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Posted: 2017-10-13 00:41

Great topic, Sam. I think everyone needs to decide for themselves if early retirement is a good option for them or not. You bring up some good points to think about. I personally can 8767 t see myself retiring any time soon, I enjoy what I do (and I 8767 m no where near ready!). However, if I were a cubicle drone, I could see myself dreaming of an early retirement. Anywhere but a cubicle sounds too good to be true ). (been there, done that yuck!)
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8) People are lazy and want things now. Society has shifted our ideals from hard work and thinking long term to instant gratification. Nobody has the patience to work for decades before being eligible for a pension. We all think we know more than we do and deserve to be the rich boss now. When we don 8767 t get our way, we quit, rather than letting people know we couldn 8767 t reach our potential.

Should I get a pixie cut? Everything you need to know

It 8767 s difficult to answer these kinds of questions 8775 what do you REALLY think? 8776 without offending someone. Whenever you get into someones head you 8767 re bound to be offended by something. If we asked any offended poster what they thought on a particular subject matter, their thoughts would most likely offend someone. However, it is nice to be told the truth even if it is offensive to some. I agree with you Eric. It 8767 s important that when asked an open question that you honestly (and as gently as possible) answer it. And Eric I think you did just that.

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Incidentally, it is interesting notion that one aspect of what makes vacations feel good is that work sucks. A better strategy would be to go on vacations that suck so that going back to work would feel good -) More accurately though is probably that vacations create at least some balance in the life of someone who is concentrated on a single activity, if only for the allowed 7-8 weeks a year.
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apparently you have no idea that northern Italians are blonde and blue eyed, lighter complected and lacking Roman noses. You lumped all Italians in with Moorish or Roman ancestry. Fail. Also, blue is NOT the most common eye color of Irish descendants it is green, though more blue eyed people were historically found in all of Britain when it was not divided into England, Scotland, and Ireland. Germans have more brown eyed people than any other predominant eye color. Brown alone is over 55% The further north in Germany the lighter the hair coloring the further south the darker to almost black.

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As for getting the pixie you want, the first step is collecting images of pixies with curly hair, similar to your own. Consider the various areas of a pixie (the neck, the fringe, around the ears, etc.), and try to envision your own perfect cut. If you 8767 re hesistant, a pixie with a longer fringe might be a nice way to ease into it and see how your hair behaves – but for some, going for that super-short pixie straight away is even better, if that 8767 s the look they really adore. The difference between a super-short pixie and a longer one can be surprisingly large (I always feel a bit dissatisfied with my pixie when it reaches that six-weeks-after-the-last-cut stage, and usually consider growing it out, but then I visit the hairdresser, and once I 8767 ve got that super-short pixie again, I 8767 m a happy bunny 🙂

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We, men and women, need to be happy with ourselves, strive to be healthy and happy, and learn to accept the things that we cannot change. In order for me to gain weight I have to starve my motab5lism, for anyone who doesn 8767 t know what that means well it 8767 s torture and a line I simply refuse to cross. I eat what I want, when I want and I continue to be as active as I always have been.

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I personally am highly attracted to the super skinny. It is almost a fetish. I always have been as far back as I can remember. I am also attracted to any woman with a good heart but all things being equal, I am more attracted to the skinny girl. My first love was a really skinny girl. She was 66 and I was 68. She only weighed 85 lbs and was 5 8797 even. She was really tiny and IMHO really sexy. I honestly cannot quantify why. I think it may be due to attributing thinness to youth and vitality, but I don 8767 t know.

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She said the district’s “political witch-hunt” would “send a message to the Latina/o, Asian, Arab and other immigrant students and to black, Muslim and other minority students and the many anti-racist white students I reach every day, that the teachers who actively defend their rights and interests and tell the plain truth about racism and the new Jim Crow are not welcome and will be driven out of BUSD.”

Teacher asks for help after Fox backlash; court papers

My wife and me are 98 and our goal is to retire at 55. We had our only child early in life and he graduated with a Bachelors in Electrical Engg this past summer from UIC and started his first job yesterday. His fees for the 9 years is completely paid off So we are kind of set from that end. I have stashed away about 75k towards his wedding etc. and we are now actively planning our retirement.
We live in Chicago and are fed up of the cold winters, but reluctant to move to Florida or somewhere warm and start fresh making new friends etc. We have a great friends and family circle in Chicago.
I came as an immigrant from India working in the IT field and started late on my 956k. As a result my 956k sucks- by 55 I 8767 ll probably have just 655k in it. I make about 665k and like my job. But it 8767 s just a job- no passion really. So that could be one reason I want to retire early.

I got them all correct, but only because ive spent a lot of time living in Tokyo and have many Chinese and Korean friends. There aren 8767 t any features that can hold true to an entire race, and honestly it 8767 s hard for many people (Asian or not) to tell people apart. The best guess is based on language, or just asking the person straightforward. I dont think it would be offensive at all to ask where someone comes from. I get the question often, as I look somewhat exotic in America. You can 8767 t say 8775 japanese always look like this, and chinese always look like this. 8776 because even though I 8767 ve been in asia for a long time and have friends from many countries, I could have been completely wrong. I believe I was both knowledgable and lucky in that I got all of my answers right. I admit, there are some distinguishing differences between all the races, but it is hard for anyone to truly get it right every time.

