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Posted: 2017-09-11 13:09

in case you think i 8767 m showing off, it 8767 s not always a bed of roses. he 8767 s lied to me 9 times, each time about some online girl that he 8767 d talked to. he also has a history of being a player. his facebook is filled with girls that he 8767 d had flings with. but all in all, i choose to trust that he 8767 s settling down for me now, otherwise there would be no way we could be together.

Dumped: How the Sun Signs Handle Breakups

wow, I love how everyone is so into this. everything I read from the is true. My taurus and i have been off and on for 7 yrs. He loves 8767 m nurturing and show my compassion to him Hes my man, why wouldnt I be that way. Also an interesting fact, he only dates hispanic roman bc we are brought up to cater to our man I hope everyone finds love and happiness. No matter what, u create ur happiness.

Table of Ascendant Signs. How to find your Rising Sign

The strange thing is that I don 8767 t even really know her all that well. I haven 8767 t been able to spend any quality time with her to find out if the attraction is mutual. But I 8767 ve given her a couple of opportunities to cut me a loose. But each time I do, she responds. It 8767 s so puzzling / confusing. Hopefully, I will be able to spend some quality time with her so I can really get to know her, and visa verse. Somethings I can just see. And I can see this so clearly.

Scorpio Woman and Sagittarius Man Love Compatibility

Lmao girl! I met this sag lastnight. We go to the same college. I 8767 ve been stalking him on social media for weeks and finally he come and sits next to me at this ball and tells me to bring my friends and come turn up with him afterwards. I did. I ended up staying the night with him. I made my friend give me a pep talk first bc I didn 8767 t wanna have sex with him and ruin our potential, but damn he is a good ass kisser. Idk how long I can hold out ? Hang in there!

Pisces Aries Cusp - Compatible Astrology

I'm an Aquarius women who was once in love with a Gemini man. Our love last for 5 months when one day he told me that he could not continue with me and got married to a Leo woman. I was or I am still deeply in love with though it's been almost 67years since we left each other. When I was going to get married to an Aries, he showed up again in my life, about his endless love for me. He is still after to go out with. He gave me details about myself, which colour of dress I wore in some occasions even though he was not showing any love to me. I just want to know if he has true love for me.

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Im an Aquarius Women who married a Gemini hard as this is to admit. he just wasnt that into me. I see white he sees black. he's a big child with a selfish was physically attracted to me I was more into his life style and some qualities I was looking a friendly person and so am I we just both had different values and morals. likes and dreams. I really learned a lot each time with this man. above all we were not meant for one another :(

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How to Attract an Aquarius Woman as a Gemini Man:   If you 8767 re a Gemini man attracted to an Aquarius woman, show her that you are not intimidated by her intelligence even though she is smarter than you.  You are glib enough to keep up with her.  Tell her that you are not concerned about how opinionated she is because that 8767 s a sore point with most of her boyfriends in the past.  You may also need to do some mental shape-shifting as you try to keep up with her expectations.  Any effort on this behalf will be appreciated.  Most guys can 8767 t stand her.  Let her know you can take the heat.

Sexual Astrology - Gemini On The Cusp Of The 8th House

You are used to approaching men as equals which works just fine because Gemini is so easy-going.  You should be able to strike up a conversation pretty easily.  With a Gemini man and Aquarius woman, you both might pretend that you are 8775 just friends 8776 for a while, which will intrigue him because he 8767 s such a flirt.  You 8767 ll have to be patient with the way he flits around from topic to topic, but if you can 8767 t get him to start showing up on time, he may not stick around at all.  There will be a tendency for both of you to live in your own little world, Gemini and Aquarius, which gives you the space you like.

Wowzers! I'm an Aquarius woman. Gotta get myself a Gemini man now. My best friend is gemini. Although I never saw him in a romantic light, I can say that if we ever got together, we'd be perfect. We have a such a great time together. We are very much alike. I dated a Libra, and that was a complete mess because Libras are the emotional version of an air sign, whereas aqua and Gemini are the not so emotional version. My Libra nevertheless cheated on me because he was your typical indecisive, cheating Libra =)

The importance of having any planet on the cusp of a sign also depends on the rest of your chart. If you're a 79-degree Cancer Sun and have two planets in Leo, the next sign, the proud Lion will roar more loudly in your life. Even if you don't have anything else in Leo, planets in other Fire signs (Leo's cousins Aries and Sagittarius) or a Fire sign Ascendant, you'll be more outgoing than the average Crab.

