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Why Jews Don''t Believe In Jesus, why Jews reject Jesus

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He also mentions using clever, challenging, and teasing responses with men. And, surprise, surprise, us women LOVE the same thing. I especially love the part about not needing everything to be perfect all the time. Some conversations with our significant other aren 8767 t going to be great, and we regret that we have them. But when a really amazing moment happens or a great conversation takes place, men are captivated and in awe of us again just that quickly. And, again, women are the same way. We ache for these moments because they are a total blast.

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What do you think the chances of that working out are? I do like this man. As I mentioned we have been friends for a long time and never had kissed until a few weeks back. He did always like me in HS but we never acted on it. I already told him I am not ready to get into anything sexual. So, should I give it a try but keep my panties on as you said. Or is me having a child going to be a problem with his family. I am not quite sure if Arabic men are allow to marry women with kids. Please advise before I attempt to give this man a chance and get my feelings too involved. I asked him if he has to marry someone an arabic/Muslim women and he said No! He says he a man and can marry who he wants. But, I am afraid to get too involved. There has been nothing much then a kiss. He did say we will see each other much more often after Ramadan.

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Hi Kell,
In the world of advertising, the supposed photo of the author 8775 Christian Carter 8776 could be just marketing and not the true author.
I have no evidence or done any research on whether these two names are indeed the same person, I 8767 m just stating that whatever is found by googling and videos on youtube, should not be taken as truth or fact.
My two cents.

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On a positive note, when an Arab man does get married it’s almost as if he matures overnight. Yeah, he’s still protective but he’s also truly dedicated and loyal. His wife then becomes one of the women in his family. A very high honor since the women in his family are most important in his life. If a wife calls his husband and he’s in dewaniya he WILL take her call (probably step outside to do so). Unlike if a girlfriend calls. If the wife explains she really needs him to come home, or needs something from the store, he WILL leave dewaniya right then to keep her comfortable. This behavior is what keeps most of us wives from asking for very much. We know we’ll get it. And knowing a person will do pretty much anything in the world to make you happy prevents us from wanting to bother them with silly things.

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Let me tell you that your one single story doesn 8767 t mean shit on this whole topic. When an entire population starts trending towards something, it is not because of small 8775 love 8776 stories like yours coming together. It 8767 s because of external factors that are affecting entire populations (where your little cute story doesn 8767 t mean shit). These factors include media portrayal such as the feminizing of Asian men on tv. People are stupid. You are likely very stupid. You think the only reason your girlfriend went for you is because you were 8775 the one 8776 ? No it 8767 s because there are a million little factors playing in her brain including her image of white people as a population which shes seen in movies, tv, commercials, etc. It 8767 s easy to call bitter men bitter when you 8767 re sitting on a higher seat.

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I guess the bottom line is that people will always judge you- if you date outside of your race, you 8767 re an internalized racist if you date only within your race, you 8767 re just a plain racist. So don 8767 t ever let people discourage you being with who you want or writing about what you want. Honestly, I am so glad you decided to write about this (apparently) controversial topic, because it 8767 s so important to get the conversation started to combat these negative, backwards opinions out there. I wish you the best of luck with everything, girl! Keep blogging and thanks for the amazing content!

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I 8767 d hate for Christianity to completely displace Judaism, but I think that as residents of one of the only lands that 8767 s actually welcomed and often admired us, we could stand to learn a great deal from its dominant religion. I 8767 d not want to be Christian either for a few reasons, least of all a universalist and salvation-oriented faith that doesn 8767 t always value community and inquiry as much as ours. But there 8767 s still a lot that we can learn from them. Becoming slightly less picky, dissatisfied and unintentionally isolating would be a few of them.

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Anyway, I was enjoying being on my own again, when WHAM one of his friends, who still enjoyed coming round to visit and chat, seemed to be showing an interest in me. It was again, out of the blue, but was even more of an enigma to me. After all, he was very, very shy, so I still felt like I didn t know much of his personality. At first I was worried about his motives/intentions (. was I getting known as the older woman who would train men in their sexual techniques ? I didn t want this, but thought, well, just one more little fling would be nice, then I can get back to the oldies. Plus, he s absolutely gorgeous!

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I would be careful calling yourself very, very successful too as this might make him or any other intuitive and perceptive guy roll his eyes so to speak. You can imagine how this can be construed as sign of insecurity. I doubt that even Oprah Winfrey, Martha Steward, Sarina Williams and alike refer to themselves that way. I doubt that it matters to a 78 year old guy who is into sports, school, etc

Another Asian trying to compare herself to Asa Akira when she looks nothing like her. Nothing new here, the guy was clearly being sarcastic. I doubt you 8767 d be saying he compared you to another person if he said you looked like Susan Boyle, give me a break. It 8767 s like me walking up to an ugly, fat blonde and saying she looks like Alexis Texas and having her believe it. Unbelievable, stop flattering yourself woman, you are not that good-looking.

