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Posted: 2017-10-12 20:34

Great Post. I have Sagittarius rising and have dated one of each of these type men. I once had an encounter with one who displayed both qualities and, being the person that I am, decided to let go because I just couldn t trust him - although from the outside he appeared to be this great, intelligent, socially-conscious and successful person - in private he was a perv (kinda liked that part) and very deceptive. Do you have any information on Sag women or those with Sag rising, specifically with Venus, NN and Moon in first house?

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LOL Susan. Texas women are pretty tough. It wouldn 8767 t be smart to mess with them. Especially half German Texas women like Mrs Dalrock. Luckily I 8767 d have to be crazy to cheat on a beautiful sexy woman like her.
The weird one was a couple my folks knew when I was growing up in California. they had an ugly dog and I remember everyone said the dog looked like the husband. He was a chemist and had been involved in an explosion of some sort. He wasn 8767 t burned but his face wasn 8767 t symmetrical. But I 8767 m not sure if the explosion was to blame. It might have even helped, who knows.
Of the others I think all were out of state except for one. And they married in Colorado but I believe they did divorce in Texas. I know the other two stories I told you on another post were weird, but are these that uncommon? Woman marries player, maybe starts as an affair with a married man, and then is shocked when he is unfaithful? You must know of cases like this amongst your extended circle, don 8767 t you?

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Their is alot of generalization going on. I have dated 8 Sagittarius men. And they wasn t the same. This two types buisness. I mean of course they are highly sexual most men are. They cheat, alot men do. Stop judging men by their signs. Their are some decent Sagittarius dudes. I ve dated far worst Aquarius and leo were horrible boyfriends (I m a gemini). Stop bashing the sags. An unevovled, immature man will possess these bad qualities. It s all about maturing and evolving. KM

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Something for thought:
Perhaps the men who ask you out would like to get to know you a little before getting to know ( 8766 committing 8767 ) to your family. What if you were to go out with a man for one or two dates (at least) and THEN introduce him to your father? It makes for a more relaxed atmosphere (without the dramatic 8766 will you commit to me right away without knowing me 8767 feel).

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Come on you know I disagrees. Since when do men and women of identical age marry? What 8767 s wrong with a thirty-five year old marrying a twenty-eight., twenty- nine or thirty year old?
And who are these couple I see in restaurants, lounges and concerts?
From what I 8767 e seen marriages in the early twenties don 8767 t last long.
How about some maturation and experience so you can both bring something to the marriage besides the ability to make babies?!
Be well and with peace and love.

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Wow only 69% of Men are over 6 feet tall.   damn..   I may have to relocate to the Netherlands.
I am new to this forum, newly back on the scene.   It 8767 s interesting.   Please give me more stats.  They have a way of calming me down, and looking at things in a different way.  I am 97 I have decided statistically I should just chill out for the next 8 years, cause I have a feeling I have a great deal more selection at 55 than I do at 97. Because I have over estimated my Market Value, and so by the article, so have they.  At 55, we 8767 ll both be smart enough to realize it :)))        

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But I 8767 m not even going to blame other guys for taking different paths. If girls want respect, they must demand trying to commit and be respectful continues to get guys rejected, then most will start avoiding it. If being a pricks and offering zero emotional investment continues to get guys laid, then they 8767 ll continue to do it. They won 8767 t stop until girls suddenly shut those types of guys off from sexual gratification and start DEMANDING to be treated differently. When men know that investing emotionally in a girl and courting her with at least some future promise of commitment is the ONLY way to gain sexual access, they 8767 ll start treating girls with more respect(look back into history prior to the sexual revolution and you 8767 ll find copious evidence for this).

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One n Only You are proving my point. If a man generates 6,755 sperm a second why does have to care about you no matter what you do? You think putting the punani on lockdown is going to keep him around? No. He 8767 ll just cheat and you 8767 re back on the market and he 8767 s back to playing the feild. Demanding more isn 8767 t always going to get you more. I 8767 m not approving this it is just what is going on today. You can 8767 t change a man. He has to grow and mature on his own, and it 8767 s not my job to help him do it. he has to get that out of his system ON HIS OWN. I have enough burdens and responsibilities. I am more than my vagina and pussy power. So until I find a man mature enough to deal with my full grown womanliness I 8767 m going to enjoy myself. Period. Life is too short. 

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I feel like you didn 8767 t read what I wrote at all. Women are socialized to be nice and please others, like Susan and the other women commenting have said. You will have to simply take that as a given since you are a man and don 8767 t know otherwise. When these women, who are socialized in such a way, are put in a situation with a boy who they really like and must say no to unwanted sexual advances, many simply do not have the maturity or wherewithal to say NO. Especially if they are drunk.

