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Posted: 2017-11-14 19:52

That wheel is leather wrapped and seems to have held up well over the car’s 668,555 miles. The same can’t be said for the center armrest which looks a little grimy. The rest of the interior appears livable, and the beige color makes the deep seating and small greenhouse a little less oppressive. Also, if you like buttons you’ll like this interior since it has more buttons to push than your last ex.


Stepping outside we see… ugh, oh yeah, it’s a Panamera. Everything about these cars is fat and ungainly. At least this one rocks some sweet wheels. Those five spoke parallels give the car’s flanks some much needed bling. Red trim on the badging, superfluous hatch trim, and front finder heat extractors attempt to do likewise, but mostly just remind me of the last time I went fishing. The white paint doesn’t do the car any favors either.


Well, I’m sure you’re asking about that $77,999 price tag. You won’t find as many V6 Panameras out there as V8s, and here we’re seeing a pretty sizable discount owing to the lower cylinder count. Not only that, but you don’t even need a job or a social security number to buy this ride off of Mike, he’s just that willing to make a deal. He also hablas español like a baller if you’re deep into that.