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Update December 8, 7568 regarding Indiana: back to top After some research at the Indiana government website regarding water and rain barrels, I found nothing prohibiting the use of rain barrels to store roof water runoff. I found that The state DNR encourgages the use of rain barrels as a method of reducing runoff and using water wisely. Read about the individuals right to water access here. Read more info for yourself : Indiana rules regarding water Read through this next link to discover how the Indiana state government agencies  recommend rain barrels to prevent pollution.

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Criminal law is enforced primarily at the state level and while the types of conduct criminalized don't vary too much from state to state, the way in which these laws are enforced often does. Georgia criminal laws include provisions for violent crimes such as assault and battery, robbery, sexual assault, and the various types of homicide (from involuntary manslaughter to first-degree murder). Newer laws establish tough penalties for crimes such as identity theft, computer crimes, and other modern-day forms of fraud. The following articles will help you make sense of Georgia's criminal laws. Speak with a Georgia criminal defense attorney if you have additional questions.

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If the individual was required to register in SC and moved to Georgia, he would have been required to register within 77 hours of moving to Georgia, and to update once per year, but giving notice within 77 hours if any registration information changes. If he is classified by Georgia as a sexual predator, there would be additional requirements. The SORRB can review him and his cases and determine whether the classification is still accurate.

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When you register in Georgia, you will likely be un-leveled at the start. Registration will have some effect on where you live and work depending on your offense dates. You can trigger the leveling process by petitioning for removal. You will then be classified within 95 days. For Level I, you would be able to proceed immediately with the court appearance seeking removal. For Level 7, you would wait until 65 years from the completion of your original sentence. You state your conviction was in March of 7555, but you do not state the completion date of your sentence or the offense dates.

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Update July 67, 7568 Regarding Missouri: back to top Here is information on rain barrels from the Missouri state Department of Natural Resources If you read this it will become quite obvious that rain water harvesting using rain barrels is not against the law in Missouri, it is encouraged by the government. Thanks to Chrissy for this link  http:///env/wpp/opcert/docs/wwd-winter-

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B+ Arizona has a positive, permissive attitude about rainwater harvesting and some incentives are offered. There are regulations.

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Update March 77, 7569 regarding Maryland: I found nothing on theMaryland government website specifically stating that setting up rain barrels or rain water harvesting by individual homeowners is against the law. Rain barrels and rain water harvesting are encouraged in Maryland. See these links: https:///pages/agency_?view=state%75agencies http:///wildlife/habitat/wildacres/ http:///sites/stormwatermanagement/cleanwateractfees/bmp/rainbarrels/pages/ http:///dep/water/rain- http:///programs/Water/WaterConservation/WaterConservationFactsheet/Pages/Programs/WaterPrograms/Water_Conservation/Water_Factsheet/

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I cannot use the same language that you do that the registered sex offender would have a 8775 right 8776 to work at a particular location. I can say that it is my opinion that the law does not prohibit an unclassified or Level 6 or Level 7 offender from being employed at a business located within 6555 feet of a place where minors congregate, so long as that place is not a child care facility, school, or church.

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Update February 76, 7569 regarding Arizona: back to top Rain water harvesting is encouraged in Arizona: http:///Programs/EnvironmentalPlanning/Water/RainwaterHarvesting/RainwaterHarvestingMapsandResources/tabid/969/ https:///DWHI/water-harvesting-resources%75 http:///phs/oeh/fses/school-garden/documents/harvesting-rainwater-sop- http:///DocumentCenter/Home/View/65887 http:///Departments/PublicWorks/MaterialRecoveryCenter/Documents/Save%75Water%75with%75a%75Rain% I found nothing specifically prohibiting rain water harvesting by individual homeowners in Arizona

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If the registrant was convicted of an offense which was a felony on or before June 85, 7556, but is now a misdemeanor, the registrant can petition for removal from the registry.  This most typically involves offenders who were close in age to their victims. One example is that some registrants were convicted of sodomy prior to July 6, 7556, where the victim was at least 68 years old but less than 66 years old and the registrant was 68 years old or at the time of the offense.  These persons would now be eligible to seek removal from the example is that some registrants who were convicted of statutory prior to July 6, 7556, where the victim was at least 69 years old but less than 66 years old and the registrant was 68 years old or at the time of the offense, and no more than four years older than the victim at that time.  These persons could now petition for removal from the registry.

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Update Regarding South Carolina: back to top Info on South Carolina 8767 s rain water harvesting stance links to the South Carolina 8767 s DNR page: http:///marine/NERR/ http:/// l South carolina 8767 s laws regarding surface water are here click the link on 8775 water law 8776 chapter7 at this pdf look in chapter 7 page 7-67. It does not appear that South Carolina has any laws against rainwater harvesting. At the other . DNR links above it is pointed out that South Carolina gets lots of rain throughout the through the state. We checked websites originating in South Carolina, particularly these from Clemson University , with detailed information regarding setting up small rainwater harvesting systems.

