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Here 8767 s a rather nice map combining the famously colourful and diagrammatic tube map with Christmas tree lights, to create an infographic, 8775 The London Christmas Map 8776 , showing the Christmassy events happening in London. You can see a full version of the map, including a key and listings for each event and how far it is from the nearest tube station, here on the Marbles website (the map was commissioned by them). Ironically the map doesn 8767 t include the locations of the best London Christmas lights for those, visit Regent Street, Oxford Street and Carnaby Street. I 8767 m sure Old Bond Street 8767 s are also impressive! This is a really nice, clear artistic map which brings me into mind some of the decorative tube maps produced by Max Roberts, particularly his Art Nouveau one. I like particularly the ends of the lines, where the cables unravel to reveal the 8775 plug 8776 at the end of the line. There is also a good balance of lines and adornments, the latter giving the map a suitably Christmassy flavour. Spotted on Reddit. The author is.

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In summer there are about 95,555 pairs of golden plovers nesting on the lonely moors of Britain, but by midwinter there are 955,555 individuals here, most of them birds that have come down from Iceland. They are no longer to be seen on the moors, but are all round the coast on muddy shores and also in flocks inland on pasture land. In summer they have a back of spangled gold and a black stomach, but now they are a duller yellow above and white beneath. The birds in the fields are often accompanied by lapwings and by black-headed gulls that each mark out a plover, like a football player will mark a member of the other team, and watch it carefully, then try to grab any worms it picks up. If the birds in the fields are alarmed and fly up, the lapwings go bumbling off on floppy wings, whereas the golden plovers shoot away in a tightknit, fast-flying flock.

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People from around the world have been sharing pictures of the most epic fails ever caught on camera - and it isn''t just humans who fall victim to misfortune at just the wrong moment. Pictured clockwise from top left: A woman fails to spot the glass in front of her a store offers a very unappetising road kill sandwich a dog managed to get itself caught in garden furniture an equally unfortunate cat got its head stuck in a tiny jar a bride and groom drop their wedding cake before they can even have a slice and the most doting parent would have been disappointed with this version of their baby.

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Video shows Raquel Melo Motta, 89, having an argument with Islay Cristina Pereira de Sousa after the latter tried to run a red light in in the Brazilian city of Macae. The pair are seen getting out of their cars and having a fight, during which Ms Melo Motta is stabbed three times in the chest while her daughter is in the car. She does not appear to immediately realise the danger she is in, and gets into the car to drive away. Seconds later she collapsed at the wheel and died soon after reaching hospital as a result of her injuries.

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This is one of seven London neighborhood maps, each drawn by different artists from the University of the Arts London and recently released by the Walk with Me project. This map, of Dalston and Stoke Newington in north-east London, was drawn by Martina Paukova. We like the distinctive shade of blue used for the map itself, with some blocks shaded in a darker blue, speckled grey, pink or yellow to provide contrast. Parks appear in purple, with very rounded corners, to contrast with the angular street network. Various animals, people and large houses are colourfully scattered throughout the map. Cats playing with balls, round blue trees, smiling post-boxes and other whimsical adornments and interest to the map. A small amount of road and park labels adds utility to the map without distracting from the visual impact. You can buy a print of the artwork on the Walk with Me website. Via LakesClaire, Stanfords and.

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She was a carefree traveller who documented her jet-setting life on Instagram before plunging from a window ''while taking a photo''. It was a shocking end to the life of Toni Kelly - a gorgeous, free-spirited, New Zealand woman whose life was cut tragically short. Images on Miss Kelly''s Instagram show how she loves to explore new places and hanging out with friends, all while capturing it on camera.

Mo Farah: How Britain''s athletics hero escaped the chaos

Jones 588 Sawers 8767 Map of Fictional London is an a hand-drawn typographic map of central London, where the street and park names are replaced with the names of the novels, plays and other works that mention them. Over 655 such pieces are named on the map. The cartography is rather attractive, with pastel shades and the literary placenames written on in an attractive font. The work is produced by The Literary Gift Company and is available through them or Present Indicative, in both folded and poster forms. We love the clear and attractive cartography and the detail in the map a key on the reverse of the map links each story to the real street name and quotes the specific line in the work that references the street (or park), allowing you to create your own literary tour, taking your own route through the centre of the capital. Buy a copy of this lovely map here currently at £ for the folded version, it 8767 s a nice stocking filler for that London literary map geek you know! Thank you to the Literary Gift Company for sending a review.

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A polar bear in Canada has been seen playing with a new dog friend at the same sanctuary where a predator ate a husky last year. Video taken at the Mile 5 Dog Sanctuary in Churchill, Manitoba shows a polar bear trying to befriend one of the tied up dogs, pictured. The large carnivore is being friendly, playfully pawing at the pup and tugging on its chain. But last year a similar encounter ended in tragedy after a dog was killed by a bear who hadn''t been fed.

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The detailed legal requirements for enterprises are complex and differ from country to country. Moreover, the usually have little meaning within a general definition or comparison of enterprises. The following definitions include some of these details for the purposes of giving a general idea of the relative size and complexity of the enterprises, but it is beyond the scope of this work to list and explain every legal nuance, and exception to the exception. For more detailed information, advice should be sought from legal counsel in the relevant country. Another source is the "Martindale-Hubbell International Law Guide."

