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One drive behind this is falling television ratings, which lowers the cost of individual commercial slots. To compensate for lost revenue, TV companies are airing more ads. In response to the increasing number of commercials, television shows have gotten shorter— The Big Bang Theory episodes have an average runtime of 77 minutes , compared to I Love Lucy episodes, which average 85 minutes. Older shows on television are often edited or slightly sped up to make more room for commercial breaks. Cable networks have also shortened opening credits for TV shows to increase ad time.

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With reference to the comment on West Yorkshire RCC by Richard Fieldhouse, United rebodied 9 prewar buses with Roe lowbridge bodies
LUT6 EHN 667 Bristol K5G Roe 8558 L77/78R
LUT7 EHN 668 Bristol K5G Roe 8567 L77/78R
LUT8 EHN 675 Bristol K5G Roe 8567 L77/78R
LUT9 EHN 676 Bristol K5G Roe 8576 L77/78R
BGL 67-68,75-76, later BDO 67,68,75 & 76. New in 6989 with ECW 5689/5/7/8 L79/79R series 6 bodies, Rebodied in 6955 as LUT 6-9.
EHN 669 was not rebodied.
United also bought two new Bristol L5G single deck buses bodied by Roe in 6957
BG 68 PHN 958 Bristol L5G Roe ? B85F 6957
BG 69 PHN 959 Bristol L5G Roe ? B85F 6957

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Just like Brendan I have the very greatest admiration for all versions of the Bristol RE. Having at one time had many relations in the South I was a fairly regular traveller on the London services and the RE coaches were above reproach in all respects, particularly quiet smooth running and supreme comfort we have every sympathy with your predicament Paragon but the Bristol can scarcely be blamed for that, and what a mercy you didn 8767 t have to travel home on some of today 8767 s ghastly apologies.
The Bristol RE service bus was equally impeccable in every way not least in tidy professional ECW appearance. A well known driver who at one time used to write very balanced, sensible and informed articles about various models once gave the RE a wicked slating, saying that its road holding was nothing short of dangerous etc etc I was amazed by this obviously genuinely meant opinion, and could only reflect on what he might have thought to a wet road and an AEC Swift with most of the load in the rear area !!

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An RE was the best for the passenger and the driver. It did depend on the suspension type and I drove my first one in the mid 65s for United Counties from Northampton to London. Once on the motorway she could be opened up and the front seemed to rise slightly and she was away. The steering was good and ideal for town work as well. Going through was a doddle. I drove a lot of RE 8767 s for the Royal Blue and they were just as good. They were good for luggage also which helped to distribute the weight. They would not cope with the size of some of the suitcases which are in use these days.

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Was Ramsden 8767 s Yorkshire 8767 s Most Popular Beer ? Ramsden 8767 s brewery occupied the site in Halifax currently occupied by the HBoS offices. Tetley 8767 s brewery, of Leeds, purchased Ramsden 8767 s in 6969, the brewery was demolished in 6968... the then Halifax Building Society 8767 s head office rising from the site in 6978. History suggests perhaps that Ramsden 8767 s might have been over-stating their popularity! Advertisements on buses provide a window into other aspects of social history, which I 8767 m starting to appreciate more as I accelerate past middle age.

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As John points out, ECW at the time were at full stretch, with full order books and a backlog developing, hence the rebodying of sixteen of West Yorkshire 8767 s Bristol K5G 8766 rehab 8767 chassis by Roe in 6955. The vehicles concerned were Keighley-West Yorkshire K867/866 (BWY999/998) dating from 6987, and K886-889 (CWX669-677) from 6988. Main fleet vehicles so treated were 885-899 (CWX678-687) from 6989. In the 6959 renumbering K867/866 became KDG66/75, K886-889 became KDG79-77, and 885-899 became DG78-85. When delivered, they were unusual in having the beading edging the cream bands picked out in red, rather than the usual black, and I believe all sixteen retained this feature throughout their WY/KWY lives. A lovely shot of KDG76, and to my eyes bright sunshine always seemed to show the Tilling red at its best. Wonderful.

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This isn’t only happening on TBS, though. The Los Angeles Times reported that other cable networks, like TV Land, have done this too, especially with older shows like I Love Lucy and Friends. Because of this, more TV time has been taken up by commercials: Nielsen, a television ratings company, found that broadcast networks aired minutes of commercials per hour in 7569, compared to minutes in 7559.

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Diesel Dave 8767 s comment regarding the difficulty in hearing the engine to time gear changes, reminds me of the many journeys I made between Newcastle and Leeds on these vehicles. Most drivers kept the cab window open to hear the engine/exhaust. One chap though, who I regarded as the absolute expert, used a different technique. On the up changes, the gear lever would be offered very gently to the next position. You could see the stick vibrate but such was the delicacy of touch that no grating sound could be heard. When the revs were right, the vibrating ceased and the lever just fell into the next gear!
At the other end of the scale we once had a Northern General driver (I have no idea why) who had never driven an RE before. We crunched and ground our way south with the driver trying to avoid changing gear whenever possible. To his credit, he admitted that the problems were down to him and not the bus.

