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Posted: 2017-10-12 22:50

Oh my god! You 8767 re all complaining about being on eharmony for a year and not getting any dates!!!??? I 8767 ve been on eharmony for three years and not had ONE DATE because the conversations stopped at step 7 or 9. 9 out of 65 times it was step 6 or 7 actually. eHarmony is worthless! I could careless if the guy who made it is nice, I 8767 m paying a SOB shitloads of money every 6 months for a service where I have had no dates and their only response is, 8775 It takes time 8776 . I 8767 m 76 years old and I DON 8767 T want to fall in love when I 8767 m in my 85s or 95s! I 8767 m ready now and I want to start a family. As Monty Python once said, 8775 Say it loudly and proudly .. FUCK YOUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!! 8776

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Hi I am an older man very loving,love to make my lady proud,keep her very happy in all aspects of a was born in October 78 and I am quite best with Pisces to travel,am very uthful,full of energy, like most any thing,am easy to get along with,I feel do unto others as they do you,but I aim to please,is my motto,I am 5 8767 66 8776 weigh 675 of Italian decent and Irish, English.
So if you are looking to be loved and adored give me a won 8767 t regret it I promis,no games,just true love,and honesty.

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Irene, I really respect your understanding of human psychology as I feel comforted reading explanations of people and the reasons we do the things we do! You 8767 re concise, straightforward & unpretentious which makes me assume you 8767 re simply an intelligent person whose blessed with an ability to apply logic and knowledge of human behavior to any situation, thereby revealing the motivations and reasons behind the actions of people. I enjoy reading your comments because not only are they precisely what my brain arrives at, but you seem to also explain it like a good teacher (which I pride myself on as well).

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You shouldn’t blame yourself for him leaving, don’t do that to yourself! If it makes you feel any better, yesterday I found out my BF has been juggling 8 women (including me) w/me being his #6 chick. Talk about a kick to the gut. I was completely blindsided, never saw this one coming… I too thought this guy was an amazingly perfect, honest, decent man. So you’re not alone Sister, I feel your heartache.

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I just discovered this post, and I was laughing my ass off the entire time I was reading it. So glad I 8767 m not alone in my dislike for eHarmony. I decided to give it a try because my brother met his girlfriend on there. First off, I think the 8767 79 Dimensions of Compatibility 8767 is a bunch of BS meant to lure people to sign up. I honestly think they just send you anyone. I was very clear that I only wanted matches that were in MY city. I was getting guys that lived on the opposite end of the country. Seriously?! I just graduated from university and have bills to pay. Does eHarmony really think I have the money to fly back and forth to meet these guys?? Also, I would go days without receiving a match, even though my settings were set to 8766 Yes, I want to receive new matches 8767 .

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I do agree with Jaimie, time is the 5nly way to find out if someone really wants you, not only likes you at some beginning. Sometimes we want to get that guy who is absent physically and mostly absent emotionally. That is a fact, and why not a woman do the same, I mean being cool and just be there now and then and let things evolve in his mind more and more to can be sure he will give more than what we could be asking him to give.

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I 8767 m a guy who had been using Eharmony in the Dallas area. Honestly, I had way better luck just approaching women in person than I did on Eharmony. The only women contacting me on there are ones I would never date in the real world if you know what I mean. I met the woman I 8767 m dating now at Whole Foods and she is absolutely gorgeous with a genuine, fun personality. Women on Eharmony with even half her looks wouldn 8767 t give me the time of day.

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Steve good site to warn others and kudos to you. For me, the cat was out of the bag long ago & I never got involved with eHarmony. For one, I 8767 m in my 55s and 9 out of 5 women have kids & grandkids & I don 8767 t date women with kids. eHarmony does not take that into consideration. I was on for 8 months & all I got was so called matches from women who in their first line say 8766 my grandchildren are my life 8767 & similar quotes. Either that or the so-called matches were enough to be my own kid. Both NON-COMPATIBLE. The worst thing about dating sites is that some AUTOMATICALLY renew you WITHOUT asking they just charge it to your debit card. BUT there 8767 s a way to avoid that. If one has to try these sites, they should buy a $55 reloadable debit card from Wallyworld & that way if they try to renew you, it won 8767 t go thru & your bank account is off the hook.

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-X number of accounts on a dating site at any given time (the advertised amount)
a subset of X, X subset 6 of X who fit the gender, personality, physical, etc. parameters of the subscriber
-A subset of X subset 6 who are within a 8775 reasonable 8776 distance of the subscriber
-A subset of the above who actively communicate with and engage in the online dating process, instead of being 8775 trolls 8776 8775 fakes 8776 8775 catfish 8776 etc.
-It is safe to say from the above thought experiment that the advertised amount of profiles and the ones that may lead to an actual date vary greatly numerically, even though the conditional variables may fluctuate greatly

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oh dear, dear Darling Steve, you sound oh so genuine! Too baaaad i am way tooooo ooold for you! We could of go on dating, because i am miserably lonely, that i even 8775 almost 8776 joined this eharmony dating thing!
Don 8767 t worry dear, there is a very nice girl out there for you, just be patient. just believe, think positive, and it will happen. Ok, Dear? You sound very anyway, you still have the 8775 dating world 8776 at your feet. Me? I am a childless widow, oh so alone in the world, no dates, no nothin! Know anyone who is as nice and genuine and caring as you, and 65 yrs old? Yes Dear Steve, I am Serious!
Take care, Dear. Just call me 8775 your internet grannie 8776 . Just believe in yourself, and it will happen.
grannie ali

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I couldn 8767 t disagree more. Just bc she didn 8767 t get the guy Lousie78, doesn 8767 t mean she didn 8767 t win. Sometimes the guy isn 8767 t the ultimate goal. Sometimes they are a process that you go through in order to move through something. I hate the judgement you gave and it feels so negative and old fashion. It is a success story bc she feels good about it. Getting a man doesn 8767 t denote success, sometimes there are different goals.

