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Posted: 2017-09-11 14:30

But yes, the opening was trash. Clearly there to show they can do more alien words. If it means a desert and compositing in shots of Wadi Rum. It''s one of those things where what they are doing makes no clear sense. Why it is them doing it makes no sense. The issue of being stranded makes no sense. It''s just invented, there''s a storm. If there''s any issue, take a damn shuttle.
The gimmick of walking a giant star fleet logo makes no sense. Especially when it''s perfect and it has the cliche of someone not telling the other person what they are doing for no reason at all. I''m sure someone online has made a GIF of the opening scene where the reveal is a giant dickbutt.

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Started watching Enterprise (hot on the heels of Voyager). Really enjoying it. up to episode 9 ("Civilisation") which I think (for perhaps the very first time in my Star Trek experience) suffers from very poor writing. Why does everyone speak English (without any translating devices)? How do they know what a "dog" is? Makes no sense. Like I said, this is perhaps the very first time where stuff has no rational explanation. Star Trek has always been very good at explaining the rationale behind things. Oh well.

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I was tentatively excited when I heard the news about the new series this morning until I read that Alex Kurtzman was attached to the project, which basically confirms they are going to go down the same path with this tv series as they have with the reboot movies (ie brainless b-grade action sci-fi that uses all the iconography of Star Trek to bring in the fan base while throwing out everything that Star Trek actually was &ndash a way of exploring contemporary philosophical issues).

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On another side note it took me until the latest episode to notice a follow on and continuity of the evolution of the star fleet uniform. I''ve noticed that it still has the blue fabric shown in "Enterprise", but the colours of the different areas of command are starting to be more pronounced, mostly by the metallic braiding on the uniforms. The rank insignia is a little more subtle as well (on the communicator badges), but still appears to be a slight nod to how TNG/DSP/Voyager displayed them with dots?
I''d have to go back and watch "Enterprise" again to see if that was similar.

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OK I''ll throw in my 7c on the money question (heh). My take was that the 78rd/79th C society was based on meeting fundamental human needs, as opposed to unlimited consumption. Everyone was fed, housed, educated, healthy etc. But "extravagance", in all its various forms, was largely a thing of the past. It''s suggested that the education system is skewed towards pragmatism & "presenting our best selves" with the aim of removing negative traits. In a way it''s a society where everyone is some kind of volunteer, but not in a fascist way (. if you want to be an artist, go be an artist. but do something , idling away the decades is certainly not an option).


I thought it was weird that the writers had the cadet say it was weird. That far in the future, with all manner of aliens (and alien names) in the Federation, would people really comment on names like that? Sure, the cadet could have mentioned that she hoped that Michael wasn''t *the* Michael Burnham, but the nonsense about Michael being a male name was very odd (and I don''t think something Bryan Fuller would have supported since it is contradictory to why he gives so many of his female characters traditionally male or gender neutral names).

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Jason Isaacs was alright again but I have serious doubts about Sonequa Martin-Green’s acting ability. She is just lifeless, robotic and zombie like which is kinda funny when her last show was The Walking Dead. The Klingon babble is just painful again. I can’t even eat my TV snacks with this because of Saru, that is one ugly son of a bitch and his threat ganglia makes me want to vomit. Yeah, nah not good.

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Think of TNG''s ''Yesterday''s Enterprise'' episode &ndash and you''ll see some striking parallels. It gave an insight into how those characters would react in a similar situation &ndash a bitter and battle hardened Picard, a crew that seemed to be merely following orders to survive (Riker''s interactions with Picard showed that there was some animosity between the two) and a much more militarily influenced Starfleet &ndash and also one that had already lost half it''s fleet to the Klingons.

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Good episode, except for the stupid decisions. Landry and lowering the force field was very WTF. Also they established in episode two that they can open little doorways in these force fields to pass things through. There is no need at all for it to be fully opened. It was not very logical of Michael to take the risks with her assumptions about the creature. I know she''s human, but the sentimentality over a telescope is a bit out of place with how they''re establishing her as a vulcan wannabe.

