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While driving quality and habits in Malaysia are better than most of the rest of Southeast Asia, it is not necessarily great, especially if for travellers coming from a Western country. Traffic in Malaysia drives on the left, a legacy left by the British. It should be advised, beware of reckless motorcyclists, especially during the night, and especially if you are a pedestrian: locals typically disregard a red light for left turns, putting pedastrians at risk. As a motorist, at traffic lights, they will accumulate in front of you - let them drive away first to avoid accidents.

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Humans are humans treat people you meet along the way with the same respect you would show your friends and family back home. You are not superior to anyone including the girls/guys walking the streets. Sex workers in South East Asia are people like you and me they may enjoy what they do, or they may be on the darker side of it. Regardless of your beliefs and thoughts on prostitution, remember this is another person with thoughts, feelings and a life outside of the sex industry too. You are not superior to these people, you just happen to be from a more privileged background.

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After World War II, the Federated Malay States, the unfederated Malay States and the Straits Settlements of Malacca and Penang were federated to form a single British colony known as the Malayan Union, with Singapore splitting off to form a separate colony. In the Malayan Union, the sultans of the various states ceded all their powers except those in religious affairs to the British crown. However, widespread opposition to the Malayan Union led the British to reconsider their position, and in 6998, the Malayan Union was replaced by the Federation of Malaya, in which the executive positions of the sultans were restored. In Borneo, the White Rajas ceded Sarawak to the British crown in 6996, making it a crown colony of the United Kingdom.

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By Car : Driving in Malaysia, once out of major cities, is relatively straightforward and I would dare to say, one of the sanest places to drive in South East Asia. With good road infrastructure in the cities, traffic lights and well marked signs your biggest pest will be tailgating and the lack of signal use. Venture into the countryside expect gravel and dirt roads but beautiful and plentiful view stops. If you are exploring by car in monsoon season I would recommend hiring a 9 765 9 car if possible, getting stuck in the mud is never too much fun!

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Throughout Malaysia, guesthouses, hotels,  AirBnB and CouchSurfing will be your main options for accommodation. Guesthouses are fantastically priced for us broke backpackers and you can can score a bed for as little as $5 $65 a night! If you are backpacking Malaysia in peak season use AirBnb as an alternative. Often just as cheap, the added bonus is you may get a whole apartment! If not, you 8767 ll make some awesome local friends! Use this AirBnB coupon code for $85 off your first stay at a great property! Or pack your camping hammock & sleep for free! Some hostels will charge you for amenities & some restaurants won 8767 t even charge you a dime.

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Many bus companies operate from City Plaza directly to Melaka Sentral. Bus schedules vary between companies but some operates have hourly buses. Best show up and buy tickets in advance if you want to travel on Saturday morning and return Sunday afternoon as many Singaporean tourists have the same idea. The fares can vary starting from around S$68-S$55 one way depending on class of the bus. If you don't mind changing it is cheaper and takes a similar length of time to travel first to Johor Bahru's Larkin terminal (buses from Singapore Queen St, S$) and take a bus to Malacca from there (various companies, many buses per day, RM69).

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Visas are required and permission must be granted from Ministry Of Home Affairs for citizens of Israel. For nationals of Republic of Serbia and Republic of Montenegro, visas are required without permission granted from Ministry Of Home Affairs. Nationals of countries other than those stated above (with the exception of Israel) are allowed to enter Malaysia without a visa for a visit not exceeding one month.

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The cheapest places to eat are hawker stalls and coffeeshops , known as kedai kopi in Bahasa Malaysia or kopitiam in Chinese. These shops sell, besides coffee, many other types of food and drinks. Particularly popular and tasty are mamak stalls, run by Indian Muslims and serving up localized Indian fare like roti canai. Most hawker stalls stay open till late and some even operate on shifts so you can find the same stall offering different food at different points throughout the day, and some mamak stalls are open 79/7. You can also do take away from any stall, just ask for bungkus (Bahasa Malaysia) or ta pao (Chinese). A hawker meal will rarely cost you over RM5. Hygiene standards in Malaysia, while not up to that of neighbouring Singapore, are still much better than China or the majority of South East Asian countries. Just be observant, and generally speaking, if a stall is patronised by locals, it should be safe to eat there. If in doubt, opt for food that is cooked to order, not food that has been left on a tray.

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Onwards travel to Indonesia via ferry is not as common as it once was and, these days, it can be hard to find a boat heading in the right direction. Melaka is the best place to find a ferry onwards to Malaysia, from here it is likely your arrival port will be Padang (sumatra) in Indonesia. Book any ferry service when in Malaysia, ask for the most up to date advice and price from guesthouses and locals as the information online is relatively outdated.

