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How likely are any intelligent beings on other worlds to look like the gray aliens from pop culture? Not very. To find a humanoid form on another world, a whole series of unexpected events would have to been replicated. Early hominids adapted to a particular niche on the savannas of Africa, their upright posture letting them see stronger, fiercer predators at a distance. Under a different environment, having a brain at the top of the body might be a liability, with increased risk of damage by falling but with no great advantage to compensate.

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He was SO happy when he got promoted. We knew it would probably happen when the old manager left, but he was so EXCITED when he got home. That blush again, a faint stain of crimson on her neck, gone as quickly as it had appeared. I was proud of him too. He works so hard. It's funny, when he's at work he acts like he's just making suggestions, but everyone stops and listens to him because he know what he's talking about.

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I had looked online and planned a few things for our afternoon that I knew Shae would love. We hailed a cab in front of the hotel, and a short ride later and we were walking together down narrow lanes paved with smooth fieldstones, surrounded on both sides with high buildings comprised of upscale boutiques and speciality storefronts. Other customers wandered around, looking at the displays through the enormous glass windows and doing their own shopping. The restaurant was at the far end of the market, but I knew Shae would want to take her time. I was hoping I could find her a souvenir anyway.

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Shae squeezed up next to me, and I put my arm around her shoulders as we walked and talked. She was such a lively girl, it was impossible to ever be bored around her. She chattered happily, only breaking to point her arm and bombard me with questions whenever she saw something new. Daddy what does plongé e mean? I think it says No Diving. What's that cookie thing? A macaron. I could barely keep up, but her queries only lasted until she spotted the next ride, at which point she yanked my arm and practically ran, hauling me behind her.

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That's awesome! I kind of wish my Dad would let up on work so we could go on vacation. It's ok though. My school doesn't start here for a couple months so we get to have fun on the weekends! She blushed spontaneously. I mean, we go out to restaurants and stuff. OH, and there's this thing they do every other week downtown where they have this art show with tons of lights, like lightsticks and weird displays, and they use projections to make these crazy illusions somehow. Dad took me and it was so much fun. You guys should go!

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Yeah it kind of hurt. Suki held the pink bikini top out in both hands, regarding it curiously. When we moved here a few years ago things kind of sucked. The job Dad was going to get fell through. We had to move to a little apartment. They're pretty small here. A tiny kitchen and just one bed, but it was alright. I didn't care about that. I just wanted to make him feel happy again.

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We watched them for several minutes, until Shae shivered. Her light blouse with the bare shoulders was helpless against the cooling breeze. I took off my suit jacket and wrapped it around her. We sat back down on the bench, my arm curled around my daughter's shoulders as she leaned against me, a warm presence warding off the creeping chill of the night. The string band had returned after taking a short break, and were playing a melancholy tune of bittersweet longing.

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After napping for an hour, we showered and cleaned and redressed before heading for the waterpark like we had originally planned, before I found myself the victim of aggravated clothing theft. It was on the same street as the hotel, just a short walk from the back entrance. Shae and I strolled past the metal gate overgrown with ivy, its vines bursting with tiny purple flowers, then through a plaza of sandstone and marble speckled with small tables. Residents and other tourists sat on the scattered wicker chairs, snacking on pastries from a pair of street carts while enjoying the morning sun from under the cover of the tables' wide umbrellas.

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Well, that didn't seem right. My Dad shouldn't give up on something so great like that. Suki kicked her legs as she sat. He's really talented, like he could be an artist. I took one of the sketches and got it framed so I could give it to him. He's kind of stubborn. I had to uh, convince him. Another streak of crimson flashed down her throat. But for my birthday last week he gave me this big sketch, of me, all in ink. It was so great. It's not like I had posed or anything. He did it all from memory.

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I mean, we've been doing it for about a year, and it's great. I like it more than anything. I like to come see him at work every day but, well, we only get like half an hour alone. I love it when he, uh. Suki looked at me nervously and Shae squeezed her shoulder. When we have sex and he's inside, but there really isn't any room for sex in his office and people are always looking for him now that he's a manager. So I wanted to try something I saw online. I got on my knees under his desk and licked him until he was hard, then put it in my mouth.

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Evolution relies heavily on chance events, so there’s no reason to expect that the history of life as we’ve seen it on Earth would play out the same on other planets. And yet, we see cases on our own world in which similar environments seem to pull for creatures that are built the same. Sharks and dolphins have similar body forms, though they are far distant relatives, one being a fish and the other a mammal. We should not be surprised to see a similar convergence of body shape when we encounter life on other worlds. But the particular combination of details that define each species on Earth could result in a suite of creatures that vary radically from planet to planet. The bottom line is that we should not expect to see a duplicate of Homo sapiens as we look for life beyond Earth.

