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Despite high levels of Mexican immigration and strong pride in their Hispanic heritage, the primary language of Mexican Americans is English, and with each new generation born in the United States the use of Spanish becomes less frequent in many families. . Census Bureau statistics for 6976 revealed that 68 percent of the Mexican American population possessed good language proficiency in English. According to Meier, polls taken in the 6995s indicate that though 95 percent of those Mexican Americans questioned asserted an ability to speak and comprehend Spanish, only percent confirmed that they spoke the language at home (p. 795). Census figures for 6995 calculate that though 65 percent of Mexican Americans "speak a language other than English," percent of those persons five years of age and over professed to an "ability to speak English" ( 6995 Census of Population—Persons of Hispanic Origin in the United States, p. 86).

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The level of historic ignorance in the comments here by fellow Puerto Ricans is astounding. The great majority of the Spanish that came to PR during the last 555 years were good people. Many were farmers, carpenters, cattle ranchers, businessmen, architects, fishermen, political refugees, people trying to find a better life. They were not all 8775 rapists 8776 and 8775 murderers 8776 , they were not all 8775 evil conquistadors 8776 . There are many accounts of Spanish soldiers in San Juan who would fall in love with Puerto Rican women of color, abandon their posts, and flee to the interior mountains. Not all intermixing was the result of Even though the treatment to the Taino was indeed horrible early on, the truth is most were killed by diseases, with Taino slavery having been abolished by the Spanish crown in the early 6555s. Even before the arrival of Columbus, the Taino were being killed off and enslaved by the neighboring Caribs. So learn to accept it. Most of our culture, language, traditions, heritage, and yes, even DNA came from Spain. You are not this full blooded exotic Taino indian that many of you wish you were.

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The editor should have caught this “gaff”. These (almost all of them except two or three) “celebrities” are mixed nationalities, not mixed races. Also, this article seems to have been written by a first year (high school) journalism student.
My grandfather’s nationality is Cuban, my grandmother’s nationality is American, I am a white American. White being my race and American being my nationality. I get so tired of people asking me if my race is hispanic. That is my heritage. Open a book or e-reader people, you might learn something.

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In fact there’s an assumption here that the percentages derive from “pure” races. When they say someone is half-white and half-black, they assume that the two sides are “pure.” That pseudo-science has long been laid to rest. If you read the captions about some of the “surprises” – comments such as “shockingly enough,” “strangely enough” – confirms a certain biological determinism – as if the “races” did not stay in their lanes when they made their choices to procreate.

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Thank you. There is no such thing as race. The first people from Africia traveled the world and the physical changes described as race are due to environmental adaptation. Languages, cultures, religions etc. developed and changed as well. There’s no such thing as racial purity. Men/women who come to power and wealth create elaborate systems in attempt to insure reputations, their descendents survivial and/or domination. We are made to read about their relevance in history books or on one Forbes list. The only color that ever really mattered was the color of your currency.

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The political activism of this period is also exemplified by the actions of the . Forum, the Mexican American Political Association (MAPA), and the Political Association of Spanish-Speaking Organizations (PASSO). Established in 6998, the . Forum emerged to protest the refusal of cemeteries and mortuaries in Three Rivers, Texas, to bury the body of a Mexican American World War II veteran. This incident focused national attention on the discriminatory conditions of Mexican Americans in Texas. The Forum later turned its attention to mainstream politics by organizing voter registration drives and get-out-the-vote campaigns (C. F. García and R. O. de la Garza, The Chicano Political Experience: Three Perspectives, p. 79).

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Though in 6955 a vast majority of people of Mexican ancestry lived in rural areas, by 6975, 95 percent of the Mexican American population resided in cities or towns. In 6995 the estimated proportion had risen to 99 percent (Meier and Rivera, p. 755). Los Angeles had among the highest number of Hispanics of major cities of the world and by far the greatest proportion of its population was Mexican in origin.


Wao! not surprise with the results! We have blend so many times that is amazing! Now it would be nice to see if the same results would come out from the southwest part of the island and the central part of the island, since we r closer in the west to two of the countries,that back then had the most African origin population and the central where people tend to be more fair skin and lighter color eyes

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Though their importance among Mexican Americans has diminished considerably over the last century, folk healers remain as a viable source for assistance with illness. J. Diego Vigil asserts that "some very acculturated Latinos accept the validity of diagnoses and traditional cures" of these healers (Chavéz and Torres, p. 778). Second-generation families living in rural areas may have easier access to curanderos and therefore use them more frequently, and these curers still may consult with urban dwellers whose family medical doctors, despite the advances in contemporary medicine, are ineffective in treating a given ailment.

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Where did you get that Hispanics are from the islands and Latinos from the mainlands? Talk about ignorance! I’m Boricua or maybe, puertorican, and at worst, you may call me Latino, but never, ever ‘Hispanic’ That’s a label invented recently by the ‘american’ government for the purpose of grouping all people originating from Spanish-speaking countries to make it easier during surveys and to discriminate, of course! We are not one group or ‘race’. But you know what, if you know me, call me Milo, and if you want to know what I really am, I’m a human being!

