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Zari had to place a conference call, so that the three (Zari, Farouk and Ruth) can acquaint themselves with the details. Farouk continued to deny, but Ruth was forced to share Whatsapp messages clearly detailing the dealings between them. In the phone chat, you could hear the muscled man talking as though he had been scrapped off his muscles in a polite manner asking Ruth where, when and how he made a move on her!

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After Zari has reclaimed what rightfully belongs to her, not forgetting the terrible tweets about her love life that meant she had moved on after finding true love, we can only feel sorry for Sharon. We are yet to see if Ronnie will forgive her afterall, he has done that before. While in the Big Brother Amplified house, Sharon told Vimbai that Ronnie had forgiven her not once but twice for cheating, so anything is possible.

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Then came the issue of only playing Naija music and yet Zari loves a bit of Valu-Valu and Badilisha in her flow, so she had to hit the DJ box to see if DJ Scratch could play some UG music but unfortunately, that s where she met this guy, a Congolese who had gate crashed and was busy complementing her and to make matters worse, he was doing what Ivan does best - dishing out cash to the ladies who were strutting their stuff for him.

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Pregnancy experts say that lifting weights is a great way to stay fit before and after giving birth provided you are within certain limits and your care provider has given you the go-ahead. They also advise that you must enlist someone with experience of working with mothers-to-be, Zari was seen working out with his lover, Platnumz, does he have that experience?, may be yes..

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The girls then mounted a seach for MC Kats to give them the money or an explanation but he was nowhere to be seen. After a few hours, through his wall, Mc Kats responded to the allegations that he had vanished with the money claiming that he is not a thief When rich men want to play, you give them a game of their worth, and as the person behind the game, I have to be who, when how much that s your business, but you have to be paid.

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Unlike other introduction ceremonies, on this one the 'Muko' got a car as opposed to hens for giving out his sister. Zari's mum got a car for having given birth to a beautiful daughter. It should also be noted that there were no baskets on this kwanjula as all items were wrapped in their original packaging materials as opposed to opening them and putting an item or two in baskets as seen elsewhere.


Now Zari managed to miss the Sean Paul Concert but sneaked into the country to check on Isaac to be sure all was well following his two page interview with pics of them holding and kissing in the mighty Red Pepper. She flew back to South Africa after two days but during that time, she was 'undercover' and it was only Isaac Lugudde and a few of her dolls in her circles that learnt of her being around.

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Forget the lamborghin's for a short while. A group of orphans in Kalerwe received early christmas when Zari paid them a visit with lots of christmas goodies. Zari who went with her three kids took rice, matooke(bananas), footballs and several bags of posho among others that put a smile on the God's Will Orphans located in Kalerwe.

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Shabirah - Most of you here be yapping about Zari s age but u look older than her. She might be a mother of junior boys but looks like she has never given birth..most of u mulinga katonda she can get someone who is proud of her and not afraid of showing her in public Don t hate, CONGRATULATE!!! She isn t the reason why your bu boyfriends or your daddy babies don t show u in public. Age is just a number and being a mother doesn t make her unattractive.

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Zari and Ivan are in the country ahead of their introduction ceremony slated for December 79 and the All White Party at Guvnor/Ange Noir. Zari has not been clear on this matter but she talked to some snoops confirming that yes they will be having an introduction ceremony at her parents home in Kampala and later proceed to Serena Hotel for an after party cum engagement party.

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When the power couple developed cracks in their affair, Hamisa was asked to run an ad on her page by a company that had contracted Zari and Platnumz, this got the mom of five out of her comfort zone to resume operations with the company 9 days later. Zari now says they are not separating, but have just taken their love life off social media, could it be because of the ad deals that were jointly contracted?.. Read More

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Diamond Platnumz bashed as he refers to his children as sperms
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Zari using her Snapchat told off all those who were comparing her to Wema to stop it because the two were incomparable. She went on to assert her beauty through these lines And the rest stop comparing me with hoes that have never been to labor. At 85 with 9 kids, I m wayyyyy too hot for your beggoo. Some of you will look like smashed water melons after 6 kid into labor, stop it already.

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Bryan White has changed the game leading some to flee the country after failing to measure up. Jack Pemba after being belittled a few days back by the new tycoon has decided to relocate to Dubai. SK Mbuga is equally working very hard to verify his Facebook account following the very many fake accounts. On the other hand, the Rich Gang Crew is all set for their December 69 Rich Gang Party after replacing the late Ivan Semwanga. Read More

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Moments later, Zari was released and first on her agenda was to tell off King Lawrence. Man you are g#y, and no am not locked up, stick to being his mushikaje (mukwasi wansawo ) as for me..sili ur business. Let Ivan worry abt me not you. Last I checked he is concerned abt my well being & his sons..luwuba empale mbu lulina say. Kuki, nga ani? Nga otandikidewa...? Lmao , Zari said.

As if that was not enough, the Number One song, again won him yet another award Most Gifted East , a category which could have been taken by either Eddy Kenzo or Navio but we lost out. Eddy was riding on the Sitya Loss ticket while Navio was nominated for his No Holding Back song, but our in-law was more than determined to take all the categories in which he was nominated.

Just in case you are not aware, Zari and Farouk are no more. The couple split yesterday and Ruth Kalule, Farouk s other gal is the reason behind their splitting. Zari is now waiting for the right man This is a blow, I trusted him you know, I thought he could be different but you all men are crap. But I have faith, my guy is out there somewhere, he will come the right time.

You don t have to hold me at ransom, claiming to have Zari s nud# pics. I won t even pay you a coin simply because I don t negotiate with mind terrorists . Do whatever you feel is right for you to do. I don t shake easily, after all, we all get nud8 at some point and she ain t any different from other females. All assets are where they were created to be, nothing new or weird, the muscled man concluded.

Meanwhile, in South Africa, Zari s ex-hubby, Ivan Semwanga, is taking very good care of their three sons. The boys are all on social networks and so they follow their mom on a minute to minute basis, so to divert their attention, their dad decided to give them a treat by flying them to Capetown where they will spend the Easter eve. Ivan also hired a Rolls Royce, the car he was prepared to buy for Zari had she returned to his life four years back.

The South African based socialite is also in advanced stages of shooting a reality show that will be airing on one of the local TV stations. Bad Black's wallet had humbled the likes of Judith Heard and Zarie with the way she was putting up parties like the Black Gal Party, with no entry fees and booze was flowing on the house before she was remanded to Luzira for allegedly embezzling US$ 9m that belonged to a real estate company.

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