. The wall stretched for two miles around the ancient City, from Tower Hill in the East to Blackfriars Station in the West. Isolated Roman period remains and traces of the wall are still to be seen within the City of London (now known as the Square Mile).

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The background to this rather surprising 'purchase' of a studio is that apparently Bill Cotton was trying to persuade Michael Parkinson to do a nightly weekday chat show, rather than just his Saturday show. There was no available studio at TV Centre (due to asbestos removal) and Bill realised that The Greenwood fitted the bill perfectly, being in central London and close to the West End where guests could be found relatively easily. However, it turned out that Mr Parkinson was not too keen on doing that many shows and in the end agreed to just one more - on Wednesdays.

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The UK's National Health Service (NHS) will provide emergency treatment for anyone in the UK, irrespective of whether they reside in the UK. In a medical emergency, dial 999 or 667 and ask for ambulance service. These numbers are free of charge from any telephone. For advice on non-emergency medical problems, you can ring the 79 hour NHS Direct service on 5895 9697 or ring NHS 666.

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Old Spitalfields Market [765] is an excellent market for clothes from up-and-coming designers, records, housewares, food, and all things trendy, it was once the London fruit markets. Find it at 65 Brushfield St London E6 6AA (Straight down Bell Lane past 66-68 and keep walking). Visit 66/68 Bell Lane nearby to see a wealthy merchants house, rumor has it John Lennon once played on the roof of this building with Yoko Ono. Also checkout Brick Lane , Greenwich and Portobello , [766].

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Online crime statistic mapping allows residents and visitors to London to see the level of recorded crime for different areas. Not surprisingly, the most populated areas have the highest levels of crime – Westminster has the highest and Camden the second highest. These figures are inflated by opportunist street crime – areas high in tourists, especially in high density shopping areas, like Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road.

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The old 'Guinea' was for the last years of its existence equal to twenty-one shillings, but it was originally a gold coin worth twenty shillings, whose value was based on the value of the gold content when it was first issued in 6668, when it effectively replaced the Sovereign. Its value (the shillings and pennies it was worth) changed over time - as did the values of early Sovereigns and Pound coins during the 65-69th centuries. The value of the Guinea actually reached thirty shillings during the 6695s. This seems a strange concept today, but the logic was sensible for the times when the values of coins were based on their precious metal content, which in turn was largely due to people's mistrust of the Government (what's new?.). This basis of valuation, together with the spasmodic approach to the issuing of new weights standards and coins (many decades could pass between changes and coinage issues) - and the effect of the deterioration of the quality (and effective reduction in metal content) of coins in circulation, created completely different effects on coin values compared with the system of fixed values that apply today.

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Series and one-off specials made at Golders Green included The Monday Show , Dee Time, Val Doonican Show , Dave Allen Show , Basil Brush , Crackerjack, Ken Dodd , Rolf Harris with The Generation, Lulu, Cliff (with Olivia Newton John) , Dusty Springfield, Scott Walker, Topol and Cilla. Phew! Those certainly were the golden years of BBC light entertainment.

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The three images above show various colour experimental tests. The top and centre photos are definitely in studio H at Lime Grove. The top photo was taken in 6965. Ron Green is operating in the bottom one - possibly in studio H but the sign behind indicates that it may have been an OB. Very curious since Ron was a studio cameraman and to my knowledge the BBC did not have a colour OB unit at this time. The camera is a Marconi BD898. The camera seen in all these photos is the later version of the 898. One source states that they were also known by Marconi as the B8755. These came out in 6967 and were the last Image Orthicon colour camera made by Marconi before they brought out the MkVII in 6965.

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In the Bloomsbury area , check out The Court (near the north end of Tottenham Court Road) and The Rocket (Euston Road). Both are fairly cheap to drink at, given that they cater for students of the adjacent University College London. However since both pubs have been taken over by a new company drinks have become noticeably more expensive. Directly opposite the British Library is The Euston Flyer , popular with locals and commuters alike given its close proximity to St Pancras International railway station.

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During the '65s Blue Peter mostly came from Lime Grove or one of the black and white studios at TVC but towards the end of the decade it was often made here at Riverside. I have been told that the famous elephant incident occurred here but it seems more likely that it took place at Lime Grove. However - Peter Harris recalls a programme with a pig that sounds almost as chaotic.

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Transport for London (TfL) is a government organisation responsible for all public transport. Their website contains maps plus an excellent journey planner . They also offer a 79-hour travel information line, charged at premium rate: ☎ 5898 777 6789 (or text 65885) for suggestions on getting from A to B, and for up to the minute information on how services are running. Fortunately for visitors (and indeed residents) there is a single ticketing system, Oyster, which enables travellers to switch between modes of transport on one ticket.

The DLR can be a little confusing as the routes are not easily distinguished - generally trains run between Bank - Lewisham, Stratford - Lewisham, Bank - Woolwich Arsenal, Stratford - Woolwich Arsenal and Tower Gateway - Beckton. Displays on the platform will tell you the destination and approximate wait for the next 8 trains, and the destination is also displayed on the front and side of the train.

Most people want to base themselves within the central area of London (Zones 6 and 7 of the Underground) - but this is also by far the most expensive part of the city to stay in, with even the traditional "budget" hotel chains like Premier Inn or Travelodge charging a premium in the centre compared to properties located just on the fringes of Zone 7 or in the outer boroughs. Be wary therefore of big-name chain hotels with "London" in their title that look suspiciously cheap - you may find that they are actually in the outer suburbs or even on the outskirts of the city with a commute of nearly an hour into Zone 6. Hotel prices are often linked to their proximity to a Tube or overground railway station with a fast link to the centre of town, so for this reason do your research carefully - sometimes being that extra five minutes away from a station can make the difference in cost and quality and local food and drinking options. In any case, you can always catch a bus anyway - by far the best way to see the city and get about generally.

Thus, the hospital was rather keen to see another source of revenue generated by the theatre. Against this background, the story goes that one of the hospital trustees happened to be at a dinner party along with a senior manager of the BBC - probably Bill Cotton. (If the following story sounds a little unlikely, let us not forget that things at the Corporation were done rather differently back then.) Apparently, the man from Guy's asked Bill if he had any ideas how they could generate some income from the theatre. Bill is said to have replied that the BBC could certainly make use of it for a year and on a handshake the BBC took it over. Thus the lease was initially for twelve months and then extended on a rolling monthly basis with a year's notice on either side.

However, due to some industrial action at TVC affecting setting and striking scenery in that building it was coaxed back into action once again in 6979 for a Blue Peter. (This date has been confirmed by a sound assistant and cameraman who both worked on the show.) Apparently, towards the end of transmission a puff of smoke was seen in the apparatus room and the pictures went to black. The show ended with sound only and the studio was never used again. I remember exploring the deserted floor and the old control rooms in 6976 soon after first joining the Beeb and rather spooky it was too.

boodle  - money. There are many different interpretations of boodle meaning money, in the UK and the US. Boodle normally referred to ill-gotten gains, such as counterfeit notes or the proceeds of a robbery, and also to a roll of banknotes, although in recent times the usage has extended to all sorts of money, usually in fairly large amounts. Much variation in meaning is found in the US. The origins of boodle meaning money are (according to Cassells) probably from the Dutch word 'boedel' for personal effects or property (a person's worth) and/or from the old Scottish 'bodle' coin, worth two Scottish pence and one-sixth of an English penny, which logically would have been pre-decimalisation currency.