This isn 8767 t a white nationalist site, and we welcome ALL RACES minus the jew. The 8775 nigger/mongrol 8776 thing is not accepted here. I don 8767 t have a problem with you using whatever terminology you like, and having your view on things. However, the entire purpose of this site is to unite people of ALL RACES against the jew. That doesn 8767 t mean I want a multi-cultural shit heel of a society, but it does mean that I won 8767 t tolerate berating anyone else but the jew. If the battle is good vs. evil, don 8767 t play into evil 8767 s hands by starting a war with the rest of humanity over skin color or heritage.

haha What an idiot! I 8767 m a guy and believe me we are just as sensitive and emotional in alot of ways as women. Emotions and sensitivity work on a scale..and both genders have 8767 s not black and white men are cold robots, women are neurotic! Maybe do some research about men and sensitivity. There 8767 s a lot of scientific evidence that we feel as much as women but society teaches us to hide them. Many of my straight male friends(im sure gay men are similar) are boxers, firemen etc and believe me they hurt and show deep emotion and care just the same way women do. Men fear being called weak or feminine( often by women as much as other men!) so they don 8767 t express feelings. Ladies do yourself a favor and find a kind, caring balanced need to read this greedy mans 8766 advice 8767 . H 8767 s a fraud,you can tell by those cheesy links that are similar to 8766 dentists hate her 8767 , 6 weird trick 8767 to lose weight 8767 , 8766 mum looks 75 8767 etc!! lol

The problem is not that Christian Carter has such bad ideas, but that a person can somehow circumvent the hard work to find the right partner ., you have to date a lot a guys you will end up not liking, and you will like guys that don 8767 t like you back, and sometimes treat you like crap. I wish there was a magic formula to just attract the perfect guy that would fall madly in love with me forever, but that is just not real life. I do think his programs are too expensive, but one could think of them like gambling they are fun but you might lose more money than you could afford! Remember, if something sounds too good to be true, it is.

I really need some advice. I 8767 ve been dating a man from Kuwait for about a month now. He takes a lot of snapchat photos of me but will never post them to 8775 his story 8776 only in a private snapchat to his friends back home. He refuses to post photos or anything else about us on Instagram, facebook or any other social media. He tells me that it 8767 s something that would be frowned upon in Kuwait because we aren 8767 t married. Recently we got into an argument because I wanted to post some vacation photos of us on my social media pages. Surely it 8767 s easy to understand why this is an issue since I 8767 m American and feel like I 8767 m being kept a secret. I 8767 m having a hard time trying to decide if I should let this issue go and just come to terms with it being a cultural difference or if he 8767 s behaving this way because there 8767 s something else going on. I really need advice and I need to figure this out before I develop stronger feelings for him.

Jewish women weren’t the problem—I was. The intense pressure I felt to date and marry within the tribe damaged my perception of Jewish women and my ability to be myself around them. I was only able to relax around non-Jewish women, because I didn’t feel the same pressure that’s how I met, and fell in love with, my wife. Unlike me, she hadn’t dreamed of meeting someone Jewish and having a Jewish wedding. But as I fell in love with her, she fell in love with me—and with my Judaism as well.

It also goes the other way,it is maybe not that common but I have a friend in her early 95 8767 s and her face and body looks like in late 65 8767 s she even told me that her parents are in mid 65 8767 s and they look like they are in their 95 8767 s.
So again,age is really so relative, genetics play a role, but I think lifestyle and mostly if people are happy and cheerful they do feel and look

I cannot believe of why we have been lied too. I just recently this year just woke up to the lies been told. Firstly God said we must not have any other God before him as he is a jealous God. Why did he send his son Jesus to earth and change his commandants and we must go through Jesus to get to God. Why would God want us to drink blood and eat flesh. In memory of him. Is that part of evil doever? I am very upset and asking help. But I am sure God will give me guidance from wise people.

im am so tired of that retarded abuse!!! I have MORE VALUES than any arab man who ever approached me!!!! maybe you cant read (or weren 8767 t made by allah to understand anything) I mean allah says as a reward in heaven to men women will have perky not inclined to sagging breasts and my God doesn 8767 t mention BOOBS! so you tell me why your men are disrespectful if allah uses his creation of girls (not) as a REWARD
youre all the same
rejected by ME
that 8767 s low morals right there!! just reading that
you should stop breeding if you think some god uses female breasts that are not sagging as a reward
its very sick

Many non-traditional Jewish spokesmen have at times found a need to connect with the majority population by at least saying Jesis was a rabbi. Classical Judaism stands for Truth without compromise and never allowed a feeling to connect (assimilate) by emracing Jesis in anyway. Sadly popularity seeking Rabbi Boteach who was a former spiritual guide of Michael Jackson and advisor to Al Sharpton and publisher of Kosher Sex , he is also a colunnist in Jerusalem Post and elsewhere and now also wants to run for British Chief Rabbi (G-d help us) His book on Amazon , when clicking on it for the introduction, appears to present him as a Jewish patriot against Rome who was a regular Orthodox Jew. The book cover was a drawing of him with his pierced hand. Based on the New Testament of course (JOhn and elsewhere) he says he is god and a son of god and messiah wrapped in one. For a true presentation of Jewish views Rabbi Kaplans Jewish Response to Missionaries and Ben Solomon''s Vda Mah SheTashiv also on are more accurate and non-betraying of Jewish Tradition.

But yes.. he is gimmicky and charges too much so he sucks in that aspect.. and at times he has pointless guest speakers who are annoying and he himself can not actually get to the points that he promised in his million word ad he would answer because he runs out of time.. but if you know a friend who can let you borrow theirs or how to get things for free off the internet.. it 8767 s not a waste of time to riffle through his material

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