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8. That story, the jealous girlfriend story, and Who lies more, men or women? are all so overused that many women will have heard them before. After someone s heard the story, it stops having whatever effect it s supposed to have and instead announces, I just finished reading some advice on being a pick-up artist, some of which is really problematic! Plus, I m new at this, so I don t even have that mythical level of social calibration that supposedly makes it all seem somehow fun or okay. Unless you want to spend your evening putting up with insults, groping, and a refusal to take no for an answer, you need to shut me down immediately.

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White people who commit crimes are far less likely to be arrested, go to jail or serve longer sentences than black people who commit the same crimes. This disparity gets even wider when you factor in white-collar crime, wherein mostly white executives get slaps on the wrists or even escape all consequences for destroying whole economies, while minorities become felons for life for being faced with an array of shitty choices forced on them by those destroyed economies.

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We all have biases and use motivated reasoning to dismiss ideas that run counter to our internal values. Just as some on the Right deny science that runs counter to the “God humans environment” hierarchy (., evolution and climate change) the Left tends to deny science concerning biological differences between people (., IQ[8] and sex differences). Thankfully, climate scientists and evolutionary biologists generally aren’t on the right. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of humanities and social scientists learn left (about 95%), which creates enormous confirmation bias, changes what’s being studied, and maintains myths like social constructionism and the gender wage gap[9]. Google’s left leaning makes us blind to this bias and uncritical of its results, which we’re using to justify highly politicized programs.

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I hate living here. I hate how whites (who are mostly rep.) race-mix with blacks and latinos but exclude Asian. I hate that Asian women exclude Asian men. I hate being treated like crap just for living my life and paying for services/items like everyone else. You say they 8767 re not racist, I think they are plenty racist and libs don 8767 t get a free pass either. They 8767 re racist and offensive in their own way.

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I disagree with you, wholeheartedly. Also, look at our dear presidents tactics: anyone who disagrees with him is a bad person or fake news. Did he learn these tactics from women? Honestly, it seems to me as if really all women are doing in the 75th/76st century is adopting male tactics used to oppress and silence their opponents for millennia women are learning, unless we too adopt these tactics, we will inevitably continue to be oppressed by males who already practice such unjust tactics, on women.

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I think a pretty good measure is, if you saw a person of the sex you re not attracted to listening to music/reading a book/giving off keep away body language (lack of eye contract, crossed arms, turned away), would you leave them alone even if you were in a chatty mood, or would you insist on trying to have a conversation with them? Because if you d only do it with someone you re sexually attracted to, that would suggest that the real reason isn t that you think isn t rude to interrupt someone like that, but that you think your attraction is more important than not being rude. And it shouldn t be. Wanting to get to know someone better doesn t justify being rude to them (and being rude to someone you want to get to know is probably going to be counterproductive anyway).

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How are white nationalists anymore racist than black nationalists or Latino nationalists? The latter groups are more relevant because their bigotry is not confronted by society like white bigotry is. No mainstream institution is going to promote white nationalism. If anything the goal in politics, education, business, and entertainment is to diversify what is deemed 8775 too white. 8776 But nonwhite groups like BLM, La Raza, MEChA, Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, Congressional Black/Hispanic Caucus, United Negro College Fund, etc face little resistance to their ethnic-based organizations and policies.

Dynasty's Heather Locklear Takes a Motley Mate, the Hard

The thing is, if indirect openers are a perfectly valid technique but ultimately somewhat inferior (though not completely outclassed) by direct openings, then there should be examples of good and bad uses of the technique (or at the very least good ones to show that it can work and then an explanation about what the problems are). The fact that there s only bad examples suggests not that indirect openings are a valid technique but somewhat inferior to direct ones, but that they are completely outclassed by direct ones in which case, a) why suggest them as a valid technique in the first place, and b) it s inconsistent with the notion that openers don t matter too much anyway.

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I might seem a 8766 rando 8767 but due to my mental illness, I do have very extensive personal experience of the inadequacy of care from medical professionals in this field. The needed support is often simply not available, and they merely follow the prescribed course, often inadequately, sometimes affected by cost, without really looking properly at the patient and their needs. That there are any detransitioners proves mistakes have been made.

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Make no mistake, I have also engaged with many, outwardly reasonable seeming conservatives. And the truly disturbing thing is that they feel absolutely no call to speak out against either Trump or their more *colorfully expressive* peers. The level of discourse from them seems reasonable at first, but they seem incapable of any kind of coherent position. They 8767 ll advocate for broad open carry rights the same hour they defend a police officer for shooting someone for carrying a legal firearm. They 8767 ll claim they want a small government and then want it to be able to make house to house searches hunting immigrants.

Pitzer College RA: White People Can't Wear Hoop Earrings

I think you might be slightly mistaking my point. My claim is not that 8766 women are less likely to see freedom of speech as an important value 8767 but that free speech in the form of adversarial discourse is less congruent with more female-typical modes of sociality. In other words, my point isn 8767 t about support for free speech as a 8766 value 8767 , but about provision of a form of sociality that is conducive to its exercise. While I suspect that there is some difference in level of advocacy for free speech between the sexes, I am talking about a far more pronounced effect here.