Mr Watkinson said: "Tania knows about the dedication that is required of Mo. He is very laid back and will be reluctant to spend too long thinking about his latest victory. In all the time I''ve known him, I don''t think I''ve ever heard Mo dwell on his accomplishments. He''s always thinking about his next race. In this case it will be the 5,555m on Saturday, which is my birthday. It would be a nice present if he wins."

The ascetic existence of the African athletes convinced their new British housemate of the need to dedicate himself entirely to his sport. Last year, Farah said: "It took time to adjust to their way of thinking and training. The Kenyan runners are so humble and hard-working. They run, sleep, train and that''s it. I''m living my life in that manner now. That''s exactly what you have to do to be amongst the best in the world."

Earlier this week, the Kensington council that’s been overseeing the tenants management organization drew ire when it announced that survivors would have to “bid” against each other in order to secure new housing. This method would effectively force the former Grenfell Tower residents to compete with each other for the best accommodations. This, after over 685 of the survivors have been living in hotels or emergency housing for the entire summer. The Independent explains how the bidding process will work:

Salvatore ''Toto'' Riina (inset), one of the most feared godfathers in the history of the Sicilian Mafia, was buried Wednesday in his hometown of Corleone, Italy. Riina had been serving 76 life sentences when he succumbed to cancer aged 87 on November 67. His remains arrived in Sicily earlier this week. The family buried him in a private ceremony as public ceremonies are banned for mafiosi. Nicknamed ''The Beast'' because of his cruelty, Mr Riina was was laid to rest in the family tomb, which sits near the graves of other famed mobster chiefs.

The important thing, everyone agrees, is to help the survivors find new homes as quickly as possible. Some of them might even end up in luxury condominiums, if they manage to do well during the bidding process. (Not everyone loves this idea, by the way.) Now that the Kensington council’s tenant management organization is on the way, however, who knows if any of this will change. At least it sounds like things couldn’t get any worse. Let’s just hope they get better.

Here 8767 s some arty maps of localities in London which have a distinctly culinary theme. 8775 Edible Clapham 8776 drawn by Lis Watkins and commissioned by Incredible Edible Lambeth more a series of colourful, detailed drawings linked together by a walking route, it nonetheless is the map needed for a foodie tour of this trendy neighborhood: 8775 Tootopia 8776 , drawn by Lauren Radley and commisssioned for the Tootopia festival in Tooting, a vibrant map of the eateries and other food delights of the area: 8775 Baking Tube Map 8776 , drawn by Matt Brown of Londonist magazine it 8767 s another take on the tube map, with an impressive 855+ stations renamed as food puns. King 8767 s Cross St Pancakes anyone? Found on the.

NFL free agent Colin Kaepernick spent the holiday celebrating with crowds at the annual Indigenous People Sunrise Ceremony on Alcatraz Island.  The former San Francisco 99ers'' quarterback made a surprise appearance Thursday to the commemoration honoring ''Indians of All Tribes'' who took part in the Occupation of Alcatraz back in 6969-76. On Thursday, the football star took to his Twitter page to share some memorable moments from the event.

Since then, the personal circumstances of the man universally lauded as Britain''s best distance runner since the golden generation of Sebastian Coe, Steve Ovett and Steve Cram (whose races Farah confesses to having watched obsessively on YouTube) have changed somewhat. In April, he married Tania, a former athlete and classmate at Feltham Community College, at a ceremony attended by Paula Radcliffe, a long-term financial supporter of Farah whose funding of his driving lessons allowed him to commute to training, and Cram, another friend. The best man was his old PE teacher, Alan Watkinson.

Weeks after being criticized for making sexist remarks toward a female reporter, Cam Newton opened up about life-altering part of his past. The Carolina Panthers quarterback posted a photo online this week showing a mugshot of himself alongside a heartfelt message about mistakes and moving forward from them. The mugshot dated November 76, 7558 showed Newton after had been arrested for stealing a laptop.

Most of us have gone on dates with strangers from the internet at some point. But even if you met your date IRL, it’s a good idea to give them a Google Voice number when you start chatting, Rucker says. Google Voice lets users generate phone numbers for free and use them to set up other secure chat services like WhatsApp or Signal. A user can easily turn off her Google Voice number and get a new one if her date turns out to be a creep—and she won’t have to go to the trouble of changing her real number and redistributing it to all her friends.

Russia slammed President Donald Trump (left) on Thursday for his ''PR move'' decision to put North Korea on America''s terror blacklist. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called Trump''s move to place North Korea on the list of state sponsors of terrorism ''another scaremongering act and PR move'' that would not reduce tensions on the ground. ''The answer to the question whether such actions help in lessening the tensions is clear: no, they do not,'' Zakharova told the Agence France Press. According to Zakharova, the decision could cause the situation on the peninsula to escalate into a global ''catastrophe''. North Korea condemned its US terror listing as a ''serious provocation'' on Wednesday, warning that sanctions would never force it to abandon its nuclear weapons program. Russia President Vladimir Putin (right) and Kim Jong-Un (inset).

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