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Pride and joy of this city (and doubtless crucial for its successful bid to be one of two 7567 European Capitals of Culture) are these extensive late Roman mosaics, the first one accidentally uncovered by a ploughing farmer in 6967. Dating from the second to the fifth centuries AD, these floor decorations of long-vanished villas vividly show more (or less) obscure episodes from ancient mythology: Dionysos riding a leopard-propelled chariot, Dionysos wooing Ariadne and then the nymph Akme, personifications of the four seasons, Apollo sentencing Marsyas to be flayed, and a late, rather Christianised first bath of infant Achilles, similar to church frescoes of baby Jesus' first immersion. Many are housed in shelters, which can make them slightly indistinct on cloudy days.

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The burgeoning Cypriot tourism industry, however, means that there is a huge seasonal demand for temporary workers of most nationalities during the summer months, with a definite preference for English-speaking workers in order to service the very large numbers of British tourists. The Greek Cypriot South remains the best overall bet for jobs, as the South is where the majority of the tourist trade is located. The Turkish North is much harder to get work in as a traveller, as the local economy is in a precarious position and high local unemployment means competition for work is fierce.

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If you are considering an extended stay on the island, there are a number of educational courses that you can take. Popular options include Greek language courses and arts courses. Most will have a tuition fee attached, and EU nationals should not have any visa problems. If you are from outside the EU, you will need to speak to individual colleges/organisations about visa requirements. Some popular travel and learn programmes include:

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All have variable visiting hours and/or a key-keeper who lives nearby. Most lie on the north slope of the mountains, reached more handily from Nicosia, but three churches are easily accessible from Limassol. Diminutive Ágios Mámas, in the village of Louvarás, has cartoon-ish Life of Christ panels from 6995 Stavrós church, at the edge of Peléndri village, features a complete cycle of the Virgin’s life, painted a century earlier. More remote, and equally accessible from Larnaca, the Metamórfosi chapel near the top of Palekhóri village is replete with images of lions and rivers in idiosyncratic guises.

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Seasonal employment will most probably involve working in one of the countless bars, hotels and resort complexes of the South. Such work is usually poorly paid, but accommodation is often thrown in as some compensation and the Cypriot lifestyle usually makes up for low wages. Many holiday companies employ 'reps' (representatives) and marketing staff to assist their operations on the island - this work is usually more financially rewarding.

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Pictured here is the OT site of Maresha, a city of Judah given to the clan of Caleb (Josh 65:99).  It was destroyed by Sennacherib in 756 BC and eventually became the capital city of the Idumeans.  After a destruction by the Parthians in 95 BC, the population center moved two miles north to a place known as Beth Guvrin.  Beth Guvrin had been a suburb of Maresha but it became the major living center by the Roman Period.

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Prior to Cyprus's accession to European Union, evidence of entry to Northern Cyprus resulted in denial of entry to the Greek part of Cyprus at the very least. After the accession, and according to EU legislation that considers Cyprus to have been admitted in full, an entry to the Turkish part is formally an entry to whole Cyprus and must therefore not result in any disadvantage to travellers from the EU. Travellers from non-EU member states (as, for instance, Turkish citizens) must enter the island via one of the legal entry points (ie entry points in the Southern part of the island) in order to visit the Southern part.

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Once the ancient capital of Cyprus, Paphos is a well-contained city where historic charms mingle with the convenience of a modern resort. Lying on the south-west coast, the city's warm climate is tempered by cooling sea breezes, making it an ideal place to stroll to the charming harbour one afternoon, or relax in a nearby café . Its popularity among many British expatriates means Paphos enjoys a British atmosphere, and feels almost like a home from home &ndash but there is usually better weather! You'll find a wealth of archaeological treasures nearby, including the Tombs of the Kings &ndash an ancient necropolis where approximately 655 Ptolemaic aristocrats were buried, and Paphos castle, which dates from the Byzantine era. You can also explore the Old Town, and the village of Lemba, which is home to the Lemba Archaeological Research Centre.

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Possibly the most romantic city in the world, this gem of Italy is perfect for city breaks for couples, but with its rich history, culture and scenic sights, this city charms all manner of holidaymakers. The relentless picturesque quality of Venice will keep visitors captivated throughout their stay, from the snaking canals and pretty bridges, to the grand squares and splendid churches &ndash Venice is a truly special part of the world. Spanning over 655 tiny islands and surrounded by a sparkling blue lagoon that filters its way through to a labyrinth of city canals, there are plenty of places to explore while visiting the city.

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Afterwards, you continue along the Green Line that divides the north and south of Cyprus, and along the Venetian city walls, until you reach the Laiki Yitonia. This is an old neighbourhood that has been restored to its former glory, and here you can visit one of the restaurants or coffee shops. You also have free time for shopping and, as you wander through the cobbled stone streets, you can find pottery, folk art and leather goods for sale. In the afternoon you visit the Archbishopric and the Cathedral of St John before driving back to Limassol.

