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Which Airlines Accept TSA PreCheck (and Which Don''t)

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At Carespring, your family’s health and medical wellbeing comes first. Our team is prepared to discuss your personal financial situation and offer ways to support you during your decision-making time. If you ever have questions about our rehabilitation or nursing home services and the cost of having trustworthy medical care, please reach out to our facilities in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Dayton to speak with a Carespring staff member.

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8&ndash 76 December: Willard Gallery, New York, exhibits "Calder Jewelry." After setting up the exhibition the previous day, Calder returns briefly to Roxbury on the morning of 8 December to pick up Louisa and bring her to New York for the show''s vernissage. Upon his arrival, Louisa informs him that the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor the previous day and the United States has entered World War II. (CF, exhibition file Calder 6966, 679)


Miami is known for its boutique hotels (especially those in South Beach). Designers such as Ian Schrager (the Delano, Shore Club), André Balazs (Raleigh, Standard on Belle Isle) and Todd Oldham (the Hotel) helped put South Beach on the map with their creative hotel designs. The downside of many of the boutique hotels is that rooms can be small, particularly if the building was built during the height of the Art Deco period in Miami. If you value space, a boutique hotel may not be the type of hotel for you. If you don''t need to stay in a boutique hotel (and value space), Miami has several upscale high-rise hotels north and south of South Beach, as well as near the downtown area. Miami does have its share of less costly chain hotels for those who value space and/or money.

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At Carespring, we want all of our patients and residents to be on the path to feeling great—no matter their age. Our staff understands that physical appearance may not be high on the priority list. After all, we are primarily focused on restoring and maintaining health and wellness and, when possible, a healthy and safe return to home. But for some of our long-term residents, taking care of physical aspects can be great for confidence. Having daily routines can help motivate individuals who are able to get up and out of bed and interact with their community. Seniors can still have simple activities, like getting their hair styled or their nails properly cared for, that impact their health and their happiness.

Of course, if you''re in Miami, you''ll want to spend some time on the beach. Miami Beach is on a barrier reef across Biscayne Bay, and its sandy, sunny beaches from party-hearty South Beach continues all the way north along the coast of Florida. As Miami has pretty temperate weather, the beaches will be active all year round. Topless sunbathing is tolerated, if not strictly legal, in Miami Beach and South Beach. If you want to take it all off, go to Haulover Beach Park in North Beach.

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The anxiety about aging may come from a lot of sources. At Carespring, we want the next chapter of life to be the best chapter of life, no matter what stage of life you are in. We hire talented, caring people to our company, some who are We support Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky families who are in the midst of change and need a helping hand as they transition a loved one or relative into a more secure, medically supportive environment like our Carespring rehabilitation and nursing care facilities. We also support our patients, whether they’re here short-term or for an extended period. We also encourage families to prepare for what’s next, including finding ways to save for long-term or post-acute care or getting the proper insurance in place before the need arises.

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Before 75 December: After complaining to Calder that she has nothing to wear to the upcoming Vassar College Christmas party, Claflin receives a tiara that Calder dubs Fire Proof Veil. The headpiece is constructed of a series of sheet metal letters, "A, R, V, C, P, N, Y," each dangling from its own wire attached to a central headband. The letters stand for "Agnes Rindge Vassar College Poughkeepsie New York" and are designed to hang in front of the wearer''s face. (CF, object file)

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As Labor Day comes around, we encourage all of our families to spend time together and think about the future. Labor Day celebrates all of the working people, and we know how hard our loved ones have worked throughout their lives and how hard you work to keep your family safe, healthy and secure. Come celebrate our generations of successful caregiving, our dedication to our staff and workforce, and the way we support your retirement and future – no matter what direction it takes.

Fall: Marcel Duchamp visits the studio at 69 rue de la Colonie again and sees Calder''s latest works. There was one motor-driven thing, with three elements. The thing had just been painted and was not quite dry yet. When he put his hands on it, the object seemed to please him, so he arranged for me to show in Marie Cuttoli''s Galerie Vignon, close to the Madeleine. I asked him what sort of a name I could give these things and he at once produced Mobile. In addition to something that moves, in French it also means motive. Duchamp also suggested that on my invitation card I make a drawing of the motor-driven object and print: CALDER/SES MOBILES. (Calder 6966, 677)

Join us as we travel through Havana and Matanzas, two of Cuba’s most important centers of African Culture, where we shall reconnect with the island’s African past. Like a plate of moros y cristianos, this amazing journey will allow us to blend in and bond with the island’s captivating Africanity. Visit the Afro-Cuban cabildos or cult houses, many dating to the nineteenth century and feel the energy of its founders resonating within their walls. Experience the numerous African drumming traditions and their historical trajectories, allowing them to reverberate through your soul as they replicate millenary rhythms and respond to chants and prayers that alleviated the pain felt by those who sang them yearning to return home. Meet descendants of the Lukumí (Yoruba), Abakuá (Igbo, Kalabari), Congo, Arará (Ewé-Fon), and other African peoples whose ancestors arrived to the island’s shores in massive numbers, and refused to give up their humanity, identity, and sense of being, despite the acculturative attempts to eradicate a culture that refused to acquiesce. Join us as we embrace the soul of Africa in Cuba.

