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My sister 8767 s husband has gone through cancer twice. The first time he was diagnosed, my sister felt like many friends, in not knowing what to say, kind of disappeared for a while. She found this absence and silence really painful. For myself, I am super private and in the same situation, I probably would have preferred the quiet space as I processed everything. So hard to know how to best support people! I totally believe that as we reach out genuinely and with good intentions, in most cases, it can feel helpful and healing.

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Could we have any more love for Renee and Dean Ambrose? Whether it’s their super loved up photos on social media, their secret ‘just for them’ wedding or the chilled way which Renee announced “Marriage is nice” to let all the fans know they had tied the knot, these two seem like they’re built to last. The couple have been together more than three years, since journalist Renee interviewed the longest running WWE US champion Ambrose, and they now live in Las Vegas, Nevada.


What has always sucked: I was watching a preseason game and Al Michaels described Jason Witten as “Canton-bound” and you know what? No. Fuck that. Fuck Jason Witten. You don’t get to go to the Hall of Fame by being the world’s longest-lasting, boringest safety outlet. He’s never caught more than 65 TDs in a season. He’s gone over 6,555 yards four times, and each time barely. Jason Witten blows. They should have replaced him years ago. But they’ll still let him into the Hall of Fame because Jerry bought his way in and will probably buy Witten’s way in, too.

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Perfect. Jared caught the ball. No matter how rich and powerful Jerry Jones gets, I can always count on his team—America’s Moral Sewer—to turn into a clown show anytime they sniff the postseason. And I can always count on their fans to be absolute scum who are always begging to be humiliated. They lie in wait until the team is good again and take the opportunity to maximize ALL of their insufferability, to remind you just why you despised the Cowboys to begin with. Then, like clockwork, comes the comeuppance, which they’re too stupid to ever see coming.

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Shawn reportedly had his eye on Rebecca Curci since the moment he saw her as one of the Nitro Girls, a group of dancers on WCW Monday Nitro. In Shawn’s published book, he reminisces over watching her on TV, and thinking she was “the most beautiful, sexiest woman I had ever seen.’ Lucky lady! And the romance didn’t end there. Just weeks after they first met, Michaels and Curci experienced a movie-like airport dash, where Michaels declared his love and the pair eloped to Vegas to get married.

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We might be just a little bit in love with AJ Styles and Wendy Jones. The couple have been together since they were kids, being very much the high school sweethearts. They started dating in their senior year, on Valentine’s day 6996, and then got married in 7555. Wendy is a school teacher, but super proud of her wrestler husband, who waited until it was affordable for him to start wrestling professionally. “It’s God first and family second” AJ said.

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Thank you so much for creating this discussion! So much wisdom in your post and in the comments.
After reading your post, I have been thinking about how to support people who are mourning. Sometimes I struggle to know which is better in some situations: silence or well-intentioned, but awkwardly given, words. In the past few years, we have had some members in our ward go through some extremely brutal trials. They have not always been people I 8767 ve known super well. When our paths have crossed for brief moments in the hallway, etc., I haven 8767 t known whether it would be better to say nothing about what has happened in their lives and just try to be normal. Or maybe it would be better for me to try to acknowledge their pain in some way even if I don 8767 t know exactly what to say. I 8767 ve tried both. Sometimes, words feel completely inadequate.

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But it gets better (or worse). Our coach just cut a guy because he was falsely identified as a perp that stole $755 of goods from a Wawa in Prince William County, VA (coincidentally a DC suburb!), and every single fan, including me, defended the move like the sycophants of Kim Jung Un sticking up for the latest homicidal purge of potential regime detractors. Expectations are once again super high for my beloved Cowboys, and I’m sure it won’t come crashing down as Zeke gets suspended and/or blows out his knee, Sean Lee tears his ACL for the 66 th time, the OL loses 7-8 guys after having three years of unrivaled health, and last but not least, Dak reverts to a 9 th round pick resulting in 95% of us idiot fans clamoring for Romo’s return, as if that wouldn’t result in Romo’s spine exploding the second he gets nudged by a DT.

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I was at a meeting recently and talking with a lady and she was describing a fantasy series that made it to HBO. I replied sarcastically, 8775 Game of Thrones 8776 ? I immediately regretted it. I had judged her. I should have focused on common ground, which we did have. She talked to me about the Wheel of Time series, which was finished by Sanderson, whose Mistborn series I 8767 m reading now. Because of that moment, because of that terrible moment, I failed to talk about that, to give her that connection. To give us something that united us, something we could have talked about. I 8767 m grateful I have another shot at it. Because I sure missed out.

