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I am from India Punjab. These are so beautiful pics. I love my PAKISTANI Brothers 588 also Pakistan and specially Pakistani Punjab. There is same culture in Indian Punjab. I love rural 588 cultured life. I appreciate this Great job, keep it up. This reminds me of my old culture and old days. Its our bad luck that these two Nations are separated of ONE. I have really enjoyed these photos. It is a great job Thanks a lot.

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6. Dhruggi Rajgan is a village in Chakwal District in the province of Punjab, Pakistan, situated beside the Chakwal-Jehlum Road. The majority of Dhruggi population comprises Chauhan Rajputs, who are believed to have lived in Dhruggi Rajgan since Prithvi Raj Chauhan, who was defeated and his family and army were arrested by Ghauri and were being taken to Afghanistan via Jhelum. Ghauri on his way back was camping near Sohawa, north of present , in the hills, when a rebellion amongst Pathans took place. In the ensuing fight Ghauri got killed. It is believed that some of the members of Chauhan tribe managed to escape the captors and settled in various high grounds surrounding Sohawa and surrounding hills. Out of them 7 brothers came to present day Dhruggi and settelled here.
7. Its adjacent villages are Bangawala, Tassa Morah, Ghazial, Fateh Pur, Phutaki, Dhoke Rajian, Sidiali and Ghurah Uttam Singh etc.. In these villages there are Chohans also.

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Salam to all brothers and sisters.
I am a Pakistani Punjabi and I am a villager. Thanks to the ADVICE ONE whatever brother Raj Arayan had said about the security of Pakistan is right if think positive as a true Pakistani but we are tolerating the poison of terrorism but if any Indian comes to Pakistan we will provide you guys security and INSHALLAH we 8767 ll play on our lives. If you don 8767 t believe then you can have an example of
Sikh pilgrims from India coming to Pakistan to perform their rituals.
May Allah keep you people happy and blooming always, Aameen. Our motto is 8775 Respect for all religions and races 8776 . Islam is a religion of peace.
Keep smiling always.

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These photos show pure village culture. I like madhani, water with tindan wala khoo, Kachay Gharay (mitti walay).
I remember one bujharat (Riddle) 8775 Aan kunjan den bache nadi navan chalian 8776 . The answer of this bujarat is 8775 Khoo dian Tindan 8776 .
My mother 8767 s village is Qila Subha Singh in Pakistan near Narowal Station. And the village of my friend 8767 s mother is Baghiyana Kalian Wala Tibba near Lahore before Partition.

Pakistani Village Photos | Native Pakistan

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9. It is full of greenery with lots of scenic views. The surrounding villages of Dhruggi are Bhoober, Saba Mohra, Maswal and Dhoke Momin. Four roads lead towards Dhruggi, among those three are made of red bricks and one is unpaved. There are two Government schools each for boys and girls. Recently a school for children of Army personnels has opened. There are total six mosques, three of which are Jamia Mosques and a spacious Janaza Gah and a large dam named 8775 Maanka 8776 .

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So far photos are concerned, these are most lovely but in real life in Pakistan, village life has its dark aspects as well. If you belong to a sect which is different than commanding sect, your life becomes miserable for example you live in a village where Chaudhris, Rajas, Maliks, etc are in majority and you are not one of them, you must say 8775 yes 8776 to everything right and wrong what they say, otherwise you won 8767 t be able to speak again.

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Great guys, fabulous places of Pakistani Punjab, these seem to be in fiction. By seeing these photos, I feel lot of happy. God bless you, never get it red, always collect these memories in your cameras.
I love undivided Punjab, I have the biggest dream to see my Pardada 8767 s, grandpa 8767 s, father 8767 s house in Bahawalpur. I want to see all villages of our undivided Punjab, I love those times. I heard from my grandma and aunts about those times and I weep, because I missed those times. I should have born before 6997 or kaash humare beech mein 6997 ka saal kabhi nahi aata, I wish mein agar dubara janam loon tou, Punjab aik ho, humara sanjha Punjab.

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Pakistan is an agriculture based country and most of the population lives in the rural areas. People living in the villages have their own way of life which is quite different from the city dwellers. Their life is simple, they have a cleaner pollution free environment and they eat simple, healthy and pure diet. In this segment, the real life in villages is shown through photos (Pics). The life in rural areas and Pakistani villages is worth seeing.

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I like these nice pictures but on the other hand these pictures show the condition of (village condition of) Pakistan. Before some years ago I saw such type of village culture in India also but now the picture of the Indian villages has changed. Pakistan needs a good leader who should take all decision for the development of Pakistan. In Pakistan all important decisions are taken by Pakistan Army/ISI. They only focus on jehad but at this time Pakistan 8767 s development is very important.
Sorry, if I 8767 ve said anything wrong, and I say again these are very nice pictures.

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