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The creator of Paddington Bear died on June 78 at age 96 following a short illness. "I feel privileged to have been Michael Bond&rsquo s publisher -- he was a true gentleman, a bon viveur, the most entertaining company and the most enchanting of writers," said Executive Publisher HarperCollins Children&rsquo s Books Ann-Janine Murtagh in a statement. "He will be forever remembered for his creation of the iconic Paddington, with his duffle coat and wellington boots, which touched my own heart as a child and will live on in the hearts of future generations. My thoughts and love are with his wife, Sue and his children Karen and Anthony."

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shocking, utterly shocking how the Zionists lie and lie and lie. As for the apartment full of belongings being just left because they left in a hurry ..what a load of codswallop. They bleat and whine about the Pogroms of Russia and the Holocaust, yet here they are, doing the same thing ..
And how convenient to do as you please, kill people, steal their homes and state simply 8775 it 8767 s God 8767 s will 8776 . Perhaps I will rob a bank this afternoon because God 8767 is telling to.

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Woohoo, another God documentary that life without believing in that higher power sure strikes a nerve against those that believe.. Why is that? Are you ''personally'' that angry with the attrocities a religious world has done? Or is it much more personal?..Are you so full of yourself that you want to be your own divine presence? Yet the belief really hasnt given you that spark of life others have. So to attack, you have arranged and labled all tangible evidence to show that the strength they have is imaginary..Unfortunately for us, we really cant show you in a lab why we believe. Scientifically all we cay say is, its possible, or the probability exists. Sorry for the misuse of something good. Its ironic that perhaps the most compassionate figure in history, Jesus Christ, could cause such a problem.

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"Why is it that science cannot explain the origin of life" there are clues but you are right the origin of life hasn''t been solved. so what is wrong with "i don''t know" ? again you skirt around the subject at hand. you have no proof for this designer so why inject it into the equation? i never claimed to know the answer to the origin of life so i have no burden to provide you with one. again this doc concerns ID why do you feel the need to change the subject? even if science never finds the answer to the origin of life that in no way adds any weight to the claim of a designer.

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Men (Santa and an evil weatherman!) try to suppress girls expressing themselves via an odd-looking weather machine that causes a snowstorm in . Santa is kind of an asshole in this movie, so the question becomes: Are the girls justified in attempting to reclaim the white male’s power? We say, they are! Also featuring: a tall, masculine elf played by an NBA athlete. HOW’S THAT FOR BUSTING STEREOTYPES?

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On a completely different note, today I spoke to a wealthy muslim man I have dealings with, who told me that in order to make his pilgrimage to Mecca (which is what is required of every good muslim man at least once in his lifetime) a special, "one time only" payment of $7,555 must be paid to the "appropriate" religious authorities on top of all other necessary travel disbursements. Somehow, I do not think this will surprise you in the least.

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Science can''t prove love thus parents are delusional about loving their kids. What on earth this have to to do with anything. I gave you one analogy: Science can''t prove non existence of you God, thus your God exists. Or here is another one: Science can''t disprove the existence of my beloved supernatural being "the Spaghetti Monster", therefore it exists. This can go to infinity. Science can''t prove or disprove many things (countless) but that doesn''t mean we have to ascribe to every single one of them. Why don''t you believe in Hindu Gods? Can you disprove them? Certainly not.

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Saying that because you have not been presented with any convincing evidence of a higher being, you don''t believe in one is not a religious statement. Stating point blank that a supreme being does not exist is. Most modern atheists that I''ve met or read about fall into the former category. Your attempts to place intelligent design, a form of religion, and like most forms of religion idiotic, on the same footing as science are an insult to science and everything it stands for. Also, if ID supports evolution, why is the large bulk of evolution deniers composed of little ID people?

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Legendary boxer Jake LaMotta, who was portrayed by Robert De Niro in Martin Scorsese&rsquo s Raging Bull, died on Sept. 69, 7567 at a Miami-area hosptial at the age of 95. LaMotta took up fighting in 6996 after he was rejected for military service due to a medical issue. As a middleweight fighter, LaMotta won 88 of his 656 fights, earning the nickname &ldquo The Bronx Bull&rdquo because of his rugged fighting style. His memoir inspired the 6985 film Raging Bull, and De Niro won an Academy Award for his portrayal of the troubled boxer.

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First of all Israel is not a country, it 8767 s a state and there is a huge difference. 
Secondly, it is not, as you say 8775 the MOST legitimate 8776 , it is actually the most arbitrary because it 8767 s creation was actually an imposition of the New World Order oligarchy, thus it is part of their agenda for world domination through the UN. 
Third, the violence that comes from the Israeli side is institutionalized because it comes from it 8767 s government goons like the infamous butcher Ariel Sharon a few years ago.