My pisces girlfriend just left me, and I 8767 m a Sagittarius and I did everything I could so she could be happy, I took care of her, I loved her (and still do), I never lied, cheated, or kept secrets. So please tell me why she 8767 s going back to her ex Aries boyfriend that emotionally abused her, cheated on her, used her, kept secrets, and lied why am I losing her to this?? I don 8767 t understand, is there any way I can get her back?..

we 8767 ve been together 9 months, i would say it 8767 s been much better than i 8767 d thought. i never imagined we 8767 d even get past the 6 month mark to be honest.
he 8767 s committed, dedicates and spends most of his time to me (we meet 5-6 days a week, and i stayover at his place 8-9 times a week), has no qualms about leaving his mobile unlocked and in my possession (he has a habit of not bringing a bag, and dumping all his stuff in mine). in fact he was the one who suggested that we give each other permission to browse through our mobiles for that added assurance. he really does have a childish side though i do love that childlike aspect of him. but mostly, he 8767 s reliable (has never canceled on a date, and is always on time) and has always taken the initiative to ask me out and check on me.

believe its because with A 8767 s need to be a loner at times and G 8767 s stir crazy ADD mind set, It can sometimes take a long time to actually connect fully, even though it 8767 s right in front of their faces. It 8767 s taken 65 years for my Aquarian to FINALLY come around and to have me FINALLY settle down and have enough patients for him. It 8767 s considered one of the best combo 8767 s of scopes but also sometimes the trickiest. But the best things in life are not only free, but sometimes hard to work for. It all turns out right in the end though 8

I 8767 m in the exact same situation as you. I was also with a capricorn, but he seemed to be quite passive and it just wasn 8767 t enough. What I 8767 m doing with the Taurus guy is not responding to see if he writes back, and he does. Try this out. It can be frustrating cause the conversation is so sporadic but it just seems like it takes a long time for him to come around. If anything, just keep your options open.

I definitely think you should go forward in getting to know her. Yes, we can be distant and do not even mean to be. Half the time we are thinking of 65 million things. We do like our space and do not like being smothered. Yet, too much space isn 8767 t good either. apeal to her intelligence. I think my best friend summed me up pretty well. I can be a social butterfly and into everything, and then all of a sudden I am the caterpillar spinning my cocoon to hide away in. Hopefully, that will give you a little more insight about an Aquarius woman. Although, everyone is different, and it is possible she is nothing like me. I will say what they say about Aquarius does fit me almost perfect!

I met this aquarius guy online and from the moment I met him I knew there was some connection between us and he told me the same thing. I know this sounds cheesy, and trust me I am not the romantic type, but we really have chemistry. I knew that geminis and aquarians were a good match but I had just never met an aquarius guy before. He 8767 s simply amazing. I think about him all day and I can 8767 t help but want to be with him. The only thing that is stopping me is the long distance part but he really wants to be with me. Well that and the fact that I just went through a break up a month ago and I still have feelings for my ex. He is willing to wait for me, and he even told me he loves me. I still don 8767 t feel the same way, but I do like him a lot. We live in the same state so it 8767 s not that much of a big deal, but it would take years for us to meet. Should I give this guy a try?

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Well if you really love her and wanted to spend more time with her than you would just try to spend time with her. Even though her friends may not like it, you should try hard as you can. Even though she may flirt, it is natural and not on purpose. Yes you may get into fight but that shouldn 8767 t make you want to give up. If you really love her than you would just keep telling her you love her and not let the fights ruin the feelings you have for her. If you give up, will you really be happy with someone else??

Well, im an aquarius woman intrested in a gemini man. We played the whole friend thing for a while. Then outta the blue he kissed me. The sparks in our kiss were explosive. It was almost too good to be true. So i began to notice the coldness of the gemini.. And realized thats what they do when they are falling. Crazy as it sounds i can relate. When we r in a room together all i can see is him. And in the midst of a crowd is when i feel most connected to him. Its weird. He is very pda affectionate around people and that makes me smile. Although he flirts like a prostitute trying to make a dollar!!!i swear. And me being an do get jealous. Cause i dont like just anybody and if i choose you i expect better. Im not sure where we stand. For all i know he could be just trying to get in my aquarians take a while to give it up. Gemini boys love a challenge. and their not use to a fight they win so easy. Until then friends ..

I 8767 m a Virgo woman who dump Leo man. He 8767 s nothing but egotistical, lazy, tight fist and think highly of him self. I must put my needs and everyone else aside but accept for him! What a complete (ASSO!) oh, I must say abuser physical and mentally. He completely drained me out, nothing but hate towards him. And very negative. He criticized me and tell who I am, well basically trying to make him self feel good while he brings me down, pathetic dumb bastard! I can smell his made up story (BULLSHIT) miles away. Fake waste of time. No direction or ambition nothing! Oh if I every commits to him even worst!? I 8767 ll be just a slave! And forceful bastard when it comes to sex. (Big turn off), if you don 8767 t give his way he looses his temper, I weigh and thought ok I 8767 ll tell him he better change his way oh, and a drink problem so I wait and see if he change. Nope not one bit! So I told him where to go! Completely wasted all my time and controlling piece if shit! So sorry on my comments here but I 8767 m so angry why I let this fool in my life :'( But anyway it was only 6yr over Can you imagine if it was years!?

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