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I 8767 m Persian. I moved out of the country 9 years ago for many reasons and girls there was one of the biggest one! I 8767 m not a big fan of generalizing people or women of a nationality but I truly believe that more than 95% (I 8767 m being conservative here!) of Persian girls are shameless gold diggers ! They openly talk about landing a rich husband regardless of look, age, attitude or anything. This applies even to the most educated ones. They are mostly superficial and stupid. You can 8767 t communicate with them without dumbing yourself down big time. When it comes to look, they have some of the best faces and worst bodies in the world! If you 8767 re a face kind of guy (I 8767 m totally not!) then you 8767 ll find yourself liking many of them otherwise you 8767 ll hate their short bodies with shorter legs. Absolutely horrible proportions.
In general steer away!

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Aaaand to top it off, not all Persians females fall under the stereotype that has been mentioned (I 8767 m a Persian punk, and from memory my friends in Iran have been sent to institutions to have their 8766 dangerous ideals 8767 beaten out of them). The females in Iran have been working really hard to bring equality and end such damaging cultural stereotypes, even though it 8767 s a hard fight for us due to the amount of oppression that is faced.


Yeah I agree with Bobak C. I can tell by your writing you have some issues and need to chill out. I 8767 m Persian and have hooked up with Persian as well as White girls. Just be confident, have a good attitude, and go for what you want. Don 8767 t pedestalize the girl just because she 8767 s persian, treat her you would anyone else. And don 8767 t pay attention to what other people do, just work on you.

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Drama..o lot of it n can mouth iff more than a western woman ever wonder why persian guys date out
gotta be strict with these woman or theyll eat ur brains out
i remenber this cute but dumb persian girl goin why are the persian guys nice to their woman when they marry out but not us..i walk by cuz they dont bitch as much or bring up drama or easy to plz(materialistc)..
She was quite lol score 6 for the guys

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This attitude always worked for Persian girls want a man with 8766 big 8767 balls, and low testosterone in western men really is a turn love go getter we offer a whole life of class, culture, etc if a man is serious about having a wife who is much more reliable, serious, and tough in the long run and we sure do raise much better quality children

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The dilemma you’re facing here isn’t unique. I’ve lost track of the number of people I’ve seen on both sides of the break-up who either used the “you broke my heart” bit on someone or had it used against them. And make no mistake: it’s a way of controlling one’s ex by setting the terms of the break-up. You aren’t “allowed” to do something because she’s been hurt like this before and how could you do it to her again you were so special etc.

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Funny story here, during my degree I met this Persian girl who insisted on celebrating her anniversary of meeting her boyfriend every month.
This same girl tried to commit suicide by Panadol, couldn 8767 t justify her arguments (training to be a lawyer), and having completed her degree is now working in customer service at a bank while finishing her Masters.
She still lives at home, has broken up with her boyfriend, and is now a 8775 social justice warrior 8776 and 8775 feminist 8776 .
It 8767 s coloured my view, and I look for the crazy when I speak with Persian girls.
Good thing I don 8767 t have an overriding interest in them.

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Lol you Iranian womenare extremely ugly as hell. Most of you have manly features, no ass, small tits, weird looking vagjnas, unathletic, chubby or fat and hairy as goat. Im an Iranian guy and id never even give a Persian girl a look as j dont find any of you attractive. You know, according to statistics, 85% of Iranian men in the are married to white, black and latina women, I cant blame them. You Iranian women also have horrible toxic attitudes.

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I’ve played video games since I was five, when my siblings and I got a SNES for Christmas. I came of age with a lot of first gen FPS games. I played DOOM and graduated into Goldeneye , Counter Strike and the Half-Life trilogy (yet to be concluded). As I got older, FPS games fell out of my rotation. I moved on to RPGs after Morrowind and eventually got into MMOs where I could make my own character and role-play. I wanted less ultra-fast twitchy action and more of a holistic gaming experience where I could find more emotional fulfillment than piloting a rugged action dude with a mysterious backstory could offer. I still like action games, but for years I mostly got my fix from platformers, twin-stick shooters, and the occasional single-player FPS game like Devil Daggers.

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You don 8767 t have to go to the Middle East to witness the strangeness of male Muslim interactions. Near me in Kensington (Brooklyn, NY) is a large community of Pakistani Muslims, and you regularly see men holding hands in the street, gazing into each others eyes and talking in whispers I kid you not! Now if this were Chelsea (Manhattan, NY) the normative reaction would be that they are Gay lovers, but the very same posture and expression in Kensington, one is supposed to believe they are heterosexuals it 8767 s very strange.

