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Meryl Davis Dancing With the Stars Argentine Tango Video 4

Posted: 2017-10-13 03:22

Well, Disney Night was another winner for me on Dancing With The Stars. The contestants and producers always outdo themselves. My fave dance of the night was Frankie and Witney! I never thought he could pull off a role like that, but, he did and so powerfully and sexy. *shock* I loved Mark 588 Lindsey and Jordan 588 Lindsay too. I also have to give props to Gleb and Sasha. They went out on a high note. That was their best dance of the season in my opinion. I loved her message all season and she looked beautiful.

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Hey there& nbsp "Dancing"& nbsp aficionados! Don''t be frightened by the change in author -- I''m just taking over for Liz for the night. I''m Robyn, resident "Vampire Diaries"& nbsp and& nbsp "Bachelor"& nbsp expert, and a newbie to& nbsp "Dancing." I''ll admit I never watched even a minute of the show for the first 67 seasons, yet somehow found myself tuned in for the Season 68 opener -- partly because of my love for ''95s TV and partly because of my love for James Maslow, who I interviewed back when he was a shaggy-haired, up-and-coming actor about to start& nbsp "Big Time Rush." (I''ll spare the embarrassing photo of us.) Anywho, I''m now officially obsessed with the show and cannot wait to share my run-down of Latin Night!

Meryl Davis & Maksim Chmerkovskiy Win Dancing With The Stars!

Now that you mention it, Frankie, Jordan, Lindsey and TO were the ones that are still sticking with me several days after the show aired. Not a great sign for the rest, I must say. Drew and Nikki are up there as well – and kudos to Artem and Emma for making sure that their celebs don’t fade into the woodwork. Neither is coasting and both are doing some good work here. Both did a brilliant job showcasing their celeb and doing something to get the audience talking. They are not coasting.

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So it sounds like she 8767 s not completely ruled out the possibility of doing the show although I doubt that matters, because as we 8767 ve seen, a 8775 no 8776 can become an 8775 ok, fine! 8776 if the price is right (looking at YOU, Nick Lachey). I wouldn 8767 t mind seeing her I think she might actually be the type of calm, focused partner Keo would need to make it past the first couple weeks of the season. Thoughts?

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However, what made Meryl different from all the rest, is when it seemed like there was nothing left to give and no other side to present…she showed Maks in a whole different light.  This time, Maks put his knowledge, ability, creativity, and heart into the season.  He was vulnerable, nervous, caring, and genuine.  The difference this time was that the challenge for him was not the competition, but Meryl herself.  Maks had to raise himself up to Meryl’s talent, because he knew she could go all the way.

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Derek Hough and Amy Purdy (rumba)
The dance:& nbsp
Amy goes into this "love" dance feeling emotional because she and her boyfriend of seven years are having some trouble at home. But Derek lifts her spirits, and on the dance floor, the pair has definitely got it going on. Overall the dance was a little more of a snoozefest compared to their previous routines, but Amy still impresses and inspires. And that last leg, split thing? Pretty insane.& nbsp
What the judges say:& nbsp Len says she lit his fire and was first class. Bruno & #8767 distracted by Ricky & #8767 calls the dance sensuous with a bit of elegance. Carrie calls Amy Wonder Woman and "darn sexy." She also adds that her foot came off the ground, which is a no-no in the rumba. "I want everyone to know you earned it [if you win]," Carrie Ann adds. Finally, Ricky says Amy made him feel -- a lot of things.& nbsp
Score:& nbsp
86& nbsp (out of 95)

''Dancing with the Stars:'' Maksim Chmerkovskiy won''t return

Words cannot describe how proud we are of Maks for the work he has done with Meryl , and how thankful we are for the amazing efforts Meryl put into the competition throughout the whole season!  What we witnessed is what you would call true teamwork!  Thank you Maks and Meryl for bringing the Mirror Ball Trophy home to Dance With Me !

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Thing is, when someone is put in jeopardy it can go one of two ways. Typically (or as of the last time I studied it), if you are put in jeopardy, it means that you’re not long for this world. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule. But Nick’s problem is that he’s been there more than once – so it’s only a matter of time, IMO, before he’s gone. But the producers putting you in jeopardy does often stimulate votes. Is that working this time? Hell if I know. 😉

Val Chmerkovskiy & Meryl Davis dancing Argentine Tango on.

Danica McKellar and Val Chmerkovskiy (salsa)
The dance:& nbsp
Danica is coming off of a& nbsp broken rib, but you''d never know watching them. Do they get points docked for dancing in sneakers? Because that seems easier than heels, right? Also why does Danica look straight out of the ''85s? Regardless, not her best but the girl is still a great dancer. & nbsp
What the judges say:& nbsp Carrie-Ann says she managed well, but didn''t get down and dirty. Boos come from the audience. Ricky is a gentleman and asks her how she feels. "Sore, but you fight through it," she says. Dance-wise, he says they have powerful chemistry. Len says it was too pop video for him, Bruno says they''ll be back to dazzle them again.& nbsp
Score:& nbsp 88& nbsp (out of 95)

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Candace Cameron Bure and Mark Ballas (Argentine tango)
The dance:& nbsp
Candace is always in her head during her performance, so Mark suggests they see a sports therapist. And by sports therapist they mean the "Couples Therapy"& nbsp therapist on the esteemed VH6. Candace feels like she let Mark down and hopes the tools& nbsp Dr. Jenn& nbsp gave her, along with God, will help her get through another week. On the dance floor, Candace is pretty sharp, her footwork seems on point, and I''m digging her low bun. For someone anti-sexy, the dance was pretty hot.& nbsp
What the judges say:& nbsp Bruno calls it& nbsp "Basic Instinct." Carrie Ann says they might''ve forgotten some choreography but the confidence was there. Ricky says her lines were amazing, and Len agrees.& nbsp
Score:& nbsp 85 & nbsp (out of 95)

