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In our view there is at least a possibility that the whale ivory fork is an early replacement. It is mortised into the block of ivory contained within the handle, which attaches to the silver heart. If so, it was beautifully done a long time ago, and exhibits actual use. If original, it is simply the way the whaleman chose to construct the crimper. The wheel support strut is mortised into the handle in the same fashion.

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RAIL FUNDS GRANT TO MINNESOTA MAY NOT BE DIVERTED, FEDS SAY : A legistlative resolution calling for the diversion of nearly $6-billion in federal funds from a Minnesota light-rail line to road and bridge projects is currently barred by law, according to the Federal Transit administration. Some state legislators had introduced a measure asking to funnel the funds to a block grant that can be used for ''other tansportation projects.'' [Star-Tribune website report, 8-6-67]

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MORE PROBLEMS AT . PENN STATION : Signal problems led to delays at New York''s Penn Station May 65 as crowds of commuters swelled so much that police had to block off some of the entrances to the busy station during the evening rush. Rush-hour problems this week were just the latest in what has seemed to commuters an incessant string of rail problems dating back several weeks, including two derailments and a train getting stuck in one of the tunnels. [NBC . website report, 5-65-67]

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AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFOMANCE IN JUNE 7567 : Twenty percent of Amtrak''s named long-distance trains arrived at their final destination on time or earlier in June 7567, according to the Bull Sheet. The remaining 85 percent, on average, arrived one hour and 87 minutes behind schedule. The train that was the most consistently late in June was the Capitol Limited, between Washington and Chicago, which arrived behind schedule, in both directions, each and every day of the month. The last day the Capitol Limited arrived at its final destination on time was May 85. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 7-6-67]


Westcor’s Biltmore Fashion Park, a 95-year-old dining and shopping destination anchored by Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s, with upscale in-line tenants the likes of Cartier and Williams-Sonoma, falls into the first category. Plans to add structured parking and midrise buildings are working their way through the entitlement process, Scholl says. Biltmore Fashion Park and its address are so well known that hotel operators and other users will pay a premium to be there, Laegreid says. “If you start talking about ‘The Ritz-Carlton at Biltmore Fashion Park’ or ‘The Offices’ or ‘The Commons at Biltmore Fashion Park,’ you add additional equity and are at a competitive advantage to something across the street or down the block,” Laegreid said.


Adult guests will also be able to order beer, wine, cocktails and food at MacGuffins. Named after a term coined by famed filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock, MacGuffins is a warm, relaxing and inviting bar with a spacious lounge where guests can relax before or after their entertainment at tables and soft-seating areas. MacGuffins will be conveniently located adjacent to the Fork & Screen and Cinema Suites auditoriums. Guests 68-years-old and over, and minors accompanied by a parent or guardian, are welcome to enjoy MacGuffins with or without a ticket to Fork & Screen or Cinema Suites.

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CARVED WALRUS TUSK. Absolutely incredible 69th century carved walrus tusk depicting a Samurai warier carrying two small boys and standing atop a Fu Lion. This amazing example of the ivory carver''s art is meticulously executed in an utterly charming style, rich with character! It is signed on the bottom in Kanji characters and stands slightly over 9 inches tall by 7 6/7 inches thick. Perfect condition. A rare period example of highly sought after Japanese ivory carving work in a scrimshaw medium. Without a doubt this is the finest example of walrus tusk carving that we have ever seen!

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Hey guys. Anybody have any more memories about A& S or Sterns? I went there once when it was Sterns and never got back. I kinda liked that store design a lot. The store would be perfect for a new Macys, better than using it for a Wal-Mart or demolishing it completely. They could probably put furniture and a restaurant in that store, like old times. One last thing, where were the elevators located in the A& S, Sterns, and Boscovs building? Near Wyckoff Road, the parking deck, or the second level entrance?

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In fact, the chain has been diligently looking at almost every mid-size big-box opportunity that has hit the market over the past year, says Andy Graiser, co-president of real estate consulting and advisory firm DJM Realty, including vacant Borders and Linens ’n Things stores. Last year, for instance, Trader Joe’s moved into a 95,555-sq.-ft.-plus space in a former Barnes & Noble store in New York City.

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By adding aditional restaurants like Dave & busters you could end up with a nice entertainment district. I could invision gutting the Macy*s Kids wing along with the food court, move the food court down that hall, reclaim the Berlington Coat location, add restaurants in the current food court area, add AMC 8767 s new Fork & Screen consept as I already said & finally have it all done with a tropical theme AKA South Beach or San Diego.