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I''m a bit the other way around. For me the only "true" Trek was TOS & the first 6 movies. All the later stuff, while certainly enjoyable, just felt off to the extent that I could no longer suspend my disbelief. No problem with immersion in this one, or The Orville for that matter. Before anyone gets in &ndash yeah it''s less suspension of disbelief with The Orville, more just enjoying the fun of it as per the best of Red Dwarf.

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But back on STD, I can''t help but think that the Federation expanding into Klingon territory and claiming it as theirs, and demanding the Klingons embrace the Federation ethos, is a form of cultural imperialism. Why can''t Klingons remain Klingon? Why must they be ordered to respect their new Federation rulers just because the Federation laid claim to that binary system? Why can''t the Federation leave the Klingons alone and respect their right to self-determination?

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Getting off topic (not that the topic of the last few pages is worth continuing anyway) but.. That''s mainly because the right wing parties have spent decades running campaigns based on dog whistle politics, white nationalism and exploiting peoples mistrust of people who are different to them. That style of campaigning tends to fit well with a conservative platform so that''s always been an issue and always will be but it''s not an inherent part of being a conservative where you can''t be a true conservative while still pushing for equal rights & fair treatment of minorities.

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A New Zealand-born, Australia-raised, LA-based 95-year-old of Sri Lankan background, Ehelepola says he has worked on every network in Australia, sometimes in roles where his background is a storyline, sometimes not. "I did The Straits , playing a Sri Lankan refugee, put on an accent, it was a great character arc," he says. "But if I have to put an accent on just because I look like this, I turn those shows down."

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Depends on what you want to be worried about. First, the new writer, Geneva Robertsen-Dworet, is basically a total mystery. Her only other confirmed, in the works writing credit is for the new Tomb Raider movie, which is a total unknown. This could go either way, but for some reason I have a good feeling about it. Maybe it’s because of the cast, or maybe it’s just because the stories of the Tomb Raider video games have gotten so much better, and I assume the movie will follow suit.

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One of my main annoyances with the pilot was the focus on explaining the Klingon side and that it removed mystery from the Federations point of view. This knowledge the viewer has bled into the writing of the Federation. Michael literally has nothing but a hunch of what the Klingons are up to. It''s essentially "they''re acting strange" and then creates a reason. Which we as the audience know is correct. She shouldn''t know it''s correct. It''s merely a possibility and it''s illogical she is so certain.

Plus these "Major powers" that they dealt with in Enterprise might have turned out to be relatively minor seeing as most of them occupied what essentially became human controlled space in the next century. Whereas the Romulans and Klingons didn''t suggesting that the Romulan and Klingon Empires were superior to these other powers. Not to forget that the Suliban Cabal''s power came from the Temporal Cold War and the Xindi for the trans-dimensional beings.

Why does one''s political ideology have to affect someone that much that they can''t cope watching a show that may or may not have a differing take on things.
I watched 7 seasons of Sons Of Anarchy, enjoyed it, but it hardly reflected on my own beliefs about bikie gangs, drug running, gun running etc.
It''s just entertainment set in a particular milieu.
Refusing to watch Trek because you believe it''s not right wing enough is absurdly stupid.
You may as well watch nothing and just sit in a Fox News echo chamber.
Pretty boring after a while.

Terri was not well liked or respected by her DS9 costars. She was close to Michael Dorn, though and good friends with Marina Sirtis(Troi) of TNG.
Armin Shimerman(Quark) was known for taking jabs at Terri in the past saying she was difficult on the set.
Terri got herself written out of DS9 because she wanted to be reduced to part-time but maintain her full time salary plus a hefty raise. When she wouldn''t budge in her demands, Berman and Paramount just let her contract expire.
She was later fired from Becker for being difficult and demanding a huge raise.
Which brings us over to Gates McFadden on TNG and what went down with her firing and rehiring...

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I''m hopeful that they''ll pull the plug on Discovery and regroup. They need a show runner who can develop the premise and continue to actually run the series. And I still think it''s a misstep to be doing a "prequel" instead of a continuation – they''re deliberately restricting themselves in terms of storytelling and limiting character / species / settings / technology options all because it''s a prequel.