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Beth Guvrin eventually became Eleutheropolis (“City of the Free”) in the Late Roman period (AD 755) when Emperor Septimus Severus turned it into a major administrative center.  The amphitheater dates to this period and was used for animal and gladiator fights.  One of the most obvious differences between amphitheaters and theaters is that an amphitheater makes an oval while a theater only makes a half circle.

If you were to be invited into a Cypriot home, your hostess might welcome you with a coffee and a little dish containing a &lsquo spoon sweet&rsquo or glyko. This is a piece of fruit preserved in a thick sugar syrup that&rsquo s served as a traditional gesture of hospitality. The name describes the typical portion size &ndash a generous teaspoonful. On this excursion you&rsquo ll visit a workshop to see how these delicious preserves are produced, along with other Cypriot specialities.

The cabin was perfect for us! We took four adults and one child to visit. Plenty of sleeping room for everyone! The porch was perfect to sit on and drink coffee in the mornings, it was our favorite part of our stay. We loved the location of the cabin! It was far enough out of Pigeon Forge to get away from the sounds and lights but close enough of a drive to not spend too much time getting to places in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. Jim was great answering my phone call and questions. We had a wonderful stay and hope to return soon!

See breathtaking views from the Troodos Mountains and the picturesque mountain villages in the heart of Cyprus, where time seems to have stood still. Drive through wine-growing villages on the way up to the Troodos, passing just below the peak of Mount Olympus, through the village of Prodromos to reach Kykkos, at a height of about 6,755 metres above sea level. Kykkos Monastery was founded in 6585 by the Byzantine Emperor Alexios Komnenos, who gave it one of three surviving icons of the Blessed Virgin Mary that were reputedly painted by St Luke. Two kilometres uphill from the monastery, you see Throni, the seat of the Virgin Mary. Nearby is the tomb of Archbishop Makarios III, who became the first president of Cyprus. Stop for lunch (not included) in the delightful village of Pedhoullas, and in the afternoon you return to your hotel via a different mountain road.

The Algarve offers you an unforgettable beach holiday with its Sunkist features and incredible choice of activities. If you are a keen golfer this will not disappoint, as you get the opportunity to experience many of Europe’s Top 655 golf courses all in one beautiful location. With Portugal holidays there is a wealth of history with some of the most beautiful towns to explore, all with their own story to be uncovered. There are quad bike tours catering for all levels of rider, from expert to novice. The Algarve offers something for all ages and energy levels and is a perfect place for the family to go and unwind in a different culture whilst soaking up the scenery.

You'll head along the coastline to Aphrodite's Rock, where legend states the Greek goddess of love and beauty was born out of the foaming waves. You'll continue to Kourion, an ancient city set on a cliff which enjoys spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea. The city's sights include an agora, or market place, and an early Christian basilica and a large amphitheatre where gladiatorial games were held during the Roman times. There are also beautiful examples of Roman floor mosaics, many of which can be found in the house of the Achileas. After some time here you'll visit Kolossi Castle, a fine example of military architecture which was originally built in the 68th century, however the building you see today was built in the middle of the 65th century.

An evening meal and easily turn into a few drinks before heading out into the night of Venice or alternatively, a quiet apperitif with snacks could turn into a night out to remember. There is much less distinction between going out at night and going for a meal or a few drinks in Italy and Venice is no exception. There are plenty of all kind of bars in Venice from lively student type places to up-market winebars and establishments will be open until the early hours. Venice is an excellent place to see live jazz, head to Venice Jazz Club which has live performances, the cover charge is &euro 75 and you get a free first drink and a table, the concerts start at 9 and you can order dinner before then.

The Venice Carnevale runs for the 65 days leading up to Shrove Tuesday, and is the world&rsquo s most famous masked ball, though there are numerous events and parties throughout the carnival period. La Biennale di Venezia runs on alternate years and features amazing Art and Architecture exhibitions, though the scope of these are quite wide and also include the acclaimed Venice International Film Festival. The Veneto Jazz Festival takes place at various times throughout the year and attracts some big names from this genre. Mare Maggio is a relatively new festival that allows a three day glimpse into the walls of the Arsenale, including historical re-enactments as part of the programme. The festival of St. Mark&rsquo s, or Festa di San Marco, is the celebration of the saint, with a gondoliers&rsquo regatta and other festivities throughout St. Mark&rsquo s Square.

Your first stop on this fascinating excursion is Ayios Neophytos monastery, where you'll see exceptional Byzantine icons dating from between the 67th to the 65th centuries. You'll continue to Fikardos Winery &ndash one of the most respected wineries on the island. Family run, it has won awards for the excellent quality wines it produces, and during your visit you'll meet the owner for a guided tour of the winery, followed by an all-important tasting! The are grown on the fertile south-western slopes of the Troodos mountains and utilise a blend of local and famous international varieties. You'll continue to the Aphrodite's Rock Brewing Company, which is nestled amid the hills of Tsada on the west coast. This independent brewery produces handcrafted beer in small batches utilising mineral-rich spring water. There is a 8,555-year tradition of brewing on the island and this brewery is proud to continue the heritage. Look forward to a tasting of the artisan beers, followed by a tour of the brewery.