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Posted: 2017-11-08 06:46

A woodcock crashed into the Lloyd’s building in London and was rescued by the RSPCA on Wednesday. This was not the first time — or the first year — that woodcocks have had accidents such as this among tall City buildings. At present there are thousands of these reclusive, long-billed woodland birds coming into Britain from as far away as Russia and, apart from these incidents, other sightings by City workers are not uncommon. London seems to be on one of the flight paths for woodcocks migrating to Britain, perhaps a route of ancient origin. They will settle down for the winter in woods all over the country, often lurking during the day under bramble bushes, from which dogs regularly flush them. If they drop down again on to a floor of fallen leaves, their mottled brown plumage instantly camouflages them. They fly at night to damp meadows, where they probe the soil for earthworms. derwent may