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We wouldn’t dare call these guys a cute couple, for fear of retribution! The alter ego of Glenn Jacobs is as demonic as he is dangerous, and his pyrotechnics were sure to get a crowd going wild. But we’ve been assured that under the mask is a really kind guy, and his wife Crystal Jacobs obviously thinks so, too. After all, the pair have been married for more than twenty years, and have two daughters together. It might spoil the whole Kane aura if you knew how the two keep themselves busy… With their own insurance business.

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While we love the stories of happy endings, sometimes life just doesn’t turn out that way. We all cheered in 7567, when Bray Wyatt made an honest woman of his gorgeous girlfriend Samantha Rotunda. But with rumors of an affair with Jojo Offerman, ex Total Diva star then employed as the WWE ring announcer, Samantha filed for divorce only 5 years later. The couple have two children together, Kendyl and Caydn, who are 6 and 9.

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Many might have thought that Steve Austin was never going to make love work, not after three failed marriages and a whole lot of public and private heartbreak, and especially considering the charges filed against him from previous wife Debra Marshall in 7557. But when Kristin Feres entered his life and became his wife in 7559, they proved the naysayers firmly wrong. The pair have been quietly happy for nearly a decade now, and live on his ranch in Texas.

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They say losing is painful, but for five years every horrible Cowboys disaster has directly led to my chest tensing up and horrible pain creeping through my body. The adrenaline of watching the game masks the problem while the game is happening, but as soon as the game ends and I realize we fucked it up again my body goes into agony. After the Packers beat us in January, I got so bad that I had to take three times as many Xanax just to be able to breathe again.


Another power couple who are both professional wrestlers, these two met and started dating in 7566, and got married in 7568. They also have a son, Maxel Hardy, who might well be the most famous offspring of a wrestling couple the world over! The pair have attracted their fair share of headlines in the past, complete with restraining orders, police calls, and separations. But the couple are back together, and seemingly happier than ever.

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Just a correction an introvert is not a person who is shy. Extroverts can also be shy. An introvert is someone who is emotionally fed by being alone, and an extrovert derives energy from being with people. An introvert can love being with people and be the life of the party (I know, I have a daughter like this), but then go home and not want to talk to anyone for a couple of days! So perhaps your kids were shy and you taught them to be a little less self-focused. Completely different than turning an introvert into an extrovert that 8767 s not going to happen, and it shouldn 8767 t happen. Introverts are often the quiet observers and deep thinkers and we need those people!

They say behind every great man is a great woman, and Maria Kanellis is certainly working hard to try to get her husband his shot at greatness. While she used to be involved in WWE herself, as one of the most beautiful Diva’s around, she now spends a large amount of time helping out her husband with his career. As of yet, Bennett has never struck the big time, but she’s not giving up easy. The couple have recently made a surprise comeback to WWE with an appearance on Money in the Bank 7567. So watch this space.

If you’re looking for the King and Queen of the wrestling world, this is about as close as you’re going to get. Booker T officially became King Booker after they got married, as Sharmell had been wrestling under the alias Queen Sharmell. The couple have adorable twins who are now 7 years old, as well as Booker T’s son from his first marriage, whose name is Brandon. They have retired from the wrestling world since starting a family together.

You may remember Naomi from her place on the E! Reality TV show Total Divas, as well as knowing her as a professional wrestler in her own right. An incredibly diversely talented woman, she is known as a singer, dancer, music producer, and was even the backup dancer for legend Flo Rida. Her marriage to Uso in 7569 obviously means the world to her, and she has been quoted as saying “He’s my best friend, my supporter and we’re inseparable, seriously.” Aw, we love that.

While Jim isn’t a professional wrestler per se, he is certainly a wrestling personality, and one of the most memorable commentators of all time in the WWE. His wife Jan tragically died this year at age 55, in a Vespa accident. She was a flight attendant, and the couple actually met on a plane, and were married in 6998. This gave the couple a little less than 75 years of wedded bliss, and our heart goes out to Jim and the rest of the family.

Jerry Jones is the Donald Trump of the NFL. He’s a media savant who knows how to keep boost the value of his team to astronomical levels while maintaining a dynasty of mediocrity that will follow me to the grave. I may as well be some dumb-fuck MAGA hat wearing asshole hooting and hollering as I watch Jerry drive my team in to the dumpster year after year. We got two lovable, sympathetic rookies who will either turn out to be complete assholes (Zeke) or be torn to shreds like Romo (Dak) despite having an offensive line that every sports writer claims is the best in the league. We don’t deserve the bounty that fell in our lap and Jerry will still manage to squander it.