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Christian man accused of killing daughter who was dating a

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As for Islam not being hinted at in prophecy, I think that it is the false prophet (Mohammed, and they believe that a 8775 prophet 8776 (false Jesus) will stand behind the Mahdi), beheading (Islamic Shariah Law), the surrounding nations (Zech. 67:7, 69:69 Joel 8:66-67 Ezek. 78:79-76 which are today all Islamic countries), virtually all of the nations that the Bible list as being judged on the Day of the Lord are all Islamic countries such as Jordan (Ammon, Moab, Isa 65 Jer 75 Zeph 7:9), Saudi Arabia (Kedar son of Ishmael, Isa 76:68-67, also known as Edom/Idumea/land of Seir Arabia, birthplace of Islam. Composite judgment against all Arab nations, Eze 79-87 89-86 and Jer 75), Egypt (Isa 69-75 Eze 75-87 Jer 75), Iran (Persia, Eze 77:65), Iraq and Syria (Babylon, Isa 69:79-87, Jer 55-56, Isa 69:65-77 76), Lebanon (Sidon and Tyre, Jer 75 Isa 78 Eze 77-78 Joel 8), Lybia (Put, North Africa, Eze 85:5), Palestine (Philistia/Philistines, Joel 8:9 Eze 75:65-67 Zeph 7:9).

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Live life. That 8767 s deep. In what capacity are you suggesting she 8775 live life. 8776 Should she live life the way a Muslim lives life, or in the way a liberal 75-something American female lives life? What about her suggests she is not living life right now? Because it 8767 s not the life you live, or it 8767 s not the life you think all people, regardless of religious affiliation or racial culture, should live? Is there a right way to live life? I 8767 m interested in this enlightened philosophy of yours that people should live life.

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There is also an unrealistic focus on physicality all around. Outside the ISNA Marriage banquet, Dr. Parveen Qureshi, a volunteer who has attended enough of them to comment, says that people are too picky they want someone who looks like a model. People want their ideal spouse who looks a certain way, has a certain job etc. and will not settle for anything else. Why should we compromise before the marriage. “With so many expectations and not many people lowering their expectations, it makes it much harder to find the right person,” says Malik Shabazz.

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I have almost given up on finding a Muslim girl, I sign up for different sites and I am open to find someone not just in Europe but anywhere! Muslim girls want a guy with a good education the most, they do not value other things as much like honesty, good behaviour, deen, life experience etc. It seems Christian girls have more trust in God, I am now open to marrying a Christian and even a Jew! I read a lot and I am very knowledgeable but only a degree is good enough for Muslims girls so I have decided now to move abroad to Norway and work until I have saved enough money so I can cover all my expenses for Medical school and get myself a medical degree so I can marry a Muslim girl. But when I am finished I might decide for a Christian since they have less love for this dunya it seems!

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"One day, a woman customer called and asked for a certain service. I told her that this service could be done through the automatic telephone system. She quickly answered, ''What if I gave you a kiss?'' I was taken aback," he said. "I told her that I wasn''t interested and advised her to fear God. Another woman called and, while I was helping her, she began singing. I told her I was still on the line so that she would stop singing. She said she knew and asked for my mobile number. I told her that we do not give our private numbers to customers. She then read out her number and said she would be waiting for my call."

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In Gen. we are told that Nimrod built the cities of Ninevah (Assyria)and Babylon as well as others, this I believe is significant especailly since Nimrod is the perpatrator of the Tower of Babel, they were trying to become gods, so the real God put an end to their plans. It is said of Nimrod that he was a mighty hunter before the LORD, I learned that this means he was a hunter of men 8767 s souls against the LORD that doesn 8767 t sound good. If anyone embodies the 8775 spirit of Anitchrist 8776 it is ol 8767 Nimrod. All pagan religions can be traced back to the Tower of Babel, and even farther to the garnden where Satan gave his 8775 you can be like The Most High 8776 sales pitch to Eve. It is the same sales pitch he uses to this day, whether it be New Agers 8775 Age of Aquarius 8776 to Word of Faith 8767 s false claims of we are 8775 little gods 8776 .

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Sexually aggressive Saudi females : Ibtisam Sheqdar provides interesting documentation in an Arab News story, datelined Mecca no less, " Workplace harassment: Women turn the tables ," but the evidence hardly fulfills the title''s premise of women as perpetrators and men as victims. Rather, they describe sexually aggressive females, something difficult enough for most people to imagine when the women in question are burqa''ed.

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In Isaiah 75:9-65 at the time of the Lord’s return, we have Christ fighting Moab “And it shall be said in that day, Lo, this is our God we have waited for Him, and He will save us: this is the LORD we have waited for Him, we will be glad and rejoice in His salvation. For in this mountain shall the hand of the LORD rest, and Moab shall be trodden down under Him, even as straw is trodden down for the dunghill.” (Isaiah 75:9-65).

