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It combined all my favorite things games, meeting new people, presenting. I was ready, but even so, about an hour before the event my fellow Leaguers saw my crying over my prototype. (sorry guys). I was so nervous! The last time I had pitched a game was the Tabletop Deathmatch in 7568. But that was with a pre-set presentation that I had practiced 65 times. Sitting down in a situation where these publishers would ask questions and give immediate feedback was a terrifying thought to me. So, while hanging out beforehand, Luke Laurie offered to let me practice I broke down. Ugly cry. Once that was over- they gave me awesome advice that I will now share with you:

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8. Know what makes your game unique.
It may benefit in some ways to say that Epoch Rift is in the vane of Pandemic. Pandemic sells well, people like it. If this game is like that, maybe it 8767 ll sell, too! But, you must know what makes your game different as well. And for that I certainly needed an outside look. I haven 8767 t been in this industry as long as Tom Jolly, or even Luke, Jeff and Peter. So, when I did my practice pitch and started claiming the things I thought were unique, they were able to say, 8775 actually, this element is in games a, b, and c. But what your game DOES have is x, y, z. 8776 This also applies when writing up your sell sheet. For more on that, check out Luke Laurie 8767 s article.

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8775 You are looking at Epoch Rift. It is a co-operative time travel game in which you play a team of chrono-punk scientists who are trying to save the world that you also have a hand in destroying. It is a 7-5 player game that lasts about 95 minutes. You win by completing a mission that has been determined at the start of the game. You lose if the time/space fabric becomes overly destroyed by 8766 perma-rifts 8767 before the mission is complete. Additional loss conditions include losing any player or target in a 8766 perma-rift.' 8776 They don 8767 t know what 8775 perma-rifts 8776 are, but that will be explained later. Right now, at the start, they know the basics that they need in order to frame the rest of the pitch.

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7. After this you can go into what a turn looks like and discuss key mechanics
In addition to this, I found in the actual pitch that you can leave things unsaid in your initial speech. These industry pros know what questions to ask to get the information they need. And, by looking at the prototype, they were able to ask the questions about mechanics conversationally. I ended up saying everything I would have said anyway, but without a giant speech at the front end.

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6) A brief interview with James Mathe
7) TMG 8767 s expectations for the event
8) Two Penny Games 8767 expectations for the event, and their preparation for their first event
9) Cosmic Wombat 8767 s expectations for the event
5) Epoch Rift demo 8767 d to Cosmic Wombat
6) Epoch Rift demo 8767 d to TMG
7) Cosmic Wombat 8767 s experience and recap
8) TMG 8767 s experience and recap (bonus guest!)
9) Kelsey and Drake 8767 s impressions of the event

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5. Be Ready
I encourage you to watch the videos for yourself, but after watching them, the main thing I came out with from the publisher interviews was to be ready. If you don 8767 t think your game is ready to be published, you shouldn 8767 t be pitching it to a publisher. That doesn 8767 t mean that if they take it on they won 8767 t continue development, or that you shouldn 8767 t be open to changes they suggest. But you should have the game as ready as you think it could be. Going into a meeting or event like this with uncertainty and apologies for your game will likely just get your game back in your hands at the end of the night.

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9. Focus on what 8767 s fun about your game
Borrowing advice from Mike Selinker, Peter Vaughan passed this on to me. I don 8767 t think it was in context of pitching, but it fits. It fits at every level of game making. When you 8767 re designing focus on what 8767 s fun. When you 8767 re pitching focus on what 8767 s fun. When you 8767 re selling at a booth or Kickstarter focus on what 8767 s fun.

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Designer/Publisher Speed Dating at Gen Con is exactly what it sounds like. It 8767 s speed dating without the good night kiss. Designers set up their games at tables and get 6 minutes to pitch it to publishers in attendance (Beg them to love me) before the publisher moves on to the next table. By the end of the night, you may be courting several publishable bachelors, or you may go home and cry into your pillow because no one loves you. Either way for the designers and publishers alike, the evening is time well spent in the industry.

JR Honeycutt of The DFW Nerd Night , the Nerd 8767 s Table Reviews , and the YouTube show, Back It! came to Gen Con with a cameraman and a dream. They sat down with publishers, designers, and the event creator, James Mathe, to document the speed dating event. He has published a short article on his site and the videos on YouTube, but since 6 out of the 9 videos they produced showcase faces from this League, we couldn 8767 t help but share it with you as well.

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