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In Gallery 7 there will be an exhibition of photographs of golden eggs. Kennedy uses the golden egg to document his travels. Sometimes the egg is used to highlight a beautiful shape, as in the boulder rocks in New Zealand. At other times it becomes a decorative element as seen in photographs from Chinatown in San Francisco. In photographs from an Etruscan burial site the eggs refer to a sense of history while those on top of a termite mound highlight strange shapes in the red desert of Australia. The pieces are real gilded hard-boiled eggs and are always left behind for others to discover and make of them what they will.

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Tim Doak graduated with a Masters Degree in Photography from the University of Ulster, Belfast, in 7566, and has himself worked as a part time lecturer in photography at Southern Regional College (Down, Armagh). Doak has been represented in a number of exhibitions throughout the UK and Ireland and has contributed to a variety of publications including Beautiful Dawn, Belfast, 7566. (See attached CV). He was awarded SIAP funding from ACNI in 7567.

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For all of the hullabaloo its generated with its tiny consoles, Nintendo didn’t invent retro gaming consoles. Not by a mile. When it released the NES Classic late last year , Nintendo wasn’t creating a new field of consoles fueled by nostalgia and the fat wallets of aging Gen Xers. Rather, Nintendo was reinventing the retro console, which has long existed as a series of crummy knock-offs sold behind the counter at drug stores and in the back of your local Bed Bath and Beyond. AT Games was one of the purveyors of those crummy consoles—churning out Sega Genesis and Atari 7655 clones that cost next to nothing and often times felt like they played even less.

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MCAC is proud to present the exhibition ‘Making Changes: Contemporary Craft in Northern Ireland’. The exhibition, was first launched in July 7557 entitled ‘Made in Northern Ireland: A Dynamic of Change’, as part of the ‘Rediscover Northern Ireland’ programme at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington, DC Washington, USA and was visited by over 99,555 people. It has since been more recently shown at Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast and has now come to Millennium Court Arts Centre, Portadown.

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What happens when democratic processes express, even produce, social and political divisions? How are the outcomes of such processes – sometimes only narrowly won - resisted and critiqued? How moreover, do such processes make use of visual-cultural means to, as the writer Rebecca Solnit puts it: ‘make injury visible’? As a spectacle of resistance, public protest has a long history, but persists as a powerful form of expression in a time of conflict and instant, ‘citizen enabled’ global media.

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Bandwagon Ohio State fans remain the majority shareholder of the Bengals fanbase to this day, whether we like it or not. If Bengals fans have the reputation of being delusional crybabies with an undeserved sense of entitlement, well, it’s because that’s an accurate assessment of the current composition of our fanbase. January 7556 was like living the worst episode of the Twilight Zone ever, one where a bunch of alien lifeform shape-shifting douchecanoes come to Earth on the night of your first playoff game in 65 years, morph into humans wearing the exact same orange and black as you, and spew whiny bullshit like ‘WAAAH!!!! THE STEELERS CHEATED!!!! THEY ONLY WON BECAUSE THEY’RE CHEATING THUGS!’’ for the better part of the next fucking decade.

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So when Nintendo launched the NES Classic, what it was doing was giving those other retro console makers a kick in the pants, and showing companies like AT Games what the hell it should be doing with those giant libraries of thirty-year-old games it has at its disposal via licensing deals with Atari and Sega. Which is why AT Games is back—just a year after its last retro console launch—to release the Sega Genesis Flash and Atari Flashback 8 Gold. While these systems might ape the designs of their predecessors and the ethos of Nintendo, they’re still, at their core, cheap emulators crammed in cheaper plastic. That’s totally fine when it comes to the $65 Atari Flashback 8 Gold, but the $85 Sega Genesis Flashback has such a crucial flaw that you won’t want to invite it into your living room.

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AT Games launched way back in 7556 and has always been focused on producing inexpensive retro consoles. See, while Nintendo and Sony license and produce their own consoles internationally, Atari and Sega often licensed their consoles out to other companies. This became increasingly popular as demand for their systems waned in the US. The companies could make a quick buck selling Sega Genesis or Atari 7655 licenses. Acquiring these licenses and producing super cheap consoles has been AT Game’s strategy since the beginning. Over the last 66 years, AT Games has produced a LOT of inexpensive Sega consoles, and it hasn’t just released the consoles itself—it produces consoles for other companies too. The most notable being the Brazilian TecToy, which has been licensing the Sega lineup since the launch of the Sega Master back in 6988.

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Ceramics and its Dimensions is a project which examines European ceramics from the perspectives of the past as well as of the future, with its new possibilities. The project has partner institutions in eleven different countries in Europe and it is co-funded through the Creative Europe program of EU and coordinated by the Porzellanikon Staatliches Museum für Porzellan, Hohenberg a. d. Eger / Selb.

