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Since Jehovah''s Witnesses serve Jehovah, they must earn God''s love just like the ancient Israelites did. There is guilt because whatever they do for Jehovah, it may not to be enough. Oftentimes Jehovah''s Witnesses believe they could have done more, and because they didn''t, there is worry that Jehovah may not save them. What if they have angered Jehovah in some way that they are not aware of? What if Jehovah punishes them for not doing enough in these last days before armageddon? What if they could have attended more meetings, spent more time going from door to door, etc.. ?

Ten Things You Didn’t Know about Jehovah’s Witnesses

Mr. Gundy,
You have misstated things just a tad. All people in the world are not evil, that is so ridiculous! If we thought way then why would we spend our lives at our own expense trying to preach to the very ones we see as evil according to your view. No wonder why you left because you speak lies. The organization changes according to new light from biblical gleaning as it were. I''m sure no one wants to hide anything but you twist things around and you are not a credible spokesman on this subject at all. I guess you have an axe to grind! Oh well judas was a traitor and no different than you I guess. Please don''t try to act like you have good things to say about our brothers to make yourself seem credible. My sincere hope is that if things need to change than it is based on the bible and not any of your nonsense. It''s great news that the fox is out of the hen house. Anyone who has any amount of common sense will hopefully will fully check your false information against the truth and make an informed not biased conclusion on this and other matters.

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She states that she prayed for health and strength, not specifically to win, but it 8767 s splitting hairs. Obviously, the Jehovah 8767 s Witnesses will never censure Williams, because she provides such a positive public face for them. But when she draws attention to her faith, she 8767 s drawing attention to a double standard unlike most members of her restrictive religion, she gets to pick and choose which rules to observe.

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Jehovah''s Witnesses only love themselves and each other. They believe everyone else is going to suffer for eternity for not following their religion. This belief qualifies as bigotry and hatred.

They might claim I don''t choose who goes to hell , but this is a cop out. They invented their religion. Their god is just a surrogate for their own feelings towards the rest of humanity.

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Was this opening comment an example of what Watchtower recommends when an examination of the facts might render the church a meaningless joke: So in time of spiritual warfare it is proper to misdirect the enemy by hiding the truth

I barely understand what each of your sentences mean, let alone the entire post. Surely, to misdirect effectively one should at least be intelligible?

I note I am the first (and probs only) response to your obscurantist statement, so at least we can rest assured your tactic didn''t work.

Do Jehovah’s Witnesses Have Rules About Dating?

Try to understand that you and I are coming at this from very different points of view. To me, as an atheist, the basic teachings of JWs are no more true or false than anyone else 8767 s. That isn 8767 t what my approach is about, nor is it a focus of contention for me. I will point out the irrationality of their beliefs in a heartbeat. But I don 8767 t have another 8775 truth 8776 to steer people toward the way many Christian critics do.

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How do you know that the universe is 69 billion years old? Are you a cosmologist perhaps? An astrophysicist? Or perhaps you were told by someone that this is so? So your belief system is based on an argument by authority? Let me tell you, that my belief system is not based on what some guy told me. It is far more rigorous than that.
Also matter is not solid, cold is relative. A cold object on Earth would be considered exceptionally warm on Pluto. Also fast is relative. Perhaps, if you take science as ''gospel'', you might start by reading about a fellow called Einstein? Or even Newton, who considered himself primarily a man of faith ans science was a vehicle for him to understand God''s ways. Indeed he spent more time on theology, Biblical exegesis (of a kind that JWs readily relate to, indeed he is quoted a lot in their publications) specifically, than physics. No doubt in comparison to you, he was just ''stupid'' because he didn''t share a belief system with ''Mitor the Bold''

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Another possible explanation are falling growth rates since 6995. (See /watchtower/) The Governing Body possibly attributed this to higher numbers of Witness children graduating university. Whilst university attendance may have affected growth, other factors have also been at play, such as freedom of information available on the Internet, and the growing irrelevance of the generation 68 and 6969 doctrines.

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Strange that JW''s attack Mr Grundy, but do not challenge the policies that have allowed child abuse. Strange that they show no compassion for the children who have been damaged. Undue influence by a set of American beliefs obviously gets you out of touch with human feeling. Defence of what they have been told to believe is more important, than what has happened and continues to happen to families. Why are they not demanding change? I guess cults thrive on this. Their believers just defend them. Glad the RC, could see straight through their them.

