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Honestly, its the sequester thing thats really making my life a bomber. I had to get a new pair of orthodics (sp?) for my feet recently, which cost quite a bit but were necessary least I need expensive surgery in the future. There were a bunch of others reasons why February and the previous months was expensive but basically I had to spend money now in order to avoid spending more money in the future. The sequester thing directly effects my paycheck because I represent immigrants and can t really afford a shut down of the Federal government or cuts to immigration without really hurting financially. I have savings but really hate going into them unless I have to.

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Cross-culturally, when presented with WHR ratios ranging , men congregate -.8 range depending on culture, and the higher figures for African cultures are fairly easily explicable because pictures given frontally exclude the buttocks, whereas real-life WHR includes buttock measurements, and if you are used to larger buttocks than your average Indo-European is that is what you will prefer. When given profile pictures as well as frontal ones Hazda men reported the same lower WHR as Americans.

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She also witnessed the death of several students at the hands of the Order of Aurelius , affecting her emotionally. This experience gave Buffy the push to confront the Order''s leader, The Master who was prophesied to kill her. Learning this, Willow met up with Giles, Xander and Jenny Calendar , her computer science teacher and technopagan she admired. They believed that a swarm of the Master''s vampire minions would assemble at the Bronze where the school''s prom was currently being held. Willow accompanied Jenny to her car where they discovered that the vampires were actually going to the school where they were. Luckily, Cordelia arrived and rescued them with her car, having been helped the gang prior. Returning to the library, Willow fought off both vampires and a tentacle monster that spawned from the Hellmouth, awakened by the Master after he bit Buffy and left her to drown. Buffy, however, was revived by CPR and came to their need and killed the Master.

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This article is spot on. Fun is attractive it means someone is not self-conscious or embarrassed about being who they are. Seeing someone really enjoy something automatically makes you feel like you re enjoying it, too. If a guy is obviously having a great time talking to me, I m much more likely to be interested in him than one who s obviously just trying to figure out if I want to go do the beast with two backs.

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Exactly. My husband and I have some equally nerdy interests (like love of Star Trek), but certainly not all. He s into scale models and military history and math, while I love the internet and writing and drawing fantasy and sci-fi. I m *much* more of a gamer than he is. And even with the aforementioned Star Trek, he was into it so much that he went to conventions as a boy, whereas conventions give me hives and I d much rather express my love differently.

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But more than that, it just made it feel like the writers didn t care about Hawkeye. Like, they dismissed the character too. Because instead of throwing in any reference to his past or whatever, they just used him purely as a sledgehammer to say to all the other characters SEE YOU LL NEVER HAVE A NORMAL LIFE. They needed something to represent the White Picket Fence that eludes the rest of them, and they just twisted Hawkeye, of all people, into that shape.

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Granted, it s not to the same extent as women make it out to be, but I do think the naturally beautiful woman who doesn t need any of those perks and who also doesn t waste the man s time or money on grooming is actually a less attainable ideal than the traditionally hot woman. (It s kind of like wanting a hot guy who doesn t get obsessed with lifting or do girly stuff like worry about his hair or his clothes. A few people can pull it off, but it s pretty hard to find in the wild.)

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Willow also had an amazing gift with computers and cracking codes, which had been seen many times throughout the years, which is likely because of her intelligence. During her high school and college days, she seemed to be the only one out of the Scooby Gang that actually enjoyed going to school and doing homework as well as tutoring, much to the confusion of Buffy and Xander. She had a great interest in science and technology, seen with her fascination with the Buffybot. [57]

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I have plenty of criticisms of how Black Widow was handled in Age of Ultron, though most of mine would have been easily tempered if she wasn t the only female headliner in the series. She s had to carry the weight of being The Girl for way too long. And I m not super convinced that Marvel did much to change that when it was pointed out years ago. As for the future eh, I guess? But my concern is that while superhero movies never go completely out of style, that nothing is dominant in the way superhero movies are forever. Marvel had a chance to actually do something different, and I think they ve probably waited until too late for it to make any real impact with people who weren t already huge fans of Captain Marvel, Black Panther, or the character who isn t a white man who they ll be introducing in 7585 when the phases finally get around to that again.

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I love everything in this article. And while perhaps tangential to Steve as an exemplar of non-toxic masculinity, I personally think it 8767 s also worth noting his general progressivism. I think it flies under the radar in the first movie but it 8767 s important to me that Steve 8767 s Howling Commandos are an integrated combat unit (with a woman, an African American, and an Asian American possibly a Nisei) prior to the army 8767 s actual desegregation. I think this underscores the core of Steve in that all he ever wanted was a chance to prove himself and he wants everyone else to get the same chance. If you can do the job he doesn 8767 t care what your race, religion, gender, or likely even your orientation is. It 8767 s a very THEORETICALLY American concept in that it 8767 s the quintessential American ideal of meritocratic successes.
I think that makes it even sadder that this person is then rejected by a world that was supposed to have become MORE progressive during his slumber.

