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Seems like at that point she wanted to connect to her but Kenya choose to not speak. I would like to hear her moms side of the story even though I doubt she will publicly discuss it. I do believe her mom doesn 8767 t want to see her but why? Did Kenya neglect her mom first now she doesn 8767 t want anything to do with her? Why was Aunt Lori so pissed at Kenya? Maybe Kenya caused her mother to act that way by making distorting her mom 8767 s name? Idk but since we don 8767 t know the whole story should we really blame her

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Haha yes, wet indeed another reason I stay away from partyers. My mum never gave such sage advice, as a child I was featured in the newspaper with my sister for walking to school, in pouring rain, with nothing but sandals, shorts and a t-shirt 😛 Not an article on parenting lol, but just a cute photo to go with something about the weather. I 8767 m not sure what the neighbors thought but she was still mortified. I found it all quite entertaining of course.

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I don 8767 t think she cares. Who cares about Apollo and him wanting her? I never got that vibe. I don 8767 t she was embarrassed he asked for a divorce either, he was on his way to JAIL! And it 8767 s really not anyone 8767 s business what she decides. She can change her mind, or as other people put it lie. As if you can 8767 t change how you feel. I think people read way too deep into Phaedra. She 8767 s easy to read, you just have to understand her. Most people to busy calling her Fakedra, to really understand the limits she puts on whats shown on TV ! I 8767 m with call me Fakedra, my business is STILL private! She must be fooling me, fooling me is seeing that she don 8767 t care what the public thinks and she feed them what she wants.

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I agree with you completely. Whatever happens in the bedroom is fine, but if it follows you outside, there is a problem. The largest problem is when there is nothing outside the bedroom. I cut off contact from all the people like that in my life some time ago now. I 8767 m trying to focus on the guy who had asked me to move in before. It 8767 s going well, but we 8767 re both very busy and do not see each other as often as we 8767 d like. With a problem like that, I count myself lucky.

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55 Anon, You are right, those are not the kind of people you want to end up with. Just keep yourself out there, somewhat, and talk with people. I 8767 m kind of in the same place, a yr or two never had any complaints about my looks, good jobs along the way. I 8767 ve come to the conclusion that these meetings usually happen when you are least looking for it. Just be ready when it comes along so you can go at it fully. Hope you find what you are looking for.

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Moze Radio and Weasel were in 7568 nominated in the BET Awards but they lost to Ice Prince. In a related development, Zari has been forced out of her bed to rally behind our in-law , Diamond Platnumz and Bebe Cool in the MTV Africa Music awards. Zari s action is as a result of the pressure from Wema Sepetu who has since withdrawn her support from Diamond and channeled it to his rivals.

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The girls then mounted a seach for MC Kats to give them the money or an explanation but he was nowhere to be seen. After a few hours, through his wall, Mc Kats responded to the allegations that he had vanished with the money claiming that he is not a thief When rich men want to play, you give them a game of their worth, and as the person behind the game, I have to be who, when how much that s your business, but you have to be paid.

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The one I met was really nice and everything went well, it was all good, we talk at times still but we live far away from eachother and its always hard to tell whether I should commit or not. We didnt talk about any arrangements and any time I mentioned coming to visit it normally meant me paying to come visit and him paying for dinner Id rather be the one paying for dinner if the other one had to pay for a flight, but thats just me.

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My original thots for long distance SB would be either fly to meet them (now my favourite but with my schedule difficult) or bring them to my city. Basically my plan would have been a lot more generous than what you were offered, ie I would book them a hotel in my city for the duration which I viewed as an easy escape for either of us. I intended (and still intend) to pay both such a hotel and the flight. Seems only fair to me, but I have always done my own thing, and I am so honest most people view it as surprising. And generally I would set the first date as dinner only, just to meet, greet and develop an in person rapport, so any the following days is avoidable for either party.

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Moments later, Zari was released and first on her agenda was to tell off King Lawrence. Man you are g#y, and no am not locked up, stick to being his mushikaje (mukwasi wansawo ) as for me..sili ur business. Let Ivan worry abt me not you. Last I checked he is concerned abt my well being & his sons..luwuba empale mbu lulina say. Kuki, nga ani? Nga otandikidewa...? Lmao , Zari said.