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I 8767 ve been on eharmony for over a year and I hired a professional dating coach to write my profile and set up my pics. I was getting 7-8 dates a month. My account is still active but I don 8767 t even bother with this it anymore. The girls on this site are crappy as hell. If you 8767 re a self respecting dude, don 8767 t do online dating. The girls are users and will milk you for free meals and entertainment. Don 8767 t fall for this turd they sell you on this site.


So, even at its lowest, the individual making $555,555 this year would pay an additional. $6,855 per year, or about $ per month. In other words, it’s one—maybe two!— very nice dinners per month for this person. The compromise sure seems reasonable when stacked against the resident who lives in the outer boroughs and has to cobble together $675 for a monthly pass to get into Manhattan for a restaurant job, but it didn’t take long for some observers to inject objectively dumb points of view into the situation. Take Ari Fleischer, a flack who made a living by selling the nation lies about the Iraq War and now exists to willingly apologize for Donald Trump:

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I think they 8767 ve made recently made mistake in now showing how active a prospective match is. Though the time lines are intentionally vague 8775 Less then two weeks ago 8776 or 8775 Within the last week 8776 or 8775 More then three weeks ago 8776 - it does help to show how full of shit the system is and how many of those 655 matches are 8775 dead 8776 members. 655 matches, and I might be lucky to get 8 or 9 replies, and ultimately maybe ( if I 8767 m really lucky) getting one to open convo.

These guys are fishermen (players). They set up many different fishing poles with bait. When a fish comes along and bites one of their lines, they have options. They can leave it hanging on the hook, reel it in, throw it back, whatever. It 8767 s a win/win for them. They become so accustomed to putting out the bait, they don 8767 t even think twice. It 8767 s 8766 play now–decide later 8767 for these guys.

Dear eharmony, Fuck you is right! I hope mine gets deleated It 8767 s the biggest joke ever! You 8767 re so right that the beginning it 8767 s pretty exciting. I think they do that on purpose And I 8767 m also pretty sure they have no rhyme or reason to how they choose the matches for you Most of my mathes dont even have a picture and one of my matches profile literally said 8775 I have a girlfriend so I 8767 m just on here for sex 8776 annnd he did t have a picture to top that one Really? Oh I 8767 m sorry, so
Somewhere in the millions of pointless questions did I answer I would love a guy whose a complete tool? Apparently I did So I called them about that and they said they would. Let that happen again So instead I now get matched with guys who play Pokemon and are obsessed with anime and don 8767 t even know wht sex is Efuckingharmony And also I guess they match you based on appearance and attractiveness as well Oh ok thanks, I guess I must look like Louis fucking Anderson in that case based on my matches (no offense)

Although this is old, my god is it still relevant. My experience is the same although the numerical factor is probably 6/65 of what you experienced. I am noticing a lot of my matches are no longer active. Thankyou eHarmony for delivering matches right on their expiry date, leaving us mere moments to shoot q& a. I have been on a couple of dates which is great, but i simply cannot believe women pay the same as a man to get on this site, then don 8767 t bother to respond at all to any half decent guy showing interest even just for the fun of it? something in the system is fucked. Total nightmare this site, each day i get reminded how fucking shit i am by way of being totally ignored by another 65 matches lol

The thing is, attraction and interest aren 8767 t black and white, they exist in a vacuum and are so susceptible to change, especially in the beginning. Sometimes you can like someone and then they do or say something and you 8767 re over it. Or you can not like someone and again, something happens or they do something and all of a sudden you get that warm fuzzy feeling and bam, you like them. It 8767 s happened to me many times. And sometimes you meet someone, are into them but not overly so, more in the i can take them or leave them sort of way and then you hang out again and get to know them and then really do start to like them.

I believe there 8767 s something wrong with EHarmony. As per my experience in about 9 months I noticed that my matches don 8767 t even bother to look at my profile! I didn 8767 t receive any message at all and if I send a smile/message 99% of the times no reply.
I 8767 m not expecting EVERYONE to like me but on OKCupid I receive messages every day worst like spam and I reply very selectively

One thing we can all learn is to turn the computer off, put your smart phone down, overcome those nerves and just talk to the opposite sex (or same sex, I 8767 m not judging). It won 8767 t work all the time, it won 8767 t work if it is not the right person and that is a good thing. Don 8767 t beat yourself up about it. Keep it up and eventually your efforts will pay off. There are a lot of genuine people out there, you only need to find one.

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