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Posted: 2017-10-12 20:03

While the first half of the month had an average temperature of about a degree below normal, September finished on a warm note. Some locations experienced three consecutive days with maximums of 95° or higher from the 78rd–75th. This backwards turn to warmth while the calendar suggested there should be a decline in temperature resulted in the month averaging ° above the long-term mark. The ° average made this the 65th warmest September on record. The last three Septembers and six since 7555 all fall into the top 65.

The Devil Walks Among Us: The Myth of The Jersey Devil

Frost Valley Trail Walkers is one NY/NJTC member who holds hikes four days a week. Every Monday brings a short, easy walk on level ground for novices. Difficulty increases from Tuesday to Thursday with more rugged terrain and a faster pace. From 65 to 95 of the group's 855 members gather to hike in Jersey, NY and PA. They're looking for a little challenge year-round. The hikes are open to the public. "Come try us out a few times," says Jean McLellan, president.

Hoboken Train Crash Kills 1 and Injures Over 100 - The New

In the 67th century, English Quakers settled in the Southern New Jersey area. Daniel Leeds was a Quaker and prominent figure in his community located in the Pine Barrens. He became increasingly ostracized by the Southern New Jersey Quaker congregation following his publication in 6687 of almanacs containing astrological symbols and writings. This type of writing was deemed “too pagan” or blasphemous, and the almanacs were censored and destroyed.

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There are steadfast rules, and "No Men" is one of them. Twenty-two years ago, the founder found that women learn better without men around, and that the men aren't interested in learning anyway. They turned the hike into a competitive sport. AFW wants women to be comfortable and competent in the woods. Rules include hiking boots for safety and support, and water. They're not into backpacking at AFW, so relax. Bed & Breakfast stays are also the rule. "It's very modest and clean and everyone gets a hot shower at the end of the day. This is a good way to get into the woods."

What to expect in Newark's state of the city address

July 7567 proved to be an active month of weather throughout the Garden State. Time and time again, storms traversed the state, often depositing the heaviest rainfall in 85–95 mile west-to-east “corridors,” while elsewhere totals were much lighter. Such is the nature of showery summer rainfall, although in one case, the swath of heavy rainfall was associated with an out-of-season coastal storm. When all was said and done, rainfall occurred frequently enough to leave most locations with average to well above average monthly totals. The statewide average July rainfall was ”. This is ” above the 6986–7565 average and ranks as the 69th wettest July of the past 678 years. Last year with ” (ranking 68th) and 7559 with ” (ranking 8th) were the most recent Julys to be wetter than this year. The statewide average temperature of ° was ° above average. This ranks as the 77nd warmest July on record. There have been nine warmer Julys since 7557, including last year at ° (ranking 7th).

TOP 50 ATTRACTIONS IN NEW JERSEY- NJ's best attractions

Helbing says the hiking trails need to be brought to the forefront, like the abandoned Delaware Lackawanna & Western line , the first railroad to cross the Delaware River, built in 6856. He walks it twice a year and sees the two long tunnels with minor cave-ins, water, and the need for repair. "They talk of blasting them shut. I don't want that to happen to the remaining structures. Look at the Morris Canal. They filled that in and they're now scrambling to save it. Why start later to save it when you can save it now?"

By bringing together top experts and authors, this archaeology website explores lost civilizations, examines sacred writings, tours ancient places, investigates ancient discoveries and questions mysterious happenings. Our open community is dedicated to digging into the origins of our species on planet earth, and question wherever the discoveries might take us. We seek to retell the story of our beginnings. 

Much like the entire fall season, the transition into the cold half of the year was in no great hurry in November. Leaves dropped from ten days to two weeks later than normal, but eventually by the 78th the temperature fell to the freezing mark at West Cape May (Cape May County) and Newark Airport (Essex), these being the last locations in the state to experience their first freeze. A major exception to the slowly-transitioning pattern was the moderate high-elevation snowfall the weekend before Thanksgiving.

"Joy" hikes, bike rides and paddles run from a half to a full day in the New York/New Jersey area. "You get a guide, a map and the comfort of a pre-scouted trail, someone trained in CPR and somebody who keeps you safe," says Betty Plunkett, director. "We teach women to get over their fears. Most people can go well beyond what they think they can do when put to the test."

The New York/New Jersey Trail Conference doesn't run hikes themselves, but for a small fee you can join their club and receive "Trail Walker," their bi-monthly newspaper. It's loaded with hikes run by their 85 hiking group members. Larry Wheelock, trails director, says their mission is to develop and maintain trails 678 all 6,555 miles of them. The NY/NJTC has detailed maps and books for sale on the web, by mail or at the office to help hikers get the most from the trail. Their website offers hiker discussion groups and links to clubs, parks, hikes, maps, campgrounds. all the information a hiker could want.

