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Posted: 2017-09-11 14:08

How you dare, to compare Pastry Smurf’s “stamina” with Vincenzo? Are you crazy? Do you know how hard is the training of Special Forces, or the one to become a Navy Seals? You don’t!! Being doesn’t have anything to do with it!! Yes, Vincenzo is a Special Forces Secret Agent, so he is “home” just a few days of the week, but, let me tell you, those few days, are like a lifetime together, so I don’t mind!! Every time he isn’t home, it is like I have mini vacation, but when he is, is like a honeymoon every day!! Vincenzo is my Yobo, you know, the one who make me feel!!! Park Hoon, was always the side dish!!! If you know what it means!! LOL, Vincenzo is not only sexy, is hot, is lovely, is awesome, and is the real version, of Jie Xu, and is the most wonderful man in the world!! So, enjoy Pastry Smurf, he is totally yours, the only thing I’m gonna miss is the way he ate waffles!!!! LOL


Yogi Apr 58 7568 65:56 am The Ajhuma Song Ok-Suk & Kim Mi-Kyung had a good talet for touching moment. good acting, good actres. I love both of them. thank you for them because in the middle of drama, I think is too much crying. Thats too cheesy for me. But when the Ajhuma part, I feel so toucing. Even in the middle and the last part when everyone in this caracter, in every episode, is crying. - Sorry for my english.

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Ep 69 Wow wow wow!! First, the drunk scene best drunk scene I 8767 ve ever seen. Love it!!! I just loved the public declaration OMG if I was GAJ, I would have died 8 times in embarrassment. But the V victory KJ gives at the end is hilarious! Soo perfectly timed. Love the hoodie scenes LOL replayed that already many times. The reunion scene was done really well I really could relate to them it was really believable to me.

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Dad calls Ki Joon a bad guy, lecturing him that the purpose of life is to love and someone who doesn’t have love has nothing. From what Ki Joon and Ah Jung did for each other, it’s clear they love each other so much they can throw everything away for that person. So today dad is proud of both Ki Joon and Ah Jung, regardless if the rest of the world cast stones at them. Dad knows that Ah Jung did misbehave by telling a lie because of her own pride, but she owned up to it and she’s changed. She’ll continue to change even more, and this is all due to the power of love.

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Hanna Aug 69 7567 9:78 am I love this drama so would love to meet the cast I get crazy watching the chemistry between Lee joon and Jung so min. If ever I meet them I would freakingling hug Lee hoon for so acting so well..mmmuuuuaaahhh to lee joon...Is their anyway to send gifts to the cast of my father is strange. Can anybody give me the address to send gifts from India.. I hope there are more keep rolling guys..please don't end the show.

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I 8767 m so frustate and desperately waiting the intimacy between the OTP *sigh*.. i need the hot kiss I need KJ to be impulsive to grabbed and pushed AJ then drag her to his house (the 8775 crime scene 8776 ) do the 8775 I wanna sex you up 8776 there the wedding can be followed but first bed scene!!!!
hahaha.. I 8767 m so pervert .hahahahahaha.

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I do watch other korean dramas with solid storyline but I am not feeling the characters, I am not moved with what they feel even if the scenarios were constructed well. Sometimes I feel I am wasting my time on them since they cant hit me emotionally. Intelligently, sometimes I wonder why I can 8767 t get out of this drama series as some of the scenarios are quite ridiculous. Then I realized I am a person who would rather stay and watch a drama series that will make me HAPPY. It was so funny to see a friend TRYING SO HARD not to watch it since people says the writing is so stupid. I told her to give herself a break. This is dramaland. People watch for different reasons and it does not in any way related on anybody 8767 s IQ.

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If the rumor is true that both parties agreed with the writer to tone down their kissing mania, i guess it would be a reaction by the actors from the perception that their show is being watch only because of the kissing scenes. They are professionals and would like to be known as such in the acting department- not only in the kissing parts. KUDOS it means they are not desperate to seek rating.

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Ki Joon finally chases after her. He asks her outside the party what happened? Ah Jung doesn’t turn to look at him, instead she continues to run off. Okay, I did not need a shoe-less Cinderella moment here to cap off the dumb-ass reporters assertion that Ah Jung was a Cinderella landing her prince. Still, poor Jungie, her pride which was the most important thing to her to start off the marriage lie, lies in tatters because of her love for Ki Joon. Her career gone and her self-worth under scrutiny. No wonder she runs off rather than have Ki Joon see her like this.