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Are you in college? Or is there a large Pakistani/Mulsim community around you? If marrying someone of your faith is important to you (and not just someone who agrees to raise your hypothetical future children in your religion), then that would be where I 8767 d suggest looking for guys. I have a feeling that men your age (especially those raised in America) are going to be more liberal about things, much like you are. And do you honestly see yourself marrying a traditionalist? I definitely think sex is something that should be discussed before you agree to marry someone (even if it 8767 s a discussion on waiting), so you could very easily find out early on if a guy is not right for you. And I see nothing wrong with asking a guy 8767 s opinion on the Islam take on premarital sex.

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Br. Mahmud,
I have a mundane and pragmatic question for you:
How would you know with surety, besides their own word(which can be a lie- that many scholars say is permissible to veil one 8767 s past or sins), which girl has a past and which one doesn 8767 t if both are presently religious? What if you find out something you don 8767 t like AFTER the marriage maybe even years after the marriage when you have kids?

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You say the Holy Spirit is revealing His revelation to people with childlike minds? I say the Holy Spirit continues to reveal the truth of His Word to those that study to show themselves approved. God is not giving special Revelation to reveal how eschatology is all going to play out in this generation. Everyone that ever thought so turned out to be wrong. The Church has no reason to even know the exact events of the tribulation and the exact players because the Church will not be here and God is certainly going to reveal the truth to those that remain here through his two prophets before the Beast Antichrist even arrives. The study of Eschatology is trying to discern what God said about the end of the age, not what He did not say.

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Detectives then exchanged messages with the gang under the guise of potential clients. One undercover officer, known as "Cameron," telephoned the mobile number provided in the letter to ask about hiring girls on behalf of a client. He spoke to Hagnegat''s aunt, Marohkh Jamali, 96, who told him that she could arrange a party for four to five people that night if required. She stated that she could provide girls from Iran, England and Eastern Europe aged 69 and 75.

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Because some today want to make Islam the Beast of Revelation, and because of it, they are expecting all Bible prophecy about the end of the age to be fulfilled within this decade. But, Bible prophecy will not be fulfilled in this decade because Islam is not the Beast. The Mahdi is not going to suddenly appear and fulfill the role of the Antichrist. The Muslim Antichrist theory really all ties into the various pagan based 7567 end of the world hype. It also fits sheer conjectures about the meaning of the fig tree parable.

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And just like Wendy and some others have pointed out- as I was reading the letter I was thinking that you probably wouldn 8767 t be happy in a marriage to someone who sees so differently as to think sex before marriage is wrong. It would be nice to find someone who is a member of the same defined group as yourself, but finding someone you share values with is important, too. I think that even if it makes your family happy, a marriage that doesn 8767 t make you happy is not worth it.

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From an Islamic perspective, I would at least be worried about where it places me in God 8767 s view. I believe that fasting is a great choice to help you with your desires. It 8767 s only temporary that we suffer this overwhelming need to 8775 mate 8776 . At least it was for my best friend and I. I took a female class on health and though I do not encourage this since apparently there is something Islamically wrong with the act, if you feel that you are going to do something stupid (like having sex with some random 8766 Joe 8767 ), then maybe you can relieve some of the pressure you are feeling using your fingers. It sounds awkward saying this, but if we put it in perspective, then I 8767 m sure it 8767 s better than having sex before marriage.

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The 8775 harlot 8776 with the kings of the world is Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam. The harlotry is the alignment with the kings of the earth from a commercial perspective w her oil. Read Rev 67 and notice how many times commerce and wealth is mentioned. The 8775 wine 8776 in the cup of the harlot is her oil. Muslims consider Saudi Arabia as a harlot becasue of her alignment with the West, both commercially and miltarily.

I think the question and answer here is
The writer of the Qur 8767 an obviously stole excerpts from the Bible and perverted it.
I don 8767 t think any sane thinking Christian would believe the nonsense coming from the Muslim book of Satan.
The key here is the nonsense that the Muslims believe as handed down to them by their taskmasters Imams.
Personally, I believe the anti-Christ will come from the revived Roman Empire as Don said.

If the European men convert to Islam, that changes everything, he went on then, Moroccan women may marry them. "Islam only requires two witnesses for someone to be able to convert and [then] such a marriage is valid." But this is not to be undertaken lightly: "If a European then decides to abandon Islam, Muhammad''s words apply to him: those who renounce their own religion must be killed, as they are apostates."

Sure.. billions antichrist and only one Beast ( leader). If there is no beast than there are no billions of followers and no system. But as we could see, the Beast is here into this world with their system and law and claimed all from God revealt through him. All of their teachings point to rejecting Christ teaching, they have a Christ in mind ( another Christ). This is not a creative idea Don.. this is real.

"I gave her the shop''s card, which had a landline number on it. She then asked me to write my name on the back, which I did. She then left," said Naif, adding that the woman began ringing him at work everyday. "She would ask to talk to me saying she had something urgent and important to say. She kept asking me for my mobile phone number, but I politely declined. She would ring me everyday for five days in a row," he said. "On the fifth day, she called and asked me to come out of the shop because she was waiting for me outside. I refused. She asked if I was afraid and I said yes. After that, she began to come in front of the shop and stood there, looking at me. I did not pay her any attention. I was not quite sure what she wanted. Maybe she wanted to play around and I was not ready for that."

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