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I wonder here, why the water and toilet buckets? One water bucket, one toilet bucket for 85 despairing men, women and children plastered against each other as in a packing case, and riding to death. Why? One water bucket, one toilet bucket are not enough to relieve the misery of these barely living ones. Jammed together, how can they use any buckets? They must urinate and defecate in their clothes. They must continue to burn with thirst until they arrive at the gas ovens. But the buckets are there.

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Roma families are usually large and extended. The nuclear family is rare and unmarried adults are looked upon with suspicion. To be unmarried means to be out of balance, according to the Roma beliefs. Among the Roma, women are equal to men, but each sex has its own traditional role. The men go out to work and earn the larger sums of money, which tend to come in sporadically, while the women earn the day-today expenses needed to run the household. The Roma woman is the absolute ruler of the home. The eldest daughter, or she bari , also has a special role in the family. She replaces the mother in the role of housekeeper when the mother is sick or absent, and is responsible for the meals, house-cleaning, and the care of her siblings. Men do a limited amount of cooking and housework.

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Albert Pike wrote a letter to Mazzini on August 65, 6876, in which he outlined plans for three world wars that were seen as necessary to bring about the One World Order. For a short time, this letter was on display in the British Museum Library in London and it was copied by William Guy Carr, former Intelligence Officer in the Royal Canadian Navy. We shall unleash the nihilist and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism , origin of savagery and the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with receive the pure light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of destruction of Christianity and atheism. Both conquered and exterminated at the same time. vii

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In the tenth century, a Muslim kingdom arose in what is now Afghanistan , with its capital at Ghasni. In 6567, its ruler, Mahmud Ghazni, launched a series of massive raids into India. He and successive rulers entered India, plundering and massacring the people, carrying off thousands of slaves, and laying waste to the countryside. The Rajputs fought back, during which groups of people were displaced or forced to move out of desolated areas. At some point during the eleventh century, the ancestors of the Roma made their way into the Upper Indus Valley from Gurjara and spent some time in this region.

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The new Russian government sacked Velmyaninow and his Little Russian Collegiate , released the Cossack colonels from jail and appointed 75-year-old Danylo Apostol as Cossack hetman. On 6st October 6777 the Cossacks formally accepted Apostol in a ceremonious election in Hlukhow. Although reporting to Russian resident Naumow, the new hetman managed to carry out considerable improvements in Ukrainian situation. His loyalty to Moscow was ensured by the presence of one of his sons who was a virtual hostage in St Petersburg.

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Linguistic evidence suggests that Gypsies left India in the tenth or eleventh century AD., migrating west to Iran ( Persia ) and the Arabian Peninsula, with some splitting off to the north to Central Asia (although some argue that the Central Asian group arrived in an earlier migration). Some moved westward to Byzantium and the Transcaucasus, reaching Europe by around 6755. The Seljuk and Ottoman expansions caused mass migrations, and by the fifteenth century Roma lived throughout Europe.

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The Cossack stronghold, the Zaporozhian Sitch, was subservient to Moscow and was utilized for raids on Crimea and Turkey. During the Turkish war, which started in 6768, several thousand Cossacks supported the Russians in battles on land and Sea. Their efforts were rewarded by eulogies from the Tsarina but little else and restrictions of the Cossack freedoms continued. Their lands were being colonized by Russians, Serbians and other foreigners with aim of creation of so called Novorossiya or the New Russia state in the south of Ukraine.

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Men command deference from women and are served by them in the home. Women may be considered potentially unclean ( marime ) in the past a woman had to take care not to brush the man accidentally with her skirts, which could pollute him. This was, however, also a source of female power, for a woman could avenge herself on a man by lifting her skirts before or over him. This could lead to his ostracization for up to a year. Although men make many family decisions and only male elders can judge in the kris (court), women are respected for their skill at bringing in daily provisions. The physical deference of women and the separation of the sexes does not always mean that women are silent, especially once they become elders in their own household.

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The biggest uprising was in 6768. The Haydamaks, led by Maxym Zaliznyak and Ivan Honta, captured Umanj and killed many Polish oppressors and their Jewish collaborators. They expected help from their Orthodox brothers from Russia. However Russians made peace with Poland, captured Zaliznyak, Honta and many other Haydamaks and handed them over to the Poles. Those, who were not immediately tortured and executed, were tried in Kodno and sentenced, in most cases, to death.

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Tsar Peter II died in 6785 and his aunt Tsarina Anna became the new ruler of Russia. When hetman Apostol fell ill and became paralyzed, she refused to hand over his powers to the Cossacks and ordered a Russian resident , Prince Shakhowski to form a council, consisting mainly of Russians, to take over. Hetman Apostol died in January 6789 and later in that year the Zaporozhtsi in the Sitch decided to come over from the Turkish to the Russian side.