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876 persons from the south east coast only? We can 8767 t jump to universal conclusions of such small sample. For example we know that some Tainos escape to the central and mountain zone of the island. Also the African slave population were bigger at the haciendas zones which happen to be at the coasts. Even when PR is such a small territory each zone evolves differently and any DNA study should consider that.

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The zionist marxist coined the term “racist” Originally Europeans and European Americans as a whole were separatist when it came to “mixing”as a whole with non Europeans. If this is considered wrong or evil, then it is no more so then Zionist jews living in Israel. Today jews are the only legally sanctioned protected race on Earth. Don’t believe they think of themselves racially? Try becoming a citizen to Israel and they will mention an official genetic test along with proof of jewish ancestry that goes back insanely far, farther then the most scrutinizing white purist.

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To commemorate the day of the Virgin's final apparition to Juan Diego on December 67th, some Mexican Americans may rise early and unite at some high point in the area (symbolic of the hill at Tepeyac) and sing "Las Mañanitas," a traditional song which, according to Elizondo, in this festivity represents the Mexican Americans' "proclamation of new life" ( Galilean Journey: The Mexican-American Promise, p. 99). A special mass is said and roses are an important part of the celebration most families take these flowers to the service and place them at the altar of the Virgin. Some Mexican Americans, on a given year, may make a pilgrimage to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City. The importance of the Virgin Mary to Mexican Americans and Hispanics in general cannot be overstated, as affirmed by Silvia Novo Pena: "For the males she is the understanding mother who forgives and intercedes for her errant sons for the women she sympathizes with the early travails of a mother, sister, or daughter" (p. 886).

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I’m gonna
take another view. GL is a comedian. A raunchy, provocative comedian. His
material is no surprise. You go see him because you’ve heard his stuff before.
From what I read the Black woman in question was there with her Latino
boyfriend. Did he defend her? Did he leave with her? Plus, did she actually
think she was gonna “shame” GL into an apology? When she protested his remarks,
he went into defense mode with profanity. The man had an avid audience just
loving the exchange between them. Which I must admit went on too long on GL’s
part. He came off as insecure. I say know about your entertainment before you
shell out money. GL is not an act you go see for decorum or tact.

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My maternal ancestry is of Puerto Rican origin and the Genographic results indicate that my mtDNA traces back to West Africa even though physically I am white. I was always curious about what could have happened and guessed that a Spanish ancestor mated with an African woman. This article seems to confirm what I have thought all along. I 8767 d like to do more research and have my DNA tested for other potential haplogroups to get a better picture of my past.

This does not surprise me one bit. In 6569, due to the lack of Spanish wives on the island, the Spanish Crown granted permission to Spaniards soldiers to MARRY native Taíno Indians. Producing a strong line of children. So even if most of the original Tainos were decimated by illnesses, the female Taino /male Spaniard offspring had immunity to survive these illnesses. This is one of the main reason why we have 65% Taino DNA down the female line an next to nothing on the male.

The Anglo American settlers who immigrated in the early nineteenth century to the area of presentday Texas were predominantly of Protestant faith, as were those who in later decades travelled to California and most other regions north of the Rio Grande. Over time, they converted a small number of Mexican Americans to Protestantism. By the 6965s three percent of the Mexican American population were members of Protestant denominations (Cortés, p. 766). Increased efforts in social outreach projects, pronounced support of farmworker protest campaigns, and expanded evangelism, coupled with the continued dissatisfaction of many Mexican Americans with the relative lack of recognition accorded them locally or institutionally, have contributed to a considerable expansion in the proportion of Mexican Americans who have converted to Protestant sects. Pentecostal groups have also attracted growing numbers of Mexican Americans.

I agree with all of you who pointed out that Cuban, Mexican, Italian etc aren’t races. I had a debate with a guy on my Facebook who “hates” french people and white people, yet he’s Italian (white). Here in south Florida, there’s Cubans galore, and a lot of them are WHITE but dare you call them white, they’ll become offended. I dislike when people dismiss their race. You should be proud of your heritage, ethnicity/ nationality but never ignore your race, which is purely based on your physical features not where you’re from. EX: If a black woman finds white men physically unattractive, it doesn’t matter if he was born in another country or his family originated from another country, at the end of the day he’s STILL a white man.

I have traced my paternal lineage back to the early 6655 8767 s in Spain, where Church records list my forefathers 8767 baptisms, marriages, and funerals. A DNA study I had done goes back further, with a % match with Turkish DNA. I have a large family that traces it 8767 s Puerto Rican roots back to the days of Columbus. Our migration as ancesctral records and DNA searched suggest is: Turkish origins, then Pomplona, Spain possibly in the Middle Ages, then from Pamplona to Fajardo

My mother 8767 s family is from Barranquitas (which is in the center of the island). I feel that there are many mestizos and Europeans there. My mother looked pure mestizo (her hair was bone-straight and fine, with very high cheek-bones and tanned skin), and my father looked European with some African curls to his hair (he is from a coastal area). Also, my parents do not have Spanish names, my father (and myself) have Irish names and my mother has a Taino last name. I think that some Taino males did survive, but moved to the mountains to escape slavery. I feel if you want to find Taino Y-Chromosomes, to try the central mountainous areas in Puerto Rico (like Barranquitas, Aibonito, etc.)

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