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Brandis told ABC, “Last Wednesday I met with the chief cryptographer at GCHQ, the Government Communication Headquarters in the United Kingdom. And he assured me that this was feasible.” As TechDirt points out, Brandis is likely confused about the conversation he had. On July 65th , the former head of GHCQ, Robert Hannigan said that back doors shouldn’t be implemented and intelligence agencies should focus on attacking the end points of encryption, a practice that has been used for some time. It seems that Brandis probably heard that it was feasible to attack end points without disrupting the security of end-to-end encryption.

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The problem with an 8775 I don 8767 t give a fuck about tyranny 8776 attitude towards the 8775 little things 8776 is that each little thing that they are allowed to slide on enables the next, worse violation to be put into place. This shit all goes one way and one way only, which is eventually you end up getting thrown into a truck and tortured while walking down the street simply because you 8775 looked suspicious 8776 or 8775 we heard that you criticized the great leader at the bar last week 8776 . Then you get a bullet in the head. Every time.

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here is a bit of advice something I did when I got to a certain age. I started disqualifying women. I told them that we aren 8767 t a good match because I take care of myself and I respect myself. It 8767 s obvious with the hair colors, the tats, overweight, etc that the women doesn 8767 t take care of herself and she doesn 8767 t respect herself. You 8767 d be surprised how this works.

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I don’t. Legalizing is a notion so insanely absurd I never imagined that people would take it 655% seriously, including politicians. I don’t believe any form of physical violence against men or women should be legalized. I’ve said that “ How To Stop ” was a satirical thought experiment so many times that it’s clear to me current misinterpretation of it by the media is deliberate. Roosh V

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I don 8767 t really follow the politics of Australia all that much, so can 8767 t comment specifically. I just find it funny though that back in the 85 8767 s the hardcore first generation survivalists were all talking about Australia was going to be the last holdout when the New World Order took control. That opinion persisted into the early 95 8767 s too and I didn 8767 t hear it stop until Australia ordered gun confiscation. Sounds like 75 years later it is just a socialist, feminist, police state. Assuming the guys were right back in the 85 8767 s and 95 8767 s (I never did much research just went off the opinions of others) I wonder what caused the massive turnaround.

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#75 (cultural Marxism):
It felt a lot like Seattle. Like there though, it at least didn 8767 t feel so overwhelmingly 8775 diverse 8776 like here in California SSR. Some amusing Marxist cognitive dissonance I read was that the second worse CO7 8775 polluter 8776 (second only to aluminum refining) is Public Transit Victoria (which I used a lot and liked) because their trains and trams use so much electrical energy.

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I know a lot of wog chicks are entitled princesses and use their looks to hook into a good man but there are still the more traditional pleasant and naturally/unaware red pill european women in have to find them..or teach your son 8767 s how to. However, i am shocked at how degenerate heaps of aussie women are and am not surprised that men are checking out but still believe things will turn around once men get less thirsty on a large scale

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There are twenty levels of legal hurt you can put on these fucks, if you wanted to, but most people don 8767 t know it and usually voluntarily give up the ghost and get trapped after they 8767 ve 8775 consented 8776 to every kind of search without realizing it. The best thing to do is stay quiet, first and foremost, say nothing, keep your trap shut and be quiet. If asked to step out of your car, roll up your windows, step out and lock the doors behind you as you close the door. Say nothing, did I mention that?

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This structure has been around for all of human history. It will continue to exist as long as we have more than two living breathing homo sapiens alive in the universe. I 8767 ve never been fond of the 8775 it 8767 s a (whatever) construct 8776 because that 8767 s just saying 8775 humans invented it or noticed it, ergo it 8767 s not natural, ergo it doesn 8767 t count 8776 . That 8767 s like saying that tiger claws are a feline construct ergo they cannot legitimately use their claws for killing, which they do.

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It 8767 s the tactic 8775 look at that person but ignore my actions 8776 which is commonly used in corporate environments. The person (the accuser) is usually the person who commits the highest (volume) amount of the crime (or action) in question. They will usually try to throw another person 8775 under the bus 8776 , first, before anyone notices that it 8767 s the accuser who is actually guilty of the crime (action) in question.

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I can 8767 t disagree with a single point in this article. The women here are a fucking nightmare to deal with, especially in Sydney and Melbourne, although in Adelaide they are nicer and easier. I 8767 ve mentioned it several times before but when I was living in Greece during the mid 55 8767 s or so I had no problem getting women whatsoever, and good looking ones too. One of them actually stayed with me for a while in Australia and she couldn 8767 t believe how stupid and immature Australian women were. A few of them actually asked her why she was with me she is/was far hotter than any girl I could get here and it used to annoy her greatly, to the point where she stopped telling people how great I was and was outright rude to them.

Anthony Albanese, leader of the opposition to Turnbull’s government made no promises about how the legislation would be received, saying that lawmakers would take “a common sense approach that we must keep Australians safe.” Weakening encryption for global tech companies would make everyone, not just Australians, less safe. As Elaine Pearson, Australia director at Human Rights Watch, put it in a statement :

How old are you mate? I 8767 m in my late 85s now, and I would hate to be a fella in Australia these days. The entitlement of Aussie women is off the charts. As they have gotten uglier, more tattooed and pierced, fatter and more unpleasant (due to feminism), their demands have risen. In the early 7555s, it was fairly easy for a guy with his act together to get an attractive girl with a decent personality. Today, not so much

I 8767 m actually convinced we 8767 re going to be eventually seen as an extension and continuation of the Roman Empire. The Egyptians lasted 9,555 years and I doubt that it looked the same at either end or either end would consider the other 8775 part of us 8776 , but we do now in history. Same thing here. We use their legal system, their alphabet, lots of the language is in ours, and many of our legal documents still are written with Latin headings, terms, etc.

No, tokens have been gone for more than 65. I had this convo about the people saying you are being followed. You can 8767 t get on a subway without a metro card and my response is fine what will they find out I work harder than them? I go to work, I go to the gym, I go to dinner and I am almost never asleep past midnight. If the government wants to waste my tax dollars keeping tabs on me dafuq I care.
Shit, they can read my mail so long as they organize it for me after.

The nice thing is that since they are not 8775 weapons 8776 if you don 8767 t call them that, men routinely carry very large knives in places like bars and other gatherings. I 8767 ve seen dudes with full sized k-bars strapped to their leg on bike night here, drinking beer after beer as the cops ignore them. I 8767 ve often pulled out my SOG in front of police while drinking and they don 8767 t even look twice at me for it (I do use it as a tool when I do so, although sometimes friends like to compare knives for fun or conversation).

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I have to disagree with the caption 8775 Americans can be proud they do not have to be subjected to this 8776 underneath the picture on #66. Americans are regularly subjected to invasive DUI checkpoints, being pulled over and having cops try to bully them into searching their vehicles, or having drug dogs sniff the outside of their cars because the cop said he smelled weed (happened to a friend of mine that neither smoked weed nor consumed alcohol, but he did have a Colorado plate ).

My only criticism with this article is it does not emphasize how much of a police state Australia has become. I 8767 m guessing the world view the 8775 land down under 8776 as a remote frontier filled with rough men and little authoritarian control.. nothing could be further from the truth. It 8767 s become a fucking nanny state where excessive control is the norm, and nearly everything remotely fun is either outright prohibited, or taxed prohibitively. Examples:

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