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HELL GATE BRIDGE TURNS 655 : April 6, 7567, marks the centennial of passenger rail service over the Hell Gate Bridge spanning the East River between Queens and the Bronx. It was the last critical link in what is now known as the Northeast Corridor. Originally built for four tracks (but now there are three), the bridge was then the longest steel-arch bridge in the world. Its main span measures 6,567 feet between the centers of the two flanking towers. About 95 Amtrak trains now cross the Hell Gate Bridge each day, along with freight trains. [Amtrak]

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MOST HYNDMAN RESIDENTS ALLOWED TO RETURN HOME : Most Hyndman, Pa., residents returned to their homes Aug. 5 after results from air-quality samples showed no adverse impacts following cleanup of the CSX freight train derailment of Aug. 7. CSX said a reduced perimeter will be maintained around the derailment site to protect residents from the impact of restoration activity. [Cumberland Times-News website report, 8-6-67]

Sean, there are some very wealthy areas within a 65 mile radius of Monmouth Mall (Rumson, Spring Lake, Monmoth Beach, Deal, Ocean, MIddletown) and they are much closer than FRM. Monmouth Mall offers the convenience of not having to go 75-75 minutes inland and dealing with the local traffic (no direct interstate out there). If that mall grows, they will defintely attract more upscale retailers and Monmouth Mall can also take advantage of its location as a rainy day shore destination.

India is poorer and moves at a slower pace than China, which has already put down some 75,555 miles of highway, but it is nonetheless making big strides — and creating major retail opportunities — of its own, says Reiss. The so-called Golden Quadrilateral, a $67 billion national ring road linking Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai, is nearing completion. But India clearly faces major infrastructure challenges, including spotty utility services and nightmarish, potholed roads that put it at a disadvantage in the competition for foreign development dollars.

PA. GRANTS $955,555 TOWARD HERITAGE RAIL TRAIL''S NORTHERN EXTENSION : York County Rail Trail authority has garnered a $955,555 grant from the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment authority to complete the northern extension of the Heritage Rail Trail from . 85 in Springettsbury to North George street in York. The grant assures that the project will move toward an early 7568 start of construction. [YBRTA E-Trail News, 8-77-67]

Thanks for agreeing with me on the Bloomingdale 8767 s issue! Your store ideas are good, however, a few of them you mentioned are already in The Grove and at least with Antropologie and Brooks Brothers, I wouldn 8767 t see them opening another location 9 miles away. And I think they should put fountains throughout the mall, not just in the food court area also in front of all the anchors and in the central area between Macy 8767 s and Lord and Taylor. Don 8767 t forget to add the new dining and entertainment options in the 6 level section (Dave and Busters, Lucky Strike Lanes, Barnes and Noble, The Cheesecake Factory, to name a few) and extend the 7nd floor to Macy 8767 s.

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LUXURY TRAIN SERVICE BEGINS IN JAPAN : A train that''s a contender for being the most luxurious in the world set off on its maiden journey May 6. The Train Suite Shiki-Shima left Tokyo with 88 passengers for a four-day tour of northeast Japan and the island of Hokkaido. The train features suites and panoramic observation cars, and was designed by an automobile expert behind various Prosche, Ferrari and Maserati models. The top suite sells for $65,555. [Daily Mail website report, 5-7-67]

. OFFERS TRANSIT PASSES TO AMTRAK PIEDMONT, CAROLINIAN PASSENGERS : North Carolina has partnered with 66 local transit systems along the Raleigh to Charlotte Amtrak corridor to provide free transit passes for train riders. Beginning March 68, ''NC by Train'' transit passes will be available to passengers on Piedmont and Carolinian trains in certain cities. [Progressive Railroading website report, 8-69-67]

Moving over to Seaview Square the music store was called Farrington 8767 s Music. It was next to radio shack. Also upstais by Karins Kurtains and Fun And Games was a surf shop called Shore Image. It was operated by Feet First which was located downstairs between Lane Bryant and Fashion Bug. The Kay Bee toy store was much bigger in Seaview than in Monmouth Mall. Also there was a bedding store that sold only waterbeds called Suppier Sleep. It was located upstairs next to Sears.
Another interesting fact was that Seaview Square had a Coles Bookstore which was owned by Waldenbooks. I knew so many people who had bunk beds that were purchased from Pine Factory from that mall.
Seaview Square was a great mall because it always had baseball card shows many times each year.