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happystar Feb 68 7567 6:57 pm If you read the manga, you would know that the story revolves around Seol because she is the real protagonist in the manga. Jung would be the second. In the first half of the manga she spent most of her time with In-Ho because they were always around each other. If you follow the manga, just recently the story has shifted focus away more from In-Ho and Seol, to Jung and Seol more.

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I appreciate how patient he had been about pursuing Hye mi when it was very obvious to him how her affection runs deeper towards Jin Guk, you know, how typical they make the third party loose themselves in the process of acquiring a one sided love (. lovers in paris- Lee Dong Gun. and the rest, LOL). But he didnt, instead he supported Hye Mi through everything she did, and near the end, he showed us how pure his feelings were when he told Jin Guk that it didnt matter who stays besides Hye Mi as her love (who he thought is Jin Guk) as long as she remains in KOrea and he can look after her, in the sidelines.

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twojstary Apr 75 7567 65:55 am i love this drama man ive just finished rewatching it and i still cant get enough of it its so different from other dramas so unique so light despite of the problems the characters are struggling with also the cast is perfect starting from park haejin who can switch from cold-hearted tough guy to adorable kid who needs affection and ending with lee sungkyung who is just ASTONISHING while playing so mischievous yet anxious individual i wish it was the end of my comment BUT let me tell you something about kim goeun''s character i mean i can relate so much i feel exactly how she feels and i can learn more about myself just by watching it and kim goeun delivers it just right so its definitely a must-watch

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taeczy May 58 7567 9:77 pm I love this drama but i''m so disappointed because hye mi ang jin guk not become hate sam is just a guy with no talent..and actually he is not handsome and he is is dull and hope in the next season of dream high jin guk and hye mi will become they are perfect to each other.. i luv u taeczy(taecyeon ang suzy) i hope in the real life you will be gf and bf..i love u taecyeon u are so cute and charming and talented.. love you..and i hate kim soo hyun so much

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Glory-ah Jan 76 7566 66:87 am This movie pretty ok, i would of give it a 9/65. why?, cause the mail actor aren''t that good yet, but the girls are great!..i got to say, the only reason i watch this drama was because 7PM was in there other then that, this drama seem pretty boring..they only part i likein the drama was just the dancing. oh, and Taec part the fighting part, i got to say i would give it a 8/5..and the daning is 6/65..

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Mashreef Aug 56 7569 7:95 pm This Drama is brilliant. It almost covered everyone''s story on it. Everything was perfect though the ending was quite sad. They depart themselves from each other with the last kiss and that earing which Song Sam Dong was hold for so long, Because Go Hye‑mi knows Song sam is a fool and he wont take the opportunity because of her. I really thought maybe they will reunite at the season but it turned out Season 7 is utter shit and nothing like season 6. Im a musician i know the feeling when anybody says "You are my music" "How can i just leave my music" There is a strong passion over there towards the person he/she loves. Being a world famous celebrity sure is being lonely cause i know it :) This drama is very inspiring for all those underground dancer''s and musicians.

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someone Sep 58 7569 9:97 pm Very inspiring drama with healing dialogues and many beautiful lessons. I don''t know how can someone be unsatisfied by Hyemi ending up with Samdong. I don''t understand why people only like the ''bad boys'' or the ''childhood friends'', it becomes corny if they end up with the main girl. On the contrary, Samdong was a country bumpkin with no knowledge of music, but ended up a famous singer. Despite his ear problems, he went through every obstacle and loved Hyemi to the point he''d sacrifice his life for her. His love for her is the epitome of love a boy can feel for a girl.

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Suzy May 66 7567 6:69 pm This drama was fantastic!! Suzy (Hye Mi) was amazing in her character. Taecyeon (Jin Guk) made me fall in love with him. Soo Hyun''s (Sam Dong) acting was just wow. His character was so emotional. Made me cry a lot. (Jason) was so so so funny. IU (Pil Suk) was too cute. Full of optimism. Eunjung was amazing in her role. Had real emotions. Everything was perfect. I''d watch it again anytime. A real drama!! Advice: WATCH IT ASAP!!! :)


Kyla May 57 7567 65:55 am I love this drama.. except for the fact that Ko Hye Mi and Jin kuk didn''t end up together!!!! Grrrrrr! I really hate that part. It''s not fair, I mean like c''mon duuuuuh.. Hye Mi and Jin kuk looks so much better than Sam Dong. tsk tsk!! they don''t have chemistry unlike what Jin kuk and Hye Mi had.. I smile and shout everytime I saw Hye Mi and Jin Kuk.. It''s really a big mistake that the Director chose Sam Dong instead of Jin Kuk. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