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There's something of a brilliant, pure quality in the expression of a little girl who has just climaxed, an ineffable glow that permeates their whole body and subtly manifests in their demeanor as a transcendent satisfaction, as though the ecstasy of pumping flesh inside them has invigorated the whole of their existence. I saw it again in my daughter when she opened her eyes: satisfaction, contentment, happiness in the post-coital serenity of making love with her Daddy, giving everything she had to give and receiving everything from me in turn. Hopeless, maybe, to describe the radiance in her expression, but it was something I had recognized a thousand times and would never tire of.

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We followed the path as it branched to the side. The changing room was a standalone structure of inviting polished wood nestled among landscaping of flowers and thick bushes, ringed by high shrubs. The outside reminded me of a sauna. My french failed me, hanging up on the word vê tements in the carved sign above the door, but the simple icons of two larger figures holding the hands of a smaller figure between them made the building's purpose clear. The latch was green. Unoccupied.

I left my fingers there, gently rubbing the sweet little crack. It would have to do. The tunnel began to curve in a wide circle, the current slowing even more as we went under the wave pool. Dozens of pairs of legs kicked from the surface above us, pointed silhouettes under the glare of the sun. We finally passed an arch and bumped to a stop next to a an open path with a tiled floor. I pulled my hand up out of the water in frustration and used it to splash my forehead, hoping that my erection wasn't too noticeable under my wrinkled swimming trunks. After bouncing our tubes onto a conveyor, we headed up a set of concrete steps and came out onto the surface.

I was thrilled Shae was having such a great time. Work had stolen me away for the last few months - another big contract - but I had finally insisted on the time off when this opportunity came up. A summer break while Shae was off school was just what we needed. I had been missing her, and I think she was growing resentful of the demanding career that kept her Daddy away from her a lot of the time. Understandable. I wanted her to have a good time on this vacation, outside of just cumming whenever I shoved my cock into her. Being in a strange country could be intimidating for a little girl, but she seemed to be doing great so far. I hoped she wouldn't be nervous when we got to Paris. She had work to do there.

I savored my daughter's outraged look for a moment before grabbing the straight metal bar anchored over the tube entrance and throwing my legs in. Water roared past my ears like a jet engine, slashing from side to side as my body dropped and hurtled feet-first around a series of steep turns. I fell suddenly, my heart coming into my mouth as I lifted out of the water, then slamming back again as the fiberglass surface reached out to cup my back. The descent arced into a series of twisting donuts that carried me up the sides of the tube before levelling out and dropping into one final plunge. I fell like a bullet, water racing around me, and the tube reached up to press on my back as I levelled out and shot into the bright sunlight, dazzled in the brief moment before the pool reached up to swallow me.

Her stupefied expression melted into a smirk as we passed by a burbling fountain anchored around a small marble statue greened with age. A naked boy with exaggerated musculature was mounting a colt, or being kicked off, the firm lines of the sculpted pair exuding casual virility as they engaged in contest. Nude statues weren't exactly common around our suburban home, but for a moment I thought I would have to drag my daughter away as she visibly studied the male anatomy with intense interest. After a few seconds she giggled, a private joke that only a 67-year-old girl could understand, and squeezed my hand as we continued. The path turned a corner and emptied onto the wide avenue before the gates of the waterpark.

Eventually I let her run on her own, circling the plaza with excited hoots after she promised to meet me at the fountain in the center, and I ducked into a specialty wine house at the corner. I could barely make heads or tails of the proprietor's thickly-accented barrage, but his desire to sell me expensive wine quickly overcame the linguistic barrier and I emerged from his store after a couple of minutes holding a dark green bag containing a pricey cabernet.

We hit the water like a cannonball, an angry tsunami fanning out in a circle around us. I pitched to the side and almost lost my balance, and felt the cool friction of two wet bodies sliding against me in the water. We heaved upright, stable at last. Shae slid around, leaving one hand on the plastic handle and wrapping the other one around my back, so I was anchored in the center. After a moment Suki did the same on the other side, and water stopped sloshing over the edge as our raft regained its balance.

Small food shops and trinket stores lined the main path as it led through a plaza that emptied into the wider area of the park. We passed families and kids of all ages, holding towels and tubes. A pair of twin girls, 65-year-olds in matching blue suits with the backs open, sprinted away from their mom, cutting past us and hollering excitedly with their mother shouting in exasperation behind them. They beelined toward a booth where a teenage boy in a paper hat was scooping ice cream into waffle cones with superhuman speed while a crowd of kids hooted impatiently in a disorganized cluster in front of the counter.