Welcome To America Game :    This one is rather simple.  You are the wonderful man that is going to show her what America is really like, including its sexual liberation.  You treat her like a foreigner that is just visiting take her to tourist spots, show her around town, fun restaurants.  You still need to have some Persian Game, but it can be lightened up.  When it comes to sex, trust me she is dying to see what it 8767 s about.  Reassure her that this is the way it happens in America, sex is common and expected among people that are attracted and like each other.  Sex happens quickly.  Blowjobs are fun and exciting!  Take a standard virgin 8767 s curiosity and amplify it exponentially and you have the recently imported Persian girl who is more than happy to indulge herself in the Western experience.

racist article, racist comment I rather be an authentic individual
than be judged by my being Iranian I am even different from my twin
sister in every aspect of life and every and idiotic am sure a Persian girl must have broken your heart badly but you deserve to be dumped over and over by Iranian girls and women all over the globe!

As I mentioned these are generalizations.  Inevitably there is always that random slut who lives at home and cooks ghormeh sabzi , yet will ground and pound any dick in sight.  While it takes a bit of tweaking to your game (. refusing to buy a drink = cheap/unmanly), for the large part the formula above will work.  And even if you don 8767 t succeed penetrating the Persian girl society, at least you can can say you put in that Spartan effort.

Frat boys and jocks seem to be more comfortable in an environment that involves a lot of back-slapping and rib-nudging, which straight guys from other backgrounds regard as pretty gay. My IT dept once brought in a guy with a background in the mortgage industry to do temporary work for us, and he would would do stupid shit like leaning in toward you and putting his hand on your shoulder while laughing at a joke (typically his own) or slapping you on the back as a greeting. We all thought he was a douchebag for not keeping his hands to himself, not to mention that fact he was pretty clueless to realize that touching your superiors is a no-no. Although IT guys recognize such behavior as characteristic of douchey sales people, if somebody from within the IT occupational culture behaved the same way, it would just seem extremely gay.

Although a Funny chart but its not true. People who say these things about Persian girls usually have no game or very amateur game. They do sleep with you if you come at them correct and be real alpha. Whether Jewish or muslim, you can be any race and still get with them. YES they are the toughest to crack, but thats just a shield they put up to test you. If you 8767 re not phased by it, they respect it and will give you a chance.

Weird flow chart granted out of all middleasterners persians seem to be the most likly to be atheist n most likly to be slutty. But come the easiest would be the jewish n atheist crowd since they have no hang ups about sex(jewish n muzzy typical look for ltr hence why they usually stick with theur group n r materilstic..virgile kents post nailed be a high roller n giod recommendation before u step in)

Very recently I broke up with my girlfriend of six months, Jenny (not her real name). Jenny is a wonderful person and we’ve become close, but I knew she was in love with me, while I didn’t feel the same way and could not foresee a strong romantic future with her, feeling more like we would work better as friends. After deciding I needed to break up with her, I possibly made a mistake of waiting a couple weeks to actually do it so that it happened after her birthday and after she finished some stressful school projects. Meanwhile, I have a friend, Tanya (not her real name). Tanya and I met while working professionally on a freelance project, and we subsequently became friends almost exclusively through text, seeing each other (never alone) maybe three times since we finished the project months ago.

Everyone else I know seems to be having the opposite problem and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong? Or what I’m doing to attract guys like that even with my many warnings. The guys that are more willing to just hook up are usually pretty gross, and not my type at all if I’m being completely honest here. I’ve even tried guys that are single dads or super busy with work in the hopes that they’d be to busy to get on my case, but that’s a no go.

6st, you r one of those jack,ass Persian male who sock at sex, dont even go to the make loving. Did i mention bald, macho with ego higher than his short height, who cant stand the fact the his beautiful lady could be in fact successful.
7nd: Persian men: bald, egoistic, hairy, with sleep apnea who is willing to lie to Persian ladies promising to get married just to take them to bed & import virgins from Iran when he wants to get married, how sick is that?

So, what’s going on here?

Well, part of it is cultural. Even in this day and age, guys still don’t believe that women might just want to bang like men do. It’s taken as holy writ that women catch feelings like we catch colds and that regular banging will eventually lead to commitment because a woman who just likes to fuck? Well, there has to be something wrong with her. And let’s be honest: some dudes see a woman who says “No, I just want no-strings sex,” and hear “IT’S A TRAP!”

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