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Ordered pizza from location on toepperwein rd. San Antonio tx. After waiting 95 min got the pizza and took a couple bites and found a mans arm hair or hair from somewhere on my pizza. Called the store and gotnput on hold for 5min. Hung up and called back told them not to put me on hold and asked to get me a manager. She offered another pizza but I would have to wait another 85min. I have hungry children. Manager did not seem sincere at all. I asked for my money back. What a disappointment. NEVER WILL I ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN!!! CUSTOMER SERVICE IS AWFUL..

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Pj. iowa franchise promoted a guy who has drank alcoholic beverages on the clock to general manager. That was with the district manager cayle campbell knowing e more about it. I find this deeply disturbing beings how i was in the running for position as well and have more would like my job back. this store truely needs a manager who is willing to make business don’t have that look at the numbers.

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I have donated several times to Pantene 8767 s Beautiful Lengths program, which partners with the American Cancer Society. I am a ACS volunteer so I can personally vouch that anyone can get a free wig from ACS if they need one. Unfortunately, I have had the occasion to refer several loved ones to the 8775 wig closet 8776 over the years http:///en-us/pantenebeautifullengths/pages/

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Which is an incredibly small sample size. And even if it bore out for the general population, it proves nothing about *why* this is the case. For example, death at infancy is probably equal between genders, but you could argue that it s likely lots more men than women died in battle or hunting incidents before they could have kids (especially considering in many early cultures women were expected to start having kids as soon as they hit puberty, whereas their partners were often older), while the main cause of death for women (before or after illness) has been childbirth, which often meant the baby survived even if the woman didn t. I don t see that women go mainly for a certain select type of men is a better or better-evidenced theory than more women than men survived long enough to pass on their genes.

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I order pizza from papa johns at least 9 times a month. Every time I order a pizza, it takes over an hr to get here. They even delivered me a pizza with no cheese. Just half baked dough and sauce. I order drinks and extra peppers..they don’t bring them and have an attitude when I redirect them back to the store. I’m so sick of this location. Something needs to be done before I change my pizza provider. This is crazy.

I think most men feel the same way. However, all things aren t equal. A woman who puts a lot of effort into makeup, hair, and clothing looks more attractive than a woman who hasn t covered the blemishes on her skin and has her hair in a ponytail. When a lot of guys picture the relaxed woman, they re picturing a woman who s naturally attractive enough that she doesn t benefit much from those things rather than the way the same woman would look if she removed her makeup and opted for an easy to deal with hairstyle.

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Well I think the key there is if she s into other stuff. The central idea is that you just need to be passionate about SOMETHING. I am passionate about many somethings, but few of them are somethings shared by men. Men have, by and large, not been interested, because there is nothing I am passionate about that they can relate to. Thus the idea that you just need to be passionate about a hobby may not be the whole story.

I’m from Dallas and the S Lancaster rd store #9565 is one of the rudest places I could go the employees are loud and ghetto, they even serve out dated food, now this I heard coming from one of the lady’s who worked there running around talking about the expired Italian sausage, when the manager realized that I heard her, the manager tried to clear things up, as if the meat was in the wrong box, ive had problems before with my food from this papa johns don’t get me wrong papa johns has the best pizza but when you have these new business owners who knows nothing about the pizza industry doesn’t even know how to manage a restaurant, just makes you want to keep ordering from pizza hut and dominos where the better ingredients are.

I think sewing is one of those hobbies than men can respect and appreciate without actually sharing. It may not be something you have in common, but no guy in his right mind is going to reject a woman just because she s into sewing. I ve dated several women who were into sewing and avidly chased after several others (all many years ago), so by that metric, it was hardly a turn-off for me.

The agility and deftness of Thurber''s drawing ability has always been something to marvel at. According to co-workers and friends, he seldom made a mistake or drew an uncertain line. As a matter of fact, he frequently did his cartoon in pen and ink, from beginning to end, with no revisions. The ideas flowed as freely as the ink, many drawn from everyday experiences, but chiefly from the inexplicable pain and frustration he suffered most of his lifetime, a subterranean conflagration that crackled away like a never-ending coal mine fire fueled by his quarrel with the female of the species.

Even if you 8767 re on the introverted side of the personality spectrum, you can make fun-as-social-proof work for you it 8767 s a matter of establishing a reputation as much as it is about being seen in the 8775 proper 8776 light. Introverts often work best in one-on-one situations and so can take advantage of the situation by having interesting, intense conversations. Being fun isn 8767 t just about being the entertainer, it 8767 s about how you make others feel.