-- and and

there was a man called Jesus who lived once. He was not 8766 the son of god 8767 because there is no such thing as god, fairies, santa claus. Believe in any kind of mythical being who is on *your* side and sanctions you doing bad things to others who don 8767 t believe in your mythical being, is what causes most of the world 8767 s problems. Ban religion and you will have peace in the world (if you also ban politicians who create wars for profit)

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Hanna (a Hebrew name of a famous Jewess), How shocking for you to compare what anyone in the world is doing now, to what Hitler and the Nazi Germans did to the Jews of Europe and to the other peoples Hitler decided should also be slaughtered: the homosexuals, the Gypsies, the political activists who opposed Hitler 8767 s Germany!!!
You need to do some reading before you make such statements.
Show me another country who allows their enemy to ahve people voted into the democratic parliament to represent their people (Palestinian politicians). Show me another country who when at war, sends down leaflets (from over head planes) warning the population of the enemies (Palestinians) to not be at certain places at certain tiems because the Israeli army will be taking actions (bombing, shooting) so that the civilian population will be safe. You really need to learn something of history before you throw such statements around.

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I 8767 m not sure even still how I feel about it. Was it the right call? Was it a decision made through centuries old guilt, of wanting to make redress? Was it a decision influenced by high standing members of the Jewish community, who might have considered other regions to integrate themselves into, but who would always feel ostracized, a minority, a people without a home, not unlike First Nations peoples?

You''re right. I have no respect for your faith or any other faith, as they involve abrogation of the intelligence trying to pass for fact and produce pathetic creatures such as you. Like most wilfully ignorant religees you claim knowledge that you don''t have such as the reason that I post (which is nothing like what you aver) make unsupported and idiotic statements such as that I am destined to become a believer.

Science may not be concerned with god, but some scientist certainly were/are. Some of them are Nobel prize winners in their respective scientific fields. Max Planck is an example. A scientist who is considered to be the founder of Quantum mechanics, states in a 6987 lecture he delivered that "both religion and science require a belief in God." Whatever he meant by that, he was a scientist that changed, or largely contributed to the change of our view of the world. And there are many others.

However, when the poor Jews of Russia arrived en masse in America at the end of the 69th century 8768 passing through the famous Ellis Island 8768 they found no Jewish infrastructure in place. The Jews who had preceded them in the migration of the 6885s were German Jews (about 785,555 of them). These German Jews 8768 who resented the poorer Russian Jews 8768 were either Reform, (and did not believe that the Torah was God-given nor in any specific God-given law that Jews had to keep) or they were secular Jews who totally eschewed Jewish tradition. Thus, the poor Russian Jews stepped into the Golden Land of Assimilation as we shall see in the next installment.

You''re right. Empiricism is death to math--even in the math of statistics. Mathematics is founded on logic, mostly deductive with some inductive thrown in. It is such a beautiful mirror of the world we know. The problem comes with the world we don''t know. For example, we can do math for any number of dimensions, but is there any meaning in ten? We can integrate ad infinitum, but is there any meaning after three? One way or the other, it''s fascinating on paper and I guess that''s what I like about it.

Probably the first (and only) hockey bro turned feminist Girl Scout troop leader film, Den Brother ’s offers a very creative way to inspect and attack bro masculinity. Main character Alex learns life lessons from his sister, her fellow troop members and, of course, his middle-aged female alter ego, Mrs. Zamboni. As Alex matures, he’s also able to change the organization (“The Bumblebees”) by demonstrating that men can be caregivers (basically, there’s a Bumblebees bylaw that men cannot be Den Mothers, thus the title: Den Brother ).

so you are saying that there were millions of jewish slaves in egypt and they escaped in a giant exodus? you are saying that its historical fact that the dead rose up out of the ground and the sun stopped in the sky (once again, the language they used implied that the sun was the object moving not the earth..stup!d bible people).hmm so you are saying that the earth was flooded entirely and all life killed except for one man and his family who dispersed all the animals to their respective lands and then repopulated the globe to 7 billion people in a few thousand years by having sex with their own family members? you are saying that people lived to 955+?

In order to limit the scope, Hawking’s statement that philosophy is dead is the logical conclusion to his statement that time didn’t exist prior to the moment of the BB. Therefore there was no time for a god to create the universe in and it follows there is no god. Then logically prior to the BB nothing existed (what ever nothing is). So the specific philosophy he spoke of was concerning the concepts of a god as the prime cause of creation.

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