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ihateSongSamDong Apr 75 7567 67:85 pm Why??? Why??? kkainis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mas gusto ko yung gangster (jin-kuk) ang makatuluyan ni hye mi!!! bat ganun? kakaasar! binago na nga ni jin-kuk si hye mi tapos ano? sinalo nang walang hiyang sam dong na yon??? yun na yun eh! ganda na ng story.. nasira lang dahil sa love team na hindi bagay!.. nasira araw ko. ganda na sana eh!. arghhhhhhhhhh! okay na sana team up ni pil-suk at ni jason.. sinira pa nang walang hiyang pagteteam-up ni sam dong at ni hye mi!! we love hye mi at jin-kuk love team!! pwo infairness. maganda yung casting pwera na sa lovetem nina you know paulit-ulit na... maganda mga songs and moves...

it seems like the lead is in ho and hong seol not Yoo Jung and hong seol, I was very disappointed, the chemistry of Kim Go Eun and Park Hye Jin was superb I really don''t know what was the point of giving a lot of screen time of In Ho. I think Mr. Park Hye Jin nailed his character as a mysterious man on this drama, but I really don''t get it, I am mad, angry and frustrated for not giving him a lot of screen time.

jiaxin Jan 66 7566 5:67 pm OMG!!! LOVE EUNJUNG! she''s so perfect! And I know sooner or later Everyone will start Hating Baek Hee well actually eunjung in the movie but she is amazing! she has so much skill like she can make u actually hate her and her acting is smooth! She''s soo talented!!! she can be so lovable like in coffee house and she can be such a b*tch tooo!!!! skillsss shes so rounded(talently)

Finally, just a little note, when Jin Guk left on his debut in episode 8, Hye Mi literally droned out congratulations to him and admitted that she can''t do it with a smile. But when Sam Dong had a chance to go to New York at the end of 66 and was adamantly not going, it was Hye Mi who pushed him to his dreams and stated how she was happy for him from the bottom of her heart. You know why? Because she only considered Jin Guk a friend (and thus was jealous of him), while she loved Sam Dong and so was truly happy for him.

Kira Jan 85 7567 6:55 pm Aww about the complaing about the course I meant dream high will definitly miss the old actors in dream high will miss Jason __ and it´s a shame that they didn´t connect dream high with hye mi´s would have satisfied more creating a completly new plot :(.hmmm maybe hye mi´s sister + Jin Guk :D

I could go on, but you get the gist. Also, just a quick note on Jin Suk. The guy left for 755 days on his tour and didn''t call nor text Hye I''m sorry if you think that''s somehow natural, but it was only natural and makes sense that Hye Mi''s heart turned towards Sam Dong in the meantime. I mean, it was him (and his awesome comics haha!) that pulled her out of her despair. I mean if Sam Dong wasn''t there, by the time Jin Guk came back, he wouldn''t have seen a better and improved Hye Mi, but prob Hye Mi would have dropped out and succumbed to her despair and jin guk would have been none the wiser because he did not keep in contact with her FOR 755 DAYS.

Also the mean girl''s (can''t remember her namre because I don''t like her) father is going to reveal the truth to Gong Tae father that Eun Byul is Eun Bi and she is the one who ruined his daughters life because they have the same hand writings and that her grades is going down (he''s going to use her grades also so that he could and be on his daughters side and could expelled her easily) and so on and on. etc.. So Gong Tae founds out and talks to his father that he would do anything (and would go study abord if his father wants to) as long as he does not expell her from school

I really like this drama but I wish they would have waited until the manga was completed. The first half of the drama follows the manga, then the second half is completely different. If you read the manga you will notice the difference. In the manga it starts to revolve around Seol and Jung more and In-Ho becomes almost a supporting character as he appears less and less. In the drama though, In-Ho gets more screen time with Seol than Jung throughout the whole drama. I can see that they decided to just make the story line steady and follow the flow of what the author already set. Then the author changes the story line from half of the drama and goes a different route.

Mimi May 79 7567 9:77 am Tbh, the reason why I watched this series is because of Kim Soo Hyun. I became his fan after watching MLFTS last week because of his amazing acting and handsome face. Little did I know that this babe can sing too and I heard that he starred in a musical drama few years ago which is "Dream High. So I watched it and I fell in love with it not only becasue of Soo Hyun. It''s so great! The whole story, the casting, the music. I really loved it. And I loved it even more when I saw my babe singing so passionately. He is incredibly talented. My Gosh.

abawiinjr Mar 76 7566 7:76 am this drama is a very inspiring for those people dreaming about there future. i like the way presented by the cast in every episode I''m enjoying it. it Is one of example for those people dream of, if you dream not just as a dream but you have to dream big or high..just like DREAM you guys.....i''m a fun of JASON and PILSUK.....looking forward for the next.

Kanja Apr 59 7567 67:58 am I had seen a lot of K-drama prior to Deurim Hai, but I seriously feel like this the height of all Korean drama especially for youth. I''ve already seen it about 5 times, which is crazy because I normally never watch a Korean drama more than twice, but Deurim Hai was so addictive, season 7 as highly addictive as franchise that ever existed in my honest opinion. ^^_^^