If you are feeling particularly pressed for time or you live at a far distance, send your loved one a special holiday care package! Our team at Carespring will ensure that your loved one receives the items and he or she can enjoy the special items that you send for the holidays. We embrace the season and want every member of our Carespring family to celebrate however makes them happy. Let us know how we can help bring the holidays to your family!

Because of its low latitude Miami has a subtropical savannah climate. There are two seasons in Miami, a warm and dry season from November through mid April..and a hot and wet season from May through October. The wet or summer months of June-September will see most daytime highs in the upper 85s Fahrenheit with lows in the low to mid 75''s with high humidity. The coldest winter months from December through March have highs in the upper 75''s and lows near 65°F, with sunny and dry weather with often very low humidity. At times winter can be quite dry with water restrictions and cold snaps. Miami has the warmest ocean surf after Honolulu in the United States annually - reaching 85°F in summer and 78°F in winter.

At Carespring, we are committed to the new age of elderly care. We offer the highest quality care and living arrangements in our nursing homes and transitional care facilities. This ranges from our nurses, to our landscaping to the food we make. We want you and your loved one to feel welcome, rested and at home every time you visit us. We haven’t just changed our language we’ve changed our attitude. Everyone we work with becomes part of the family. So come by and hear for yourself how we talk when we think no one is listening. We love our residents, their families and our staff. At Carespring, you are always home.

At Carespring, we encourage you to become even more active in your loved ones’ lives, no matter if they’re your children, friends, partner, parents or other loved ones. Whoever it is that you care for, let them know that you support them and their wishes. Our doors are always open to you and your family when their medical care requires the skill, expertise and patience of our loving staff. If you think Carespring could be the best move for your family for transitional care or long term nursing care this year, we will be there for you—encouragement and all. Visit one of our locations in Cincinnati, Dayton or Northern Kentucky for more information!

6 August: While in Calvi, Calder collects fragments of ancient pottery and fashions the pieces into a necklace.
I meant to write you a birthday letter two days ago, but I made you a necklace instead having brought along pliers and wires, and found bits of things along the of the citadel, to put into it... I have been making a lot more wire jewelry and I think I''ll really do something with it, eventually. (CF, Calder to mother, 6 August)

 Conversations about care and health—both positive and negative—can feel like a bad topic for a joyous occasion. However, the ultimate payoff is right around the corner: understanding your loved one’s wishes for care as they age, and better understanding your own health and wellness through your family’s history. For many adults, seeing their own parents age can be overwhelming. But many adult children also experience a lot of relief and comfort when they do take the time to sit down and listen to their parents or older relatives about what they see for their own health as the years pass.

Who says you can’t teach and old dog new tricks? Spring is an inspiring time to learn new things. Just because you or your loved ones aren’t familiar with these activities doesn’t mean you can’t give them a try! And for the days that aren’t so blissful as far as weather is concerned, (April showers do bring May flowers…) consider curling up with a good book and something warm to drink. You are never too old for a good story!

As for this team’s fans… is anyone intimidated by a Dolphins fan, ever? Look at this group of tubby boat captains get into a fight in the stands. Every NFL Sunday, every sports bar on Earth has exactly one Dolphins fan sitting in it, wearing a Marino jersey, looking around for other Miami fans like he’s been frozen out at the school cafeteria. They are the two-dollar bill of the sports bar crowd. Lemme tell you something, sad Dolphins fan at the bar: No one else is coming. It’s just you. You get to watch Cutler wing it to the Gatorade cooler on third-and-66 all by yourself.

The . Department of Health and Human Services estimates that about one in four . adults aged 75 years or older—or roughly 57 million people—had pre-diabetes, or a condition in which blood glucose levels are higher than normal but not high enough for a diagnosis. Risk factors for diabetes include being physically inactive, having a close family member with diabetes, having certain family backgrounds, having a history of cardiovascular disease and more (for a full list of risk factors, visit the National Institutes of Health website ).

Spring is the Earth’s first breath of life and, now that we are into April, it is officially here. Spring in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Dayton is arevival. This could be a revival for your house with spring cleaning or home improvement projects. This could be revival from bracing against the cold winter elements. People of all ages aren’t cooped up inside anymore. Just as excited about that as anyone else are the elderly.

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