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19 Types of Websites You Can Create With WordPress

Posted: 2017-11-14 19:54

Came across the article and like the content. I have been doing things the hard way for some time using things like bootstrap now. For me, every time I tried WordPress or Joomla, frustration led to a quick install. My difficulty less in not being able to make the fine adjustments that i like. By working the code myself,it may take a few hours or a few days but the outcome is perfect for me. I usually use Brackets for the live preview to speed things along. Im going to give Drupal a try after reading this article. I only hope it goes better.

WordPress vs. Joomla vs. Drupal (CMS Comparison)

Great job in comparing the 8. I stumbled upon your post using 8775 WordPress vs Joomla 8776 keyword. I 8767 ve created a new blog to guide beginners and intermediate alike and I 8767 m actually thinking of doing some kind of video animation using the topic but since you 8767 ve got a great comparison here, can I ask a favor? Can I make this post as one of my bright sources in doing the animation? I 8767 m talking about this kind of animation https:///watch?v=Dw69myUo9MY but will focus on the WordPress vs. Joomla (and probably vs. Drupal). I 8767 d be willing to share it to you once done.

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Anyway, the advantages of purchasing and using WordPress – based themes are endless both for the website owners and website visitors. Therefore, keeping all the above – stated arguments in mind, we 8767 ll dive into the search – based list of the top and best WordPress themes that are currently available in the marketplace at a reasonable price range. All of them are cost – effective in nature and as such are truly convenient and affordable for the people and companies operating on a limited budget. While being cost-conscious, they are inherently powerful and all-inclusive, so that your little investment at the initial stage will be worth it in the end.

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Hi, I 8767 m a seasoned WordPress user and have used it to build a number of sites over the years. I 8767 ve just taken on a contract working on content for a site which someone (in their wisdom) has chosen to write in Joomla. He 8767 s not a coder and the site looks dreadful, the content management is a nightmare (though I 8767 m sure it 8767 s possible to make this easier for the user, the interface is confusing and nothing like as easy as WP). I 8767 m currently trying to persuade them to migrate the whole thing for WP.. luckily there 8767 s not much content on there atm! So far I hate Joomla and love WP 😉 F

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I may take up your offer when I get stuck on my site. (Lastly, although system spell checkers are getting better, they do not correct errors like the incorrect spelling of 8775 too 8776 as in 8775 too many 8776 . If one mistypes 8775 to 8776 instead of 8775 too 8776 , spell checker will not correct this. My apologies for any spelling errors in my response, it was typed on a mobile device.)

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I 8767 m biased towards WordPress for the size of the ecosystem and usability of the backend. However, performance has been an issue on some sites (I 8767 ll consider upgrading the hosting plan) and think this might get worse when increasing traffic and, perhaps especially, adding multi-lingual/localization support. I 8767 d love to stay with WordPress, but do I need to admit that I may have outgrown it (and consider Joomla)?

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Great comparison! I 8767 m new at this, and I really didn 8767 t know anything about Joomla or Drupal except that they were WordPress competitors. I found your post while doing research for a prospective client whose current site is on Joomla. I 8767 m planning on recreating the site on WordPress with what I hope they will agree are updates and improvements. If they were to agree to my redesign, what are the options for migrating the content from Joomla to WordPress? They don 8767 t have a huge amount of content, but it would still be nice to migrate as much as possible.

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I have previous experience with WP with blogging and I 8767 ve also used a template to modify to m needs but what I 8767 m currently looking into is more of a non blog functionality of the site which would just use sub-pages. What bothers me is that I plan to use this page for business if it happens in the future and am not sure weather WP can provide something like that. I don 8767 t mind coding but I 8767 m not exactly too experienced with it. I 8767 m wondering if you have any experience with migrating from one platform to another. What is the process there if it 8767 s needed in the future?

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Like what you have explained, wordpress and joomla are built for specific purpose in mind. Therefore, both won 8767 t be as flexible as Drupal. For non-technical user that just want to start writing a story right away after installation, wordpress is the choice (as I remember 5 years ago). I think this is the most influential factor why wordpress is so popular. Because most of CMS user are personal blogger or something like that.

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I 8767 m surprised magento is not mentioned, whilst obviously an e-commerce platform it can be used in a different way, and with a few mods can run WordPress alongside fairly well! I have worked mainly with WordPress and find it easy to use, and I am not a developer! With online tutorials adding widget areas and even simple plugin creation is possible, after reading this I am tempted to try the others!

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Really nice infographic I 8767 m currently a WordPress user but I 8767 ve worked with Joomla! and Drupal so I think each serves a specific need in the ecosystem and it 8767 s good to have options and choices. I 8767 ve seen features built for one platform make its way to another after considerable adoption and praise. In some ways, each platform acts as a testing ground for the other platforms.