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Charlie White and Sharna Burgess (pasa doble)
The dance:& nbsp
After getting some advice from his ice partner Meryl, Charlie is determined for a Perfect 65. And boy is he pouring on the sex. For some reason Charlie trying to be sexy comes off more like creepy to me (he''s just too darn cute), but I still think the guy is damn talented. Ooh, and he pulls off his shirt to take it up a notch.& nbsp
What the judges say: & nbsp Len immediately crushes Charlie''s hopes by saying, "To get a 65 you have to do something special and this wasn''t special." Bruno said they had flair and purpose, but they lost balance. Carrie Ann says he needs more sharpness, but Ricky says he was blown away.& nbsp
Score:& nbsp 86 & nbsp (out of 95)

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Which leaves us with Nick and Sasha. Nick and Sasha, Sasha and Nick.  No idea. One part of me is saying that Nick is finally done, but Sasha is just such a non-event for me. Nick is too, but he’s memorable in his badness, not to mention that he’s getting double the screen time of everyone other than his wife. That being said, the show probably can’t support three fam members beyond week 5 and the fam fans are more likely to go with Maks and Val over Peta. Mores the pity.

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Candace Cameron Bure was switched from Mark Ballas to Tony Dovolani. They danced the quickstep. Head judge Len Goodman said: 8775 You lost your posture a little bit but you attacked the dance, well done. 8776 Bruno Tonioli said she had great energy but needs to work on her frame. They got a score of 78 out of 95! Take Our Poll

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James Maslow and Peta Murgatroyd (samba)
The dance:& nbsp
These two are living La Peta Loca! (Had to.) And you know it''s going to be good when during rehearsals the producer asks, yet again, if they''re dating. (She doesn''t confirm or deny, he says they''re trying to be platonic.") The dance starts and they''re totally working the gas station attendant fantasy thing and I''m into it. Who would''ve thought that was hot? Also James has his shirt off and I''m OK with it.& nbsp
What the judges say:& nbsp Bruno wants to book a "full-service" with James. Carrie Ann is speechless and then calls their chemistry "beyond sick." Ricky says they were unexpected, wow after wow, the gift that keeps on giving. Len says the footwork wasn''t all that great, but it was full of energy and fun.& nbsp
Score:& nbsp 85& nbsp (out of 95)

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James Maslow was switched from Peta Murgatroyd to Cheryl Burke. They danced a sensual tango to Katy Perry and even kissed at the end ! Guest judge Julianne Hough said: 8775 You are the total package. Every season there 8767 s the hot guy that takes off his shirt and they can only go so far, but for you, you have dedication, technique, passion, you have everything. 8776 Bruno said he 8767 s got to get his butt under control! 8775 I didn 8767 t notice the switch up at all and that 8767 s what this night is about, 8776 Carrie Ann Inaba said. Len said it was 8775 burning hot. 8776 They got a 85 out of 95, a point lower than last week.

Charlie White was paired with Peta. During their sensual practice, Peta said she felt like she was cheating on James. Hmmm are they dating? 8775 As a performance, it was terrific. Is it a rumba? Not in my world, 8776 Len criticized. 8775 I thought it was absolutely stunning and beautiful, 8776 Julianne said. Bruno called the performance 8775 majestic. 8776 Carrie Ann agreed with Len and said she didn 8767 t think it qualified as a rumba. They got a 88, with scores ranging from a 7 to a 9.

Still, it''s possible that Chmerkovskiy — whose brother Val is also a pro dancer on Dancing — could be a judge on the show, especially if Len Goodman does leave the panel, as he revealed in the finale he had been planning to do. (Chmerkovskiy guest-judged on Season 67 and on the Indian version of Dancing. ) Or, he could perhaps act as a mentor, as Randy Jackson now does on American Idol.

Mery Davis switched brothers and danced with Val Chmerkovskiy. They danced the Argentine Tango. 8775 That was the dance of the night, 8776 Len said. 8775 You 8767 re one of the most stunning, beautiful dancers I 8767 ve ever seen. I would love to dance like you, 8776 Julianne said. 8775 Powerful and seductive, two magical instruments perfectly in tune, 8776 Bruno said. Carrie Ann said they were untouchable. They got a high score of 89/95!

Drew Carey danced the cha cha with Witney Carson rather than his original partner Cheryl. Witney went from having the person in the competition, Cody, to the oldest! Bruno called him the 8775 sugar daddy of show business. 8776 Carrie Ann said: 8775 I thought it was fantastic, I 8767 m so happy for you! 8776 Len said: 8775 I haven 8767 t had that much fun in a minute and a half since I was a teenager! 8776 They got a 88, three points higher than what he got last week!

I confess, I ONLY am watching this show for Meryl Davis that 8767 s because there is something about her that reminds me of my sexy sultry wife Carla. I wish I could dance even half as good as either Val, Maks, or Tony because I would love to be in Argentina dancing THIS exact tango with my 8766 ay caramba mama 8767 lady love Carla!! Ok Ok you got me Al is a hopeless romantic when it comes to all things Carla..however, I am most like Maks and Carla loves her devilish bad boy. Thanks so much for some inspiration Val & Meryl big thanks for the color & style of dress-WOWSA-Carla will take my breath away in a replica! Now, I just need some time to learn the choreography (I think a 655 years should do it) and perhaps, just perhaps, I will have Carla screaming 8766 ay caramba 8767 ! Seriously though, what a stunningly perfect dance!! Congrats Meryl and Val!