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I''ve been coveting Priority Bicycle''s maintenance-free bike ever since it made an appearance in the PopSci office. For less than $955 , this is the city bicycle, reimagined: A rubber drive train, an internal hub, foot-braking, three speeds, and theft-resistant bolts in lieu of quick-releases. It''s gorgeous, surprisingly lightweight, durable. and did I mention it''s maintenance-free?

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Willow arrived back in San Francisco with the newly fixed scythe just in time to aid Buffy with Dawn''s worsening condition. She was happy to be reunited with her best friend but reminded Buffy that though she had her magic back, it was limited and the Earth was still suffering from a loss of magic. She proceeded to heal a scar on her friend''s forehead from a previous battle by a mystical knife as Buffy began to inform her what had happened during her absence. [99]

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The dirty secret of history is that people have been married and divorcing and single in roughly equal proportions for thousands of years, probably centuries. This idea of a Golden Age where you were guaranteed safety from divorce or guaranteed a wife just shows blissful historic ignorance. If wealth and attractiveness matter now, they have *always* mattered in some form or another. Don t kid yourself that if you could steal a time machine, you d do any better in the past. Law of averages suggests you d actually probably end up doing WORSE.

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Willow then battled her best friend Buffy, infusing herself with super-strength, saying to her, "I''m the Slayer, now." After heavily beating and nearly defeating Buffy, Willow was attacked by Rupert Giles , who abruptly returned with borrowed power of the Devon coven. Despite Giles'' attempts to stop her, Willow absorbed his power as well, pushing her so far that she was overcome by all the pain she sensed in the world. She attempted to trigger the apocalypse to end it all, but was thwarted by Xander who, out of love, refused to leave her alone, regardless of what she had done or was doing. This eventually caused Willow to break down over her actions (partially because the power that she had absorbed from Giles put her back in touch with her true emotions and feelings).

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You ladies forgot the number one thing: A woman will size you up physically from the start. If you don 8767 t meet her criteria there, good luck with ANYTHING else you do. Case in point: the handsome jerks seem to find dates without much trouble, but the 8775 plain John, 8776 who may be a really nice guy, usually ends up alone. When/if the poor bastard finally gets noticed by a female, he hangs on for dear life, no matter how incompatible they are. Option B is nobody at all. If she 8767 s in a bar receptive to a pickup, she 8767 s looking for the handsome jerk. Tell me how wrong I am.

On the internet its really hard to tell the difference between trolling and a cynicism. Dave I think is genuinely cynical because of the amount of detail in his argument. The tone and wording of the posts suggest that Dave sincerely believes in what he is saying. Vic s wording and tone are too outrageous and poorly argued to convey sincerity. This might be because Vic is a poor writer and a sloppy reasoner. Or it might be because Vic is a troll.

One might argue that the second point might apply to me, but I haven t hit on a woman at a con in close to twenty years (I have fond memories of making out with a woman I met at a mid-nineties GenCon). I m mostly complaining about the shortage of available women on OKC who either share or are willing to tolerate my interests, plus speculating that women who rejected me without explanation (not that they owe me one) were turned off by the excessive geekiness of my profile.

We didn t want our main character to get a love interest as a reward for winning the game, killing the bad guys, etc. The closest we came was during a co-op review where (spoilers) the lead director said And then Sam lifts Kestrel (a dude from the previous SC game) into his arms and gives him a big kiss, and carries him off into the sunset!. Sadly that wound up cut and you just fireman-carry Kestrel back while being shot at.

But casting a non-white actor would have gone a long way towards fixing the whole mighty whitey goes to the mystical orient and learns their secret ways trope that is at the heart of Dr. Strange. There ve been any number of lists floating around, but who knows which, if any, of them are accurate. Marvel was only ever going to cast a white dude for the role. They ve just fixed it by making his teacher white too. Yay. (They also went with, imho, one of the more dull popular actors. I think we can all imagine BC s Doctor Strange for ourselves without even seeing the film.)

There is that sort of push pull. I know a ton of male gamers who love the romances in those games, would be disappointed if they weren t there, and who rather cheerfully rolled alts so they could see what Dorian s or Iron Bull s arcs looked like. I also see a vein of hostility toward romance in any RPG among a certain sort of forum user, though, along with hostility toward people who enjoy those parts of games (and, yeah, generally with the assumption that the person who likes them is either a woman or a particularly condemnable sort of guy).