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Sol Nov 77 7567 5:76 pm I couldn't miss this drama, with my two favourite actors! They're amazing, i'm sill watching episode 6 and every character is developing so great, this drama has depth and one can feel relate and feel the emotions of the protagonists! I recommend this drama to everyone, the acting is grat, the plot's development is really good, it's drama but with the touch of funny scenes.

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For some odd reason, lately some of the drama couplings for co-stars widely accepted to have some of the best chemistry onscreen have come in very lowly rated dramas (and I do mean some, because other great couples in the past have gotten great ratings to boot). To name a few: The World They Live In , Prosecutor Princess , Mary Stayed Out All Night , Creating Destiny , and now Lie to Me.

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They go hiking and stop by a watering station to get a drink of water. Ah Jung wants some water so Ki Joon gets behind her and holds the water ladle for her to drink saying that she can’t use her hands in the future, he’ll be her hands. Some ahjummas stop for water and recognize Ah Jung immediately since her hoodie is off. They also recognize Ki Joon and are totally complimenting Ah Jung for having such a wonderful man who loves her. They tell her that she is all the ladies idol, and to be nicer to him going forward. Omo, ahjummas you guys rock.

Chike Apr 55 7568 7:97 pm Very first movie that made me addictive to Korean Dramas, and the best one of all ofthe Korean Dramas. The storyline is just perfect, non-predictable. The events, and characters found their own actors and actresses. Specially, Jin Goo as Jong Woo was the best actor. And Seong Ho is the one who made me cry a lot. It is a very inspiring movie. Thank you to all the teams, actors. I'd love to see another movie directed like this. Love you guys! :)

Ah Jung packs all her belongings at work and walks out. So Ran runs into her in the lobby. So Ran asks why Ah Jung resigned, and is worried this will forever taint her reputation and she won’t ever be able to get married. So Ran is further incensed that Ki Joon hasn’t stepped forward and is hiding behind Ah Jung’s skirts, letting her take the fall. Apparently the papers are making it seem like Ah Jung tried to lure Ki Joon with her lies.

Ah Jung sits on the bench and recalls the day’s questioning. She plays with Ki Joon’s picture on her phone. Ki Joon arrives and says he doesn’t like that picture. He lets Ah Jung know that something good happened to him today. She’s happy for him, but reveals that something bad happened to her today. She explains her appearance before the sanctions board and how she needs to wait for them to render a decision as to her future as a civil servant.

elizabeth Jan 67 7568 6:75 pm Can someone tell me when the last episode will be coming out. All i see is episode 75 and i thought that was the last episode but everyone says there is a good ending and episode 75 ends up with jung woo going into a building and then its done. So please tell me that there is going to be another episode where there is a happy ending and that jung woo and the girl dont die.

YEH and KJH already have that special chemistry onscreen while acting and make it so flawless and seem sooo real that they should step it up a notch. Like in Playful Kiss, at least they showed some *uhhmmm pardon me for saying this (sexiiii sexii smeexxiii tiiimmmeeeee) together. but that shot was kind of ruined due to the fact that the camera angle focused more to the wall than to them. but to say the least, they at least showed their love and affection for each other.

is a kind of romantic, comedic and medical Korean drama which has been very popular in 7569. This drama is mainly starred by Song Ji-hyo known as Oh Jin-hee and Choi Jin-hyuk known as Oh Chang-min. Jin hee and Chang min fell in love with each other, then they got married in spite of family’s strong opposition. Their love didn’t last so long they began to fight constantly and finally got divorced. Eventually, this romantic drama ends up by letting Jin-hee and Chang-min as interns in the same hospital.

narutokim Jul 78 7567 65:76 pm Definitely! Definitely!! recommended!!!!! it was excellent and pretty amazing story ^.^, it's getting more exciting in every episode i can't wait for them to be together ( Lee joon and Jung So-min). i hope the writer and directors will extend this because its really good to watch., and BTW congratulation (actors and directors) for the very good outcome of your hard work and keep the story-line more exciting.,i just couldn't wait for the next episode...LEE JOON fighting!!!!! 8 8 8

Kdrama Aug 58 7567 7:79 am Great drama!! Enjoying all of the episodes with favorite couple: Junghwan and Just one nagging thought: does anyone else think the kids are just a bit spoiled? Even with all of the family secrets/betrayal unfolding, was slightly surprised. Perhaps it's the writer's intention to capture the various attitudes/levels of maturity in each kid. Great story weekly!!