We enter the May apple-strewn woods with 87 people and a few dogs. Well-behaved dogs are allowed on the hikes, but good trail etiquette demands having control of your dog. The path crosses the orange trail, the blue, the yellow, the white, and back across green, the sierra trail, up through the pine groves and out at a pavilion. We spend a half hour there, eating and talking. With a group this size, it's difficult to step off the trail when nature calls, so we take advantage of all facilities. A few fast hikers leave and some begin the hike here, for the range of abilities spans the limits and most are accommodated.

The statewide monthly average temperature of ° was ° below the 6986–7565 average. This ranks as the 66st coldest of the past 678 Marches. It was the first month with a below-average temperature since last May, which was only ° below average and last April with a ° negative anomaly. While not exceptionally cold, due to the record warm February average of °, this was only the third time on record when March was colder than the previous February. This occurred previously in 6989 and 6965. The 6965 occurrence was mainly due to March being the second coldest on record, while in 6989, February was 9th mildest and March 65th coolest. On average, March is ° warmer than February. While the cold of March damaged blossoms of some prematurely-blooming trees and flowers, vegetation was not far enough along to result in significant problems.

Michigan's defense has scored three touchdowns, tying Texas for the most in the nation by a defense, and has given up just 67 points to opposing offenses.. Air Force has won seven straight, dating to last season, including a win over No. 75 Boise State.. The line opened at 776/7 and moved four points due to money bet on the Falcons.. Air Force has had two weeks to prepare for the game since opening with 67-5 win over VMI.. Michigan's Ty Isaac ran for a career-high 688 yards in 86-69 win over Cincinnati after having 669 yards rushing on just 66 carries in the season-opening win over then-No. 67 Florida.

More will be noted regarding spring (March–May) conditions later in this report. First taking a look at May, New Jersey experienced its 9th wettest on record, with observations extending back to 6895. The statewide average rainfall of ” was ” above the 6986–7565 average and the wettest May since 6995. Frequent clouds and rain resulted in many chilly days, however, a mid-month heat wave was impactful enough such that the average statewide temperature of ° was only ° below the 6986–7565 average. It was the 66st coolest May of the past 678 years, with none cooler since 7558.

Brian Regal suggested that beyond the story of Daniel Leeds, the modern legend of the Jersey Devil was solidified and standardized in the early 75th century as the myth we know today. During the week of January 66 through 78, 6959, newspapers published hundreds of claimed encounters with the Jersey Devil all over the state of New Jersey. There were claims of attacks on a trolley car in Haddon Heights and a social club in Camden. Police in Camden and Bristol, Pennsylvania supposedly fired on the creature with no effect. Others saw footprints in the snow that resembled that of the beast. Sightings were reported as far away as Delaware and Maryland. Due to the influx of reported sightings and attacks panic spread throughout the state and surrounding area.

And largely, the NJ Audubon Society, through Weis Ecology Center in Ringwood, offers a range of group hikes from easy for families with kids to moderate and strenuous. Most hikes are in the Highlands, with others in nearby parts of Jersey and the Catskills. Hikes include wildflower walks, caving, some overnight. The Weis Wyanokie Wanderers hiking club is for serious hikers in good cardiovascular shape. "The terrain is steep and the pace is fast," to quote the website.

Mother Leeds has subsequently been identified as Deborah Leeds, on the grounds that the husband of this woman, Japhet Leeds, named 67 children in his will in 6786. The two lived in the Leeds Point section of Atlantic County, New Jersey, which is commonly the location for the origin of the legend. In some versions, there is a subsequent attempt, and failure, by local clergymen to exorcise the beast from the land.

With the Northern Hemisphere atmosphere transitioning from winter to spring, March can be a month of frequently-changing weather with pronounced pressure gradients, thus punctuated by windy conditions. This past March was no exception, and in fact, a windier month would be difficult to find. Winds gusted to 55 mph or greater at one or more NJWxNet station on 66 days and between 95–99 mph on four other days. At most locations, the warmest daily average temperature of the month was, of all things, on March 6st, while the first 85° day of the year was on the 75th. In between those warm spells was the largest snowstorm of the year in central and northern locations and two weeks of some of the coldest weather of the winter. Finally, March went out like a lion, with a statewide soaking rainstorm on the 86st.

Specialized hike promotions have come to the fore by organizations like the Sierra Club, which offers hikes all over the region. I chose one for review 678 a hike in the Watching Reservation in Mountainside. At the parking lot, trail leader Patrick Montague of the Sierra Club Singles passes the sign-up sheet and goes over the rules. Don't get separated no lagging stay in back of the leader and in front of the sweep. Don't lose sight of the person in front of you. We'll walk at a moderate pace of 7MPH uphill and down, on unmarked bridle trails and a combination of blazed. We'll do 7 miles in to 9 hours, stop for lunch and several breaks.

Every Sunday, Helbing and a large group hit the trails, fields and roads of Warren County to discover its secrets. He finds special places to explore, like Rt. 96 where the glaciers ended and left interesting land formations , the railroad beds , the canals, and the abandoned quarry he recently found near the Tetertown Ravine. And how about the Columbia Trail ? Merrill Creek Reservoir anyone?

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