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Look hear lola is it
I really dont give a ____ to what you have to say over my comment. No one can be compared to Selena. If he meet an equally great woman (vanessa) why is he geeting a divorce. ovio right.
There not what his looking for, what he wants is gone. You only find that special someone ones in a life time. Now you have this female dog (vanessa) trying to get money off Selena’s boutique. Which has nothing to do with her. Why should she get money that does not belong to her? stupid..

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Ok here goes. Selena is gone and is probably better off where she 8767 s at.
For those looking from the outside in, it goes down like this We wish Venessa the best find yourself a real rocker-girl! That Micky Mouse bullshit AB does is for the clueless- sabes a chocalate lol! You and your beautiful kids will be fine. It wont be long till the next man comes around. As for the Quintanilla 8767 s who 8767 s scared of them eveyone hates them!

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Most of y 8767 all don 8767 t make since. They are fucking grown who tf cares.. Why wouldn 8767 t he get remarried. He is fucking grown shit. No one on here fucking him so why argue about him. Yea really grow up. Really pretty girl wonderful voice but no one is number one So many singers out there who can really pic a number one. Worry about yourselves and y 8767 all husbands and maybe y 8767 all will not have so much time to argue about someone 8767 s else knows how she could have been today. Everyone changes even y 8767 all have but no one has a right to talk about that man his kids. No one on here pay his bills or his kids bills. Don 8767 t do shit for them so how u gone feel sorry for someone. They may have had counseling for those kids y 8767 all don 8767 t know so how you going to feel sorry for someone when you don 8767 t know what goes done in they home.

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Nobody has the right to think for him. He is his own person, and nobody has the right to call Selena his true love. We each have many true loves, and that all comes through the course of life. People come and go, and obviously he moved on. That 8767 s what Selena would have wanted. She was a very unselfish person. May she rest in peace. Anyway, the one thing that he has with Vanessa that he will never have with Selena is beautiful children. Vanessa and Chris will have the strongest bond ever and that 8767 s children. That 8767 s one bond that unfortunately Selena and Chris will never be able to have.

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Chris loved Selena but he was still a man and he re-married like so many others would do. It doesn 8767 t mean he forgot Selena but if he goes out at nights he is not happy with his marriage. Chris no doubt misses Selena and I don 8767 t think he will ever forget her. It was a tragic ending to his marriage and he was lonely. Had Selena not been murdered they would still be married today. I believe him to be a good person and no person would want to go thru what he did.


Im Sandra Keich 88 yeards Old. I am working as a Clerk in the Libraty which is not my profession but I have no choise no work availabble of my proffession and I need job. I am Bachelor Science major in Banking and Finance and Finished my masters in management. I was working as caregiver for almost four years in Israel. I want to work in Canada whatever job offfer. I am welling to be train if it is needed. I am planing to train a Culinary coz as they said there is a lot of appurtiny in Canada.. Please help I don 8767 t know what is good and what training I need so that I could enter and work in Canada..

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A pleasant day to you Mam/sir. I would like to work in canada, in any job that will fit my qualification, whether a production staff, a F & B staff or other. I am presently working in a netcafe shop as an admin staff and have been an sales associate before in my previous job. I am well knowledge in computer MS operations and in customer service. I am a graduate of IT and have studied Food and Beverage Service as well as Food Processing in TESDA. Hope you will give me a chance to work in canada. God Bless and I will be waiting for your response..


wats the matter with everyone today yea chris remarried so wat selena would have wanted that and everyone is attacking everyone else wat you guys should do is just remember selena she wouldn 8767 t want her fans and stuff saying bad things about her or her family or husband i mean now that shes gone you guys think that she can rest in piece hearing or knowing wat people are saying i mean chris always misses selena and its not that easy just to get over someone you love knowing you dont have them no more

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Unlike the other one he had a couple of years ago, he doesn 8767 t mention Selena or his second wife and children. Though I 8767 m sure by not mentioning Selena in his 8775 About Me 8776 section he 8767 s trying allow the public to learn about him separate from Selena, I find it odd he only mentions that he was in a band with Selena y Los Dinos (not that he actually married the star of the group).

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You know, It made me angry for a minute when I learned that he remarried after Selena ONLY because, I love her and I don 8767 t think I could 8767 ve gotten married and had kids with another women. I don 8767 t know why they got divorced but I think if the reason is drugs and partying, then it might be because he 8767 s missing her. At this point, Selena 8767 been gone for 66 years. When they divorced Selena had been gone for what? 69? It 8767 d been a long time even then but she might 8767 ve been his first love, and she was beautiful inside and out and if it was ME that had lost her, I don 8767 t know WHAT I would do. I would lose my it. I kind of see it from both sides but if he didn 8767 t even waste any time hooking up with this chick after Selena, then I 8767 m going to PISSED! And if this guy already had Vanessa in mind while he was with SELENA?!?! I 8767 M LOOKING FOR HIM and THAT my dears is what IS REAL!

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I quote your words:
(If you’re someone who believes that you only have one great love in a lifetime then you are right: Selena was it and he will never “love” again.” ) Yeap thats what i believe Im sure thats what he felt for her (selena) or still feels for her. So why wait his time trying things out with someone else. Look how long it took him to remarry and even now he probably still loves her. They were one another for each other. To make the story short, you need to read some of #59 Inna rush. even though i dont agree with him remarring. I guess i sound selfish but i dont care! I guess i wanted him to stay attached to her for ever.

I am FURIOUS letitbe! You move on with your life when someone you LOVE passes on. Do you really think that SELENA would not want Chris to move on with his life? That was the type of person Selena was. I just cant stand when people talk SHIT about others when they dont even know whats REAL and what is a RUMOR. Im pretty sure Selena is looking down on Chris HAPPY that he does have two beautiful healthy childern.

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