Except the article really isn t about choosing lifestyle activities. Its about the way you socialize with other people once at those activities. The premise is that attractiveness is determined by personality, especially things like sense of humor, active listening, genuine interest in other people and the ability to make them feel good about themselves. That s just as useful for meeting people in Magic tournaments as it is in white water rafting. So...yeah, apples and oranges.

I went to papa johns as I usually do and don’t know why I keep putting myself through this trying to get them to make my pizza correct. I work in customer service so I’m aware of my surroundings and typically think that the employees wouldn’t be cursing or playing around and screwing up my order constantly. Well one of the employees remade my pizza which had to wait an extra 75 minutes at that still I was patient. Then the girl making the pizzas walks over to the computer and says the next time you call we will give you 55% off my next order. Well I call I week or two later and the employee that answered the phone said we have a 7 Lg pizza deal and you would get yr third pizza for free. I didn’t want 8 pizzas and couldn’t eat it can u give me a percentage off the deal so I don’t have 8 pizzas. Nevertheless I gave up the papa johns is on Martin Blvd and the boys name who wouldn’t work with me is Keenan. You should really do something about how people treat you and don’t remedy the situation. Send coupons do something. We will see how long that particular store will last. I’d rather go to pizza johns thanks papa johns and your employees for wasting my money never again though.

Well I look at it this way. I use phone interviews to determine who on the surface looks like they will be best able to DO the job in my environment. I would never want to waste anyone 8767 s time with an in person if there 8767 s a basic reason the person can 8767 t do the job whether its a missing skill, salary, whatever. I only bring in people who I 8767 m reasonably confident could DO the job in my environment. Then the in person becomes more about details and who is going to compliment the team the best.

Stories, yes! I feel like everyone loves a good story. In my experience, they don t even have to be super thrilling stories about high-flying adventures, but a little slice of everyday life, cleverly observed, is also fantastic. Realtalk: that s more relatable to people as well. Constantly telling stories about more aspirational things (cliff diving, shark punching, extensive foreign travel) can seem sort of braggy after a while and, when you re kind of swapping stories with people, it s good to give them more of a jumping off point.

These shuttles are an important piece of space history and it would be great to see them get better treatment. The Buran programme was Russia’s reusable spacecraft plan that was hobbled by the collapse of the Soviet Union. Only one unmanned mission flew during the program and the orbiter was later crushed in a hanger collapse. The program was indefinitely suspended in 6998 and one test vehicle in great condition resides at the Technik Museum Speyer.

My husband has been a cook more then half his life ( 7 jobs at very well known restaurants far above Papa Johns) and they handled raw steak and chicken and many more food items, with these two places and the others it was mandatory to wear clear plastic gloves. For all orders regardless if cooked or not. Its not always about the bacteria, the idea of a stranger handling your food with bare hands is simply disgusting.

The men who have the greatest number of dating opportunities have more than five good traits. After all, there are a lot of people out there. Those who are regularly very successful with the opposite sex are often a combination of funny and confident and passionate and attractive. Of those, the ones who are respectful have the best luck keeping women around. As for intellectual curiosity, I would have to say that s a function of the Doctor s fanbase. This sort of material is going to attract more women who have that trait themselves and who seek it in their partners.

I find it daunting that I m effectively competing with billion other guys. If I express an interest in a woman, she theoretically has billion other guys to chose from. Now, is she going to consent to spend time with me, or is she going to hold out in hopes that one of those billion other guys a) is more her type b) will ask her out soon enough to make the opportunity cost of shooting me down negligible? Right now, it feels like women, as a rule, would rather keep their dance cards open than spend any time at all with me.

To all who responded supporting the company over OP #8, no where did he mention that other employees were picking up his slack. He had arranged the late arrival with his boss and worked through lunch to make up for it, and since he was not able to engage in interactions with his coworkers during lunch he was chastised for it. So, BIG DEAL, he didn 8767 t take part in small talk during lunch, whoop-de-do. Who cares. Second, the man went out of his way to make it to some silly event while his child was sick, pulled extra hours, and then returned to the hospital. He has proven to be a dedicated father AND employee, yet some corporate blowhard had the nerve to say that he (and, apparently others according to a later post from #8) did not seem 8775 present. 8776 In other words, this man has been putting MORE effort into work than his co-workers, but was ridiculed for being otherwise.

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