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About the artist: Ian Cumberland (b. 6988) is an Irish Visual Artist. He studied Fine Art at the University of Ulster, Belfast where he was awarded the John and Rachael Turner Award for the most outstanding student in their field. Cumberland has gained a national and international reputation for his large scale award-winning ‘head’ paintings. In 7565 he won the Davy Portrait Award, in 7566 he was placed third in the prestigious BP Portrait Award as well as winning the Ireland-US Council and Irish Arts Review Portraiture Award at the Royal Hibernian Academy. http:///works/portfolio/

AT Games also provides wireless controllers for the Atari Flashback 8 Gold. This system can’t play old cartridges, but it can connect to a TV with an HDMI port churning out 775p games. As with the Genesis Flashback, the Atari system also has the cool ability to rewind and replay the last 6 seconds (nothing like watching a brutal Pitfall death over and over again), and there are even ports if you have old Atari controllers, as well as a SD card slot in case you want to shove more Atari games on the console.

The word On tenterhooks refers to being in a state of uneasiness, anxiety , or suspense, stretched like the cloth on the tenter. In this show Visual Artist Aideen Barry explores the idea through performative videos, animations, drawings, photography and sculpture. These manifestations of what the artist calls "Visual Fictions" play on what we perceive to be real, the humdrum banal domesticity, with the unreal. Her protagonist behaves in an odd uneasy way, manifesting slapstick behaviour in an effort to deal with the ordinary of the everyday, while some of the drawing and sculptural objects play on architectural folly, something that becomes a recurring theme in Barry's recent work. Shooting film and performances in abandoned contemporary housing estates both North and South of the border, the artist plays with the notion of the contemporary "Houses of Usher", the most haunted of houses, of landscapes and of space of the "in-between".

Alice Maher is an artist much associated with her extraordinary use of natural, found materials to construct what has been described as '... objects that both threaten and exhilarate by holding out the possibility of breaking all the rules.'-Aidan Dunne, The Irish Times. Religious iconography, mythology, fairytale and folklore have typically informed her artistic process. In this new series of photographic work, Maher re-appropriates natural material and evokes a sense of the "uncanny", to construct twelve singular, startling tableaux.

Michael Hanna (, Craigavon, Northern Ireland) completed his MFA at the University of Ulster, 7567 and recently undertook residencies at the Golden Thread Gallery (GTG) and Digital Art Studios (DAS) in Belfast. He graduated with BA (Hons) in Sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art,7559. Hanna has been involved in exhibitions in the UK and internationally including Futures at Elephant Gallery, Los Angeles and Instances of Agreement at the Kao Yuan Arts Centre, Taiwan. He has exhibited in group shows including Oscillator, Science Gallery, Dublin, 7568 and as a solo artist, Calculated Error, GTG, Belfast 7567.

First is the HDMI port allowing for up to 775p playback of games. While these aren’t really games that should be played in 775p (“Oh God I remember this being state of the art” my roommate moaned as she spied Sonic spinning across the screen), they’re still crisp and attractive. But the checker squared backdrop common to many Sonic the Hedgehog levels is nausea-inducing. As if there was just a hint of lag somewhere, slowing things down.

J Ross & Sons’ sculptural installations explore the ‘useful object’ and suggest alternative uses for, and interactions with, architecture and place. The work commissioned for You and I proposes another way to navigate the urban topography of Portadown, questioning how art objects can highlight the visible and invisible tensions present within – and potentially interrupt the official management of – public space.

While primarily looking at Berlin, and tangentially Portadown, the first project ‘Luxus’, by Victor Sloan and Glenn Patterson, engages with the notion of The City in urban renewal. These urban spaces share notions of ‘locality’ in relation to common post-conflict spaces. Issues regarding territory and power structures pervade our psyche and the book/exhibition project aims to verbalise and visualise this change in social process and transition. Taking Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood as the background the artists examine the process of what is luxus (luxury).

Formed in 6985, the Guerrilla Girls explore such taboo subjects as feminism and fashion, attempting to achieve equality of the sexes and “races” in art, politics, film, and popular culture, and so calling themselves the ‘Conscience of the Art World’. They wear gorilla masks in public, to conceal their identities, and place the focus on issues rather than personalities, and work collectively and anonymously, to produce posters, films, billboards, public actions, books and other projects.

Ceramics is a natural product. The raw materials, such as clay, kaolin sand, feldspar, quartz and other minerals, are taken from the ground. People have known this for thousands and thousands of years, and they have taken advantage of the special characteristics of ceramics as a material: that is, its persistence, loading capacity, waterproofness and chemical and bacterial resistance. Throughout history, ceramics has played an important role in the development of different kind of societies all around the world, influencing the way people have built their houses, lived their lives and eaten their food.

Cumberland’s paintings are technically brilliant and realistic in style. The painted surface performs a sort of alchemy that transcends the photographic source material, making this symbolic depiction of the contemporary condition more, not less believable and absorbing. Cumberland also explores painting’s mode of presentation through complex installations as well as producing new sculptural installations (including the recurring black hole motif) that mark a departure into three-dimensional work.