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Posted: 2017-10-13 05:14

Yasiel Puig has—curiously, since about the time . Ellis was traded—become a little more goofy and more obviously attempting to be and have fun. Brandon McCarthy is one of baseball’s better voices, joining the segment of us who were made to feel old by Bellinger’s supposition that he didn’t know who Jerry Seinfeld is. And Kiké Hernandez and his precarious nickname has established himself as one of baseball’s resident goofballs, a guy whose personality and entertaining play made me surprised to learn he isn’t putting up better numbers in his appearances.

Elon Musk''s Tesla Hyperloop pod breaks speed record

Every native San Dieagan HATES LA and everything in it. It’s how were are raised. “Beat LA” chants were started here. Sure, it may be jealousy or little bro complex but at least we have a rival and a focus for our scorn. Now our team is going to the enemy’s side, with the enemy’s name and Spanos thinks we will follow with our fandom. As soon as the idea was floated that they might share a stadium with the Raiders, every fan I know said “Fuck this team, the owner is a traitor.”

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Keenan Allen looked like the best player in the NFL for the first half of week 6. He tore his ACL before halftime. After he left, the team blew an insurmountable lead. Danny Woodhead was out for the season by week 7. Verrett tore his ACL in a game and didn’t actually get diagnosed with the injury until weeks later. Joey Bosa showed up from his contract negotiation (Which, as I’m sure many will point out, was irrelevant to salary cap situations and only makes sense in the context of the Spanoses not actually being able to pay his signing bonus) after two of the three best players on the roster were out for the season.

Why Your Team Sucks 2017: Los Angeles Chargers

That’s basically twice the DL payroll of the Nationals, the team with the next-most sum tied up in laid-up players. It’s approximately the entire payroll of the Pirates, and less than a half-million less than the Red Sox’s 75-man. It’s a lot! This disabled list, though, no matter how expensive, is perhaps the best indication of how much depth the Dodgers have, and how much money they haven’t wasted.

UK weather: Health warning on hottest June day since 1976

But here’s the thing: IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. The Chargers CAN NEVER NOT CHARGER. For fuck’s sake, the coach tried to stop Antonio Gates from going to LT’s Hall Of Fame ceremony because it would conflict with practice. Antonio Gates is 87 and is capable of running three yards and then turning just as a football lands in his stomach. You don’t need to practice that shit. I previously thought the Hall Of Fame ceremony for maybe your greatest player was an un-fuck-upable situation, but the Chargers found a way to fuck it up!

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There are mistakes on their payroll—a botched deal with Carl Crawford, who will be paid $ million by the Dodgers this season, say, or big contracts to which Alex Guerrero, Hector Olivera, and Matt Kemp were signed. (Not that it lessens the damage, but Olivera was the only signing under the current regime.) These mistakes add up: The $97 million the Dodgers owe to players no longer on their roster this year is the fifth-highest obligation in the league. Relative to their resources, though, they aren’t doing much damage. The Dodgers’ dead money, as a proportion of their overall payroll, is the 67th-lowest in the league this season.

Nightmare Wildfires Force State of Emergency in Los

One drive behind this is falling television ratings, which lowers the cost of individual commercial slots. To compensate for lost revenue, TV companies are airing more ads. In response to the increasing number of commercials, television shows have gotten shorter— The Big Bang Theory episodes have an average runtime of 77 minutes , compared to I Love Lucy episodes, which average 85 minutes. Older shows on television are often edited or slightly sped up to make more room for commercial breaks. Cable networks have also shortened opening credits for TV shows to increase ad time.

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Fuck Dean Spanos. Fuck Mike McCoy. Fuck Anthony Lynn, who won’t even let San Diego enjoy Gates, Rivers, and Tomlinson together one last time as representatives of the city. Fuck Tom Telesco. Fuck Mark Fabiani, the attorney whose primary public-facing role was selling Carson by any means necessary even after the Carson proposal was shot down. Fuck Stan Kroenke for finally finding the goodness in his heart to share after the Raiders were a viable option to be tied to his plan. Fuck the Raiders. Fuck the Los Angeles residents that’ll sell out the first four games in Carson and set the media narrative of a successful relocation. Fuck all the realities of the NFL that ensure that the Chargers will not come back to San Diego when the only things tying them to Los Angeles are easily-broken contracts with AEG, a company they could have hired to handle stadium construction in San Diego at any time in the past ten years.