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BlondeiNYC: Yes, it will still take you to the main SA pages when you register the gay page is not a new site, but it does give gay sugar daddies, sugar mamas and sugar babies looking for sugar on the web a clear signal that they are welcome on SA! When you register, whichever settings you choose (., SD seeking SBF (sugar baby female) or SBF seeking SM (sugar mama), or SBM (sugar baby male) seeking SD 588 SM) determine who you can see, and who can see you. If you were to sign-up as a SBM seeking SD, you would be able to arrange with gay SD 8767 s *we allow women or men to register as different genders for this reason*.

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*sigh* Reading is fundamental. Please show me where I said that. Because if I wanted to blame her, then I would 8767 ve said just that. I don 8767 t have to 8775 basically say anything or allude anything or 8775 find a way 8776 to blame anybody. What I said was that in this isolated situation Kenya was not to blame, but to say she is ALWAYSused as the scapegoat just because in this ONE particular situation she was wrongfully blamed is dumb and ignorant.

She asked him to leave only after she didn 8767 t get the reaction she wanted from him he was acting crazy before they got to the house and she still invited him in what I 8767 m saying is if she felt that threatened and he clearly wasn 8767 t listening to his Aunt what make her think he was going to listen to her! She should have called security because that 8767 s what they are there for to SECURE not to save your ass after you pretended to be security. My opinion

Kenya should NOT have pulled Kim 8767 s chair. But I can 8767 t take this naive role Kim is trying to play. From the start of the season it was obvious that Kim didn 8767 t like Kenya. I would respect her more if she just flat out say it then be passive aggressive. Kenya can 8767 t say one word with out Kim turning up her face. Sheree was bringing back info between the ladies this whole season and not once did Kim question her and was like 8775 is that information or instigation 8776 . She agreed with Kandi that Glen was being aggressive but as soon as Kenya opens her mouth all of a sudden Kenya 8767 s poking the hornets nest. Her and her husband was not here for life Twirls On yet her husband acted on wack short films and she started backpeddling at the reunion about her view on Life Twirls On. When Porsha interrupts everyone during the reunion it 8767 s all smiles and giggles from Kim and if Kenya does the same thing it 8767 s a problem. Smdh.

Derek, I 8767 ve met a few friends off of this site, but nothing more. The long distance seems to be a problem, regardless of wealth. People of all shapes and sizes seek convenience. My hands are quite full with school, the guy I 8767 ve been seeing off and on, and real life suitors so I spend very little time on here. And by real life suitors, I mostly mean, turning people down as nicely as possible and hoping no drama results from the situation. Some people think your willing to sleep around simply because you are gay and get angry when you say no. Best of luck to you though. It sounds like you 8767 ve had some bad experiences on here care to share has there been any nice ones at all?

Human beings always and must have a problem with everything. Bitc*_s be like your legs too black. Bleach em. Oh, now your legs too white. Get a tan. Then be like your eyebrows not well done. Oh you have a moustache wax it. Why you wearing fake hair (when they also got weaves on) Oh your nose too big. Get a nose job. Oh, why your forehead like that. Damn, your pic you were so black like charcoal and ugly. Bi-*h you so white now. Why are you bleached? Lmao.

The Polokwane Trailblazers basket ball star attributes the delay to high costs of building materials, running out of money and in the nutshell, he says building has never been easy. I was to complete 9U Apartments by May 7569 but this thing is hard and costly! Between the weather, inflated costs of building materials, running out of money, surpassing the budget, building isn t easy.

Hi I 8767 m a fairly guy looking for a want to have some I like to be serious at 8767 m a good loving have no 8767 m very open minded. And always willing to would like to experience something I 8767 ve never seen I 8767 d love to be with a woman who would be willing to show me what life is you for your .Vern.

Kenya looks like Minnie from Little Women Atlanta.
I agree w/Aunt Lori and it 8767 s not hard to understand why Kenya 8767 s biological mother wants nothing to do with her. I 8767 ll never ride the 8766 blame Kenya for everything 8767 wagon, but Kenya acts like she has the right to do & say any vile thing she wants then hide behind a 8766 we 8767 re supposed to be adults 8767 card to avoid getting popped in her mouth. I don 8767 t condone violence but the world doesn 8767 t work like that and she 8767 s a BITTER childless 95 yr old pitt-faced SPINSTER dating an alien anteater-looking motherfucka that 8767 s 65 yrs


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