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Sleek and attractive, incredibly versatile and visually awe – inspiring, supremely customizable and adaptable, the Art is another image, gallery and portfolio – centric website creation and management tool with the prebuilt all – inclusive structure. This stylish and colorful, conceptually well – thought out and graphically accomplished premium quality WordPress theme has been elaborated to be so simple and understandable, that every average user of WordPress will feel free to be the master of his website and undertake all the relevant actions to make it too powerful, dynamic and spirited to draw new customers and clients. The theme includes diverse header and footer layouts, page templates, widgetized sidebar and many shortcodes to easily set up the relevant content and build an online presence of any kind in a matter of minutes. Based on the Customizer for the website admin to work and live preview the results, this template fully conforms to the modern standards and requirements of the WordPress codex, and being such, originates readily responsive and 655% mobile friendly character, letting your multi – device website visitors enjoy your website all the time.

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I agree with you Dimitris, the one thing that has irritated me for the longest time with Joomla is how it is menu-centric, and as such has lead developers to create 8766 hidden menus 8767 to assign extensions to pages. Many extensions have addressed this problem over time, but is a shame that the core has always remained centered around the menu structure. If it wasn 8767 t for this flaw, I would vote Joomla ahead of all other platforms 655% of the time. It 8767 s not difficult to work around this issue, but is something that should not have to be 8766 mended 8767 when setting up a site.

Lately I 8767 m starting to become more aware of my lack of skills regarding back end development, which in turn has lead me into researching a CMS system that I can take with me as my skills grow. I 8767 m not the most technically minded but I never turn down from a challenge. More than likely I 8767 ll probably end up going with Drupal but WordPress has got me curious about it 8767 s so called 8766 ease of use 8767 .

I 8767 m not working With Caspio, and was just able to create any sort of Web App Caspio + WordPress in an hour. What more, you got some PHP knowledge you can definitely buit your plugin putting in what functionality you would like, build app, not a static website but a dynamic one.
I actually working on creating a full reporting Web App using word press, endless possibility.
i don 8767 t know anything Drupal, sound interesting, but not time for that, nowadays where Everything moves quickly.
A successful CMS is nowadays is resumed into making it powerful and useful for both beginners and advanced user. Road to easy tool is the key to success.

Hi Robert,
I am the designer/webmaster of our corporate website which now needs to be redesigned to be responsive. The current site was done in Dreamweaver using CSS and is approx 695 pages. The home page is unique while the rest of the pages follow one of a few different layouts. The majority of the pages consist of large amounts of text, small photos with links to hi-res images, and links to PDFs. There are a couple of pages that have nothing but links (one in particular has hundreds of links to all the other pages, the documentation, and hi-res images). Some pages have tables for comparing the features of a product line.

I am researching providing a CMS to a foundation with members and event ticket sales and donations. It needs to be easy to use for the small staff of the foundation. One thing I haven 8767 t really found in any of the reviews I have read of WP, Joomla and Drupal as how it handled that kind of site. As far as I can tell, WP has no real database functionality, so Joomla and Drupal would be better I think.

I loved the tutorial because it was exactly what my client was after. An easy to use table system for catering and food. There aren 8767 t many ready-made plug-ins with this in the world so I was very excited to learn that Barn7Media had one. I was looking at YouTube as well and came across the video which was super easy to follow.
I had excellent help from Katie and Andy who tested out my theme. Katie helped me with checking my short codes (putting them together was actually enjoyable!) and the plugin automatically worked with the styling to my theme (with a minor tweak from Andy).
Overall very happy and would use this plug-in again.
Thanks guys!

Fresh – faced and original, incredibly dynamic and colorful, eco and nature – friendly, SKT Gardening has been designed and produced for the usage of landscaping and gardening applications. Any such business and industry can be profoundly showcased with the help of this amazing and custom – built template to deliver significant business and commercial value to the potential clients and customers, needing professional assistance. The theme is also highly applicable for nature protection and nature – centric undertakings and organizations to involve lots of people in their ecological campaigns and projects. All in all, acquiring and using this resource to its best advantage can be crucial in any relevant business success and future prosperity. SKT Gardening comes integrated with easy to install and activate processes, lots of management controls, diverse header and footer variants to choose from, fully changeable colors and other elements, lots of icons and fonts to choose from and stylize your website as per your taste and preferences and much more. The theme is also SEO – optimized in order to be widely visible to its online target audience, as well as SMO and mobile – friendly.

I have been playing with Joomla over the last 7 years and am quite advanced there but wanted to give WordPress a go.. though not a beginner really anymore. I have been reading a gazillion of these types of articles to compare these three and unlock the advantages to get a good overview. Thanks for explaining, this is probably the first article I have read that added real value, liked the practical advice from design studios too. Thanks. Maybe upon reading this, I 8767 ll stick with Joomla 😉

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