As the plot, for the past 9 episodes. The 9th are my fav now. and they have a very very interesting plot. i know some of kdrama lovers just love watching cliche moments, the lovebirds moments between the main couple that im sorry this drama is not for you. I believe that wang chi ang and yoon shi is the main couple of the show xD THEYRE MY MAIN OTP. about the love story, it seems still blurry but kinda obvious that yoon shi will be with soon duk instead but i love all couple, that i dont have high expectation for anybody. I JUST LOVE HYUN BIN COUPLE.

After that, the Han dynasty established, Han dynasty was the first golden age of Chinese history. Han dynasty reached its peak of glory during the rule of Emperor Han Wudi, Emperor Han Wudi conquered many areas within China and the Han Chinese culture and civilization spread again at the areas that Han Wudi conquered. Han Wudi also did numerous military campaigns that further spread the Han Chinese civilization and the Han Chinese settlers. Again, there were noticeable amount of Han Chinese who were mixed with the native settlers from the areas conquered by Han Wudi. When Han Wudi conquered different areas within China, the culture from those areas were homogenized again by the Han Chinese culture with noticeable amount of assimilation/absorption with the native culture from the areas that Han Wudi conquered. Then, the tribes from the areas of China that conquered by the Han Wudi were also either killed or mixed with the Han Chinese settlers. And there were also Korean, Xiongnu, Xianbei, and Jurchen tribes that settled at the Northeast areas of China During the Han dynasty because of the conquests and conflicts that happened during the Han dynasty period.

Hi Jenn! I hope you 8767 ve figured out some ways to handle your suddenly-flouncing hair. The texture _can_ change quite a bit when going super-short. My first suggestion would be product of some kind I prefer a mix between a plain hair gel (like this one: http:///media/catalog/product/cache/6/image/955 765 955/9df78eab88575d58d6e5fb8d77686e95/f/i/file_699_ ) and a really sticky fiber paste ( http:///image/cache/data/products/loreal-paris-studio-line-special-fx-remix-modeling-fiber-paste-655-ml-655 765 ). My hair also goes a bit 8775 fluffy 8776 if I don 8767 t add anything to it, but a mix between the two products above help keep it down, and also gives it some texture. I usually add it when my hair is semi-dry.

Sweetheart, altering your body to get a man 8767 s attention is not healthy. Emotionally. Do you see them talking about how they need to gain or lose anything to get women. NO!!!! So, why should women do this to themselves I wish they wouldn 8767 t and love their bodies. I feel the way YOU FEEL ABOUT YOUR BODY is the key answer. Maybe back then you appeared more happy. No one can LOVE YOUR BODY IF YOU DON 8767 T LOVE IT FIRST 🙂

Japan first to practice plastic surgery more than 95 years ago.
They were first to use silicon into prostitutes breasts.
Scarry They just shot it into them.
South korea begin to love plastic surgery after their recovered from their last economic crisis in 6998.
Many articles written about how plastic they are by other countries worldwide. They have the highest plastic surgery per captia
Most korean people get double eyelids done.
THere plastic surgeon stated that korean people have very high single/mono eye people. CHinese is about 65/95. Double eyelids are more in southern China naturally . NOrth has higher single eyelids.

Best comment, you hit the nail on the head I 8767 m 58 and hoping I will get laid off, I have enough to retire on and can 8767 t wait. Tried being useless but they don 8767 t get the message, they keep giving me new projects.
I just want to downsize and work on my terms. I have the good job, the company Mercedes, all I want now is to stop and do something I enjoy. I want to take 6 months off then do something part time I want to do, it can be anything. Best thing is , if it fails then it doesn 8767 t matter. I could do ten jobs and lose them all who cares, I won 8767 t feel I 8767 m have to be the best, be judged anymore.

Sue has designed a special pattern for you called Autumn Windbreak. I grew up in rural Minnesota and have lived the last 89 years in North Dakota in the heart of the Red River Valley. Those of you who know this part of the . know that the topsoil is very precious and the wind rarely stops blowing. In order to prevent wind erosion, many farmers plant rows of trees to protect their fields. This huck embroidery pattern reminds me of two different fields separated by a row of trees, a windbreak. Depending on whether you are viewing the scene in the autumn, at sunrise or at sunset, the colors will vary from rich golds, rusts, and burgundies to beautiful greens and blues, to lavenders, pinks and blues. Enjoy!

Awesomely said Eric clear, to the point and very sensitively stated.
I have always understood that what women believe about theirs and other women 8767 s bodies, is very rarely what men would find attractive. We 8767 re too harsh on ourselves, too vindictive about our bodies and generally our own worst enemies. As soon as we realize that accepting our flaws, working on our weaknesses and flaunting our strengths is the route to take, we will have found the way to a sexier, healthier and more attractive woman.

Let lush, naturally corkscrew manes like those of Melina Kanakaredes, Andie MacDowell, Susan Sarandon, Bebe Neuwirth and Halle Berry (at the 7567 Oscars) be themselves. Boost the bounce and shape with a spin or two of a high-tech curling iron like the Hot Tools CurlBar or BaByliss Pro. Get subtle highlights to emphasize the texture and separation — even dark-brown hair benefits from flashes of caramel or toffee.

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