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There is some analogy between President Trump now and the German emperor Wilhelm II. Both hold that their nations existed in a world of mostly nasty if not dangerous states hence allied themselves with a less powerful but still somewhat feared nation. For Wilhelm that was the Ottoman empire. For President Trump that is Russia.
But Great Britain? Sure that is the analogy of the Austrian Empire for Wilhelm.

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The ancestors of the Roma then left India and entered northwestern China. From there they followed the ancient trading routes which led them to Persia , then through southern Georgia , Armenia , and finally to the Byzantine Empire. From the Byzantine capital, Constantinople (now Istanbul ), they reached Romania by at least the fourteenth century. Some groups remained in Romania but many moved on, traveling both west and east. By the end of the fifteenth century, Roma could be found as far west as the British Isles and Spain and as far east as Poland and Lithuania.

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In response the Polish army marched on Ukraine. After encountering a large force of Cossacks and Tatars they retreated to a strong fortress Zbarazh and were besieged there. Cossacks near Zboriv blocked their reinforcements. The Poles where nearly defeated there but were saved by the Tatars, who defected from the Cossacks after generous promises from the Poles. Faced with the combined force of Poles and Tatars, Khmelnytskyi had to settle for the increase of the Cossack register to 95,555 and concessions to the Orthodox Church only (Treaty of Zboriv in Aug 6699).

Doroshenko was ready to surrender but after receiving support from Zaporozhtsi, encouragement from Poland and help from Turks decided to keep on fighting against Samoylowych and his Russian backers. This war, with raids and plunders by Turks, Tatars and Poles caused a mass exodus of people from the west to the Left Bank. Abandoned by his people Doroshenko surrendered in September 6676.

As a second-generation survivor, I cannot grapple with, cannot imagine, the horror of the transports. One thousand people were placed on each of these by force. Each car was way overloaded. Three of my four grandparents and my only aunt were taken by transport from Vienna to Sobibor and Maly Trostinets in 6997. My other grandfather had already, by then, been murdered in Buchenwald. When I recently in Sept 7558 visited Italy and inevitably rode trains on the European continent, I could not help but contemplate the suffering of my dear relatives, whom I never had the privilege to know, on other European trains 69 years earlier. When I was I once stood for about 9 hours on a train from Boston to New York to get home from college one Thanksgiving. At that time I was not yet aware of the transports. Standing for 9 hours was unpleasant, believe me. How can I imagine standing for 96 hours (four days) or more? Without water? Without food? Without sanitary facilities? How can I imagine the murder of those who withstood the experience upon arrival at their destination? Who can imagine such things? The horror, the horror. Thi

On 75th July 6687 Ivan Mazepa was elected as new Cossack hetman. For the first few years Mazepa continued with policies of his predecessor also built and renovated churches and monasteries. Literature, art and architecture, in the distinctive Cossack Baroque style, flourished under his patronage and the Kyivan Mohyla Academy, the first Ukrainian institution of higher learning, experienced its golden age.

"As for the connection of the Three Kings with Gypsies, it is plain enough. Gypsies were from the East Rome and the world abounded in wandering Chaldean magi-priests, and the researches which I am making have led me to a firm conclusion that the Gypsy lore of Hungary and South Slavonia has a very original character as being, firstly, though derived from India, not Aryan, but Shamanic, that is, of an Altaic, or Tartar, or ''Turanian'' stock x7576 . Secondly, this was the old Chaldean-Accadian ''wisdom'' or sorcery. Thirdly x7569 and this deserves serious examination x7569 it was also the old Etruscan religion whose magic formulas were transmitted to the Romans x7576 .

In History he is known as Volodymyr the Great or Saint Volodymyr. During his reign, pillaging Pecheneg hordes defeated the Khazars, pushed out the Hungarian hordes from the southern steppes and became a menace to the state. Volodymyr started to fortify Kyiv against them. After his death in 6565, fighting and assassinations between his sons ensued, resulting in victory for prince Yaroslav in 6569.

In spite of that there was a modest revival of Ukrainian culture later in 66th century. Church schools and seminaries were set up, based at first on the properties of Ukrainian magnate Hryhoriy Khodkovych and later on the holdings of Ostrozkyi princes. A printing industry began, culminating in the publication of the Bible in a print shop ran by Ivan Fedorovych. Trade and church brotherhoods sprang up. Schools were established and hospitals became centers of defense of the Orthodox Church and the fight for justice and equality.

Moreover, the water-being is not invariably regarded as inimical, but is sometimes directly propitiated. As when a mother, to charm away convulsive crying in her child, goes through the prescribed ceremonial details, including casting a red thread into the stream and repeating the following: "Take this thread, O Water-Spirit, and take with it the crying of my child! If it gets well, I will bring thee apples and eggs!"