People keep asking me if I’m going to still root for the Chargers now and I say no. And then they say “But what if they fucking kill it this year!” and then I know I’m talking to someone who has a child’s mind and has never actually watched one moment of Chargers football. Look, if they went to the Super Bowl and old Phil was throwing touchdowns to Demarcus Orange (This is not a real player but by the end of the year, when EVERY SINGLE FUCKING SKILL PLAYER ON THE CHARGERS IS INJURED, I promise you he will be throwing to a wide receiver who is named something like this), then yeah, I’m only fucking human, I will probably end up rooting for the team that I have obsessed over for thirty plus years. And I will not feel guilty about it, because why the fuck do I not deserve joy?

Clayton Kershaw, as he damn well should be, is eating up more of the Dodgers’ payroll than anyone else. He’s followed by Adrian Gonzalez, who continues to make $ million per season after that, the salaries just begin to drop off. Andre Ethier, who has a vesting option for 7568 but is otherwise a free agent after this season, is making $ million this season. Those three came into this season with hearty contracts tendered under former Dodgers GM Ned Colletti. Once you get past that, the money gets very reasonable.

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On the field, the team drafted Mike Williams (the NFL’s 95th Mike Williams, by my count) even though receiver was arguably one of their stronger areas. Williams is now feared to be lost for the season. Second round linemen Forrest Lamp already tore his ACL. JESUS. At least the Chargers also signed Russell Okung to protect Rivers, because you’d hate to see the man get sacked before he even has a chance to throw a pick.

“I’m . now, guys!” Dean Spanos is perhaps the best example of the world’s billionaire problem, a man whose wealth is no match for his irrationality. This guy uprooted a team, fucked a fanbase , and did it not simply because of money (of which he already has plenty), but because he yearned to appear respected and powerful and important. You could sculpt mountains out of the lives ruined by fuckheads like Spanos, who spend all their time trying to look like big shots and raze the Earth behind them in the process. In reality, he’ll never be anything more than a pathetic trust fund baby. He can go to hell. He’s sure got the right team for the journey.

May 68 Saturday 65am, Mission Viejo: ACLU Freedom City Follow Up This meeting is to follow up on our actions from last meeting in regards to our actions to help get the word out from Orange County Sheriff Hutchens'' statement of 78 Feb 7567 in regards to clarification of Orange County Sheriffs Departments Role in Immigration Enforcement. We intend to focus our initial efforts on local schools and city councils. /events/675786656858967

Apr 69 Friday 9-65am Orange/66:85am Irvine/6:85pm Orange/5-8pm Orange: OCjanitors USWW Caravan Against Fear
9-65am Coffee/Breakfast at 6986 W. Chapman Ave, Orange
66:85am at the Mimi Walters'' Office, 8888 Michelson Drive, Irvine
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This isn’t only happening on TBS, though. The Los Angeles Times reported that other cable networks, like TV Land, have done this too, especially with older shows like I Love Lucy and Friends. Because of this, more TV time has been taken up by commercials: Nielsen, a television ratings company, found that broadcast networks aired minutes of commercials per hour in 7569, compared to minutes in 7559.

Second, as a native son of San Diego, Fuck Dean Spanos. This guy thinks LA is going to embrace the Chargers? After 95 years of mostly shitting the bed, always snatching defeat from the jaws of victory and wasting Rivers prime with castoffs and literal guys off the street he thinks the capital of West Coast “meh” attitude, with all of their transplants, will rally behind the Chargers. They couldn’t even support the goddamn Rams when they returned.

Marmarlard is commuting to LA. That’s right, this team’s slogan is “Fight for LA”, and the face of the franchise for the last decade has opted to hang back in San Diego with a bunch of people who now despise the team he plays for. I drive to San Diego every few months to see my folks, and despite what many seem to think, this is not some Sunday afternoon joyride commute from Oakland to San Francisco. That drive is usually 8-9 hours.

What a moment. Oh, and I guess there was some football stuff too. Like the time they played it cheap with Joey Bosa because they didn’t have loose cash to pay him a standard signing bonus, and then he didn’t start until October. Or the time they saved the Browns from going 5-66. Or the time they blew a three-touchdown lead to Kansas City, and then blew a two-touchdown lead to New Orleans just three weeks later. Or the botched snap against Oakland. You will never find a more entertainingly shitty team than these Chargers. They choke. They masturbate. They lose in downright EROTIC fashion. If there are five minutes left in a Chargers game, stop whatever you’re doing and get your ass to a TV, because you are about to witness professional incompetence at its finest:

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