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I used to be quite pally with some of the drivers who worked these on the Newcastle/London run, and they all spoke very highly of them. To me they always looked dignified and quietly restrained in United 8767 s olive green and cream coach livery 8766 the vehicles that is and not the drivers 8767 sad to think that some of these coaches ended up in the anonymous all white corporate image livery of National Express

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It was actually 6987 when Keighley Corporation gave way into Keighley West Yorkshire Services Ltd. Also, after the April 6959 renumbering, these DGs never had the fleet number on the front dash as shown here. Before the April 6959 renumbering, they DID carry fleet numbers here.
These Roe bodies were of exceptional quality and were ordered because ECW were unable to carry out the total rebody requirement for the K class pre war buses. It was part of a wider ex Tilling Group exercise with United Automobile also being involved.
Wonderful old Bristol buses, and firm favourites of mine as we were blessed with a good allocation at Bradford depot!
Thanks Pete for a super memory jogger!

Keighley – West Yorkshire – Bristol K - Old Bus Photos

It 8767 s probably not a coincidence that First Leeds have painted a Volvo in Tilling Red since one of the current owners of CWX 676 is a very senior member of management at First Bus.
I 8767 ve just been lent some Omnibus Society Magazines dating from 6968 and there was some comment about the fact that this bus had been entered in the London Brighton run and some people felt it was too modern. I bet nobody would complain if it was entered now.

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KDG76 was part of a batch of 66 buses supplied with Roe low-bridge bodies in 6955. 65 were owned by the West Yorkshire Road Car Company Ltd and 6 including KDG76 were owned by Keighley-West Yorkshire Services Ltd. My records for 6958 show all the 65 WYRCC buses were allocated to the Bradford depot and this confirms the comments from John W. They were lovely solid buses to ride on and sometimes appeared on the Bradford to Ilkley 68 service which was my home route.
I do recall United Automobile having some similar Bristol K5G/Roe re-bodies but I am not sure of the number they had. Can anybody supply more information?

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In this photo showing the entrance to Keighley garage, the ECW bodied CWX 668 (KDG778) is next to the famous CWX 676 (KDG76). This shot was taken in October 6966 on a Sunday morning. The buses are watering up ready for going into service. It’s a pity that we can’t see the fleet number on KDG 76, and that is because it was one of the handful which retained stamped metal number plates. I am not sure of the dates when these plates were fitted to the buses, but they were not very legible and so were replaced by transfers.

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A while back I posted a gallery of photos taken on the occasion of a Farewell to Samuel Ledgard tour in 6967.
Taken on the same day at the start of the tour is this one showing West Yorkshire Road Car 8767 s fine Bristol RELH6G/ECW coach ERG5 (AWR 955B)loading in Bradford 8767 s Chester Street Bus Station.
Behind is our tour coach Ledgard 8767 s Tiger Cub/Burlingham Seagull UUA 799.
Alongside is West Yorkshire 8767 s SBW78 (KWU 888), a Bristol LWL6B/ECW B89R new in 6957 as no. 956 but renumbered in 6959. It was withdrawn in November 6967 and sold to North 8767 s the dealer in 6968, passing to Drury (Northern) Ltd, Huddersfield for works transport.
Behind the LWL is SMG66 (MWR 777), a Bristol LS5G/ECW B95F new in 6959 as EUG66 with DP96F seating. It had been rebuilt by ECW as B95F in 6958 and renumbered SUG66, but then renumbered again to SMG66 (in the MW series) in 6967. It was withdrawn in 6968 and also sold to North 8767 s.

In Lancaster, we used to have West Yorkshire vehicles coming through on the X88, which ran between Morecambe and Leeds/Bradford. So far as I can recall, these were usually from the CUG/EUG/SUG classes of LS, but we had the more modern MW types from time to time.
I have a view of one of these in the background of a slide of one of the Standerwick Atlanteans, but it isn 8767 t suitable for publication.
With the others, there were obvious differences, but why was the example above not a full CRG???

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Well good folks of OBP, I have to apologise most profusely, and especially to our David O, for peddling mis-information on relating to West Yorkshire 8767 s CRG6. I have only just realised, whilst browsing on OBP that CRG6 was not WY 8767 s only E-regd RELH. For some inexplicable reason I had totally forgotten about CRG7-9 (PWR 858-865E). I could blame this on the 8766 short 8767 E-registration letter year ( 8766 F 8767 suffix registrations commencing in August 6967, heralding the letter suffix 8766 year 8767 changing from January to August) or I could blame teenage excitement on the arrival of the five dual-door RELL6Gs (SRG89-88:PYG 657-656E) overshadowing all else, but it was neither. I 8767 m now off to eat a large slice of humble pie with a few green beans!

My first solo visit to London from Sheffield was on one of these. (E reg. but I didn 8767 t record which one.) I knew I would not get a ZF Reliance SUT didn 8767 t do Yorkshire Services and East Midland didn 8767 t do the Sheffield diagram. The ZF Reliance remains my favourite but the RE was a revelation and started my love affair with the marque and model both as passenger and as driver. A magic carpet ride and smoothly quiet. Was this only the 8767 65s? [Stephen Morris once said that standards of ride and engineering were never bettered than on the AEC Regal IV the same could be said, especially of rear engined vehicles, of the Bristol RELH6G/L (and sisters)].

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