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6. victims were given the option of marrying their rapist. It sounds repugnant, but rapists were not allowed to divorce their victims, and were expected to support them financially. This was kindness in a society that valued virgin brides above all. This was a punishment for the rapist who could not obviate his obligation of care to the victim. Of course if he was violent to the victim he would be punished in the usual way. Also rapists could be stoned to death under certain citcumstances

7. You are racist

8. Most Christians do not believe that Jesus flesh and blood is literally eaten

Serena Williams Breaks Jehovah’s Witness Rules Just By

If Serena Williams 8767 celebrity has been a blessing, it has also been a curse at least in the eyes of the Jehovah 8767 s Witnesses. At the 7559 . Open, she allegedly threatened a line judge after a ruling went against her and was disqualified. What she  actually said has been disputed, but the judge held that her life had been threatened. That brought local church elders to Serena Williams for what Sullivan described as a “dressing down.”

Things Jehovah''s Witnesses Can''t Do.

Serena-watchers today agree. Joseph Price, a professor of religious studies at Whittier College who has written about religion and sports, said Williams 8767 displays of faith are in line with Jehovah 8767 s Witnesses guidelines she does not give personal testimony the way an evangelical Christian athlete like footballer Tim Tebow does but speaks about the power of God and the Bible.

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Atheists use the education system to brainwash children into believing that only atheists are ever scholars or scientists. Religious opinion is excluded from textbooks, and studies of religious matters are only approached from a critical perspective. Documentaries, both historical and science oriented, attack the religious point of view. But religious belief is entirely compatible with true scholarly, intellectual, rational analysis and not at all exclusive from it. Different predictable prejudices are evident in these replies.
That you wish to give Catholics a free pass, and that that organization has been riddled with coverups and large scale abuse from appointed officials (a charge not levelled at JWs at all as far as I can see) is noted

At the Royal Commission, at least one elder said they could not comply with current Australian law where it conflicted with Jehovah''s requirements, as given in the Bible. This is a dangerous stance that needs government sanctions where it results in harm to others, as Watchtower policy on child abuse has done. Indeed, Watchtower does not actually strictly follow the Bible, they follow the current interpretation of select Bible passages. Moreover, Watchtower policy has changed constantly over time as the interpretation of the current governing body changed.

If the JW is wrong, they will find out the hard way, but at what cost to all the victims born into this way of life.

Modern Governments are not secular, for very good reasons. Anyone who cannot open their mind to other possibilities is hardly going to enter into continuous improvement.

A belief in a personal God who gives one some ethics by which to privately monitor one''s behaviour is one thing. A commonly developed fiction used to monitor and exploit any type of community is quite another.

That foundation has seemingly served her well through many more ups and downs career-threatening injuries, a hematoma and embolism surgery, scandals involving her skin-showing tennis attire and nude magazine portraits. (Witnesses are expected to dress modestly.) She has lost the No. 6 ranking several times once dropping to 675   and many sports commentators wrote her off by early 7567.

The universe is 69bn years old, not 5555 years old

By golly you''re right! Almost sort of. Nevertheless this is a fantastic breakthrough because now we can start at some tangible point to begin your education.

Indeed there would appear to have been some mathematical inconsistencies through the years, although I wonder if perhaps you put those incidentals in context, with a sensible genuine inquiring mind of good intent, you will recognise that we did not have the carbon dating technology back 7,555 years ago that we do today. The World was then, but it still seemed just as old to us, because we are not omniscient, (hint).

I really hope that we can deal with these inconsistencies over time because these are your handicaps. Let them go and have faith that you''ll live more happily ever after.

Despite thousands of Jehovah''s Witnesses going to prison as conscientious objectors over decades, Watchtower has made allowances for witnesses to once again perform civilian duty (as they had been until the Second World War). And despite thousands dying after refusing blood components, the doctrine changed in 7555 to allow the use of donated blood - quite illogically though, since Jehovah''s Witnesses are still not allowed to donate blood themselves.

Just putting it out there, but are you by any chance the Jehovah''s Witness Organisation?

I would just comment that it is clear from the royal commission that you have more than the average share of sick, sad people in your business / cult. You apparently think it is Ok to not report them to the police.

You have thereby created a heaven on earth. For paedophiles.
The world is a happy, complex and healthy place (by and large). It is you chaps with the problem.

Hi Everyone
On the surface to someone who has very little knowledge or has not properly investigated Watchower/Jehovah witness religon because they mention Jesus Christ and the Bible can very easily be decieved as I almost was because it may seem fine but under examination you will soon discover serious false teachings and various other things. I would therefore like to recommend you all to a good honest website called jwfacts