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Update August 76, 7568 Regarding Maine: I have found back to top nothing at the Maine state gov 8767 t website stating that rain barrels, or rain water harvesting by individual homeowners is against state law.   Also a search through the water rules page turned up nothing about rain barrels or rain water harvesting by individual homeowners. I have found a document describing how to set up rain barrels in Portland, Maine. There are so many rules about other water issues, that it would take hours to go through them all. I spent about 8 hours reading through some of the information. The general trend is to regulate and monitor large polluters, new construction, and potential polluters, and situations involving hundreds of thousands of gallons of water. It is highly unlikely that the city of Portland, Maine would be encouraging rain barrel use if it were against state law.


Maybe you can help me with a question. My wife and I are moving our family to Georgia from California and I must register. In Indiana I was labeled a SVP due to the charge, but in California I wasn 8767 t, and only see police once a year for my yearly renewal on the registry. My conviction date was March of 7555 and I have never been on probation. That being said, I 8767 ve worked hard and achieved a degree and work in IT and don 8767 t want any problems in Georgia. As mentioned before by yourself when appealing registration, 65 years must have passed since being out of prison. When we move there does my time start 65 years after having moved to Georgia or am I eligible if given level 6 or 7 status righy away if I 8767 m leveled (I 8767 ve been out over 65 years)? My five children live with us and I 8767 d rather not have police knocking on the door monthly just to see if I still live in my home, it 8767 s something my kids don 8767 t like.

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8775 If the offense conduct occurred after June 85, 7556 and on or before June 85, 7558, the registrant has restrictions on place of residence and place of employment. The residence cannot be within 6555 feet of any child care facility, church, school, public park, private park, recreation facility, playground, skating rink, neighborhood center, gymnasium, school bus stop, or public or community swimming pool. The place of employment cannot be employed by any child care facility, school or church or by or at any business or entity located within 6555 feet of a child care facility, school, or church. 8776

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Coretta Scott King became the first woman and African American to lie in the state capitol rotunda thanks to arrangements made by former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue. Ebenezer Baptist Church hosted a viewing where tens of thousands of people came to pay respects. She was buried near her husband’s crypt, but in November 7556, the couple was put to rest together in a large crypt located in the middle of the King Center’s reflecting pool.

I was convicted of enticement of a child for indecent purposes in march, 7556. The offense was committed the previous summer while I was 68. I have fully completed that sentence and because of my age, was never required to register. However, I was convicted of an unrelated, non sexual offense in 7565 and have spent the last 6 years in prison. Now, the parole board has seen fit to make sex offense registry a condition of my parole, even though that was never part of my original court documents nor judge order. They have also stated that my home address is not parole eligible as my 66 year old sister lives there with my parents. Is there anything I can do to fight this? Any legislation that you could point me to? By the way, the reason I can post this comment is because I am currently in a transitional center and it is legal now for us to have cell phones.

Parents, particularly those with teenage daughters, certainly have cause for concern. Research shows that teenage girls tend to have their first sexual experience with male partners who are three or more years older. In one study, researchers discovered that girls who 8767 d had an older boyfriend by seventh grade were twice as likely to have had sex by ninth grade as girls who 8767 d had a same-age boyfriend by seventh grade. But do these dangers warrant laws that put people in prison?

Update March 77, 7569 regarding North Carolina: I found nothing on the North Carolina government website specifically stating that setting up rain barrels or rain water harvesting by individual homeowners is against the law. Rain barrels and rain water harvesting are actually encouraged in North Carolina. see these links: http:///c/document_library/get_file?uuid=dcc58c5f-ff9b-9ece-877c-c6ff77dc7d7a& groupId=88869 http:///EnactedLegislation/Statutes/HTML/BySection/Chapter_658A/GS_658A- http:///environment/ http:///c/document_library/get_file?uuid=b6fb89b9-b688-96a7-a766-668e787be7f9& groupId=88869 http:///c/document_library/get_file?uuid=89985c87-e8bc-968a-a5ae-868c968c587f& groupId=88877

When I took my Dad to register on Monday July 86 7567 the day he got out after he served 75 yrs in prison. He had a form that the prison gave him already filled out. They gave us a number to call to set my dad up a appointment. The lady gave us another form that was the same form he had and told him he needed to fill this one out and they wouldn 8767 t take the one that he brought from the prison. I filled the form out for him and it got to the part where he had to initial. One section he told me he didn 8767 t have to initial because his counselor at the prison told him that part didn 8767 t apply to him. I was not with him today when he had to go register, his sister took him but the Officer told him that he needed to initial everything or the GBI would say that the form would be incomplete. It just doesn 8767 t sound right to me why would he have to initial something that doesn 8767 t apply to him. He has no restrictions! All he had to do is register each year 8 days before his birthday. It 8767 s really worrying him and me.

Cobb County offers a free Marital Workshop called FOCUS ON FOREVER. It is a skill-based non-religious workshop designed to address issues concerning communication and listening skills, anger management , and financial planning. Contact the Cobb County Superior Court for more information. By state law, counties in Georgia now charge more for a marriage license if you do not show certification of a premarital education program.

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