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Imagine you re nearing the end of your life. As you look back on your life, are you happy you missed the chance to talk to this woman? Yeah, you made sure you didn t creep her out 655% by not actually talking to her and nothing got awkward because you didn t talk to her. But are you happy about that now, as you near the end of your life? Or would you rather have done things differently? If it doesn t work out, would you rather be the guy at the end of his life thinking: well, at least I had the guts to go talk to her ?

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The APA has actually been very explicit and transparent about their position. [6, 7] They state: 8775 A psychological state is considered a mental disorder only if it causes significant distress or disability. Many transgender people do not experience their gender as distressing or disabling, which implies that identifying as transgender does not constitute a mental disorder. 8776 They also differentiate between sex as biological and gender as social, and further observe that binary sex is incorrect and that gender concepts are culturally variable. This information is very easy to find, so one can reasonably conclude that you haven 8767 t really done your research at all and have no idea what you 8767 re talking about

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Clearly, *some* women are into bad boys just for being bad boys. I m in no way saying women as the entire group would ever go this far, or that you want to target women that would go to this extreme, but in pua stuff it s often discussed how the politically correct view of women is that they only like good people, whereas on the other end of the spectrum it s clear that there are plenty of women who specifically like psychopaths/serial killers, etc http:///library/crime/serial_killers

By 8766 widespread social media (and physical world) witch-hunts that have been done by the left for many years now 8767 , you mostly mean 8766 a few dimwit, mostly liberals [liberals are not equivalent to the left] on twitter and tumblr, and a few similarly clueless, probably the same people in fact, students irl 8767 . (Since when does anyone care about student politics? Most students don 8767 t even care about student politics) There has in fact been consistent traditional leftwing *opposition* to the transactivist 8767 s witchhunting.

You are absolutely sick in the head. I 8767 m not going to discuss the fact that this was sexual assault because everyone else here has already done that. No, instead I am going to discuss the fact that you have absolutely ZERO respect for yourself and you are ruining your life. You have no idea how valuable your Asian attributes are if only you would stop belittling them. White women are garbage, their 8775 culture 8776 is garbage. Instead of trying to discover your unique advantages as an asian you have tried to make yourself comparable to white women, thus eliminating all your advantages and making you an inferior choice both sexually and romantically. He didn 8767 t fetishize you, he didn 8767 t objectify you, YOU DID THAT TO YOURSELF.

The protections here ought indeed not to be a limited commodity. Those with sex/gender dysphoria ought to be protected along with other neurodiverse people. The issue is from the attempts to replace the protected category of sex (under which category females are oppressed) under Title IX I believe in the US, with that of self-described gender identity, which is both a vague category and not equivalent, and which places protections due to females in with those of their oppressor group (males). Thus females might be forced to share a prison with a male rapist who had targeted females on the basis of their sex, if he claimed to identify as a woman. This is already happening and has been expressed as a concern by prison officers in official evidence given to hearings about protections. The crime statistics might also be falsely skewed by such.

Lots of folks here don 8767 t understand the system of oppression and what constitutes cultural appropriation. It 8767 s very ironic because many of the people telling minorites to cast off​ Western inventions are probably the same who yell at brown people to speak English or to assimilate into American culture. Minorities can 8767 t appropriate culture that 8767 s forced on them, especially since their ancestors were forced into slavery or killed, and/or Christianized/re-educated by European colonists/American government.
It 8767 s also ironic that so many people here say, 8775 Hoop earrings were invented by the ancient Sumerians! 8776 I 8767 m pretty sure most of you folks don 8767 t identify with ancient west Asians or modern west Asians and have little connection with them except a high school history textbook that you didn 8767 t pay attention to. And today these same brown people you would regard with suspicion. Nonetheless, hoop earrings aren 8767 t exclusive property of Black/Latinx culture we can leave it at that without throwing more racism at each other.

There are a variety of liberal positions on Islam and Islamism. Many of which have more nuance than either 8766 religion of peace! 8767 or 8766 evil death cult! 8767 , and many that don 8767 t. After all, Bill Maher is a liberal (and an idiot, but that 8767 s neither here nor there.) Sam Harris I would bet voted for Hilary not Trump. Worrying about demonizing of Muslims and pointing out that most Muslims aren 8767 t terrorists (and American Muslims in particular are well-integrated, moderate and patriotic isn 8767 t the same thing as thinking that Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with the Qu 8767 ran or Muslim culture. (Though yes, *some* liberals do say the latter.) I know this, because, while not an American, I used to be part of a student atheist society which was, surprise surprise, almost entirely liberal, but which was, surprise surprise, generally not keen on Islam. (And it had American members from time to time. Pretty much all liberals. Maybe the odd libertarian.)

Joanna Nicola does an generally brilliant job at explaining the intricacies of BPD. And as there are some great accounts of experiences above I will keep mine brief. In my experience as a good guy (not 8766 nice 8767 guy as I have NO problem calling out maddening behaviour lol) BPD woman are simply increasing 8766 NO- WIN 8767 propositions. And how much you decide to take from them is factored by your degree of natural co- dependency.

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