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Now, make no mistake about us, women in our twenties are certainly 8775 very accustomed 8776 to being approached by men your age. It happens to us very often, and it 8767 s certainly no secret to us that you 8767 d ideally want to bone women our age.  And we 8767 re going to be polite when you do approach us.  But most likely, no, we aren 8767 t going to have any interest in pursuing anything serious with you.

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Hey Mirror!!
As you say in your article Disappearing Man , my little HAD TO THINK ABOUT IT boy(from June 7, above).initiated contact on GCHAT (hilarious). It was something to the effect of Hope you are well/have a great week. There was no question posed. I went offline a few minutes after I saw the message and didn t I guess the rubber band is starting to get a little too stretched out for him..haha. Well..if he contacts again should I wait the three day rule then respond? THX

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I recently came back from a study abroad in England. We all know same sex marriages has more years and is more acceptable over there than the . In my Cinematic course, we analyzed gender roles in Hollywood movies, a discussion about marriage, same sex marriage and femininity came up. My professor asked who was a feminist and if you supported same sex marriage. All the women 8767 s hand went up except for me and the men. My professor responded to me in disbelief and said 8775 and your American?! 8776 She asked why we weren 8767 t feminist and didn 8767 t support same sex. The men gave interesting feedbacks. 

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I married that guy. We have been married almost 85 years. We 8775 went steady 8776 for 8 years, and for that time, one year, I wore an engagement ring. It was because we paid for our own wedding, and had no debts walking into marriage. It 8767 s not the perfect example. But, I 8767 m thankful my dad was sensitive to letting me know even though he wasn 8767 t around me, he cared, and was praying for me.

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They exist. I can absolutely guarantee that. Here is the problem. They have no confidence. None whatsoever. Many are probably terrified to talk to women, have no idea how to flirt, and our scared of rejection, so they just don 8767 t try. They get to college after probably having had few to no girlfriend in high school, and basically non-existant interaction with the opposite sex. Many are probably good, decent guys who would make good boyfriends. Unfortunately, I have no idea or solution how to get them 8775 in the game 8776 . I know for myself, I graduated college, and was just absolutely frustrated beyond belief, and finally realized nothing was going to magically change unless I took the bull by the horns and tried to make a sincere effort. The only thing I can think of is for girls to give more directs IOIs, so these guys can work up some b*lls to go for it, but I really don 8767 t know. Fact of the matter, human nature being what it is, most people simply are not motivated to try and rise to the challenge of improving their life. Most are content to whine and b*tch about injustice. There are a few guy commenters here like that.

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Leille perhaps, but its the radical feminism who LED to this generation, since the ones who are 85 were born in 6985.
when i was and didn 8767 t see that many kids, i 8767 ve noticed that too many moms started NOT TO WANT TO be around their children at ages
they would have been 8766 luckier 8767 if they had grandparents to be close to but many didn 8767 t and let their kids grow up in daycare (remember this is from 6985 forward)

Hi, would you please comment on female Virgo dating a male Sag. He is the intellectual kind and I also want to know how to get him to notice me and what he likes in a life partner. I am all about freedom so not stereotypically virgo, but do like having a strong bond and love. I have no problem trusting someone who is honest and communicative, and also believe space is healthy for both partners. I am an older female and I know if this sign is okay with this too. Thanks.

Do you see? You 8767 re doing it again, making a general statement about the way girls and women feel and act, which is in general not true. 8775 Regular girls 8776 have no trouble at all being disagreeable to unattractive men, so your statement is only true with regard to men that are attractive and/or in whom the girl is invested. Without that necessary qualifier what you 8767 ve written is basically wrong. You should do better, and put in the necessary qualifiers so as not to make general statements that are, in general, wrong.

I m a Sag male and my brother is a Taurus. I hate to say it but I sometimes wonder if my brother has even one adventure bone. I often think his brain runs on a 79 hour cycle, just repeating the same thing each and every day. He loves to expand his mind by reading and he learns quickly but has virtually no desire for experience in the physical sense. Almost like he is unaware that time is passing, he is getting older, and soon will pass on. How is it possible to live life like that? Is it fear?

Only in retrospect do I realize that my mother gave my father all of the benefits of marriage before requiring an actual marriage.  It was more of an afterthought for her.  She probably assumed that she would get her wedding because they had started a family together.  I 8767 m not shaming her for living her life the way she wanted to, but I 8767 m certainly suggesting that there was a better way to go about it.

It 8767 s something I never thought about before until I had a quite good looking and charming boyfriend who hinted this at me. I thought that someone of his looks would have had no problem getting any woman he was attracted to. But in his geographical area, no. The women around him went for other types of men (some better than him, some worse, depending on the woman 8767 s station in life) and a few that he liked turned out to be lesbians. He also never shot above his looks range because he felt intimated by those woman were sure that they would reject him and if not, be too stuck up and high maintainance for him to maintain.

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