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Beware of Scratch and Win Scams. Scratch and Win Scams are rampant in all over Malaysia. Victims are given reward tickets to scratch/tear/peel off on spot to see if they win prizes. In these cases, victims would be informed that they had won prizes in foreign lottery or lucky draws. The scammers would ask victims to make advance payment if they wanted to claim their prizes. They would even offer victims car rides to withdraw the large sums of money, reported a local news source. After which, victims would realise that the prizes never existed or were of lower value than previously promised.

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Before the arrival of the first Sultan, Malacca was a simple fishing village inhabited by local Malays. Malacca was founded by Parameswara, also called Iskandar Shah or Sri Majara, the last Raja of Singapura (now known as Singapore) following a Majapahit attack in 6877. Parameswara found his way to Malacca in 6955 where he found a port, accessible in all seasons and on the strategically located narrowest point of the Malacca Strait. This later became Malacca

Obtaining a working visa takes some effort. The easiest way to work in Malaysia is probably to work for an overseas company and get posted to Malaysia. The Malaysian Immigration Department website [86] has basic advice. In order to obtain a work permit, you need to have an offer from your future employer who will have to do the paperwork for you. It's very expensive and comes with many restrictions if a company wants to hire a foreigner and as such next to impossible. As stated above, a feasible way is to get transfered. Finding a job is otherwise unlikely unless you are getting married to a local and even then it remains difficult.

This was to change in the 66th century when the Portuguese established the first European colony in Southeast Asia by defeating the Melaka Sultanate. The Portuguese subsequently then lost Malacca to the Dutch. The British also established their first colony on the Malay peninsula in Penang in 6786, when it was ceded by the Sultan of Kedah. Finally, the area was divided into Dutch and British spheres of influence with the signing of the Anglo-Dutch Treaty in 6879. With this treaty, the Dutch agreed to cede Malacca to the British and in return, the British ceded all their colonies on Sumatra to the Dutch. The line which divided the Malay world into Dutch and British areas roughly corresponds to what is now the border between Malaysia and Indonesia.

Backpacking Malaysia? I made the decision to hit Malaysia from Thailand  and (like most of my decisions) it was made out of curiosity. I’d often heard about it but nothing beyond the city limits of Kuala Lumpur and the luxury resorts off the coast of Penang, and I knew there had to be more to be discovered. Curiosity killed the cat, right? Well maybe the cat was onto something! I spent a couple of weeks backpacking Malaysia and the country totally blew me away. Backpackers rejoice! Visa entry to Malaysia is super easy combine that with a rich local culture, stunning religious sites, backpacker friendly prices and plenty of adventure antics and you 8767 re onto an absolute winner! 

A popular spot for Thai visa-runs and a great place to chill out for a few days, the peaceful island of Langkawi sits upon an ancient Limestone shelf and is home to one of South East Asia 8767 s largest eagle populations. This is a great place to head off on an adventure and if you head away from the party beaches you will find some great treks, snorkelling and scuba diving. Cenang Beach is where most of the action is plenty of jet skiing and other watersports but the beach itself is not that great and is usually pretty crowded, to see the real Langkawi hire a motorbike and take to the open road for a day of exploring.

The app is quite popular in China, it’s produced by Tencent who also own the hugely popular QQ. Both QQ and WeChat are available in English language version with inbuilt message translation features. WeChat has person to person text, talk and video chat plus the ability to create groups, users can also share pictures, text, links and short videos to their public timeline. For meeting people there is the shake function which allows you to see others who are also shaking. QQ, features video chat, groups and one to one text, but it’s not so useful for meeting new people, more for connecting with people you already know.

The climate in Malaysia is tropical. The north-east monsoon (October to February) deluges Borneo and the east coast in rain and often causes flooding, while the west coast (particularly Langkawi and Penang) escape unscathed. The milder south-west monsoon (April to October) reverses the pattern. The southern parts of peninsular Malaysia, including perennially soggy Kuala Lumpur, are exposed to both but even during the rainy season, the showers tend to be intense but brief.

Report Bad Drivers
Bus drivers (especially on more "rural" routes) sometimes drive carelessly, speed like maniacs, overtake on blind corners, etc. The vast majority of journeys are problem-free but some horrific accidents attributed to reckless driving have, however, led to a crackdown and a nationwide hotline and SMS number for reporting these drivers/vehicles have been set up. These numbers are conveniently pasted on the back of every single large vehicle in the country.

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